Drawing Requests Till Timer Ends ( or 6pmET ) Part 2

September 28, 2023

I came prepared...

Drawing Requests Till Timer Ends ( or 6pmET ) Part 2 


#livestream #subathon #streamathon #drawathon #drawing #draw #requests #sketch #art #streamer 

LIMITED TIME - EWG Halloween 2023 Tee Design

September 14, 2023

- Released September 2023 - Only available through October 2023
- This original artwork features a stylus wielding sauce monster! When the full moon rises in October so does the thirst for sauce!! Better hide yours or IT will come get youuuu...
- Front artwork with logo on right sleeve
- Available on several colors
- Happy Halloween!
- A unique way to support the draws!

Original Publication: Best of Request Vol 7

August 14, 2023

Best of Request Volume 7 PREORDER



- Print Edition Released Summer 2023
- Digital Edition Coming Soon
- Retrospective notes from 2022
- Drawing Collection of 2022 stream requests!
- 200+ pgs
- 500+ drawings
- Color Cover
- Black and White Interior
- Includes random sketch and signature!
-Includes exclusive preorder boomark
- Ships world wide tentatively early October

Coming Events - First Week Of July

June 30, 2023


See the crew next week, 1pmEDT Wed-Fri for Drawing Request Show! Have a fantastic weekend, 4th of July and more!

Thanks Canada - Morning Warmup

June 28, 2023


thanks canada

timelapse video: https://youtube.com/shorts/1QUYYqYsXZk

#thankscanada #forestfires #smoke #haze #AirPollution #AirQuality #airqualityhealthadvisory #warmup #drawing #cartoon #comic #clipstudiopaint #timelapse #video

Morning Paper - Warmup

June 21, 2023

 Morning coffee and a quick warmup

See folks live on Twitch today we'll be working on commissions and priority requests only.

Have a great Wednesday!

#drawing #block #computer #newspaper #smoke #warmup #character #sitting #crossleg #inkscape #sketch #otherhashtags 

Happy Dragon - Original Art

June 18, 2023



Title: Happy Dragon 
Size: 5x7
Materials: Pencil, Sumi Ink brush pen, Sumi Ink Wash, Felt Pen

About: An original hand drawn artwork by Eryck Webb. Only one of its kind. Shipped with cardboard reinforcement and wrapped in plastic to protect from weather during shipping. 
Ships worldwide!

A unique way to support Eryck Webb and his art!

Baggage - Original Art - SOLD



$50 + Shipping

Title: Baggage 

Size: 5x7

Materials: Pencil, Felt Pen, Ballpoint Pen, Marker

About: An original hand drawn artwork by Eryck Webb. Only one of its kind. Shipped with cardboard reinforcement and wrapped in plastic to protect from weather during shipping. 

Ships worldwide!

A unique way to support Eryck Webb and his art!

One Eyed One Wheeled Robot - Original Art



Title: One Eyed One Wheeled Robot 
Size: 5x7
Materials: Pencil, Sumi Ink brush pen, Sumi Ink Wash, Ballpoint Pen

About: An original hand drawn artwork by Eryck Webb. Only one of its kind. Shipped with cardboard reinforcement and wrapped in plastic to protect from weather during shipping. 
Ships worldwide!

A unique way to support Eryck Webb and his art!

Kitty Dreams Of Fish - Original Art




Title: Cute Octo Hat Inkwash Drawing

Size: 5x7

Materials: Pencil, Sumi Ink brush pen, Sumi Ink Wash, Ballpoint Pen

About: An original hand drawn artwork by Eryck Webb. Only one of its kind. Shipped with cardboard reinforcement and wrapped in plastic to protect from weather during shipping. 

Ships worldwide!

A unique way to support Eryck Webb and his art!

3 New YouTube Highlights and DRS Returns

June 12, 2023


Enjoy the 3 new drawing highlights on my YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/@EryckWebbGraphics just added today. 
I'll also be 🔴LIVE  Tues/Thurs 1pmET this week
for some Drawing Request Show where you can request what I draw and I will draw your requests! 

