Best Of Request Volume 2 - First Draft Complete

June 30, 2018

#drawing #book #publication #design #layout #collection

Just a quick post to update you on the latest publication from Eryck Webb! 

The first draft of Best Of Request: Volume Two is finally complete. Going to be finalizing the type content, fine tuning the image layout and going over it a million times till I cant find anything wrong with it then will ship it off to the printer! We're getting close! 

Its very hot out, I mowed the yard when the sun was low but decided to hold off on other out door ambitions till this heat wave eases up. So till then Ill be inside staying cool and working on getting this book done. Thanks for all the enthusiasm and interest I've been getting in anticipation of this new book. I'm pretty proud of it so far. It'll be 50 pages larger than volume one, and contain a full record book and other content the first volume didn't have. Please look forward to it :) 

There are still a handful of Best Of Request: Volume One copies available in the EWG Shop! As well as digital downloads versions!

And come out and see the 3rd volume's content in progress live M-F on twitch at

Have it in your hands very soon!

EW Twitch Stream Recap 62918

#drawing #twitch #characterart #request #stream #creative

As of this post, all art sent! Check your whispers! Thanks everyone for a super fun stream week and a great Friday to end it all on. Will be resting up and disconnecting for the weekend but will be back next week for more Drawing Request action! 

Special thanks to all the lurkers, the raids, the hosts, the follows, the new faces I met this week that have been enjoying the stream, and the top supporters of the week! The request king trayde, request champ epelesker, and request boss hamiltoons, all have respective tokens waiting in your retainer! Thanks for a great week!

Our town is having a big 4th of july celebration monday/ tues and wed ( the 4th ) which means they'll have a big carnival/ car show, and super loud music playing about half a block over down at the park on our street, but im thinking i might be able to stream anyway in the afternoons. Playing it by ear. 
So at least Wednesday, Ill be off in the morning going to the 4th of july parade in town ( they go all out ) and then stream in the afternoon then in the evening do some grilling and chilling and get ready for the fireworks. Should work out fine.

See you guys next week, same drawing time ( 2pmET ) same drawing channel ( ) for more request action and antics.

EW Twitch Stream Recap 62818

June 29, 2018

#drawing #creative #streaming #twitch 

As of this post, all art above sent! Check you  all for a super fun day of drawing, wheel spinning and shenannagans. Be back tomorrow 2pmET with much more Drawing Requests aciton! 

Thanks to MightyMae and itsHalfPint for the raids and hanging out today! Great having you. 
Back tomorrow with more!!

EW Twitch Stream Recap 62718

June 27, 2018

@twitch @twitchcreates #creative #drawing #request #stream

As of this post, all the art above has been sent! Thanks so much for a fun Wednesday stream. I decided to go live on stream for this mornings ink and color work. Then after lunch we rocked some Drawing Request Show action. Excited to meet some new faces and had a lot of fun today. Back at it tomorrow for more shenanigans. As it stands I'm planning on streaming upgrades in the morning then Drawing Request Show again in the afternoon. But stay tuned to and the EW twitch feed to find out when EW goes live for certain. Its just this awesome summer weather makes me want to be outside and doing other things more. But I really should keep grinding on the upgrades and requests full steam. But its so nice out. We'll see. Supposed to get hella hot the next couple of days so maybe staying cool in side will benefit the production and streaming!

Eitherway, EW is definitely coming back 2pmEasternTime for more request action! Same Drawing Time same Drawing Channel!

See you guys then!

EW Twitch Stream Recap 62618 - 600th DRS

June 26, 2018

@twitchcreates #twitch #drawing #illustration #request #stream 

As of this post, all art sent! 
Thanks for a super fun extended Drawing Request Show stream today! We celebrated the 600th 'Drawing Request Show' stream ( not counting other types of streams on the Eryck Webb Twitch Channel ) by doing a 6:00 hour stream! We got 14 drawing requests drawn including gratitude drawings. Folks who cheered 600 bits got a 600 second drawing request ( 10min of drawing ) added to the list or their retainers. Folks who donated $6.00 got the same. It was a fun theme all around with 600 themed items on the wheels and in the giveaways. 

