Protecto Finished

June 30, 2015

#robot #gaurdian #inkscape #digitalart #protect

Here it is, this is the finished artwork of 'Protecto' which I am submitting for the Artcasters art group theme of the month 'Robots'. Had a lot of fun. Sat down tried to just enjoy some robot design, and this scene etc came out of it in the original sketch you can find in the sketchbook section. Heres the finished inked version, chose to just do gray shades and some red/ yellow splashes. Makes a pretty cool look don'tcha think?

Protecto - rough sketch

June 29, 2015

#robot #protecto #gaurdian #sketchbookmobile #samsunggalaxynote10

A sketch on the samsung galaxy note 10.1 2014 of what ended up being 'protecto', a character/gaurdian robot that formulated as i sketched. Thought it would be cool to have this big lumbering robot who just saved a girl from drowning in a lake or something all dripping wet what not. The short story or world of this one picture sort of starts telling itself the further along this sketch went. Fun stuff. I want to finish it up properly by the 30th for Artcasters theme of this month 'Robot'. Want to join a community of artists dedicating life and living to their craft, look no further than . But yeah, tossing this in the sketchbook section, hoping to make it a finished inhouse work either tonight or tomorrow!

Bubble Bobble Plus - Fan Art

June 27, 2015

Click for full view

This is the theme song from the original game I have forever burned into my memory: 

A personal fan art done while hanging out on Synergy w/ Peter Palmiotti and other fellow artists. Here:

About 3 hours start to finish.

Drawn/ colored mostly in sketchbook pro with some final lighting adjustments and pentool shading in photoshop.

Had some major inspiration to do some Bubble Bobble homage/fan art since doing a random warmup sketch the other night. I loved Bubble Bobble as a kid, and refound that love with Wii's Bubble Bobble Plus - with 4 player coop. My nieces/ nephews love it cause the three of them can play with uncle eryck all at the same time. Theres infinite continues, everyone gets a chance to gobble up goodies, and its just an upbeat non-defeating good time for all.

One of my all time favorites. That 'bonus gobble time' music and the main theme stick in my head for life.

I'm always green :) Blue is always my decoy, and yellow/pink run support as well. Shown here is all the enemies I like best. But man... that white whale. Scary stuff. NOTHING CAN STOP ITTTTT except dying. Wow.

And to this day I've never found the 'true ending' but, who cares I play all 100 levels over and over like a fool :)

Enjoy! A little birdy told me a Dig Dug fan art is coming soon as I can get to it :)

Dont know what this is a fan art of? Check this out, its the 4 player Wii version 'Bubble Bobble Plus' which this art is based on. The music for the 4 player mode is different. The music you heard when you came to this post is the all time classic/ fav for this series.

Live BW Sketch Night 6-25-15 Recap

June 25, 2015

#sketch #inkscape #inksketch #inks #digitalart #livestream #commissions

Another session of 'live sketch night' is a wrap. I attempted a different format for this week, as I like to mix it up once and a while. I was hoping the PreOrder format would be more ideal for folks and 'less competative', but it remains to be seen what people really thought of it. Would love to get feedback to those who missed out, those who were turned off of the PreOrder variation and those who participated. Better than only accepting orders during the event? Worse? And any thoughts on ways you'd like to see it in the future? 

I neglected to record the session this evening. Totaly meant to, but in the end, forgot. However it was one of the smoother sessions. A benefit of the PreOrder is I went into it knowing exactly how many I needed to do. I sketched them all out then inked them all. Was kinda nice. One thing I've started doing as well is keeping it the black and white digital inks sketches during the event. If anybody wants color its a special sale price but will only be done after the event. Also, I leave an open offer to all who purchase sketches at these events, I will upgrade them to color anytime for 16.00 paypal USD.

I believe these are the lowest priced I've offered in a while. $26.00 per sketch, where its normaly $32.00 bw and $47.00 color. So I'm surprised more didnt jump on that. I think in the future, I will plan on releasing PreOrders the Monday before and closing them earlier the day of the event. Maybe that'll allow more time for customers to make a decision. 

Future sessions will include all-chibi editions and see the return of pencil, sketch/ full color variations. 

Thanks to the two folks who came out to wath the live drawing, would really love their feedback in the comments on this  post. And thanks to the three folks who ordered! I am happy with how they all came out. But I am really digging my Bubble Bobble fanart warmup. One of my alltime favorite games, never been another one close to resembling its playing format. I will have to finish out that warmup properly as a personal fanart piece in the future.

For now, enjoy these finished black and white sketches from tonight's event, and please, let me know your thoughts on ways I can improve it in the future by commenting below! Have a great weekend!

