medical leave till tuesday

May 26, 2016 0 Comments

hospital room with a view
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Hey boys and girls, all streams and commission production is halted until after the holiday weekend. A medical situation came up and I will be in the hospital till at least tomorrow and off work until Tuesday at best. I look forward to getting back to drawing for you then! Thank you for your understanding and have a fantastic Memorial Day!

Reflection On Previous Works

May 15, 2016 0 Comments

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Every once and a while I find it helpful to stop and spend some time looking at my previous published works. Takin time to remember where I've been can help me focus better on where I'm going. I break out my copies of finished comic work and study it all cover to cover. Some things I cringe at, some things I love what I was doing then and wonder why I'm not doing it now. But it's nice to look back at finished projects and realize how far I've come. These were all webcomics, interior page work and cover work that i've done since EWG was launched in December 2009.  There was a time around then I wondered if i'd ever be able to say I've been published. Now I've got all these works under my belt. It's amazing to think what the next 6-7 years has in store, and that I've barely scratched the surface of the potential :) Hopefuly, the future will also include more of my own published work as well. Who knows!?

Drawing Request Show - New Ongoing Schedule 51416

May 14, 2016 0 Comments

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An enhanced schedule was experimented with last week. I for one do not care for the constant shifting about. So after some trial and error, this week will see the launch of the new ongoing schedule.

Introducing Drawing Request Show, where you request the drawings and i draw the requests. Now three times a week! Come out every week, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2pm Eastern Time, and Wednesdays at  7pm Eastern Time!

Enjoy the arts, follow the channel to participate in at least one giveaway per show, and if you want some art for any reason, make a request! The hype is real.

Drawing Request Show takes place only at

Read the details below stream or via chat commands before making a request, hit the donate button to make request. Any request donations received between shows will be added to the list and drawn during the next show.

I'm excited for the new ongoing schedule, hope you all are too!!

Thanks so much, see you there!


Mega Colby Man - Warmup 5916

May 9, 2016 0 Comments

#megaman #colby @tnccomics @sketchbookpro

Done this morning on the samsung galaxy note 10.1 streaming on twitch. Just trying to do something for fun first thing get me in the right creative mode on this sluggish monday morning. Ugh, wore myself out this weekend. But though I struggled even with this fun for the heck of it piece I slowly got back in the right mode and ended up enjoying this. Then I designed an ad for the new schedule that starts tomorrow for my Drawing Request Show - the live open table segment of Eryck Webb Graphics where you can come out request a commission live and see it drawn in real time when its your turn.

Will be posting that ad after this but wanted to share. Completely drawn and colored in sketchbook mobile on samsung galaxy note then moved across drop box to my desktop. fun stuff.

Drawing Request Show 15 - Recap

May 6, 2016 0 Comments

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Heres the pieces I got done during lastnight's Drawing Request Show, Episode 15! But still didnt get to them all. Due to this being an accurance a couple times now. Next week will see the launch of a regular 3 day schedule. Will announce after the weekend the new schedule so stay tuned!

Thanks so much for everyone's requests!

Missed the stream? Can see the two parts (had a connection interuption in the middle) plus the hilarious post-show gaming on the EWG twitch channel here:

Thanks and see you at the next show!

Drawing Request Show - Episode 14 Recap

May 4, 2016 0 Comments

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So heres the 6 artworks I got done on the 4.5 hour stream tonight, starting around 715pmET and ending about 1130pmET! Not too shabby for four hours work. Also had a couple mentionable highlights!
About 2 hours in we hit the 140 Followers mark (which was the next 20 followers giveaway goal from 120 which was the previous) and held a giveaway for a finished inked piece no time limit and inked to completion as far as I can take it/ good as I can make it. So soon as SomethingWitty91 has time to figure out what he wants I'll make it happen captain. 
Most of these are on tier levels where they will get their inks/ colors in the next week or so and finished off stream. Also had a normal show giveaway of $17 dollars. A number determined by a round of 'Boss Rush' on Beat Hazard. Whatever round I was able to get to was what round would be the number of dollars given away. 
Look forward to doing it again Thursday. Those I did not get to tonight, whether they were VIP or not, get instant VIP status and can not be cut infront of next time and will be finished up there and then. Congrats to the winners, and look forward to working on folks orders next episode
Watch the stream in its entirety on twitch here (available for the next 3 weeks only) at the link below, and will do a recap of the week over the weekend like I did before. Though instead of making it an hour long I will probably cut it even more try to keep it around a half hour. 

