Ninja Girl Commission Sketch Proof

September 30, 2015

#ninja #warrior #girl #sketch #sketchbookpro #concept

Just wanted to toss this character art proof I did this morning up in the Sketchbook section of the site. Diggin the piece hope the client is too. May end up with a few revisions or finished like it is. Pose was basicly clients request with me taking a few liberties here and there. Liking it so far. 
Sketchbook Pro, about 45 minutes 11x17. 

Coming Releases and Inktober



#inktober #sketchbook #sketch #digitalinks #traditionalinks #art #sketch #practice

Above are some works from last year's Inktober. Last year I was kind of all over the place as far as mediums and subject matter, this year I'm looking to stay a bit more focused in my intent.

Looking forward to the kickoff of Inktober tomorrow (Oct 1). Last year I did a sketch a day. Some with inking tools on newsprint or sketchbook, many with digital ink sketching. Some were just... poor lol. A lot were inspired and cool. But I'm going for something more consistent this year.

This year, Inktober serves as a grand finale for a year long discipline of sketching and practicing the ol' skills. Personal exercise sketches, daily warm-ups and evening cool downs have been a regular practice for me this year. The extra push of participating in Inktober will take me into November with an extra solid body of practice work. They will all be digital whether by tablet or desktop in Sketchbook or Inkscape and will be under an hour each. In the end, they will all be included in a special production I'm putting together for the EWG 6th Anniversary on December 11th. 

You heard about it here first. Heres to a great October, leaves turning, Halloween approaching and the kickoff of the holiday season. Hope you consider Inktober a sort of grand finale to your artistic year before the holidays as well. Cause we all know the art gets a little slower around the winter holidays :) 

I am also toying with the idea of offering a special Christmas/ holiday - oriented item in my pricelist this month. Spots will be limited and all items will be completed by Thanksgiving, so that folks can take advantage of Black Friday/ Cyber Monday pricing. ALSO, EWG has all intents and purposes to hold another Chibi Monday this year for Cyber Monday. As Chibis are not a regularly featured item, this might be a good chance to get some chibi art for you and yours!

Alright, so heres some preliminary announcements and looking forward to diving into Inktober! 31 black and white either Traditionally or Digitally inked sketches by the end of the month! Crazy! Opening up the creative mind and improving ones skills are almost sure to happen :) 

See you in October!

Military Character Art WIP Sketches

September 29, 2015


Just some cool military-themed sketches, cropped from different illustrations i've been commissioned to do currently. Diggin the characters, the punch one and the tank napalm one. Fun stuff. Makes me think it'd be fun to do a sgt rock type comic some day. Thought I'd share! Tossing these in the sketchbook section. Thanks for checking them out.

"Our minds are like our stomaches; they are whetted by the change of their food, and variety supplies both with fresh appetite." - Quintilian

UTMNT Traditional Warmup - 92415

September 24, 2015

Click to Enlarge

#snippet #preview #expomarker #alcoholmarker #thumbnail #roughconcept

Good morning! Did me some UTMNT related warmup sketching with an expo marker and gray spectrum noir marker to fill in dark areas this morning. Don't want to give too much away, but give a little tease on a new piece in early stages but will eventually be finished for the second printing of UTMNT #1 thanks to the successful crowdfunding on indiegogo. That should tell you what this eventually will be. Now, its onto page work! Have a great day!

Capacitor - 500 FB Likes Giveaway Piece

September 23, 2015

#spectrumnoir #alcoholmarkers #brushpen #cardstock #characterart

Finished art piece for Brad Ashworth and his OC, Capacitor from his current comic project. Brad was the winner of the traditional art commission giveaway over on the EWG Facebook Page for once we hit the 500 Likes mark. 

Was a fun character to depict and was even more fun working on this piece traditionaly. Its been a while since my last traditional piece so some was a bit of a re-learning curve. But I am pretty satisfied with the end result. I hope he likes it and I'll be doing a hi quality scan for my files and sending him the original within the next couple days. Thanks again to Brad for sitting in skyping and watching the stream while I worked on it. Hope you are happy with it good sir! Good luck at your convention this weekend!

I recorded the session and will put together an elapsed recap video next chance I get in the next couple days. Till then, thanks to all who came out watched the stream!

About 2 1/2 hours, super smooth cardstock 8.5x11 with an avengers mechanical pencil, then inked with fabre castell brush pen, and pigma micron 08 pens. Then colored with spectrum noir alcohol markers and white touchups with white acrylic paint pen. Camera/ Microphone was Logitech webcam.


Mai and Blaze - Finished Commissions

#kingoffighters #streetsofrage #fanart #mai #blaze #characterart #commission #inkscape #photoshop #sketchbook #wacom #intuos2

Finished fanart character commissions of Blaze from Streets of Rage and the girl with the two big round ones, Mai from King Of Fighters. Fun stuff, never drew these characters before but always enjoy some fighting game characters. When I get a chance I'll upload the inks/ colors for those who wanted to maybe see it but missed the stream.