Click for full view

Click for full view

Click for full view

Click for full view

Sketch Night PreOrder Only

#sketchnight #livestream #commission #preorder #chibi #normal

Sketch Night 6/25/15

PREORDERS closed, roster for tonight locked in - see ya'll out then. 

The Finger - Warmup Sketch

@WFNGR696 #thefinger #gripofdelusion #fordfinger #skeleton #warmup #sketch #inkscape

This morning's warmup. Got inspired by this when I was tuning into and then my train of thought went to the actor who points with authority at all things antagonistic, Harrison Ford.

And skeletons can't be allowed to get away with stuff, you know? Listen up skeleton. THE FINGER. That is all.

Alright don't forget doing preorders. Honestly if I dont get any preorders I will probably not have a sketch night tonight and try again in a week or two. Hit up the preorders, save 8 bucks or so, here:


June 23, 2015

Saw this posted up by Courtland ( who did some amazing colors on this ) so I thought its safe enough to post up in my gallerys too. Heres a pinup of Ultimate Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles, a fan-based webcomic project written by Nick Arganbright, pencils/inks/tones by Eryck Webb (me) and with colors by Courtland Brugger.

If you havent been following this story, you need to git on it! Over at

Please support UTMNT on indiegogo so we can finish the second issue and more! Head over to

Thanks for checking it out.

Abominable Charles - Cool Down Sketch

June 17, 2015

#sketch #cooldown #sketchbookpro @karlkerschl #abominablecc

Continuing my theme this week with warmup sketches being of my own take/ homage on other artists-i-follow's characters. This time the epic webcomic anybody who pays attention to webcomic/ comics in general knows or should know. The Abominable Charles Christopher. Currently on a long hiatus while the creator does some work for dc comics. Can't wait till it comes back and the adventure continues. Its in the middle of a long climactic suspenseful pause!

Much like mine.. lol... need to get back to it one of these days. Alright, this was fun to tool on in sketchbook pro with wacom intuos 2. Time for bed, goodnight!

Huge - Warmup Sketch

June 15, 2015

#plasticrobot #warmup #fanart #sketch #wrestling

This morning's warmup kicks off 'fanart' week where the theme for my warmups will be other artists i follow and am a fan of and picking out a character of their creation to draw my own take on. Today is from Plastic Robot, and features a muscle bound villain I've wanted to draw for a while now and finaly got to it. Its the diabolical overlord from another planet 'HUGE'. Fun stuff, about 20 minutes in Sketchbook Pro. 

Onto the stuff that pays for rest of the day. Plastic Robot comes out every Saturday and is created by David McDonald! If David would like a hires of this piece just email me dood!

Also all week will be taking ideas for next weeks warmup theme!

Thanks for lookin!

Warmup - 61215 - Posemaniacs Drilling

June 12, 2015

10 minute drill session to get the ol' art-mode engaged. 30 second timer. I've done 15 seconds for each pose and I think I just enjoy 30 seconds more. 15 is a bit nerve racking haha. Fun stuff, added some shades/ super imposed on the back just to make it a little more of a 'piece'.
Really feel my improvement over time, if you want to get better at drawing the human figure, anatomy and get faster/ looser... is for you! I recommend. A true artist is always a student.

Have a great Friday!

Pre Orders Closed! Thanks for your orders!

June 11, 2015

Introducing a new PreOrder offer for this week's Live Sketch Night - BW Sketch Edition!

PreOrders are now closed. thank you to everyone who jumped on them. Commissions will still be available for 32 tonight 8pmEST till 10pmEST during the event. See folks there!

Open spots:
(all times Eastern Time)
Pre Orders day of event till 530pmEST.

1. 8:00-8:20pm - Closed
2. 8:20-8:40pm - CDBell Thanks!
3. 8:40-9:00pm - EctoMaster Thanks!
4. 9:10-9:30pm - Closed

 Event happening only on EWG Picarto channel

EWG Dewd Warmup by EryckWebbGraphics Sonic Sketch Night Preview by EryckWebbGraphics Bwsketchmarty by EryckWebbGraphics
Original Ad for event

Pugnisher - Sketch Dailies

June 10, 2015

#PUGNISHER for @Sketch_Dailies #doodle #sketch #dog #pug #marvel

Sketch done for today's theme for Sketch Dailie's 'Mashup Week'. Thought this one would be fun and I was right. See folks out for black and white sketch night tomorrow 8pmEST till 10. 

