Huge - Warmup Sketch

June 15, 2015

#plasticrobot #warmup #fanart #sketch #wrestling

This morning's warmup kicks off 'fanart' week where the theme for my warmups will be other artists i follow and am a fan of and picking out a character of their creation to draw my own take on. Today is from Plastic Robot, and features a muscle bound villain I've wanted to draw for a while now and finaly got to it. Its the diabolical overlord from another planet 'HUGE'. Fun stuff, about 20 minutes in Sketchbook Pro. 

Onto the stuff that pays for rest of the day. Plastic Robot comes out every Saturday and is created by David McDonald! If David would like a hires of this piece just email me dood!

Also all week will be taking ideas for next weeks warmup theme!

Thanks for lookin!

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