Sketchbook: Napoleon Dynamite

November 10, 2019 0 Comments

#napoleondynamite #tots #inkscape #wacom #intuos #drawing #Nickelodeon

For this week's theme over on the ewDISCORD art jam of characters whose name begins with 'N' ... dem tots

Watch the process of drawing this picture start to finish on ewYOUTUBE!

DRS Stream Schedule Week of 11/11


DRS Stream Schedule Week of 11/11
*All times EDT

● Mon - 10a Upgrades + Requests
● Tue - 10a TMNTurkeys + Upgrades + Requests
● Wed - 10a Upgrades + Requests
● Thu - 10a Robot Commish  + Upgrades + Requests
● Fri - 10a Upgrades + Requests

Sketchbook: They're Coming... Gobble Gobble...

November 6, 2019 0 Comments

#turkey #ninja #tmnt #cranberry #harvest

They're coming! Its that time of year again... for now just sketching around playing with styles...

Drawn in Inkscape on toned bg color with wacom intuos pro medium tablet 

Contest Winner Piece and Week Recap 110119

November 1, 2019 0 Comments

#drawing #inkscape #photoshop #request #characterart #digitalart #wacom 

Thank you for a fun, busy and challenging week! I was foggy from sleep-aid meds on Monday but we had a normal Drawing Request Show stream and Tuesday had some sinus headache thing going on all day that canceled the stream. Wednesday was nearly a 9 hour stream with all the support, hype and giveaways to match. Thursday we carved pumpkins all day with me in face paint and the stream in halloween mode. Finally, today ( Friday ) we had a really cool stream featuring untimed pencils, inks and colors of an art request for Trayde. Trayde won the Haunted Stream Contest that ran all October and in doing so won a drawing request with ALL THE SAUCE. Even untimed sauce. It was a really cool piece to work on and was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Trayde you deserved to win, you were first to figure out the contest puzzle and you have been the top supporter on this stream for the last 4 years. Only seemed appropriate, thank you! We managed to get in a drawing request or two at the end as well! 
Have a great weekend, all art sent as of this post! Get the schedule for next week and the masterlist all updated by Monday. Have a great weekend be safe out there, and look forward to drawing for you soon!

Watch me draw, ink and color live, daily! Plus look forward to an upcoming annual Thanksgiving Marauding Native Turkeys piece for 2019 that I'm thinking about creating live on stream one day! Get notified when I go live by following and enabling notifications on Twitch! @

Welcome to November from EWG!


From all of us here at EWG ( yes the hat too ), here is wishing you a Happy November! Its a brand new month, with brand new opportunities! Do it to it!

Congratulations Haunted Stream Contest Winner!


Thank you to everyone who participated in the Haunted Stream Contest! Several people gathered the clues and solved the puzzle, but only one was the first to do so! The winner gathered every letter clue over the course of streams in October, and unscrambled the message. The answer was DRAWINGWITHSAUCE. When this was entered into a password-sealed gate on the contest page, you were allowed through and congratulated and informed of your prize! Thank you for playing, congratulations on winning and good job sealing away the ghosts that were haunting the stream!

The winner is Trayde11 ! 

The prize is a max time drawing request of one character, which is immediately inked and colored as a single 11x17 300dpi illustration! You will receive a hi resolution copy of the pencils, the inks and the colors. This piece is slated to be created live on stream November 1st ( today ) or as soon as your ready!

Thank you to all who played, I hope you had fun. And congratulations Trayde!

Stream Schedule for the week of 10/28

October 27, 2019 0 Comments

⏰Schedule for the week of 10/28
Mon 10/28 - 10amET Drawing Requests
Tues 10/29 - 10amET Inks & Color Upgrades
Weds 10/30- 10amET  Drawing Requests
Thur 10/31 - 10amET Halloween special
Fri 11/1 - 10amET Haunted Stream Winner & Upgrades


ewYOUTUBE: Eryck Webb Draws A Skeleton In A Skull Cap In Inkscape

October 26, 2019 0 Comments

#inkscape #photoshop #skeleton #skull #beanie #wacom #tonedpaper 

New Drawing Video!

Eryck Webb Draws A Skeleton In A Skull Cap In Inkscape 

Stream Schedule Week of 10/21

October 20, 2019 0 Comments

#drawing #commissions #live 
⏰Schedule for the week of 10/21

Mon 10/21 - 10amET DRS
Tues 10/22 - No Stream E&Ks 8yr Anniversary
Weds 10/23- 10amET DRS
Thur 10/24 - 10amET DRS
Fri 10/25 - 10amET DRS

Stream Schedule Week of 10/7

October 6, 2019 0 Comments

⏰Stream Schedule Week of 10/7

Mon - 10amET Drawing Inks & Colors
Tues - 10amET Drawing Inks & Colors
Wed - 10amET Drawing Inks & Colors
Thu - 10amET Drawing Inks & Colors
Fri - 10amET Drawing Inks & Colors

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