Thank you for all the support. The cheers, the tips, the hosts the subs. Thank you to all the lurkers and viewers even if you never type a thing in chat. Thank you for watching the stream. 

600th Drawing Request Show Fun Stats:
- Avg. 4200 drawing requests drawn.
- 40+ Subscribers
- 25 BTTV emotes
- 3 Sub Emotes

Onto the next 600!

Drawing Request Show goes back to normal rest of the week 2pm Eastern Time. 

Same Drawing Time, Same Drawing Channel!

EW Twitch Stream Recap 62518

June 25, 2018

#drawing #stream #twitch #creative @twitchcreates @twitch #spider #gatchaman #silenthill #stretchy #characterart #sauce

As of this post, all art sent! Check your whispers. I also have updated the masterlist if anybody needs to check it. Thanks for a fun afternoon Drawing Request Show!! 

My intention is to get at least one upgrade don per work day if not more but at LEAST one. But this morning my plans were halted by a family emergency. Had to run Kristina up to take care of her mother. By the time I got back I only had time to get ready for the afternoon stream. So no upgrades getting done today. None tomorrow either as its a special day long stream event. But upgrades will resume as normal Wednesday going forward.

Tonight I will set up a few items for tomorrows 600th Drawing Request Show stream! Thats right, 600th stream called Drawing Request Show - not counting plus or minus other un related streams. 
Join me and the crew out 10am Eastern Time for a 6:00 hour long Drawing Request Show stream to celebrate the occassion. It'll be full of the normal drawing requests, and gratitude spins plus some other things special just to the 600th stream. See folks then!

Only on 

EWG Twitch Stream Recap 62218

June 22, 2018

#drawing #creative #twitch #stream #request #inkscape

Above is the collected drawing requests ink requests and color requests from this stream day. The three days this week that Drawing Request Show was held in the morning was kinda nice. I have an ongoing issue of an upgrade and 'special orders' backlog that needs figured out badly. I will be perhaps trying something different next week to try to solve this issue. Also going to be considering a permanent 'summer hours' of morning streaming only. But not sure yet. See you guys Monday for more Drawing Request Show!

Come out M-F over at to watch the draws! Or put down for a drawing request yourself! What can EW Draw For you?

Watch Highlight: [ DRS 598 ] Naming EWs Canoe from EryckWebb on

EW Twitch Stream Recap 62118

#drawing #creative #twitch #stream #request #inkscape

Above is the collected drawing requests ink requests and color requests from this stream day. 

Come out M-F over at to watch the draws! Or put down for a drawing request yourself! What can EW Draw For you?

EW Twitch Stream Recap 62018

#drawing #creative #twitch #stream #request #inkscape

Above is the collected drawing requests ink requests and color requests from this stream day. With my mom coming into visit today, and Kristina out of town till late tomorrow, I opted to move Drawing Request Show to 10am-1pmET mornings Wednesday through Friday this week. This was the first day for that. It turned out to be a lot of fun and a lot of people seemed to enjoy the change.

Come out M-F over at to watch the draws! Or put down for a drawing request yourself! What can EW Draw For you?

EW Twitch Stream Recap 61918

#drawing #creative #twitch #stream #request #inkscape

Above is the collected drawing requests ink requests and color requests from this stream day.

Come out M-F over at to watch the draws! Or put down for a drawing request yourself! What can EW Draw For you?

EW Twitch Stream Recap 61818

#drawing #creative #twitch #stream #request #inkscape

Above is the collected drawing requests ink requests and color requests from this stream day. 

Come out M-F over at to watch the draws! Or put down for a drawing request yourself! What can EW Draw For you?

EW Twitch Stream Recap 61518

June 15, 2018

#drawing #twitch #creative #stream #request #inkscape

As of this post, all art sent! Check your whispers! Masterlist updated as well. Had a fun Friday stream with lots of support and encouragement from the crEW. I was a little low energy, the allergies and weather been beating me down a bit all week. Also been working extra hours all week while Kristinas on a trip with her mom to try and get more done. The week flew by though and suddenly here we are out of time. 
I MAY work on more upgrades on a special Saturday work stream. I might spend most of the day outside which I dont get to do much during the weekdays. Grass needs mowed, garden beds need cleaned out and setup for fresh planting. We're a bit late to the game but hey, got all summer right? 

