Logo Commission - YR Monogram Design

May 24, 2024


#logo #design #graphicdesign #monogram #typography

Finished monogram design for Trayde - who won the April Kofi Giveaway! We had already done some sketches on  Drawing Request Show on Twitch for a quick request. Then, when he won the Kofi Giveaway - he opted to get the one he chose from the batch of ideas, all cleaned up for use. Yada yada yada, here's the clean finished version. I particularly love the symmetry of the two vertical lines. The left angle of the Y is exactly the same as the right angle on the R. But I love how the right leg of the R intersects and blocks it going all the way down to the middle. Trayde had the idea for the letter shapes to be inset in a circle, and I love that. Good choice. It was sent in a couple different color styles as per Traydes request. All in all I really enjoy working on the design side of my brain on stuff like this. Good stuff!

Make sure to get in on the Kofi May Giveaway which was unlocked this week. Everyone has till Monday morning to toss a coffee at me to enter. Anybody who has coffee'd me on Kofi between April 27th and May 27th ( Monday ) will be in the running to win the next raffle! Winner can choose from a finished full color character art illustration, a logo design, or 4 emotes! 

June 1st we'll launch the June giveaway goal on Kofi! Thank you for supporting me, Eryck Webb Graphics and all that is implied! 

Stream Drawing: TMNT Warmup For World Turtle Day 2024

May 23, 2024

#drawing #katana #tmnt #teenagemutantninjaturtles #ninjaturtles #turtleday #leonardo #inkscape 

Happy World Turtle Day 2023

Drew this for warmup at the beginning of my Drawing Request Show stream today! Fun stuff. 

As I mentioned on stream, I always ( at least lately ) like to portray the turtles more as creatures/ turtles.

I also went with red for Leonardo's attire, as in the original Mirage Studios comics - red was splinters clan color and that's why all the turtles wore red banners. Only later in cartoon/ toy form did they individualize the colors for kids ease of recognition.

Thanks for a great Drawing Request Show today! A few highlights were:

- Drawing this warmup of a ninja turtle for 'world turtle day'
- Shopping for and discussing drawing tablets
- Going over 'rights of usage' as far as Eryck Webb Graphics is concerned
- Unlocking a giveaway for the chat

- A few generous individuals made sure to hit the KoFi Giveaway Goal for May! Make sure to head to https://ko-fi.com/eryckwebbgraphics and contribute one coffee to enter the giveaway by Monday. If you supported from April 27th till March 27th ( Monday when I pick the winner that morning) your name will be added to a wheel for a raffle spin to pick the winner of a 1 character w/ some minimal background full color character art illustration done in just a few weeks after! This 1 character can be a fan art, or original character, a cartoon of a loved one, a pet, a car a robot a creature or any prompt you wanna give. It can also be used for a logo design, or up to 4 emotes. So toss a coffee to enter, and good luck to all potential winners! We will also have a new giveaway goal for June afterwards that kicks off June 1st.

Character Art Commission - GrumpyBeard 5th Streamaversery

May 22, 2024

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#professionalartist #commissions #portfolio #artgallery #finishedart #drawing #illustration #characterart #characterdesign #inkscape drawn and inked #clipstudiopaint colored

This was a Drawing Request Show sketch requests, upgraded to finished inked and colored commission. This was for streamer, gamer and podcaster GrumpyBeard for his 5th year of streaming on Twitch. It features him carrying World of Warships on his shoulders, and posing proudly with his wife and kid. His community, the beardlings celebrates them all around. 

Inked in Inkscape and colored in ClipStudioPaint with a Wacom Intuos Pro M and a splash of sauce.

Check out a new video posted today, featuring this artwork and several other favorite character artworks done recently.

Watch the reel here: https://youtube.com/shorts/ON9-E6lrMMY?si=t1CgMvFHjZgzO2ac

A short video reel of some recent favorite works - enjoy! 

