Elbow Deep In Sauce - Sept 2023 Endcap

September 29, 2023


Hey crew!

I'm up and at em early in the Drawing Mill cranking on orders this Friday morning. I like the saucey black and white of this piece, and I can't wait for you to see the spooky whole thing. Its the end of September, so I'm going to try and get any Halloween orders done for customers who might want to use it on Halloween merch in the coming month. This snippet ( still generally keeping the lid on ) was from such a piece. Drippy, bloody, spooky, drooly goodness. Wanted to share what was currently on the drawing board - onto more of the work that pays! I'm behind and taking longer than promised to get August orders out, and several September orders... not for a lack of trying. I'm not pleased with this, its my own fault from IRL struggles. But I know if I keep going, keep plugging away and stay in communication and update clients... I will get there.

Thank you very much for your patience, to those folks who have been waiting an extra week or two for your commission orders!

In other news, Best of Request Volume 7 book orders are still at the printer, those will be arriving in the next couple week sand I'll be immediately signing sketching and getting those out to their forever homes soon as they arrive! I also am in final stages with the bookmark that goes with preorders. I will place the order and it will arrive same time ready for packing. It takes much less time to get back from the printer. Thank you for your support!

This morning I couldn't get on Discord to share this post. They are apparently having a DDos or attack or crash or something. Guess we'll have to go back to blogging and forums...

Subtember has been amazing. Its always a time of meeting new people, getting new regular viewers/ supporters/ fans. Its also a great refresh of momentum and energy for the stream. This year's Subtember was no exception. Perhaps the best one I've ever had. In general I tried to maintain the normal schedule, and have been enjoying new subs and returning subs having a discount for their requests and subscription all month. But the last week they added the discount to gift subs, and I setup a Streamathon timer. So every gift sub, new sub, returning sub etc would add time to my stream. If folks were willing to support I would add time to the timer for every bit of support. Ended Tuesdays stream with 9 hours still left on the timer. Yesterday it ended with 6 hours left on the timer. So while Subtember is now over for my stream, Ill carry those requests and that extra time over to streams next week!

October we'll be entering 'spooky season', and Ill be updating the theme/ narrative of the stream to match. Also the 2023 spooky tee design will run till Halloween then be gone. I will be launching a new merch design for November during October so there's plenty of time to grab it get it shipped to you.

The community drawing prompt 'leaf' for September is reaching an end. We'll do a draw along of the theme one more time on Tuesday's stream, and then look at everyones entries. Make sure to go create something and add it to the 'DrawJam' section of the Drawing Mill Discord! Then the Crew will be helping me pickout a theme for October!  

Alright, its been a while since I did a blog update. I would like to make a habit of doing it at the end of each week or month.

Back to playing catchup on commission orders to end the month. Thanks for the pile of work! I really appreciate it.

Have a great Friday and final weekend of September. See you in Spooky season!

Drawing Requests Till Timer Ends ( or 6pmET ) Part 2

September 28, 2023

I came prepared...

Drawing Requests Till Timer Ends ( or 6pmET ) Part 2 


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LIMITED TIME - EWG Halloween 2023 Tee Design

September 14, 2023

- Released September 2023 - Only available through October 2023
- This original artwork features a stylus wielding sauce monster! When the full moon rises in October so does the thirst for sauce!! Better hide yours or IT will come get youuuu...
- Front artwork with logo on right sleeve
- Available on several colors
- Happy Halloween!
- A unique way to support the draws!

Original Publication: Best of Request Vol 7

August 14, 2023

Best of Request Volume 7 PREORDER



- Print Edition Released Summer 2023
- Digital Edition Coming Soon
- Retrospective notes from 2022
- Drawing Collection of 2022 stream requests!
- 200+ pgs
- 500+ drawings
- Color Cover
- Black and White Interior
- Includes random sketch and signature!
-Includes exclusive preorder boomark
- Ships world wide tentatively early October

Coming Events - First Week Of July

June 30, 2023


See the crew next week, 1pmEDT Wed-Fri for Drawing Request Show! Have a fantastic weekend, 4th of July and more!

Thanks Canada - Morning Warmup

June 28, 2023


thanks canada

timelapse video: https://youtube.com/shorts/1QUYYqYsXZk

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Morning Paper - Warmup

June 21, 2023

 Morning coffee and a quick warmup

See folks live on Twitch today we'll be working on commissions and priority requests only.

Have a great Wednesday!

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Happy Dragon - Original Art

June 18, 2023



Title: Happy Dragon 
Size: 5x7
Materials: Pencil, Sumi Ink brush pen, Sumi Ink Wash, Felt Pen

About: An original hand drawn artwork by Eryck Webb. Only one of its kind. Shipped with cardboard reinforcement and wrapped in plastic to protect from weather during shipping. 
Ships worldwide!

A unique way to support Eryck Webb and his art!

Baggage - Original Art - SOLD



$50 + Shipping

Title: Baggage 

Size: 5x7

Materials: Pencil, Felt Pen, Ballpoint Pen, Marker

About: An original hand drawn artwork by Eryck Webb. Only one of its kind. Shipped with cardboard reinforcement and wrapped in plastic to protect from weather during shipping. 

Ships worldwide!

A unique way to support Eryck Webb and his art!

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