Drawing Request Show e215 Recap

April 28, 2017

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As of this post, all art sent and lists updated! Have a fantastic weekend. Thank you so much for an epic week and a lot of great stream moments! We had a trend of low-amount free drawing giveaways and and influx of INSTAs added to the list. But we got through them all :) 

I'm taking advantage of the 3 day weekend and working on new things for the new month. As we head into May I'm going to be doing a bit of 'rebranding' and refreshing the items on the wheels and alerts and transitions along with some other surprises for the folks that come out every day to enjoy my stream as well as everyone else. 

Remember! There will be no stream till Tuesday 5/2! But I will be making it up to the Requesteers with a special 6 hour stream! Starting 10amEST! See you guys then and have a fantastic weekend.

Thank you so much and look forward to seeing you next month ( Tuesday 5/2/17 10am)!

Drawing Request Show e214 Recap

April 27, 2017

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As of this post all art sent! Was a long and productive 9 hour stream day, including an hour away at lunch. Got a bunch of inks done, colors done and art drawn. Special thanks to Twogirls1game who won last drawing of thes tream, and invited her community out to enjoy some Overtime action workiong on the cute depiction of her goth persona with the evil little Freddy the teddie. Lots of favorites and highlights today. Going to do it one more time tomorrow at 2pmEST! See you then! Also as a heads up, I will be taking off Monday to drive Kiwi to Pittsburgh to get a checkup. So I will not be back till Tuesday. But we got one more stream day in April as well as this week. We gonna rawk it. See you then, only at http://www.twitch.tv/eryckwebb

Drawing Request Show e213 Recap

April 26, 2017

@twitchcreates @twitch #creative #drawing #stream

As of this post all art sent! Thanks for a fantastic Wednesday stream! I got a lot of drawing to do. Will kick off tomorrow 10am doing straight up color upgrade finishes on as many requests as possible. And drawing requests in the afternoon! Thanks for all the amazing support and tips! Will do my best not to dissappoint you!
See you tomorrow! Only on twitch.tv/eryckwebb

Drawing Request Show e212 Recap

April 25, 2017

@twitchcreates @twitch #drawing #request #inkscape

As of this post, all art sent and all lists updated! Check yer whispers! Thanks to all who came out enjoyed a fun Tuesday stream. It was a blast though I still feel bad for starting late. We go weeks with no INSTA tokens in play and today people cashing in credit for INSTAS left and right haha. 
Thanks all and congrats to the giveaway winners and more. See you tomorrow for more DRS @ 2pmEST. I may do some commission production in the morning but either way, see you in the afternoon 2pmEST for more drawing action

Drawing Request Show e211 Recap

April 24, 2017

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As of this post, all art FINISHED! Thats right, this is the only piece I did today on a special Traditional edition of the afternoon stream. This was a piece done for MightyMae, of her request of a chibi-style pic of her in some victorian/ steampunk style cosplay and her wicked 'ear hair' and yarn you can see here wearing often on stream. Was challenging but a lot of fun. Literaly took like 3 hours as I dont have an undo button with traditional so wanted to take mytime make sure it came out good. Was challenging and a lot of fun. Congrats again MightyMae and this was so much fun I have decided when we hit 700 followers we'll raffle off another one! See you guys tomorrow ( Tuesday 4/25 ) for the return of the digitial EW art you all know and love. But this was a lot of fun!
I might try to do more original traditional art fanarts and original pieces and stick them in the shop on occassion. Keep an eye out for that. There is one I did this morning ( might have seen it on Twitter ) of Rocket Raccoon and Baby Groot that will be in the store next chance I get to post it. Keep an eye out for that. This piece here however, ships this week!
Have a great night and see you tomorrow!

Daily Discipline: Earth Day practice drawing

April 22, 2017

#earthday #earth #environment #globalchange #planet

Happy Earth Day! We all need to be reminded, now more than ever, that it is OUR charge to care for this beautiful paradise of a marble that is our our amazing world. If we dont, there's nobody else to do it. Recycle, don't litter, don't dump harmful chemicals in water systems, and tread on that carbon footprint as lightly as possible. We all gotta do our part. Take a moment to be out side, look at this beautiful blooming season and just soak it in. It's never a bad idea! Have a great day!