I also plan on getting close to finished with production on Best Of Request VOL 1. My target was a june preorder kickoff. Im going to keep close to that as possible. 

Thanks to everyone for the tips, the requests, the cheers the subs and the hosts and shares and kind words. Be back next week to rock it hard! Only on Drawing Request Show!!!

Same Drawing Time ( 2pmET ) same Drawing Channel! (

EW Twitch Stream Recap 61418

June 14, 2018

#drawing #twitch #creative #inkscape #request #illustration

As of this post, all art sent! Thank you for a fun Thursday of thrashing around in the sauce! Be back tomorrow for some Drawing Request Show action. On the road to eps 600 bois!  Got a few fun things planned for 600.  Several favorites here from today. See you guys back tomorrow for more! Same drawing time, same drawing channel!

( 2pm Eastern Time weekdays, only on

EW Twitch Stream Recap 61318

#drawing #illustration #creative #request #inks #colors #inkscape

As of this post, all art sent! Thanks so much to everyone who came out made it a special Wednesday! Thank you for getting me over the hump o' the week! So many favorite requests from this stream. Between the rockabilly hog to the roadrunner hotrod to the kracken guy and the zombie piece. I streamed Drawing Request Show 2pmET all afternoon then after a short dinner break and such, rocked some EW Late Night action and got some inks and colors done on 4 pieces.

See you guys out at the next Drawing Request Show, weekdays at 2pmEastern Time! 

Daily Discipline: Stylus Rider 61418

#drawing #request #stylus #wacom #streamer #drawer #artist

This mornings warmup drawing - spent most of the morning working on stream stuff. Now its time to kick the tires light the fires. This drawing dude is about to go cruisin! See you 2pmET today for Drawing Request Show!!! What can EW draw for you?

Inkscape about 20minutes with wacom intuos 2

Daily Discipline: The Hat Is In Command 61318

#drawing #hat #artist #sketch #streamer #ew #avatar #selfportrait #sauce #stylus #symbiote #host

A drawing from yesterday I finished out from an old sketch I had originaly done on my late Surface Pro 4. Finished up in Inkscape for Wednesdays practice/ warmup sketch. I'm not the one with the talent, the Hat Is In Command. Im just the host. The hat likes lots of sauce on its drawings. 

Inkscape 15-30 minutes with Wacom Intuos 2

Daily Discipline: Kibbles N Bits 61218

#drawing #warmup #practice #discipline #draweveryday #inkscape #dog #furry #dude #kibble

A fun warmup from Tuesday I didn't get to post. A random off top of my head doodle. I enjoy practicing clearing my mind and just hashing around with shapes and forms till something comes out. I've always done that in fact. Growing up, drawing this way in my sketchbooks, on-lookers would ask 'whered you get the idea for that' or 'what is that' and i just shrug and say ' I dont know' or 'just made it up'. Thats always a fun way to explore your creativity. We spend all our lives absorbing influences and visual knowledge. When practicing or just doodling for the fun of it, I think its best to clear your mind, and not try to draw anything specifically, and see what elements you pull out of that subconscious. Fun things can emerge. Case in point. Lately I seem to be drawn in a more abstract / cartoony direction which I'm enjoying a lot. Theres no rules, just what looks interesting or fun.

Inkscape about 30 minutes. 

EW Stream Recap 61218

June 13, 2018

#drawing #stream #request #inkscape #toons #beards #babes #twitch #creative

As of this post, all art sent! Check those whispers! Thanks to everyone for a fun Tuesday Twitch streamin of Drawing Request Show. I kicked off the day earlier in the morning, drawing a dude in a dog suit goin mental for kibble just for fun and practice. Then finished up inks and colors on an epic demonic request. An all around productive day! 

Upgrade inks and colors for traydes original character request. Was fun working in the fire effects and textures. The thing I found that sells it the most is when I started doing the lighting on the figure in the middle. Made everything pop! Really happy with my decision to render the bones in silhouette form too. Makes it more eerie i think. 