Cartoon Truck Warmup

June 6, 2023

 Warmup this morning - a toon truck in inkscape inspired by a doodle in my sketchbook.
I like drawing vehicles when I don't have to worry about being realistic. 
Onto commissions! Have a great Tuesday!
#truck #toon #vehicle #transporation #drawing #sketch #warmup #inkscape

Pride Link Wields Nintendo Power

 Fun commission from a few weeks ago, of a pride colored link with his Nintendo power in hand!! Happy Pride Month! 

Commission Form: http://www.eryckwebbgraphics.com/p/request-quote.html 

#pride #rainbow #nintendo #zelda #link #supermario #tetris

Brief Hiatus From Twitch Streaming


I am taking a brief hiatus from streaming. I will be working hard on commission orders off stream. The drawing mill remains running and your commissions orders are all welcome and wanted! Order here: http://eryckwebbgraphics.com/p/request-quote.html
#drawing #commissions #update #stream 
See you soon!

Memorial Day 2023 - Sherman M4 Tank Toon

May 29, 2023


#m4 #tank #sherman #ww2 #memorialday #unitedstatesarmy #cartoon #drawing #inkscape #clipstudiopro

Taking a moment to be thankful for the freedoms earned in the wars of old and the men and women that continue to protect us. Those that served and fell so that I could draw cartoon tanks for a living in Inkscape and color them in Clip Studio Pro with my Wacom Intuos Pro M. 

Kiwii and I have been fighting off a pretty nasty cold that was creeping up on me all week. It hit her last weekend, and then caught up with me Saturday evening. While I think we're starting to get over it, it will definitely impact my work/ streaming this week. Stay tuned to my Twitter, Facebook Page and/or Discord for updates. In the interest of getting some stream time in with the drawing mill crew this week, I might do some sketchbook time or work on commissions or something Tuesday and Thursday. But I will let you know definitively by tomorrow morning.

Saturday sketchin - rockabilly zombie sketch

May 27, 2023


Enjoying a long memorial day weekend mostly off the computer taking a break from stream and work. But wanted to share some saturday sketching. Trying out a heavy toothy paper i got for christmas but havent used yet. I like it. Its super absorbant and has a texture almost like watercolor paper but it doesnt let heavy ink or alcohol marker bleed through or smear into eachother. Definitely has potential.Some kinda paper called Uplama.. not really sure!

No Stream Wednesday and Friday - Got Commissions To Get Out!

May 23, 2023


I will be tackling the commission queue tomorrow and Friday off stream! Thursday 05/25 10amEDT will be the next Drawing Request Show on Twitch! Thank you for all the orders and support!  Need something in the meantime - hit me up by filling out the quote request form on my site! Ill see what I can do! Thank you for keeping me drawing! http://www.eryckwebbgraphics.com/p/request-quote.html

 #commissions #commissionsopen #request #art #drawing #illustration #forsale #forhire 

Pompadore Dude - Post Lunch Warmup Sketch

May 19, 2023


Random post lunch warmup sketch!

Commissions are open to draw your OC, superhero, mascot, avatar, etc! Start here: http://www.eryckwebbgraphics.com/p/request-quote.html Look forward to drawing for you!

 #pompadore #mohawk #hair #character #dood #dude #drawing #warmup #sketch #characterart #inkscape

Kitty Poses Warmup Drawing - Spring Pricing Ending Soon!


#cat #kitty #kitten #bell #collar #cardboard #catplay #drawing #inkscape #sketch #characterart #modelsheet #charactersheet #characterdesign

A fun warmup this morning with a little kitty character. Its always fun to start the day getting the creative part of my brain awake and having fun before diving into the work grind. Might finish these and put them in the ol EWG Etsy Shop as digital stickers/ clipart/ and emotes soon.

Onto the work that pays! Commissions are open! Make sure to grab some commission character art, logos, emotes or whatever else you might need me to draw before end of May. The general spring discounted pricing will end and June 1st new higher prices will be going into effect! This will not effect stream request prices. Only off stream commissions and upgrades of stream requests to finished commissions. This will be part of a new push to focus on the best work I can do, allowing the time to do it and also decrease wait times.

Get a commission quote for your creative need by starting with the EWG Commission Quote form

or DM on any platform! 