About 15-20 min
Sketchbook mobile
Samsung galaxy note 10.1

Drawing Request Show e210 Recap

April 21, 2017

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As of this post, all art has been sent! Thanks to everyone who came out and made this week's final stream, DRS 210 an epic one! We passed 600 follows today, so ontop of the usual follow goal giveaway I also held a giveaway for a traditional art request. It will be done on 8.5x11 marker smooth cardstock with traditional mediums! Monday's DRS stream will be devoted to working on it as this one item will probably take most of the stream! See you guys then and if anybody knows who sent me this Cthulu knitted hat/mask I'd like to thank them. Its really cool! I just have no idea where it came from hahaha. 
Congrats to Codybedrock36 for winning the $95 of drawing credit on the Follower Goal giveaway, to Sucharekmatio for winning the $7 consolation giveaway
and MightyMae for winning the traditional art request giveaway that, if this goes well I'll do again next 100 follows!

Have a great weekend

Drawing Request Show e209 Recap

April 20, 2017

@twitchcreates @twitch #creative #drawing #stream #inkscape #photoshop #sesamestreet #rivercityransom #willywonka #overwatch

As of this post, all art sent, check your whispers! The 209th stream of Drawing Request Show was a blast. Had Inkscape do something Ive never had it do before, completely corrupted its Preferences file with an hour left in the stream. So I restarted the computer and the stream, and it still wasnt fixed. I ended up deleting the preference file all together and resetting up my stylus/ brush settings in photoshop. Luckily I know them by heart. But i actualy took the opportunity to improve a few settings and ended up with a better setup. The final 3 drawings of the stream were popping off so much more buttery. Fantastic. Had some fun for 420 ( April 20th, ) with a !420 command that said ' 420 hype! getting high off these drawings!' and a special psychadelic alert if somebody donated 4.20 lol. Heres some highlights below from the fun stream today, including the return of the king of the requesteers Trayde after his week or so hiatus. Showing up in style :) Should be illegal to have this much fun and drawing all these cool things. See you guys tomorrow as we do it one mo time!!! Happy 420 all, be safe and have a good night! 

Trayde returns with biggest donation of the stream plus some 420 donations Watch live video from EryckWebb on www.twitch.tv Best 420 donation of the stream lol Watch live video from EryckWebb on www.twitch.tv

Drawing Request Show e208 recap

April 19, 2017

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As of this post, all art sent! We are officially over the hump for this week! Thanks to all who came out enjoyed DRS 208 and helped make it a fun one! See you guys in the morning 10am for DRS Upgrade colors all morning and more Drawing Requests in the afternoon! Goodnight! 

Catch the next stream live only on twitch.tv/eryckwebb M-F 10am-5pmET

Drawing Request Show e207 recap

April 18, 2017

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As of this post all art sent! See you tomorrow for ore!
only at twitch.tv/eryckwebb

Drawing Request Show e206 recap

April 17, 2017

@twitchcreates @twitch #creative #drawing

As of this post, all art sent! Had a good day of Monday streaming involving some commission work this morning and some sketch requests and a commission for LeoKage. A little worn out from the weekend so took my time and put some special attention on this tribute art of Leo's family member! The dinobot chibis were fun as well. Alright guys see you 10am for another day o' streamin! Generaly planning on streaming 6 hours each day this week. 3 in the morning working on either upgrades or commissions and then 3 in the afternoon doing drawing requests and upgrades. Have a great night!

Drawing Request Show e205 Recap

April 14, 2017

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As of this post, all art sent! Thanks to everyone who came out made DRS 205 a special one! Had my bunny ears on and a host of drawings to crank out. Was a lot of fun. Did Top 3 supporters of the week and some gratitude spins and even held a live launch of the EWG Easter Egg Hunt which goes all weekend. Good stuff. Cant wait to do it again next week! Miss it? Heres a couple highlights below! See you next time on twitch.tv/eryckwebb! Same drawing channel same drawing time!

Incase you missed it, heres a sexy bunny girl requested by TCloud on this Easter - themed stream!

Highlight of the live launch of this weekend's Easter Egg Hunt ends 4/17 morning!

