EW Twitch Stream Recap 6718

June 9, 2018

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As of this post, all art sent! Check those whispers! This Thursday stream ( DRS 587 ) was a very unorthodox one. I had scrambled together a quick and dirty stream on Streamlabs OBS in mid conversion from OBS Classic to try and fix the broken alerts and chatbox and other widgets. So this made for an unusual stream, as the wheels weren setup, nor were any other transition scenes or other items the stream is known for. So I improved gratitude items and other 'made up as i go' hilarity. I also was in the throws of some non-drowsy allergy medicine which was throwing off my psychology badly and effecting my drawing ability. 

The toon-style car on bottom left above, and the peace sign anime girl on bottom right above were supposed to be 5 minute warmups. Fairly sure each one took about 30 minutes to get to look right ( or as right as they do right now ). Then there was a lot of support via bit cheers and donations from the awesome and supportive EW crEW rooting me on. So I took a moment to try to do some gratitude wheels. But i didnt have probably 60% of the items from teh wheel setup yet so it ended up being a crazy improv session. When we finaly got back to drawing, I had some great requests for emotes, a egyptian god character, and even a good live design session on an octopus super hero guy. I kept pushing, never sure if i should abandon drawing for this stream and just play games to entertain viewers or keep goin. But I kept going and ended on a fairly good note. 

That evening, I was so displeased with myself, the state of my mental ability from the allergy medicine and having gone through a couple really strong weeks of streaming to this embarassing display, that after a short dinner break and rest with the wifey and wally, I headed back to the studio, and hammered away late into the night getting streamlabs OBS setup like the stream previously was on OBS classic. Determined, to make Friday an awesome end to the week that most people would espect from this stream. I got done with testing everything and getting it all built by 1:00 am. Shortly after my head hit the pillow and i was out by 2:00am.

Thank you so much for the support and encouragement from people watching the stream. On my end, it was so cringe and embarassing. But you guys got me through it. I wanted so bad to pull it together for you guys. So I worked hard to make it happen for Friday. Did I make up for it? Well you all are the judge of that. Was trying to fix my broken stream components by completely uprooting my whole stream in the middle of the week a good idea? Probably not. But come Friday everything was 75% back to normal. 

Thank you to all of you as I will be adding to the stream/ finishing peripheral aspects that havent been added yet over the next couple weeks. I truely believe Streamlabs OBS is a stronger platform, offers way more enhancements and will be a solid 'level up' for the future of the stream.

See you next time at twitch.tv/eryckwebb 2pmET M-F!

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