I'm taking Wednesday morning off to work on upgrades, finish updating stream things ( like this recap of yesterdays stream and update the masterlist for today) and other things before today's Drawing Request Show action. Picked up a couple new albums filled with lots of good riffy fuzzy drawing music to enjoy today. No wacky wednesday today just a good ol' drawing request show!

Best of Request Volume 2 is still in production. Been a sluggish pace past week or two while dealing with seasonal issues and trying to hammer the backlog. But its still on track for an early summer release. Join me, in the meantime, as we fill volume 3 with epic draws...

See you at 2pmET for the madness. 

And as always checkout EWG youtube for highlights and drawings from previous streams!

EW Twitch Stream Recap 61118

June 11, 2018

#drawing #twitch #creative #inkscape #requests

As of this post, all art sent! Check your whispers! I feel like I launched strong with the first stream of the week and had some freshly tuned wacom/ inkscape settings making the drawings flow like butter most of the stream. The last hour or so energy wise I was tanking and struggling to keep going. Not sure what that was. And was fairly pooped after as Kiwi can contest. I think I was suffering from the weather changing or hydration or something. No idea. but super happy with the tuned up drawing, and cant wait to get back to it tomorrow 2pmET with more Drawing Request Show action!

Same Drawing Time and same Drawing Channel

EW Twitch Stream Recap 6818

June 9, 2018

#drawing #request #twitch #stream #drawing #inkscape #redemption

As of this post, all art sent! Check your whispers! Thank you so much to everyone who came out and enjoyed a surprise all-day stream. I went live 10am Eastern Time with the intent to show off the newly built Streamlabs OBS setup, and to make up for the lackluster 'foggy hash job' stream from Thursday. Ended up doing a few warmups, then we did a poll to folks who came out that morning to see if they wanted to see me do upgrades that morning or drawing requests. The votes were for drawing requests. So we did a full day of drawing request show action. This resulted in 20 awesome drawings, both from gratitude wheel and from user requests, and a fun day with wheel spins and more. 

The chroma scenes are not yet setup on this new stream platform. So were removed from the Gratitude wheel. As they are added back ( especialy new ones *wink *wink* ) they will be available as wheel wins as well. There was a bit too many wins of the INSTA 5 minutes on the Wheel of Draws, this will be dialed back. A free drawing is a free drawing. Whether its added to the end of the list or not. Look for a reduction in priority on the free drawing items.

An emphasis for the Gratitude wheel going forward will be on the items unique to this channel, such as the DoodleCam, Drawing Thats Perfect 4U and Draw School. These will also influence new chroma features going forward. As always there will be a slew of popular gratitude items to enhance your drawing request experience. Theres new items on the way too to look forward to in that realm.

Game of fate will be getting an overhaul. Select games will still be on it in true game of fate fashion. But the emphasis will now be put on the wheel ITSELF as the game of fate. with high-ticket items like tokens, free upgrades and more added to it. As well as the possibility of making it to the game of fate.... and winning nothing! ( Think Zonks and such from game shows ). 

Thanks for all the drawings. The first hour or so I was in a post-allergy medicine withdrawal fog of sorts but with your alls support and encouragement and the stream firing on all cylinders again I got through it and came out with some wicked fun drawings. Favorites being the steelers player 666, the minecraft chibi, the airplane catching infinix and the porcupine girl. 

Enjoy and see you all out every day next week for Drawing Request Show 2pmET! For a better life/ stream balance I'm going to continue this schedule going forward. Mornings will be spent finishing Best of Request Volume 2, and working on upgrades. A new effort is being put into action to finish at least one upgrade per person on the upgrades list per week. Please look forward to it. 

See you at the next show! Same Drawing time, same Drawing channel! 

