Lady Death - Process Breakdown And Video

March 11, 2014

Very proud to post up this finished commission fan art of Lady Death. I stuck mostly with her rendition from the 90s in the Chaos Comics days. But I think a couple other influences, plus my own take on some of the decisions came through nicely. Loved her sword, had to put that in, and dunno if she had a cloak but I felt rounded out the medieval lady of deathing people with that wicked f'n sword kinda look. Although I will admit she looks a bit like Goblin Queen from Marvel with the gloak. Similar attire in the useful armor department. 

Tuesdays shall become 'Tutorial or Process' days where the EWG website gets a new process post - usualy one from work done either on Tuesday or Monday and shows the step by step process of EWG's commission work. Whether it be character, comic or graphic design, can study the ol' work flow here. For the lady here I recorded the session on Livestream - yes I'm back on Livestream. Missed the versatility of the recorded stream people can enjoy after the fact. 

Alright, enough! Onto the screenshots of the work along the way and then finaly at the end is the Livestream video! Enjoy! Want further details / information from me, comment on this article and I will respond as thoroughly and fully as possible :) 

The rough sketch where i got the proportions/ and everything down how i wanted it

What I called the 'finished pencil sketch' in this case. I didnt worry about clean final pencils because I was going to ink them. I did clean it up compared to the previous sketch

Inks in progress, can see differences in details and such  on the finished inks heres a detial on the face/ hand

A detial of the inks in progress on the sword hilt

Inks in progress with blacks

The lineart and black fills finished - going in on new layer adding in white details - even using the white to remove some lines etc

The finished inks with extra white details and some black details

Flat colors (inked in Inkscape before, this is flat colors in photoshop - the base color palette before shadows/ highlights

Detial of the finished art - showing some of the shadows/ highglights

The finished piece - I don't get LadyDeath as a commission often so wanted to do her justice. I really am personaly fond o' how this came out. Love the sword and her whole attitude. Was lots o' fun. Hence the playlist of Nightwish/ Lacuna Coil/ Slayer etc

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