The 2017 Annual EWG Easter Egg Hunt ( Has Ended )

#easter #easter2017 #easteregghunt #egghunt #sale #special #event

The 2017 EWG Easter Egg Hunt has officially ended! 

Put on your searching caps and get hunting boys and girls! This year there is only one egg, and its a shiny golden orange egg with a EWG face logo stamped on it. The lucky few who find it, will be rewarded with any one, fully drawn, inked and full colored character art commission of your choice! It can be chibi or normal style, your choice! Not only that, winners will also enjoy a 'slot commission' style one week turnaround starting from the time they use their winning to when they get their art! That being said, its going to be difficult to find, but be assured, its out there waiting for you to find it somewhere on this site. Good luck all and happy hunting! Most importantly, have fun, and have a Happy Easter!

--Update 4/17:

Thank You to everyone who took the challenge and hunted for the orange egg this year! And congrats to those who found it, I look forward to drawing your free full color inked character or chibi of choice! Thank you!

Drawing Request Show e204 Recap

April 12, 2017

@twitchcreates @twitch #creative #drawing #request #inkscape #digitalart #comicart #characterart

As of this post, all art sent! Thanks so much for these awesome requests everyone! Cant wait to keep it going tomorrow. To get us over the hump we had 2 Tip Goal giveaways thanks to awesome supporters and a host of gratitude spins. Also mixed it up with doing Pencils then Inks then Colors even if not all from the same person. Fun stuff.

See you live tomorrow 10am for 6 hours of DRS tomorrow! 10am till 5 :) With an hour break in the middle. 
Only on twitch at http://twitch.tv/eryckwebb

Heres a highlight from the end of today's stream! 

Drawing Request Show e203 Recap

April 11, 2017

@twitchcreates @twitch #creative #drawing

As of this post, all art is sent! Had a lot of fun today during this mornings Inks Upgrades and during Drawing Request Show 203! Got more to tackle tomorrow! Ate too many jelly beans while saving/ sending these images and hanging out on twitch.tv/lefrenchstallion tonight. Lol stay tuned if I even stream tomorrow if im not keeled over from all the candy hahaha. Man. Feels bad man, feels bad lol. Going to go get some real food and see folks tomorrow ( hopefuly ).
Dont forget, a special launch of this years Easter Hunt on the EWG website will take place live on Twitch at the end of Friday's stream. 
Have a great night! 

Drawing Request Show e202 recap

April 10, 2017

@twitchcreates #twitch #creative #drawing #request #stream

As of this post, all art sent. DRS 202 was a bit of an unusual way to start a week. Hardly anybody there so skipped a lot of requests. I setup a chroma key setup for my webcam which made the stream refreshing. Lots more drawing to do tho. Took a quick moment to shoutout a long time EWG and DRS and EryckWebb supporter and superfan DrAres on his birthday today. Happy Birthdaay dood! More to draw tomorrow! See you all then!

Happy Easter 2017

Finished Easter pencils colored in photoshop

Easter art pencils in photoshop

Happy Easter 2017 from Eryck Webb Graphics! 
Thank you for checking out this new installment to the EWG website gallery. This was some Easter themed art used for a few greeting cards Kiwii and I were sending to family and friends this month and also was to double as banner art for the website and a general Easter piece for the year. It was sketched in sketchbook mobile on samsung galaxy note 10.1 then finished pencils done when i moved it to my desktop and imported it into inkscape. It was colored with photoshop using the sketch lineart as is.

We've been keeping a tight lid when people have asked whether or not the annual EWG Easter Egg hunt will happen this year. And this post will serve to officially inform those interested, that yes it will be happening. It will launch at the end of Drawing Request Show on Friday 4/14 and run through Easter weekend till it ends Monday 4/14 morning. There will be one orange egg with a white EWG logo decorated on it. If you find it, you will receive a special EWG art prize for free! What kind of art prize? Join the hunt and find out this weekend! See folks this weekend for the hunting fun!

Drawing Request Show e201 recap

April 7, 2017

@twitchcreative @twitch #creative #drawing #transmission #incognito

 As of this post, all art sent! Check your whispers! DRS e201 - Incognito was a fun Friday stream involving the attempt to be 'discreet' and 'incognito'. DRS and EW went on the DOWN LOW after a very successful and hyped episode 200. Making sure not to attract unwanted attention from those who might try to cap the shenanigans. In reality it was just all for fun and pretend. Cause, if I entertain nobody else, I at least entertain myself lol.