**I am open to thoughts, suggestions and input from the regular viewers/ requesters/ and fans of my work and my channel. Please feel free to respond to this post below or anywhere its listed of changes/ tweaks or things you'd like to see change/ come to the channel. Heres to the approaching episode 600!**

EW Twitch Stream Recap 6718

#twitch #drawing #request #dog #car #girl #emotes #unusual

As of this post, all art sent! Check those whispers! This Thursday stream ( DRS 587 ) was a very unorthodox one. I had scrambled together a quick and dirty stream on Streamlabs OBS in mid conversion from OBS Classic to try and fix the broken alerts and chatbox and other widgets. So this made for an unusual stream, as the wheels weren setup, nor were any other transition scenes or other items the stream is known for. So I improved gratitude items and other 'made up as i go' hilarity. I also was in the throws of some non-drowsy allergy medicine which was throwing off my psychology badly and effecting my drawing ability. 

The toon-style car on bottom left above, and the peace sign anime girl on bottom right above were supposed to be 5 minute warmups. Fairly sure each one took about 30 minutes to get to look right ( or as right as they do right now ). Then there was a lot of support via bit cheers and donations from the awesome and supportive EW crEW rooting me on. So I took a moment to try to do some gratitude wheels. But i didnt have probably 60% of the items from teh wheel setup yet so it ended up being a crazy improv session. When we finaly got back to drawing, I had some great requests for emotes, a egyptian god character, and even a good live design session on an octopus super hero guy. I kept pushing, never sure if i should abandon drawing for this stream and just play games to entertain viewers or keep goin. But I kept going and ended on a fairly good note. 

That evening, I was so displeased with myself, the state of my mental ability from the allergy medicine and having gone through a couple really strong weeks of streaming to this embarassing display, that after a short dinner break and rest with the wifey and wally, I headed back to the studio, and hammered away late into the night getting streamlabs OBS setup like the stream previously was on OBS classic. Determined, to make Friday an awesome end to the week that most people would espect from this stream. I got done with testing everything and getting it all built by 1:00 am. Shortly after my head hit the pillow and i was out by 2:00am.

Thank you so much for the support and encouragement from people watching the stream. On my end, it was so cringe and embarassing. But you guys got me through it. I wanted so bad to pull it together for you guys. So I worked hard to make it happen for Friday. Did I make up for it? Well you all are the judge of that. Was trying to fix my broken stream components by completely uprooting my whole stream in the middle of the week a good idea? Probably not. But come Friday everything was 75% back to normal. 

Thank you to all of you as I will be adding to the stream/ finishing peripheral aspects that havent been added yet over the next couple weeks. I truely believe Streamlabs OBS is a stronger platform, offers way more enhancements and will be a solid 'level up' for the future of the stream.

See you next time at 2pmET M-F!

EW Burning The Midnight Oil - Building a Better Stream

June 8, 2018

#drawing #streaming #twitch #repairs #workinglate #midnightoil

I just finished burning some midnight oil Thursday night to finish tooling away and building the conversion to StreamLabs OBS from OBS classic. I've used it since I started streaming on Picarto in 2015/ 2014. OBS stopped supporting it in early 2017 or something like that, but it kept running strong and faithfuly for me till early this week. They must have updated finaly in such a way that killed all the widgets, alerts and chatbox functions for me. It was time to upgrade. 

I discovered this was my only option Thursday morning just an hour or two before my Drawing Request Show stream. Well I threw together something in a allergy-med fueled haze and managed to do some sort of stream Thursday afternoon. It was pretty bad. Not only was the stream suddenly a hash job of ghetto proportions but I could not draw for the life of me due to 'non drowsy' allergy medicine. But most folks were super supportive and I really appreciate that.

Needless to say I wasn't proud of myself tho. And will refrain from any more Allergy medicine. Its run its course as I write this for the most part. I also worked late into the night getting Stream Labs OBS built just as good as the original stream, and even polished/ improved in many ways! The wheels are back, the draws are back, and everything else viewers come to expect. See folks for all the sauce on the final Drawing Request Show for this week!  2pmEasternTime only on

The Draws are ready to rock n roll.

( Depending on how I feel in the morning, I may stream some upgrade production work! )

EW Twitch Stream Recap 6618

June 6, 2018

#drawing #request #show #twitch #stream #recap

As of this post, all art sent! Check your whispers! All masterlist-ness updated as well. See folks tomorrow 2pmET for more Drawing Request Show - back in normal order!

