Behind The Scenes: Volume 3 Production Continues

January 17, 2019 0 Comments

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Up before the sun Workin on Vol 3 this morning - feels good! Its coming! Thanks to the crew and the rest of yew that make this possible! As of this post, I have all the art slapped on the pages. The book is a few pages over 200 and I've got about 20 pages actualy finalized layout wise like the one showed above. Thanks all who got volume one and volume two and have expressed interest in volume three. I really appreciate the encouragment and enthusiasm. I feed off of that. It helps push me past any doubts or other road blocks. Thank you.

Sketchbook: A first glimpse at new 2019 emote updates in the works!

January 12, 2019 0 Comments

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While waiting on an edit to todays DRS Highlights post so it wont get blocked on youtube, I took some emotes I sketched out on the tablet this morning and threw some color mockups on them. I think there are some promising ones in this bunch. Which ones do you like? I'm working to update all of the sub and bttv emotes on the channel for the new year. Some current ones will stay as they are in line with the style im working to update the rest to. But heres some ideas i have early sketch mockups on so far. Looks like that edited DRS Highlight video has finished rendering/ saving out. Going to try and upload to ewYOUTUBE again. Look for that to go live this evening! 

Sketched on Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 with spen and put together/ slapped some colors on in Inkscape on the PC. 

Update: 1/13/19 - I'm trying to push for new ideas and emotes that I haven't thought of before. Trying to come up with new versions of existing favorites as well as push for new and original combinations that would work really well. Heres where I've ended up for now. I've taken the emotes above, reworked a few and even added a bunch more. Now I have about 35 different emotes and want to keep pushing. An old graphics teacher of mine used to say thumbnail 100 ideas so that you work out all the cliches and start reaching for bold new and original ones. I dont know if I'll do 100 but im having fun with it. Maybe 50? Heres the 35 i have for now. Some obviously wont make it. Some will be saved for some other time. This whole exercise also does not include holiday related variations and items. This is simply exploring everyday use emotes on my twitch channel. I only have 3 sub emote spots and 25 bttv emote spots though. So obviously after I feel like I've explored all my options, I will pick the best ones to use finish. Some aren't great or practical but I want to hit all the corners.

DRS 2019 Highlights #2: Eryck vs Umbrellas The Sequel


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Thanks to everyone for making this a fun week of streaming and creating. Enjoy these highlights hand picked by myself. Some more clips I would have loved to include were muted by copyright screening on twitch recap videos. But most of the moments that I wanted to get made it into the video! Any comments or questions be sure to leave them below or on the youtube page. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube page as I upload new videos at least once a week. 

Thanks so much for checking out this video and for supporting EWG/ DRS/ and Eryck Webb in general. See you Monday for more live Drawing Request Show action!! Only on Twitch

Stream Notes: Thanks for a great Thursday Stream!! Tired me out with this one!

January 10, 2019 0 Comments

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As of this post, all art sent! Get that masterlist updated in the morning. Thanks for a fun Thursday of streaming and creating! I wore myself out with this one. We had an impromptu session of ewDRAW! stream working on that Sub Collage drawing. We got some serious work done over 2-3 hours working on flat colors. Look for future ewDRAW! streams on the EryckWebb Twitch channel soon to continue the work on that piece!

Above are four of my favorite pieces from today's Drawing Request Stream! These also coincidentally happen to be four good examples of four different styles of drawing requests you can request if your a sub! The top left is done in Ink Sketch Style for Hamiltoons, the top right chibi is the normal pencil sketch drawing style everyone is used to, the bottom left is a new Clay Carving Style and the right is what it looks like when you take a request and ink it and get it colored. While I enjoy all the variety of requests I get for the most part, these 4 are my favorites from today.

So when I said I tired myself out today, its cause I streamed from 9am till about 5pm straight with a few short bathroom/ snack breaks. Havent streamed that long in a while haha. I'll see you all back tomorrow, Friday 1/11/19 at 12pm Eastern Time for more drawing action! Same drawing time. Same drawing channel!

Sketchbook: Scans of Jumping Boy, Disney/Marvel Mashups Daily Practice

January 9, 2019 0 Comments

#sketchbook #drawing #notebook #dailysketch #practice #draw #ballpointpen #characterart #doodle

Number one way to improve as an artist at drawing and generally formulating your ideas and inspirations is repetition and exploration in your sketchbooks. Even just to get down ideas that you can always come back to later and not forget what may have been a great idea for a project. Here's some ballpoint sketches I did last night/ this morning!

Keep drawing!! 

Stream Notes: Thanks for a fun Monday Stream!

January 7, 2019 0 Comments

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As of this post, all art sent and masterlist updated! Thanks for a fun day back after the weekend. Despite me being a little low energy due to a cold coming on, we got some drawing done and even this badass inked/ colored upgrade piece of witchblade vs lady death done! The requests ended 400pm but we went till about 530pm finishing this up for some bonus creative action getting the colors done on this piece. 

This will probably be more the format going forward. Maybe doing like a request or two between working on upgrade orders. Here are a few things to expect me to try out and maybe implement as the year goes on.

An idea in the works is that folks can get a request they purchase with inks and colors all at once depending on how they donate for it ( like say buy it all at once ). I'm working on some new rules on using tokens for upgrades soon, and maybe opening that back up.  Requests on this stream, like my commission based business, is an ever evolving fluid thing. Trends come and go and right now trends are leaning towards the ink and color upgrades. I'll keep following wherever it makes sense to go.

Other things in progress are updating the Giveaway scene to work better with the moobot app. Maybe even new kinds of giveaways or giveaway items. I also would like to incorporate some tutorial and tip segments into the stream. 