 See folks Monday for DRS 202 - and look for a 'Weekend Gamer' stream sometime this weekend. Most likely kicking ass and continue grinding and trying to unlock everything in Beat Hazard.

 Heres a highlight from the beginning of DRS 201! Enjoy! And see you at the next live stream at http://twitch.tv/eryckwebb

Drawing Request Show e200 recap

April 6, 2017

@twitchcreates @twitch #creative #drawing #sketch #characterart

As of this post, all the above art is sent! Thank you so much to the Requesteer elite and everyone else who came out and made episode 200 of Drawing Request Show a truely special one. Also big props to my wife who came in and won the last of today's 6 unlocked giveaways, then in a fun husband vs wife game competition, beat the pants off of me and gave away her winnings to the chat to raffle off. Was a lot of fun. Also special thanks to Adrya my sister who got last drawing of the stream :)
A special day, feels like a friday but unbelievably enough, we get to do this one more time this week. See you guys Friday! 2pmET :) 
Special thanks to Trayde, Leokage, KingTiger, BeezleBubbles, MightyMae, Hamiltoons, CodyBedrock for making the multiple free-drawing giveaways happen today!
You guys are amazing <3
See everyone live at the next http://twitch.tv/eryckwebb stream! 
 Heres a highlight: 

Drawing Request Show e199 Recp

April 5, 2017

@twitchcreates @twitch #creative #drawing #draw

As of this post, all the above art sent! Today was a crazy hump day stream with a lot of hosts and a lot of goals met giving way to giveaways! But was a lot of fun and got 5 awesome drawings done! See you at the next live stream only on Twitch! 

Drawing Request Show 198 recap

April 4, 2017

@twitchcreates @twitch #creative #drawing #inkscape @inkscape #requests

As of this post, all art sent! Check your whisperz! DRS 198 was a LOT of fun and was combined with the morning DRS Ink Upgrades stream. This stream totaled almost 9 hours. Solid days work! But theres always an extra hour after streaming saving and sending and following up with people. So about a 10 hour work day? No different than any other day hahaha. Loves of fun stuff here. Cant wait to do it again tomorrow 2pmEST at http://twitch.tv/eryckwebb - see you then!
Mad shoutouts to DrunkDev and Adufresne99 for the massive hosts! You guys rock
Thats it for tonight. See you tomorrow. Same drawing time, same drawing channel!

Drawing Request Show e197 Recap

April 3, 2017

@twitchcreates @twitch #twitch #creative #drawing

As of this post, all art sent! Had a fun stream got a lot of drawing done. I think everyone was having 'a monday' so it was a bit quieter than normal but let me knuckle down and draw like a mad man! I also realize I need to practice and fill the ol' creative brain account with more spaceships and vehicles. Something I could use more practice on. All in all, a decent stream!

See folks back Tuesday for more! Going to opt out of a morning Ink stream to get some EWG work done. Still might stream EWG Production tho. 


Daily Discipline: Weekend Gamer Warmup Sketch

#stream #twitch #warmup #sketch #inkscape

Weekend Warrior is the weekend streams dedicated to gaming on my twitch channel. Usualy playing some sort of first person shooter or shootemup game or other fast paced game. Those are the ones I like the best. Unfortunately right now its by announcement, but you can usualy count on it happening Saturday for a few hours. Stay tuned to twitch.tv/eryckwebb and twitter to know when its going live. Thanks to all who came out and enjoyed my BeatHazard session last Saturday. More to come! 

Drawing Request Show e196 Recap

April 1, 2017

@twitchcreates @twitch #twitch #drawing #request #minecraft #lol #vi #bunnygirl #creatures

As of this post, all art from Friday 3/31/17's stream is sent! Check your whispers! Was out with the wife on a date night after stream yesterday so didnt get a chance to send everything. But sending it this morning. Don't forget, streaming all day today ( Saturday, April 1st, 2017 ) ... honest :) See you guys on twitch!
Streaming every M-F 2pmET only on twitch.tv/eryckwebb 

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