Get started commissioning EWG at the Commission Quote Request Form

Stream Drawing Request: Rocket Trike ConicalBellz

May 21, 2024


#trike #bike #rocket #chibi #cartoon #rocketbike #smoke #trials #trialsfusion #trialsrising

All art from today sent! Thank you so much to all the crew, and those that are new for hanging out and enjoying my content today. I will be possibly live tomorrow focus more on commissions, more live artist than streamer. Stay tuned for that. Or I may hunker down and knock out commissions off stream. That's nice too at times. Regardless, make sure to figure out if you need a logo, a emote or some character art and bring your request out Thursday 10amEDT so I can create it for you!

And of course if you cant make it to stream I'm available and WANT your commission - head over to the Commission Quote Form to get started!!!

All I've ever wanted to do was draw for a living. Thank you to each and every one of you that helps in any way to keep that dream going. I appreciate you!

Have a good rest of your Tuesday!

Emote Commission - JanieFlippinSue

May 20, 2024

 #emotes #design #commission #portfolio

This addition to the EWG.com portfolio features a fun selection of emotes done for my friend, streamer, gamer and crafter JanieFlippinSue on Twitch. Ive done random word emotes, and one with a big rooster on it, but for this portfolio sample, I kept them all related to her caricature emotes. The running theme is always the sunflowers and the yellow. Fun stuff!

Need emotes? Get started via the Commission Quote Request page!

Logo Commission - OneOfThree_Art

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#logo #design #commission

This addition to the EWG.com portfolio is minimalistic exercise in graphic design. When I get the chance to do some effective negative space branding and typography I take advantage. The one bird is different, of the three shown. The one eye and border circle match. And the title words nestle and merge in fun and flowing ways, with some play on negative space to keep it readable as well.

Need a logo? Get started via the Commission Quote Request Form today!

Logo Commission - WhiteWolf_1972

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#logo #design #commission

This addition to the EWG.com portfolio is a badass world of warships/ truck driving streamer and gamer. This is one where I did many iterations but this is where we landed. The title and graphic components are show together here but can also be used seperately.

Need a logo? Get started via the Commission Quote Request Form today!

Logo Commission - Frida and Mika

#logo #design #commission

This addition to the EWG.com portfolio was done entirely on Drawing Request Show stream. Sometimes, within a 15 minute request, I'm able to knock out a pretty solid - clean solution. This was one such case. They dug the musical whimiscle vibe, and ran with it the way it is. I included a color version along with the black and white version. Sometimes it takes many variations and design play othertimes it hits the mark the first time.

Need a logo? Get started via the Commission Quote Request Form today!

Logo Commission - JanieFlippinSue


#logo #design #commission

This addition to the EWG.com portfolio is a super fun and cheerful logo design for my friend and fellow streamer and independent artist/ maker - JanieFlippinSue. The premise to this design was to have the title brand, and a portrait of her creating the inside of the sunflower and all her sunflower pedals decorating around. The logo has a version with just the type, uncurved a version without the wording and this one with everything combined.

Need a logo? Get started via the Commission Quote Request Form today!

Emotes Commission - SassyPennyTV


 #emotes #design #commission #portfolio

This addition to the EWG.com portfolio features a fun selection of emotes done for streamer and gamer SassyPennyTV on Twitch. These are a few of my favorites. They all are meant to portray her fun postivie stream vibes, and include a truck simulator emote and emotes of her dogs ( not shown). 

Need emotes? Get started via the Commission Quote Request page!

Emote Commission - WarmEagle

 #emotes #design #commission #portfolio

This addition to the EWG.com portfolio features a fun selection of emotes done for streamer and gamer WarmEagle on Twitch. I designed this updated mascot for the client and have enjoyed portraying him in many different emote scenarios. Here are a few of my favorites.

Need emotes? Get started via the Commission Quote Request page!

Logo Commission - Blazed Betty

#logo #design #commission 

This addition to the EWG.com portfolio is a fun logo design for streamer and gamer BlazedBetty on Twitch. Some fun ways to hint at the herb-enthusiast side of her brand without being too obvious about it and keeping it tongue and cheek.

