St Patrick's Day 2017

March 17, 2018 0 Comments

#gold #mech #mecha #patricks #potofgold #rainbow #robot

If your lucky enough to find the end of the rainbow, prepare to battle the leprechaun and his cauldron mech for the gold. Going to need all the lucky charms you can muster.

Inkscape drawn, photoshop 6.0 colored - 4-5 hours round about.

Fun stuff!

Hope everyone had a safe and happy st patricks day. I'm off to get some pizza and green beer. Ok. Normal beer.

DRS SUB SPECIAL 01 3/9/18 Recap

March 10, 2018 0 Comments

#drawing #sketch #stream #creative #twitch #doodles #sketches

As of this post, all art sent! Thank you to everyone who came out and made the DRS Sub Special a special one! We did a 6 hour stream devoted to subscribers to my twitch channel ( ) raffling off free drawings all day. Was super fun. We raffled to pick each new person to draw for. If they were Tier1 they got a 5 minute drawing. Tier 2 got 10 minutes of draws and Tier 3 got 15 minutes. There were a handful of Tier 2 and Tier 3. Most of these were Tier 1. I really got good at doing these requests in 5 minutes. I haven't drawn that fast in a long time. Was super fun and we ended up with 22 different drawing requests over the course of the 6 hour special stream. Only 20 are shown above as I forgot the 21st one ( Sorry Excide ) when sending the art. The 22nd one was 5 more minutes of refinement and sauce on the girl in the lingerie piece. 

Thank you so much. I wasn't sure how it would go as Ive never done this specific type of stream before. But I was super flattered and encouraged by the response. People donated and subbed and supported with bits anyway just for supporting the stream and it meant a lot. Because of how fun it was and everyone's response we'll definitely make this a monthly thing for subscribers. I plan on the 2nd Friday of each month doing a similar thing for the monthly support. Thank you for supporting what I do! I would not be doing any of this without the crEW, the Requesteers the trEW believers the lurkers the hosters and the fly by viewers! 

Enjoy the 2 hour clip below, some spots are muted by twitch audio copyright blockers. But the whole video is there and audio is mostly intact especially in the parts that matter. Enjoy! And see the trEW believers and EW crEW out back next week for more Drawing Request Show and Upgrade Action!
Same drawing location, same drawing times. Only at

Watch DRS SUB SPECIAL 01 - Highlight Cilp from EryckWebb on

Drawings n Upgrades Recap 3518

March 5, 2018 0 Comments

#drawing #spiderman #chibis #potatoe #meat #request #sketch #inks #colors #inkscape #photoshop

As of this post, all art sent! Heres today's work that got done. Inked/ Colored six commission upgrades this morning. And drew a handful of fun requests this afternoon as well. Thanks to all who came out and enjoyed the arts and shenanigans. See you all tomorrow for more!

Don't forget, Subscribers will want to come out Friday afternoon for a special Sub drawing stream. This month's subs will enjoy getting free drawings all day there and then separate from the normal request list. And there will be sub-only giveaways as well.

All month, theres a special Pot Of Gold Prize on the Giveaway wheel. When a lucky winner lands on this space, something cool will happen. To find out what, come on out and try your luck at a giveaway!

Look forward to drawing for you! Upgrades are every morning this week 9amET and Drawing Request Show 2pmET every afternoon!


Daily Discipline: Micro Chibis

February 17, 2018 0 Comments

#drawing #chibi #batman #wolverine #infinix #captainamerica #marvel #dc #sketchbookpro #wacomintuos

Experimenting with a fun new chibi style. I attempted to deconstruct the chibi even futher and take away almost all the functional 'normal' body parts. Starts with a half egg shape, two little legs. Two little arms where the ears should be. No nose tho sometimes the cowl and such reacts if there is a nose. The belt is the main trimming feature and us always representative of the bottom lip or bottom of the mouth. If the mouth opens or what not it goes behind the belt. I plan on doing bunches of these with all kindsa different characters. Just for the fun of it. 

Kiwii Flawless Victory - Sketch

February 12, 2018 0 Comments

#cancer #hillman #upmc #survivor #warrior #fighter

So thankful, Kiwii passed her 6month checkup with flying colors. Going on 6 years without that absolutely horrid disease. Great job Kristina. That opponent never even showed up. Automatic win. Flawless victory! No fatalities this year :) Good job my love.

So thankful to be married to her, and share this crazy unpredictable life with her. Every day is something new. And I'm very happy to continue to get to discover whats to come with you. And of course the wally boy.