I plan on launching new emotes for use this year soon as I'm able. And updating the sub badges making them a little higher quality.

Other things in the works are some killer EW related designs for the merch shop. I've been creating various series of styles for shirts and other merch. I think they'll be a hit. Stay tuned, I've got some fun ideas coming in the new year.

Thanks everyone and see you tomorrow 12pmEasternTime for more Drawing Request Show!!

ewTWITCH: Going Live in 5 on Monday 1/7/19! What can EW draw Yew!?


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Welcome back from the weekend! I've got a fresh batch of sauce and an itchy drawing finger. Lets do this thing! EW is live as of 12pmEasternTime 1/7/19! Only on twitch! ( ) 

BoR Volume 3 Layout Has Officially Begun

January 6, 2019 0 Comments

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As of this post, my new book has officially started the layout phase. Got all the files I want to use processed now its off to building it! I got close to 2000 random sketch and drawing and non-applicable image files whittled down to the 600-700 best. Its a year book of sorts collecting all the drawings and stream content from the last year of Drawing Request Show into one volume. Best of Request Volume 3 will be a faithful continuation of the series you enjoyed with the first two volumes. I can't believe I'm on the third one already! Not to mention I'm already started on my 4th year as a full-time streamer. Cool beans! Going forward I'll nail down the layout on all the spreads. I'm keeping the book around 200 pages this time of the truly best drawings. Then I'll add any copy I'm going to put in it and get it edited and finished up for pre-orders in spring. Stay tuned to the EWG website for updates and sneak peaks of the book as it develops!

DRS 2019 Highlights #1: The Great Holiday Purge

January 5, 2019 0 Comments

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I'm proud to release the first video recap of 2019, Drawing Request Show Jan 1 - Jan 4 highlights! 4 days of favorite moments nad drawing sessions into a 30 minute recap video. Of course not everything made it in but a nice collection of favorite moments and drawings from this week did. Thanks to everyone who helped make it a great start to the new year, enjoy the video!!

See you at the next live stream, Mon-Fri 12pmEST on


Stream Notes: First Stream Week of 2019 is a wrap!

January 4, 2019 0 Comments

80s hair rocker sword maiden

chibi angel colors

chibi of batman animated series clay face

marvel and disney mashup of colossus and pumba aka Pumbalossus

chibi of batman animated series scarecrow

#drawing #pumba #disney #marvel #batman #elf #heavymetal #inkscape #wacom

As of this post, all art sent, and master list updated till Monday!!

Thank you for an amazing first week of Drawing Request Show for 2019! We had an encouraging week of drawing and excitement over the drawing, and welcomed a lot of new faces. Above are some favorite drawings from today's stream!

I generally sense an overall shift of the show format coming as the drawing requests whittle down and the upgrades pile up. But with all that work to do, you can be sure i'll be streaming each weekday working away in the mill to get your art orders. Some changes might have to be made regarding the demand, but all in all I really am overwhelmed and encouraged by the responses I've been getting in chat and the support the crew have been giving me as we embark on this new year.

Best Of Request Volume 3, a yearbook collection if you will of 2018's drawings is well under way and is slated for a spring 2019 release. I'll be working on that and more, while resting and regrouping over the weekend. I look forward to seeing everyone Monday through Friday next week, for more Drawing Request Show!!

Weekdays, 12pmEST only on twitch!

Release: Best Of Request Volume 3 Production Officially Underway


#drawing #layout #production #fileprocessing #bookdesign #bookmaking #publishing

Its official, my new book Best Of Request Volume 3 production has begun! I know its not much to look at now, but the first steps are under way. As I post this morning, all these drawings from 2018 are being processed, formatted and skimmed for ones that won't go in the book. This is about 3000 drawings that will be whittled down to a couple hundred of the best to go into the 3rd volume of the series. 

The second volume was a daunting process. It was huge and it was the first year having so much more content from streaming and drawing for the crew full time. I expected to be apprehensive going into volume 3, but I'm not. I know what to expect and I have some ideas on improvements and changes to this book that the previous ones did not have. At the same time, it'll continue the series consistently and look great on a shelf with the other two. 

What content do you look forward to seeing in volume 3? What additions would you like to see that weren't in volume 1 or 2 ? 

Thanks to the fans who make this drawing dream possible. Have more development on this baby as it goes. 

Slated for preorder Spring 2019

Sketchbook: WolverDuck or Donald The Wolverine 1319


#drawing #wolverine #donaldduck #marvel #disney #sketch #inkscape #intuos #wacom

Had a few moments tonight before going to bed wanted to play with another mashup I chose Wolverine and Donald Duck - I call him WolverDuck or Donald The Wolverine. Fun stuff, look for more playing with this theme in coming days. Combining Disney characters from their cartoons and animated movies with marvel characters for fun. Its a fun muse right now.

Inkscape / Wacom Intuos Pro Medium / 20-30 minutes

See more drawing like this live M-F 12pmEST on

See more art on this site in my art gallery

Stream Art: Voodoo Witch Doctor Doll Request 1219

January 3, 2019 0 Comments

#drawing #streaming  #pincushion #witchdoctor #voodoo #chibi

A super fun favorite from this first week of drawing requests in the new year! A chibi-esque EWOC ( Eryck Webb Original Content ) request for Voodoo of a Voodoo Doll that is also his own witch doctor! Super fun drawing these kind of creatures and designing them on the fly!!

Inkscape / Wacom Intuos Pro Medium / 15 minutes

See more drawing like this live M-F 12pmEST on

See more art on this site in my art gallery

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