Puppy Poses Warmup Drawing

May 18, 2023


#puppy #dogs #bone #fetch #play #nap #wagging #tail #dog #doggo #doge #fido #inkscape #sketch #warmup #drawing #charactersheet #posepractice

Starting the workday with a 30min warmup drawing what I felt like for myself this morning. This is a  3 pose sheet of a puppy character. Inspired by our chihuahua boy Chico for sure, but probably intending more a jack russel or other kind of dog. 

These sketches might make a good clip art pack for etsy in the future, what do you think? 

Onto commissions and then drawing requests later today. Have a great Thursday

Art from yesterday sent - updates to masterlist

May 12, 2023


A Harry Potter themed Mothers Day gift art request

Art from yesterday sent, masterlist updated!  I added privacy for bank amounts over 9 Requests. And moved the bank to top of the list since its the most checked. All upgrades/ commissions are on the list under that, if I missed anything just holler. 

Thanks for keeping the mill running and the draws drawing! Happy Mothers day/ have a good weekend and see you next week! 

#drawing #mothersday #commission #sketch #colors #inkscape #clipstudiopaint 

Drawing Requests At New Time This Week!

May 7, 2023


See the CREW for all the drawing mayhem - same drawing channel, new drawing time! Mon-Fri 5/8-5/12 1pm-4pmEDT this week! http://www.twitch.tv/eryckdrawz

Thank you Karrot Mech for Kofi Support!

April 22, 2023


Thank you iCAPOS for your May KoFi support

Hires of this thank you sketch is in your KoFi DM! ( and discord dm ) 

Support my draws on https://ko-fi.com/eryckdraws

#carrot #rabbit #mech #suit #robot #drawing #inkscape #sketch #wacomintuospro #kofi #suppot

Wolverine Logan Tigger Mashup on YouTube

New on EWG YouTube - Wolverine Logan Tigger Mashup! 


#wolverine #logan #tigger #winniethepooh #mashup #drawing #sketch #characterart #youtube #process  

Butterfly Fairy - Hires Download available!

Butterfly Fairy on KoFi & Discord

A sketch of a butterfly fairy girl for this month's 'butterfly' prompt theme on the EWG discord draw jam! Kofi/ Twitch supporters can download hires! 

Twitch subscribers can access the 'SubOnlyArtDrop' folder on the EWG Discord

KoFi supporters can download the hires here: https://ko-fi.com/i/IZ8Z8KMO8G

#butterfly #fairy #fae #characterart #download 

Butter Fly Merch

April 20, 2023


[ BUY ][ SHOP ]

Get this punny butterfly design on many physical products and own some Eryck Webb original art! A unique way to support. This was done for the EWG Discords community drawing prompt this month, 'Butterfly'. Thank you for your purchase!


Sketch vs Inks

April 18, 2023


I often get asked 'what is inking'. Inks are a finishing pass on the black and white lineart. Here is a 5min sketch (left) vs 30 minute inks (right). While you don't always have to get it inked, it will always make a big difference when you do. 

#inking #inks #digitalink #sketch #ink #drawing #commission

Springing After Butterflies

April 15, 2023


#spring #butterfly #chihuahua #dog #chasing #running #flowers #field #niceday #inkscape #drawing #sketch #practice #warmup #doodle 

Guest Starring on Nigels 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire'

April 14, 2023


Will be a contestant on Nigels stream Sunday 12pmEDT! He'll be asking questions related to my stream and other subjects. Watch me Million! On his channel and Ill be broadcasting it on mine as well. But come join in in his chat at https://www.twitch.tv/nglswt -- see you there/ then! 

New spring artwork first peak on KoFi

I just shared 'New spring artwork design - kofi first look' on Ko-fi. 


Early sneak peek for my KoFi faithful - thank you for supporting my personal project draws! 

'Laser Pointer' - Art Print - Nonsensical Machinery

April 10, 2023


'Laser Pointer'

A new addition to my 'Nonsensical Machinery' series. This laser pointer was developed to be the ultimate cat entertainer. How it works still baffles scientists to this day.

Purchase the print on Redbubble!

#draw #machine #laserpointer #digitalart

On the drawing board currently!