Just a sketch to express my feelings on the whole thing. #arttherapy

Best Of Request Volume One - On Sale Now

February 10, 2018 0 Comments

Best Of Request Vol. 1
Post Pre Order Item

This is Best Of Request Volume One post Pre-Order. If you missed out here's your chance to own the first 100% Eryck Webb drawn, written and designed book! 
This book collects the majority of the warmup drawings, silly doodles, drawing requests and original stream content from Eryck Webb Graphics 'Drawing Request Show' on Twitch in the 2016 stream year!
Volume 2 coming 2018!
$15 Best Of Request Vol. 1
$30 Best Of Request Vol. 1 w/ original drawing and signature
Manga Size
200 Black & White Interior Pages
Color Cardstock Glossy Cover
-The majority of the work from the 2016 twitch stream requests.
-A collection of 'go live' drawings and photos as well as a shout out to top supporters.
-Thoughts and commentary on the drawings and 2016 request stream experience throughout the book by Eryck Webb.

Click to continue to Big Cartel vendor.

Drawings Recap 2918


#drawing #twitch #stream #request #digitalart

As of this post, all art sent! Check your whispers! The master list has been updated till next week. Thank you so much for a great anniversary week. We are now embarking on the third year on Twitch! Crazy stuff. I feel like we've barely scratched the surface doing this. Lots more left to explore on this stream! Thank you so much everyone for coming out having a good time and supporting me. You know who you are. 

Next week's top supporters ( King, Champ and Boss ) will be revealed Tuesday and I will be streaming morning and afternoon next week unless otherwise posted. Monday I will not be streaming as I'm taking Kristina for a checkup appointment in the city. Traffic and distance pretty much guarantee it'll take most of the day. 

Plans for next week are to tweak the giveaway wheel a bit. The ratio items is off a bit. I'm going to try and tweak the wheels for smoother transition from tier to tier. The gratitude tier levels works well I'm going to continue with that moving forward next week. 

New goals being hit will unlock new giveaways for everybody. 

Thank you everyone for supporting me. Look for a more definitive schedule by Tuesday as well. 

In other updates, the pre-orders of Best Of Request Volume One have been shipped! Thank you very much to everyone who pre-ordered one. Those who pre-ordered get the first 25 copies with free personalized hand drawn sketches in them and signed. The rest of the limited 40 book run will be available for sale starting this coming week in the EWG Shop. It will feature two purchasing options: just the book + shipping, and the book with sketch/ signature + shipping. There will also be a digital pdf download option.

See everyone Tuesday same drawing time same drawing channel. Only on

Follow on Instagram and Twitter for waiting room sketches and such on Monday. 

Have a great weekend! 

Stream Drawings 2718 Recap - 3rd Year On Twitch Begins

February 8, 2018 0 Comments

#drawing #request #illustration #commission #twitch #creative #stream

As of this post, all art sent! Thank you to everyone who came out and through down the love, support and encouragement today as we kickoff the third year on Twitch. I called it the 3 Year Anniversary but thats a bit ambiguous. Bottom line, is the second year is over, and the third year begins! And it started with an all day 'Wacky Wednesday' style stream. We mixed up the works by picking each next person I was drawing for randomly via raffle. Those who were actively present in chat and enjoying the stream got to get in the raffle and try their luck at being picked. Anybody who was picked got to have anything they're waiting for on the drawing list, the inks list or the colors list there and then. Jader made out well with a noir-style detective request only to get picked again later, and get that piece inked. Lynxie won twice and got two pieces colored. And a slew of drawings were had as well. 

Thank to everyone who supports me, enjoys the stream, and even just watches and never says a word in chat. I appreciate everything you guys do. I wouldn't be here ONE year without you. And I'm always happy to give back. See you at the next stream. Same drawing time ( 2pmET ) same drawing channel (


Drawing Requests And Commissions 13118

January 31, 2018 0 Comments

#drawing #request #twitch #sketch #commission #digitalart #inkscape #photoshop

Heres an assortment of the drawings done today. The inks and colors done this morning and the Drawing Request Show requests this afternoon. Awesome stuff all around. Thanks for a super fun stream day! Got a lot of work done. Good way to get over this week's hump and to end January. See everyone back out tomorrow for more draws and the beginning of February!
Same drawing time same drawing channel.

Drawing Request Show & Upgrades 12918

January 29, 2018 0 Comments

#drawing #twitch #digitalart #stream #drawingrequestshow #eryckwebb

As of this post, all art above sent! Thanks for the Drawing Requests and for the upgrades. Did an upgrade/ general production stream this morning where I did some graphic design, some inks and some colors. During Drawing Request Show in the afternoon I drew 3 chibis in 15minutes and several other drawings. We had a giveaway thanks to a large donation from a supporter unlocking a giveaway. We also enjoyed some unique gratitude spins and the beginning of the afternoon stream began with a 5 minute drawing lesson on Eyes.
See folks out 2pmET for the next Drawing Request Show! Only on

Drawing Request Show 12618

January 26, 2018 0 Comments

#drawing #request #illustration #request #stream #twitch

As of this post, all art sent! Thanks so much for all the awesome draws today. got  a slew of color upgrades done, some inks and lots of drawing. Its been a great week. Feel like it was pretty strong. But Ill be improving on a few aspects I wasnt happy with this week ( cam settings with new backdrop, some video settings, tweak the gratitude wheel choices ) and be ready to roll again next week! Have a fantastic weekend! For me, just because the stream is over doesnt mean the work is. Will be getting ready to do it again better and better next week! Have a good one.

