April 30, 2012

How to setup a realistic looking pencil brush for photoshop digital penciling - http://ping.fm/r7AZr Not necessarily how I do it but very similar. I just don't go for the textured look.

End of April Special! $25 Full Color Character Art! http://ping.fm/BojGL ends May 6!

Back at it and getting to work on projects today! Remember to always thank the people who support what you do. Have a great week

April 27, 2012

Officialy wrapped up as o' 6pm, thanks for a great and BUSY week everyone, have a great weekend. See you Monday for new awesomeness!

Priority, getting 8 pages of pencils finished up and then a couple proofs. But the pages are due! :)

April 26, 2012

i think i'm officialy an Avatard... started watching Avatar The Last Airbender animation on Netflix, completely blown away.

http://ping.fm/h9oLW - on the headphones - wacom in hand, and a fury of inking mayhem ensues!

WIP on the HnH 5th Anniversary Tee - http://ping.fm/WWsFK Pencils ready for inking!

Took afternoon off due to sinus headache /migraine but feelin good and back at it this morning! Tshirts and Posters and Comic Pages Oh MY!

Top 10 Motivation Tips for the Self Employed

April 24, 2012

Repost from the original owner's site at: http://www.tarabytedesigns.com/blog/?p=66

Top 10 Motivation Tips for the Self Employed
March 16, 2009 by: Tara Blythe

My motivation tips – As a self employed individual who works from home, it is not always easy to stay focused and motivated. Here are some tactics that I use to make sure I spend most of the day being productive instead of watching reruns of Style By Jury and surfing FaceBook (you will notice I said most of the day!).

1. I give myself a choice. For example, I really hate doing the bookkeeping, but I hate doing the dishes even more, so I say “You can either do this week’s invoicing or you can do the dishes.” The invoicing almost always gets done, and if not, at least I have clean dishes!

2. Have a deadline. I make sure I establish a realistic deadline for the completion of a specific project, or in the case of larger sites, a series of deadlines for the various stages of the project. Then I make sure the client knows about these deadlines so there is accountability. I dread the idea of letting anyone down, so if I have told someone I will have something done, I work really hard to make it happen.

3. Take a break. It is difficult when you work from home to distance yourself from the office, but it is important that you give your brain a rest. Occasionally eat lunch away from the computer. Maybe even go outside (gasp) and get some fresh air. If you are having a difficult time staying focused, a little break might be just what you need.

4. Keep working. When something is going really well, I like to keep at it while the ideas are flowing. This means ignoring the dinging of your inbox and the ringing of your phone. Much to the annoyance of my friends and some clients, I rarely answer the phone. There are several reasons for this beyond my dislike of talking on the phone. The primary reason is when I am working I don’t want to lose my focus and momentum.

5. Always know where to start. When I stop working for the day or even when I take a break, I know what I am going to do next and I write it down. That way when it is time to start working again I know what I was planning to do. Once I have begun to work, it is much easier for me to continue.

6. Get praise. Though in essence all of my clients are my boss, I really am my own boss, so there is no one directly above me to let me know when I am doing a good job. I hope that all my clients are pleased with the work I do, but sometimes in the midst of a project (before I am ready to show my ideas to the customer), it is nice to get some positive feedback. I am lucky enough to have another member in my company that I can show my work and he invariably tells me I am doing a good job. Sometimes that is the push I need to keep on working and working well. Find someone who praises you.

7. Network. Working from home can sometimes get lonely. There is no inter-office camaraderie and as great as computer social networking is, there is no replacement for actual face-to-face contact. I get out and meet with my clients and I try to attend various small business networking functions that take place in my community. In addition to giving renewed motivation it is an excellent opportunity to make valuable contacts.

8. Set aside some time to surf. Make sure you contain your searching to sites that have some connection to what you do, but I find that checking out other sites can give me inspiration and ideas.

9. Don’t feel guilty. No one can be productive 100% of the time and everyone has an off day. So if you had a day where all you did was randomly search websites that have no relevance to your business, watch Oprah and fold laundry, so be it. Just remember if you are having too many days like that, your issue isn’t about motivation.