On the drawing board currently! What you working on?

#train #logo #wip #colors #monday 

Have a Monsterous Monday!

I'll be live Tues & Thurs on Twitch drawing all your requests -- but will be hard at work in the mill otherwise!

Commissions are open! What emote, logo or character can I draw for you? www.eryckwebbgraphics.com/p/request-quote.html

#monster #mushroom #demon #devil #fierce #aggressive #inkscape #inks and #clipstudiopatin #colors

New 2023 Spring Emotes Are LIVE on Twitch

April 8, 2023


Rumor has it, that the Easter Bunny dropped off some eggs in my Twitch Chat today.

Now live on http://www.twitch.tv/eryckdrawz 

#emotes #new #easter #bunny #egg #drop 

Steampunk Tree Frog 10min Sketch

April 6, 2023


Thanks for a fun Drawing Request stream - and thanks to those who lurked on my Wurk n Lurk commission work after. Art sent, Masterlist updated - see you tomorrow for more!  http://www.twitch.tv/eryckdrawz 
#drawing #steampunk #frog #amphibian #treefrog #inkscape 

Installed Inkscape 1.2.2 - And Its A Keeper!

April 2, 2023


#inkscape #drawing #upgrade #1.2.2 #learningcurve #review #firstuse #firstexperience

Drew this Inkscape beanie wearing drawing chef in Inkscape 1.2.2 today. The new Inkscape is a perfectly solid freehand drawing machine with a Wacom Intuos Pro! 

I've tried the new 1.0+ versions before and had trouble with them. What I did differently today, was completely uninstall the previous version, and also after some research, found where to get rid of all the registery files and appdata files and other things that were screwing with the operation of the new versions. 

After doing that, and restarting, and clean installing I fired up the program, with the understanding that there would be a learning curve, and that I would have to expect to spend time fine tuning the new program to the way I like.

Right away, it drew smoothly, and accurately. I immediately was able to configure a few differences to help the drawing experience:

1.) Calligraphy tool: Wiggle by default calligraphy tool was way too high. The thinning was for whatever reason WAY too low. It started acting like a real brush pen after I fixed those. In this version you can set the units of the line width to mm, px, and several others. By default, previous versions were using px I remembered, so I set it to px to be more inline with what I was used to. I also have to get used to the fact that the mass is set very different in this version. I barely need it above 3 to draw, where in previous versions I used it around 5/6 to sketch and anywhere from 8 to 16 to ink. 

2.) Layers and Objects: My main concern with upgrading to the new version, was the removal of the layers panel 'opacity' ability. For what I do, I need to be able to drop layer opacity back for masks, for light sketches to ink over, etc. I just learned today, after some experimenting, I can grab the layer that all the objects are organized onto, which will control the opacity for all the objects on that layer together. So that will work great. There is a difference in then drawing on that layer, that I will have to get used to. If i set a layer to 38%, then continue drawing on it, it will also set the brush to 38%. Which will draw on the layer at 38% of the 38% ... so yeah I need to figure that out.

3.) Canvas: It took a little doing, but I got a new 'infinite canvas' setup, which I was worried I wouldn't be able to do in the new Inkscape. But am very thrilled still exists. Its one of my favorite things about drawing in Inkscape. I do want to eventually figure out a keyboard shortcut for rotating, just as easy as it zooms and pans. I also want to figure out how to set it to draw with the brush same size no matter how far in our out I am zoomed, if its still an option anywhere. The rulers are reversed from the older version I am used to. So that took a second to notice. The 0 used to start at bottom left, now its at top left. Not a huge deal, but just a difference to get used to. 

4.) Pen Tool: The pen tool is snappy and fluid and works relaly good. My only complain is the handles seem too big, and its way more sensitive than the previous one I'm used to. This might be a wacom pen 'click' setting or tap setting. And the handles can probably be changed somewhere in the preferences.

5.) Crashing: My only complaint when I took the new 1.2.2 for a spin this time, was that it crashed when I was shading it. Not sure exactly what I did, perhaps messing with nodes on pentool shapes I had just made. BUT I have to say... I continue to love Inkscapes auto save/ recovery feature. When it crashes it saves a backup that you can pick up and keep going from. It autosaves as you go as well. Priceless. One of the top 5 reasons I love drawing in Inkscape. 