BullwinkleCast vs GBGeeky vs The Doctors - Commission

May 2, 2016 0 Comments

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Each week I try to release a finished commission piece or personal piece to the gallery that has been sitting around a few weeks or months since it was finished and released. This week's release on the EWG art gallery is this wacky piece. A poster illustration commission for Good Bad & Geeky podcast finished a month or so ago. Their variations on doc brown, and doctor who, descending on the GBG hosts surrounded by moose, squirrel, and their villains. Something to do with the topics in their show. It may have been used as album art cause there was no type. But All I know is it was a lot of fun to work on :) 

Drawing Request Show - Episode 11-13 Recap Video

May 1, 2016 0 Comments

#video #recap #youtube #drawing #twitch 

Finished the week-spanning recap of Drawing Request Show Episode 11-13. Its 3 times as long as a normal video, because theres 3 episodes instead of one. The video takes close to 15 hours of drawing requests from 3 streams this past week and condenses it into an hour video. I learned a lot making this one. And may reduce the amount of time spent on each drawing in the future to get it closer to 30-45 minutes. But your welcome to weigh in on this idea in the comments. Also open to suggestions on parts you dont want to see left out, and parts I can leave out more. Your thoughts on a weeks worth of streams in one video versus a video per episode. Also thought, instead of recording each episode maybe just do highlights of an occassional favorite request? All thoughts for the future. Read the actual recaps from the week here (I didnt do a recap of Wednesday's special installment apparently)

Episode 11

Episode 13 (best episode yet)

And enjoy the YouTube video recaping episodes 11-13 in elapsed format w/ emphasis on giveaway winners in between. Comments/ suggestions/ questions encouraged on this posts's comments below or on the youtube post.

Putting Out The Candle For A Day Or Two - Personal Note Entry

April 30, 2016 0 Comments

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Personal Notebook Entry: 
Well mowed the lawn front and back again before this supposed 'rain' hits later. Been dry for a couple days and the grass was still damp and clumpy. WTH? Doesn't it ever dry out lol. Mowing comes out so much nicer when its dry. I guess its gotta actualy get warm out to dry up the grass by noon. *looking at you weather*

Enjoying some much needed down time today. Lookin forward to some family sunday dinner time tomorrow. But today I'm just exhausted. Had a kickass week but burnt the candle at both ends. As 'Danko Jones' said... 'better to burn out than waste away.' ... 'I'll sleep when I'm dead' ... how i roll baby. But was so worth it. Had the best week of streaming/ Drawing Request Show in the history of me streaming ever. A milestone. And a foretelling of a changing business model. The future has that sense of potential again. The carrot just out of reach. Where will it go next. Time will tell! For now I will be greatful and patient.

Puttering in the studio when I don't HAVE to work, doing some relaxing video editing. Going to probably stick to doing compilations of the week's shows into one video instead of staying up late or cutting into work time to create a video after every episode. Will see how this comes out.
Contemplating personal project ideas that I dont have time for lol. Mmmm crispity.

Update 5/1 - well it took a while but got it finished/ saved/ uploaded! Check out the videorecap of Drawing Request Show from the past week (Episodes 11-13) here:

EWG Has Been Fingered!

April 29, 2016 0 Comments

@wfngr696 #tshirt #art #rock #tunes #surprise

EWGs been fingered! Art I did in the last year inspired by - now Gary has made it into an awesome tshirt! Thanks so much for sending me one man! Also loving the saturday morning tune covers. you know me so well. haha. Was a great surprise to get today. Moments where you sort of ponder the significance of what you do, and then something like this happens. And I realize I'm definitely making a difference, even if its supporting my favorite people. Definitely some more art coming to you this year! You got a Finger fan for life buddy. Keep on rockin!

Drawing Request Show - Episode 13 - Recap


#sketch #draw #twitch #stream #requests #characterart

I am blown away by the awesomeness that is Episode 13. Its been an amazing week for the Drawing Request show in general. But what a cap on the week! I didn't realize how big this episode was till I looked at the stats after. It was the biggest and most successful out of all of them so far. The most participants on the giveaway, the most viewers at one time, the most requests in a single show and the list goes on. Thank you thank you so much to everyone who came out, got some awesome art, kept the chat hilarious and entertaining and I hope you enjoy your arts! A good majority of the pieces above are upgraded to inks or colors or both and will be done over the course of the next week. 
I am going to put together a recap compilation of the whole week over the weekend. 
If you missed any of the streams though be sure to check out the broadcast replay that is avaible for the news 2-3 weeks on Twitch below, and thank you again for this amazing milestone show. And we're now only 3 followers away from a 140 follower giveaway (giving away a inked piece every 20 likes). So next week during a show there could be two giveaways instead of just one! Crazy!

Update 5/1 - well it took a while but got it finished/ saved/ uploaded! Check out the videorecap of Drawing Request Show from the past week (Episodes 11-13) here:

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