Need a logo? Get started with the Commission Quote Request Form today!

Character Art Commission - Wasteland Jackelope


#drawing #illustration #art #fallout #postapocalyptic #rust #goggles #jackalope #apocalypse #wasteland #characterart #characterdesign #illustration #comicart #pinup

Commissioned artwork, which started life as a 15 minute sketch request on Drawing Request Show. I colored the sketch directly, with no inking. The full colors over sketch look creates a fun aesthetic that comes out almost more painterly. Love the character, the scenario of the request and was just too much fun bringing it all together. 

Featured in this recent YouTube video! https://youtube.com/shorts/5K7jz9cWl8U?si=sFmtGdbD4PNEW5y6

Need some character art? Would love to draw it. Get started via the Commission Quote Request page!

Emote Commission - RawrBQ

May 18, 2024

#emotes #design #commission #portfolio

This addition to the EWG.com portfolio features a fun selection of emotes done for streamer and gamer RawrBQ on Twitch. I designed the zombie dinosaur mascot which has been used in emotes like these and other graphics for their stream and brand.

Need emotes? Get started via the Commission Quote Request page!

Emote Commission - Padres Porch


#emotes #design #commission #portfolio

This addition to the EWG.com portfolio is a fun selection of emotes done for streamer and gamer Padre's Porch on Twitch. 

Need emotes? Get started hiring Eryck Webb Graphics  at the Commission Quote Request page!

Logo - KittyGirlOXOXOX


#logo #design #commission

This addition to the EWG.com portfolio is a wicked logo design for streamer and gamer KittyGirlOXOXOX on Twitch. The cat biting the title is also used in her emotes.

Need a logo? Get started commissioning Eryck Webb Graphics for one here today!

Wise Mutant Owl - Drawing Request

May 7, 2024

A cool free reign piece. The three prompts were 'wise', 'mutant', and 'owl. I ended up with a humanoid owl meditating on a branch with his Kofi coffee sitting near by. 

Drawn in Inkscape in about 15minutes

 What a cool day guys. Thanks so much! All drawings from Drawing Request Show today sent! 

Don't forget to hit up my kofi ( ko-fi.com/eryckwebbgraphics ) before Friday for the chance to win a 1 character full color illustration!

See you Thursday on twitch.tv/eryckdrawz 10amET for more Drawing Request Show!


#owl #drawing #mutant #meditate #wise #stoic #coffee #kofi #inkscape #digitalink 

We hit our current Kofi Goal!

May 6, 2024


We Just Reached My Goal on Ko-fi! We'll be giving away a 1 character drawing request with inks/ colors attached! The winner will be announced this week. It will include anybody who supports once/ monthly on KoFi by then! So if your not, you still can!

Happy Cinco De Mayo

May 5, 2024

Chico De Mayo - Daily Practice Drawing

Happy Cinco De Mayo from Chico and the Webb family!!

Thank you for following EWG on KoFi, on Twitch and on this website!

May the 4th Be With You

May 4, 2024


Some old classics playing in the StarWars universe!  Watchin some Mandolorian today - my fav series in that universe.  One of my other top 3 fav characters is the blind force faithful martial artist played by donnie yen.    #maythe4thbewithyou

Best of Request Volume 8 Preview 5424

 Got to spend some time on my new drawing collection ArtBook I'm finalizing! Heres a few of the finalized page layouts for the Trew Crew out there that support me once or monthly on KoFi!  


EryckDrawz Chibi Sticker

May 2, 2024

Click to view these examples

A self portrait chibi of EryckDrawz - drooling and hungry for drawing prompts to fill his sketchbook with! Available now as 3inch all the way up to 14inch stickers! And available as a magnet as well!

Thank you for supporting EryckDrawz, EryckWebbGraphics and the draws!

#sticker #chibi #artist #portrait #cartoon #buckethat #streamer #headphones # fierce #aggro #digitalart #hungry #drooling

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