New Monthly Kofi Drawz Tiers

June 28, 2024

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I'm proud to introduce new ongoing KOFI tiers!

Expanding on my requests and commissions Im known best for, this is a way to get some original EW art each month!

Drawz of the month club? Sure why not! Enjoy and thank you for your one time or monthly support.

It all keeps the sauce flowing - EW

Female Luigi - EW Original

June 25, 2024

Inspired by the @artpizzapodcast , its gender bent Luigi!

Read more about this drawing over on KoFI!

1 coffee gets you 30 days access to all hires downloads and entry in the monthly raffle! Thank you for keeping me drawing! 

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Kofi Update June 20 2024

June 21, 2024

A quick update to make folks aware of a few new things going on on the EWG KoFi!

I just posted two new originals sketches available for hires download exclusively through Kofi! All you have to do is support once ( lasts 30 days ) or be a monthly supporter ( thank you Kofi Crew )!

Head over to and grab the art you want! 

Also - be sure to get in on the June Giveaway! It was unlocked this week, and all you have to do to enter is tip one coffee! One coffee gets you 30 days of access to any and all downloadables on the platform as well! New ones are posted weekly and monthly! Thank you for your saucey coffee support!

Support with one coffee here in KOFI to get access to ALL downloads for 30 days and be in the monthly giveaway raffle! Thank you for keeping me drawing! 

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Sketchbook: Cat Cowboy

June 15, 2024

 #cat #cowboy #horse #sketch #drawing

This is a fun personal work inspired by BabeRoss's community prompt this month over on Twitch and her Discord. I love the idea of a crazy proportioned rough and scruffy cowboy cat character... I dont know why the horse is so small... but getting the idea down in a moment of inspiration. A rough sketch to revisit in the near future for sure.

Character Art Commission: Inks Only Sailor Mouse vs Crab Battle

June 14, 2024


Thank you for a great week of streaming and creating all kinds of fun and epic draws. The weekday battle is over for now, but will be back after the weekend for more! Have a great one, and thank you for helping make this drawing for a living dream possible. Commissions are open, hit me up if you need something - look forward to drawing for you! Goodnight! 

#drawing #inks #sailor #sea #crab #battle #fight #illustration 

Logo Commission: ShaunDK

June 10, 2024


#logo #design #commission

This addition to the portfolio is sharp industrial themed logo for streamer, gamer 'ShaunDK'. It incorporates the two main games they are known for, World of Warships and Euro Truck Simulator. The 'Shaun', 'DK square', and truck and ship are all interchangeable. 

Need a logo? Get started via the Commission Quote Request Form today!

Logo Commission: Shotgun Berry

#logo #design #commission

This addition to the portfolio features a feisty, gun toting, berry character and a western feel. I wanted to create something that could be on the title screen of an arcade game. Alternate arrangements show a normal matching 'o' and have the berry to the side or above. But this is my favorite arrangement combining the mascot and title in one logo.

Need a logo? Get started via the Commission Quote Request Form today!

Character Illustration: Maaz28's 1000th Stream

click to enlarge

click to enlarge

#professionalartist #commissions #portfolio #artgallery #finishedart #drawing #illustration #characterart #characterdesign #inkscape drawn and inked #clipstudiopaint colored

This was a Drawing Request Show sketch request for Maaz done in about 15 minutes. The emphasis was put on getting the characters and composition fleshed out good enough to ink from. Then it was upgraded to full inked and colored commission. Shown above is the finished inked black and white, and then the colored version of that drawing. Had a lot of fun with the perspective, the character designs and making that electricity be the framework of the whole piece and even be incorporated into the typography. 

Sketched and Inked in Inkscape and colored in ClipStudioPaint with a Wacom Intuos Pro M and a splash of sauce.

Get started commissioning EWG at the Commission Quote Request Form

Character Art: Mrs. Grinch

June 7, 2024


Click to enlarge closeup
Click to enlarge full illustration

#drawing #grinch #female #woman #genderbent #howthegrinchstolechristmas #fanart #drseuss #warnerbros

A fun 10-15 minute Drawing Request Show request of a 'genderbent grinch'. Or maybe its his new female rival, or his girlfriend, or his even more evil ex wife? This was then upgraded to finished full color illustration commission which I just got done today. Really digging how the rendering came out. Thanks for looking!

Need a genderbent fanart of for your collection? Hit up the Commission Quote Request Form today! 

Sketchbook: Eyeball Icecream at a Cursed Science Fair


From anthonywheelerart 's chaoticdrawalong draw along stream today -- the vote came down to 'Eyeball Icecream' and 'Cursed Sciencefair' and they tied. So it all got combined.

#drawing #eyeball #icecream #sciencefair #science #sample drawn in #inkscape

Toon Chibi Art: Dora The Venomized Explorer

#professionalartist #commissions #portfolio #artgallery #finishedart #drawing #illustration #characterart #characterdesign  #doratheexplorer #doratheexplora #venom #marvel #symbiote #alien #swipernoswiping #inkscape drawing with #clipstudiopaint colors

The Odd Contenders on Instagram had a prompt the other night for Venom mixed with any other cartoon character - my wife came up with Dora - it made me laugh so I had to try to capture that in a drawing.

Started as a sketchbook sketch, and then I inked and colored it today on stream

Click to enlarge

Too much fun

Want some cartoon venomized character art for yourself? Hit up the Commission Quote Request Form today!

Character Art Commission: Tank Warriors

June 3, 2024

#professionalartist #commissions #portfolio #artgallery #finishedart #drawing #illustration #characterart #characterdesign #inkscape drawn and inked #clipstudiopaint colored

This was a Drawing Request Show sketch requests upgraded to finished colored commission. This was for streamer, gamer and podcaster Vyolette321 and her partner in tank crime SwampyFox. It features the duo playing World Of Tanks, Swampy driving, Vyolette firing! There was a lot of fun stylized shapes to play with in the coloring. I also experimented with a textured brush for some  of the highlights which ended up giving it a painterly look!

Drawn in Inkscape and colored in ClipStudioPaint with a Wacom Intuos Pro M and a splash of sauce.

I want to draw your character, logo or emotes! Get started commissioning EWG at the Commission Quote Request Form today!

Left Of The Box - 06 - Bandwagon

June 2, 2024

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Click the comic to enlarge

Attention is powerful. Temptation for quick satisfaction is powerful too. Crowds are powerful and the fear of missing out is powerful too. 

Stay your course. YOUR course. Pay no mind to the weekly hype trains. 

Focus on what works/ matters/ applies to you and your life. In all things... ask... 'is this necessary' or 'is this worth caring at all about?'

That bandwagon was too much fun LUL. Somehow it turned into prospectors riding the hypetrain to goldsville in a few places too haha. 

Thanks for looking


Thank you for your June Kofi Support!

June 1, 2024

A few acknowledgements for June supporters received so far! Updating this post as the month goes!
Thank you for supporting me and my drawing for a living dream on Kofi!

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