Conclusion: So... nothing but smiles here finally after several failed attempts to get into the new version over the last year or two. The key was getting rid of fragments of previous versions and also going in with expectations of learning curves and things working differently thatn I might expect. But its not that bad. I'm going to keep it, and keep learning and fine tuning. I will be making some 'shop' videos for my YouTube throughout my experience using it talking about tricks and hacks and settings I found to be helpful and improve the use. But I'm excited for the potential. 

Inkscape is a liberating drawing experience, from its light weight vector platform, to its infinite canvas and many other enjoyable qualities. And I havent even touched on using it for actual vector graphic design. 

Stay tuned for updates on my learning experience with the latest Inkscape, and future versions to come!

Sneak Peak At Progress On A New Original Artwork

April 1, 2023

Heres a first look at my first official print release in my 'Nonsensical Machinery' series that I have been exploring and developing in my sketchbooks over the years. Coming to the shop soon. Stay tuned for the official title once I get it locked in. Stopping point for now. Mostly finished but will put it away for now come back to it with fresh eyes for any final touches another time. Think I figured out what to name this nonsensical machine but I will reveal once thats official...

Sketched and Inked/ Rendered in ClipStudioPaint - 12x16 inch canvas

#drawing #abstract #machine #art #originalart #independentartist #print #etching #hatching #machinery

Happy April and Happy Saturday! Going Live 10amEDT To Draw Your Requests


Happy April and Happy Saturday! See the CREW 10amEDT today for Drawing Request Show, drawing whatever you request, LIVE!!!!! What can I draw for you? 
#drawing #request #inkscape #truestory 

Sheriff Tex Hot Pepper - Commission

March 31, 2023

#drawing #sheriff #wildwest #western #cowboy #marshall #law #lawman #horse #lookout #patrol #inkscape #clipstudiopro #illustration #west

This commission - a sheriff pepper from Texas - is all wrapped up! I enjoyed trying some new effects with the colors on this one. I'm pretty happy with the gritty heavy black and white inks on this piece as well. This kind of dusk lighting lent itself to be pretty bold on its own, with only a few hard highlights here and there to pop off some edges. The end result is a pretty satisfying silhouette effect. There is something powerful too about a big dramatic sky with clouds in the background negative space. Works well! 

Hope you all have a great Friday, get lots done! Do it to it where you are, try to do what you are doing, the best that you can. Try to find new ways to enjoy it and get excited about rocking it. No matter where you are right now, no matter what it is that you do. Whatever it is, nobody can do it like you can. So do it to it! That's what I try to do. Even if I'm not successful every time. You just keep trying.

End your week on a high note, and I'll do the same. Have a great weekend and see you next week for more!

Finally Fixed What Felt Off in Inkscape 0.92.5 Since Recent Fresh Install

March 27, 2023


Finally got Inkscape freehand drawing feel back where I like it. I have been dealing with it/ trying to figure out why it felt off the past few weeks since I did a fresh install of 0.92.5. 

Today I did some more digging and finally found a checkbox in the calligraphy tool settings called 'width is in absolute units' ... I unchecked that sucker and BAM, behaves the way I like again. Game changer. 

Drew this cute little duck hiking uphill to enjoy the fixed feel and drawing experience. Focusing on practicing today, getting the Wacom Intuos Tablet screen mapping just right, and the feel of drawing in Inkscape just right for another week of drawing requests and commissions! Think its finally feeling right!

#drawing in #inkscape of a #cute #duck #hiking #hiker #backpack #walkingstick with my #intuospro

Drift Girl - 032223

March 21, 2023


After wrapping up from stream today, I have been working to improve the feel of drawing on my PC. Inkscape hasnt been feeling right, so I'm working to tweak that. Got frustrated trying to work with it and went and drew this chibi girl driving her car in ClipStudioPaint. Theres something about drawing in CSP, might have to do that for a stream in the future. 

Dinner time for now, have a great night! Wish Kiwii luck on her Drs Appt tomorrow. 

#drawing #chibi #girl #car #drifting #clipstudiopaint

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