We're officialy over the hump! But now everythings wrapped up and its time for din din. See you tomorrow, same Drawing Time same Drawing Channel! (

EW Twitch Stream Recap 6518

#drawing #request #show #stream #twitch #characterart #inkscape #photoshop 

As of this post, all art sent! Check your whispers! Had a good stream today with a good handful of drawing and lots of gratitudes. Forgot to do a unlocked giveaway yesterday so did it an hour into todays stream. Time flew by and lots o' drawing was had. 

I think its too easy sometimes to lose the context of what folks mean or how they mean what they say in chat. I've been guilty of taking comments the wrong way on occasion, and yesterday and today I did that. I have learned it is better to just be be less opinionated, less sensitive and more oblivious to negative or unrelated chatter. Something I may think is about me or the stream may not even be. Better to focus on the folks talking about things relative to the stream, the chatters simply enjoying the free entertainment and especially the current person I'm drawing for. The current request being drawn is usually 90% of my focus. I rarely see other folks chatting cause im looking for changes/ comments from the current requester more than anything. 

Got upgrade of the eagle fishing in the river done today off stream as well as the RIP Robin WIlliams genie chibi from backlog. Rest was done during Drawing Request Show today.

I thought it would be fun to show a step by step comparison of the fishing eagle process. Starting with the original Drawing Request, and then the upgraded inks, and the upgrade colors. 

See you guys at the next drawing request show, 2pmET Wednesday! Only on

EW Twitch Stream Recap 6418

June 4, 2018

#drawing #request #show #inkscape #sketch #stream #twitch

As of this post, all art sent! Check your whispers! Thank you for a super fun Drawing Request Show. Started right about on time and drew 9 awesome requests. I dont know what happened but this afternoon FLEW by! Before I knew it it was 5:30 and i was going to do last drawing of the stream and wrap up by 6 and suddenly ti was 630. Now finaly wrapping up with sending art and posting this recap its 730pm! What the frick? Time flies when your having fun :) 

We also officially launched a few new and updated emotes! ewHAT and ewDRAW were redone a bit, and we welcome ewKIWI's brand new emote and ewWally, ewBADASS and ewPOG into the fold.

There are 3 new Sub Emotes on the way ( currently pending approval ) and the stream continues to grow and evolve! Thank you so much!

See you tomorrow 2pmET with more Drawing Request action - same drawing time same drawing channel.. only at

Daily Discipline: Leonardo TMNT Before Bed

June 3, 2018

#drawing #leonardo #tmnt #ninja #teenage #mutant #turtle

It was a little before midnight and felt like drawin some TMNT, my ol' muse. Probably could be better but I fallin asleep lol. Good daily discipline drawsss. Have a good night and see folks out for more drawing action Monday!

In inkscape about 15-20 minutes with wacom intuos pro ( intuos 5 )

EW Twitch Stream Recap 6218

June 2, 2018

#drawing #twitch #creative @twitchcreative @twitch #request #stream #inkscape @inkscape @photoshop

As of this post, all art has been sent! Check your whispers! Thanks so much to everyone who came out and ended the week on a high note! We had a great Friday Drawing Request Show stream with a lot of super fun requests. Special thanks to top supporters this week: Request Boss ( Cheered the most ), Request Champion ( Second most donator ) and the Request King ( Top Donator of the week ). You all have me, Kiwi and Wally's thanks and some complimentary insta tokens waiting for you in your retainers!

I got some stream work done Friday morning off stream, where I finished up The Grumpy Beard's logo for him and did a daily discipline Warmup/ practice drawing of MsSophysticated on twitch. She was doing a 24 hour stream and I had it on while doing off-stream work and felt inspired to do some art to help keep her encouraged and getting through the 24 hours. Was fun to draw at the very least!

Got some new BTTV emotes done over the weekend, and even have new improved sub emotes in the process of being approved as I write this. There's plenty of other stream goodies to come. 
Look forward to seeing everyone out for Drawing Request Show 2pmET-5pmET every day this week! And look for production streams in the morning and evening to return starting next week. Announced via twitter/ twitch feed.

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