10. Remember why you wanted to work from home. On those days where none of your clients want to pay you, your computer keeps malfunctioning, every time you set something down you lose it, you can’t find the file you were sure you saved to that folder, you hate Vista, you wish you had a 9-5 job that gave you a steady cheque… Revisit why you really do love what you do. No rush hour traffic or commute, no having to dress up if you don’t feel like it, listening to the music you like, as loud as you like, being creative… If you take a moment and a deep breath you will realize how good you really do have it.

April 20, 2012

First time using Muro to leave a comment on a wall on DeviantArt, fun little program! http://ping.fm/XNMLe

Now time for the baddies...

Masters of Universe Heroes - Finished Pencil SKetch - http://ping.fm/4eEQa

Darth Helmet and Stewie - WIP http://ping.fm/voDna

Up and at em on this beautiful Friday morning!
Tally Ho!

April 19, 2012

Previously posted finished page inks now colored awaiting lettering with four other pages - http://ping.fm/PLSV2

Good morning, up and running. See if I can't hit a few nails on the head by the end of the week here

April 18, 2012

Is it just me or does the internet seem pretty dead today?

Burning up the tablet today. Get it on.

April 17, 2012

Straight to work this morning. Git er done!

April 16, 2012

Business adjustment follow up http://ping.fm/O1nk8

April 12, 2012

@hnh watching HorseshoesNHandgrenades live show right now. watch or melt. the choice is yours.

For some concept/ character sketching I am about to do I think I'll do it on paper on the ol' drawing board. Goin non-digital oh noz

April 11, 2012

Real good day, pick it up tomorrow!

Gettin a logo bundled up and out the door

Up and at em - woik to do

April 10, 2012

Approved! But keep out of reach of children... see product label for details... http://ping.fm/Cn8U7

Latest Judo Tshirt design! http://ping.fm/1z43x

Star Bolt - Full Color Character Art wrapped up http://ping.fm/gRRzA

Damn... short episode. Ah well. Groove Salad on Soma FM, and work goes on...

Yay! New episode of 'We're Alive' is out! Over at zombie podcast.com. I subscribe via winamp. Listening!

Kick the tires and light the fires. Slew of todos n whozits and whazits. And a new episode of 'we're alive' to keep me company. get to eet!

April 9, 2012

"War" for the ComicArtAlliance theme of the week http://ping.fm/m5KFn

Naga Mermaid - wrapped up http://ping.fm/9W0DA Artwork

Mellusine the Sea Witch - http://ping.fm/D35OQ

Gloomy afternoon, but thats okay cause I'm inside cranking out the art! Got windows open though, smells spring fresh...

New Hope and a New Week

Hope everyone had a great Easter Weekend, even if it was about delighting kids hearts with easter eggs and bounty of candy, or finding new hope and inspiration. I think the main theme to take away from any sermon or family get together, is hope and happiness. Life goes on, spring is here and theres no reason not to be optimistic. Whatever is going on, everything has its season, and a new season is well underway!

Kristina and I are excited for a camping trip coming up this weekend. A much needed escape into the great blue wild. Will be meeting up in the cheat mountains friday 4/13 and getting settled in, spending all day saturday hiking and exploring the ancient remains of industry and human presence in the deep forest, and just plain and simple hiking our butts off.

A much needed escape from the daily hustle and bustle. Getting lost in the woods for a few days. Thats my kind of vacation. Rain or shine should be frickin great.

Thanks to everyone who jumped on the Easter special lastweek, I will be working on one or two of those a day till complete, so please allow about two weeks to finish, and I will get them to you soon as possible.