Wonder Wombat - Warmup

@Sketch_Dailies #sketch_dailies #WONDERWOMBAT #sketch #inkscape #photoshop

Had to get in on the sketch dailies theme from yesterday, 'Wonder Wombat'. From the Farm League shorts on DC Nation tv show. Theres was a goofy almost ren and stimpy style i decided to do my own design sort of a real wombat acting like wonderwoman, but the hair/costume like they did in the show. Anywho, fun little diversion to get warmed up this morning, onto the bread and butter!

Figure Study - Posemaniacs Warmup - 6-9-15

June 9, 2015

Click image to view full res. Check out those gesture lines!
#sketch #posemaniacs #figurestudy
This morning I spent about 30 minutes doing this warmup made possible by - a great tool for drill sketching. The gestures on the left were 15 seconds each, with 'advanced' setting on which, let me tell you is definitely harder. Does the same poses but flips them in different directions so its less natural to understand what your looking at right away. Was great. The pose on the right was a final one I picked that I liked and did the gesture then took it to finished sketch. I think practicing with this site will definitely 1. improve my speed and 2.) improve my overall understanding of anatomy and form and how the body positions in different poses. So yeah, lot of fun. But I definitely cant last more than a 15 minutes session doing these, I start getting slow/ fatigued towards the end. But I hope to get better at this over time. The fact that the figures display human muscle anatomy and such will also help my overall study and learning of muscles/ etc better too.

So, improvement all around is only inevitable by doing this more often. Which I plan on doing for warmups wehenever possible.

Onto transformers pencil pages all day! Have a great Tuesday! While above right pose is a good example of the sketch night coming on Thursday, the sketches then will be cleaner, less 'sketch lines' for sure. So hope to see people out for that. Its $26 per sketch, taking orders from 8-10, but workig on them till 12 if needed.

Toying with the idea of preorders as well. Let me know below if this interests you, and if your planning on coming! See you Thursday

BW Sketch Night - Happening 6-11-15

June 8, 2015


This Thursday 8pmEST to 10pmEST have a black and white sketch night. Different format than previous events so be sure to read the ad! These are 15 minute sketches, bold and loose! A little gray tone slapped on. Can have it colored if you wish, seperate from the event for $23.

Paypal only.
Have character reference and request figured out by event. 
Artist comes up with pose/ depiction. Client can depict if they want it pose/ action/ sexy/ funny etc.
Customers welcome to buy more than one. Will only take orders between 8 and 10. Will work on them till Midnight if needed.
No background, thigh-up in most cases.
Thanks in advance!

See folks then! Only on EWG Picarto page

Figure study - Cool down sketch

June 5, 2015

Saw the picture I used for reference of this model and wanted to try to draw it like 'figure drawing'. There was a front/back combo view in the picture so was cool to draw both sides. Came out ok! Need to draw from photos and / life more. Its always good practice. Well good cool down sketch session for end of the day. Will get back on everything Monday. Hope everyone has a great weekend! EWG out.

Morning Warmup - 30 Second Sketching

Starting on this morning after a long work day yesterday that included a Live Sketch Night, with some training over at Posemaniacs. Each pose was only up for 30 seconds so I sketched down the pose getting all the info I would need if i was to then take that pose and finish it in a piece. So this warmup exercise was about 10 minutes long. I recommend it for practice drawing muscle anatomy, and for getting faster and drawing lots of dynamic poses. There was normal men, normal women, large muscled men and i only got one child.

Check out Posemaniacs for pose reference and lots of exercise tools like this to improve your skills too!

Onto paid work, get recap video and such up for lastnights Livestream Sketch Night around the weekend.

Bull vs Bear - Process Video

June 3, 2015

Just added to the Eryck Webb Graphics You Tube Channel! A recent commission representing the stock market, a bull vs a bear. Check out the piece beginning to end. The second half was recorded using's software and is slightly less quality, but still clear enough to observe the process. Will make sure to use OBS as all my YouTube videos are done with from now on. The pencils portion was recorded with OBS. Enjoy! Comment below or on the YouTube video about your thoughts, feedback!
Watch the video here:

Sketch Night This Thursday! 6-4-15!

June 2, 2015

Thats right, this week there is a Live Sketch Night! 

It will be hosted on EWG Picarto channel per usual and run from 8pmEST till Midnight! Customers are encouraged to take advantage of this event if you want 2/3rds the normal commission price, ( Normaly about $15.00 more) and a same night to one week turnaround ( normal commission orders are subject to a 3-4 week turnaround per item). The one week turnaround is just for extra orders that I do not get to during the event. In most cases it takes only a day or two to get the rest done. So have your Paypal money ready and one good picture of reference! And see you Thursday!

Full details on the EWG Live Sketch Night page 

Feel free to ask questions and such below I'll answer them all best I can. 

See you then! Get there early, seats get gobbled up fast!

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