Daily Discipline: Felix The Cat


#drawing #sketch #warmup #practice #felixthecat #felix #retro #cartoon

Did my own rendition of Felix the Cat. Staying true to the original design but making tweaks here and there. I kind of like him with blank eyes instead of the big eyes with pupils. Inkscape about 15-20 minutes. 

Drawing Request Show 12518 & More

January 25, 2018 0 Comments

#drawing #recap #requests #commissions #work

As of this post, all art sent! Thanks for a great thursday Drawing Request Show. This montage includes other drawings/ commissions I worked on today including this mornings personal daily warmup practice drawing and some DRS commission upgrade inks.

See folks out 2pmET at for more drawing request action live on Twitch!

Commission: Airfield Photographer INKS


#digitalinks #aviation #ww2 #bomber #british #photographer #heritage #inkscape #commission

Finished inks on this upgrade to a Digital Inks Commission for JaffasRayne. Started out as a Drawing Request over on Twitch and ended up a fully finished piece. There will be a color version coming soon. Took a few hours, not sure exactly. At least 2. Technical stuff always takes a little longer than a fluid person or such. Fun stuff! Got a love for old school aircraft and such as well. Thanks Rayne! 

Daily Discipline: Team Sexy Sketch


#drawing #sexy #teamsexy #sexiest #sketch #daily #practice #discipline

Happy to have discovered Stratus_b on Twitch this morning. Great stream personality. Sexiest guy on Twitch ;) So drew him for my warmup/ daily sketch today while getting started this morning

Check him out over at here we go

Drawing Request Show 12418

January 24, 2018 0 Comments

#drawing #request #recap #stream #twitch

As of this post, all art sent! Check your whispers! Had a fun Wednesday stream. Felt like I finaly was getting back to where I should be art and stream wise. Got a lot of drawing done, had a lot of great raids and even had some giveaway action. Thanks everyone for coming out hanging and enjoying the stream. Do it again tomorrow 2pmET only at

Daily Discipline: Hong Kong Phooey


#drawing #practice #daily #sketch #hannabarbera #hongkong #hongkongphooey #dog #ninja #kungfu

My own stab at the Hanna Barbera character Hong Kong Phooey this morning. About 15 minute drawing. Inkscape with Wacom Intuos Pro Touch

Drawing Request Show 12318

January 23, 2018 0 Comments

#drawing #twitch #stream #request #chibi #robot #bison #inkscape #digitalart

As of this post, all art sent! Check your whispers! Thanks for a fun Tuesday edition of Drawing Request Show. I attempted to do Gratitude Time at the end of every hour but I kept missing the hour cause I didnt have a hourly timer. So I'll have to get my phone setup to do that like I used to. All around did good got some good drawing requests in. 3 hours flew by and I'll have to pickup where I left off tomorrow!
See you guys 2pmET for some more Drawing action, Same Drawing time same Drawing channel:

Drawing Request Show 12218

January 22, 2018 0 Comments

#twitch #drawing #request #inkscape

Thanks to all who came out and welcomed me back for todays stream! Its good to be back. Not 100% perfect yet but a strong start none the less. See you guys back tomorrow 2pm Eastern Time for more Drawing action! All art sent. Check those whispers!

Drawing Request Show is streamed live on Eryck Webb's Twitch channel every M-F 2pmET - come out and make a request sometime!

Daily Discipline: Ren N Stimpy


#drawing #sketch #daily #renandstimpy #ren #stimpy #inkscape #wacom #intuos #warmup 

I'm getting back to work this week with a new schedule and a new work structure. I'll be streaming 2-5 Mon thru Fri and use the mornings to do some personal warm up/ practice/ study drawing and work on any commissions, DRS upgrades and backlog that needs completed.  I will also try to work a few evenings a week. I'm not intending to stream during morning or evening work time, but may do so on occasion.  DRS on Twitch will be in the afternoons and everything else will get done off stream. 

I gotta admit, it feels good to ease into the work day and draw for myself a bit and choose what I want to work on each morning. I believe I'll get more done for more people and keep things rolling smoother. Streaming can be a bit rigid so I'm excited to put some flexibility back into the mix.

I got rusty when I was sick with the flu and barely drew anything all last week. I wanted to push the design of Ren and Stimpy more and come up with my own original take on it. Instead, I feel like I did more my style while sticking almost exactly to their character models. So, as I get warmed up and back in the swing of things, I would like to approach them again. I see Stimpy being scrawny and really pathetic and evil looking and Ren being a huge looming oaf that does his bidding. Expect a revisit soon!

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