Well the week is off to a great start, saw my wifey off this morning then took wally ion a 730am walk around the neighborhood. And you know what. THATS the time to do it. All the obnoxious dogs or people who let them bark off the chain are still sleeping and inside and the motorheads are still asleep too which means the streets are clear. And speaking of inspiration... I walked out the back door with wally, and down the alley to the first big road that intersected, and followed that road till i was standing at the edge of a cliff and looking down on the ohio river. The sun gleaming off of it with the morning mist still disapating. Man, gorgeous. Wally wanted to drag his butt and sniff everything and find a place to potty, thats fine, I was enjoying the view. We got back and I'm getting to work now, working some customer service on potential jobs and getting ready to hit production hard today. A great start to the morning and the new week, with a new chance to start over and do it again!

Have a great week!

Good morning, hope everyone had a good Easter. Back to the grind!

April 8, 2012

Are You Making Enough Being Self Employed - http://ping.fm/6uLIZ

April 7, 2012

Happy Easter - Heres a little resurrection for you! http://ping.fm/5PS2q - one of those songs you just cant get loud enough.

April 6, 2012

Thats a wrap, what a great week. Got lots done, got more prospects coming in. Next week will kick arse. Have a great weekend!

Logo Mode Engage!

Hey there art fans, weekend is almost here, and its Good Friday... have a goodin ... have a kickarse end to the work week!

April 5, 2012

Trixi Danger Finished! *Throws down Mic and walks off stage* - http://ping.fm/2HmhQ - GOODNIGHT!

Kinda cool, currently working on a handful of projects that are hush hush till they come out. But they shall be revealed soon! Fun stuff...

Graphic Designer? Illustrator? Wheres the dividing line? Who knows! Blurs more everyday baby!

Up and at em this Thursday Morning! Eh, maybe after a quick shower. Then EPIC ARTS! Or some facsimile there of...

April 4, 2012

Todays officially a wrap. Got lots done. And busted out this years Easter art too :) Night!

Happy Easter! Spring is here! Time to spend more time laying in fields watching clouds :) http://ping.fm/3rtc8

Grimoire Soars Above The City - FC Commish wrapped up - http://ping.fm/LvINE

EWG Journal Update: http://ping.fm/WH7Tn

Chun Li Street Fighter 2 Finished colors - http://ping.fm/BJpUj

Psylocke Finished Color Commission - http://ping.fm/sZuwq

50 clever logos - these are really cool http://ping.fm/X9C8E

April 3, 2012

But changing the title to 'Ninja Turtles' and making them aliens... horrible idea... http://ping.fm/hn3pq

Thankfuly TMNT wont be directed by Bay. So I can actualy blink during the action scenes... http://ping.fm/fCg7d

Just learned about the TMNT reboot thats going to be produced by Michael Bay.

Well, never do get as much done in a day as I mean to. (Well, sometimes...) But anywho, got a good bit done for sure. Quittin Time! Cya 2morrow

Magic Potion, finished digtal inks - http://ping.fm/YqsEh - first in line on the Easter Special orders!

Asajj Ventress - Completed Commission - http://ping.fm/SuJE0

Count Dooku is a wrap - http://ping.fm/xUGVY

Yay, new episode of 'We're Alive' podcast is out! Listeningz...

EWG Journal Updated 1 mo time http://ping.fm/eFXbq

Updated EWG Journal - Easter Special - http://ping.fm/53pqh

Velocity Finished Full Color Commission - http://ping.fm/X2NtA

Don't Miss Out On THis Week's EASTER $11 Commission Special - http://ping.fm/1dBOB

In the words of the mighty Daft Punk - "One More Time..."

Good morning on this sunny Tuesday! Cranking the rocky theme song 'flying high nowwwwww' and getting to work with a sleepy Wally

April 2, 2012

Cyberforce's Ballstic - Finished up - along with 7 other pieces i'll post over the week - http://ping.fm/yv9uE

Fresh extra strength coffee fresh in the cup, listening to 'We're Alive' from zombiepodcast.com and cranking on production!

Dont forget to hit me up for the Easter commission art special going on now. Single Character art just 11 bucks

Slayer crankin, art etchin

$11 Easter Commission Special - All Week! Don't Miss Out! - http://ping.fm/P1s08

Up and running on this Monday morning. Catching up on posts and emails ... then slappin together some easter theme for my sites

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