Comment below about what/ who was your favorite fighting game character? 

I tell you, DarkStalkers original arcade game... has forever had a huge impact on me. I only played a few times, but the presentation and the character designs from when I saw a machine at an arcade, have forever stuck with me. Amazing stuff there. Especialy the big sasquatch guy and the cat paw lady.


Blaze - On The Drawing Board - 9.23.15

#sketchbook #blaze #kingoffighters #capcom #streetfighter #pencils

And then heres the pencils for Blaze, which is being worked on along side Mia this morning. Alright taking both them ladies to ink stage. Seeing if I can't get these done today

Mai - On The Drawing Board 9.23.15

#mai #kingoffighters #capcom #videogame #kungfu #sketch #sketchbookpro

Just a quick glimpse at whats on the ol 'drawing board' this morning. Mai here and Blaze from Streets of Rage are getting cranked out in the mill this morning. Anything on your drawing board this morning? Can share in the comments below! Thanks for checking this out. Hopefuly get these two femme fighters squared away before lunch time!

These pencils were about 30 min in Sketchbook Pro with Wacom Intuos 2

Blast Em - Practice Sketch 9.22.15

September 22, 2015

Click to Enlarge

#sketchbookpro #sketch #sketchbook #wacom #practice

Just some loose whimsical practice. Took today and rearranged my studio, set it up for some (hopefuly) optimal creative space-ness. More feng shui you might say. I think it'll lend itself to just promoting creativity more. The angle to which I'm facing now versus where the windows are and the way things are hung/ stored. I'll post some pics at some point. But wanted to test run drawing digitaly in this setup, and I think this sketch shows Its all good to go.  I also penciled on some paper on my traditional drawing board and it was nice. I'm digging the setup so far. Maybe more practical? I dunno. Time will tell. Alright have a good one. For those of you waiting on proofs and such they will begin going out normal again starting tomorrow. Just had to take a day get my shiz straight. Have a good evening!

Sketchbook Pro with Wacom Intuos 2 on Windows 7 computer - about 10 min sketch.

9-21-9-25 Game Plan + Food For Thought

September 21, 2015

#schedule #production #gameplan

Here's to a productive and kick arse week! Here's my general plan of attack for the week! To simplify I realized my todos broke down into about 6 categories. So I'm doing two on Monday, and concentrating on one type of item per day this week. When I get those done then I'll use the time to get more character art done or get ahead on TFCC pages but in general this is the plan. Also excited to have a few shows premier this week so looking forward to that. I also heard Trump will be on Late Show with Colbert, that should be an interesting interview... I always try to start a work day by working on my own projects or warmups. Feeling like I'm getting work done on my own stuff always acts like a turbo boost to fuel my work on client jobs.

Now for something completely different...

Some food for thought for this week. Based on a decision i weighed in on over the weekend and pulled the trigger on this morning. Sometimes... losing a little business/money by turning down or backing out of an order that makes you  uncomfortable and you'd be embarrassed to have any association with the content/ subject matter it relates to as a whole, is more important than doing it just to make a few extra bucks. Ignore the perverted/ weirdo orders and look for the good ones that you wouldn't be embarrassed by. You don't have to settle. For every fetish-fueled pervert request there's half a dozen non perverted ones behind it, you just have to not think the shameful one is your only means to your bread and butter at that moment. If you choose to let your art be associated with the wrong things, it'll always be there for somebody to dig up later or posted somewhere for somebody to randomly dig up on a google search or something. When you do a job you have to think 'is this something I'd want future clients/ fans to see my legacy represented by one day? But if you maintain your brand and stick to what you can be proud of and not afraid for the world to see then you've got nothing to worry about or be ashamed of. A good rule of thumb is, 'would I show this to family members?' If your answer is no to either this question, or the question about if it should be part of your legacy (how your art is remembered), then in the end, your probably not going to want to do that job.

On Fire - Cool Down Sketch

September 18, 2015

#cooldown #sketch #practice #warmup #sketchbookpro #autodesk

Alright, thats it for today/ this week. Its been a good one, good to be back be mostly over being sick and feel like the mojo is back. Had some trouble getting back in the groove this afternoon on the final pages of my Transformers gig. Been away from it too long. But I got the thumbnails for the last 6 pages squared away and let me tell ya... people are in for some awesome. But overall, due in a large part to lastnight's Live Sketch Night, I'm finaly feeling like the fire is burning. Have a great weekend. More ass to kick on Monday. Did this cool down sketch while listening to Warlock - one of the most kickin woman-led bands o' the 80s for sure! Have a good one. Play me off Doro!

EWG Live Sketch Night 9.17.15 Recap

#youtube #video #inkscape #livestream #sketch #digitalart #chibi #character art #oc


Last night's Live Sketch Night for September was a blast, and was JUST what I needed to reinvigorate my work. I enjoyed chatting with and drawing for everyone who came out lastnight. For those who missed out on the Live Event, I've compiled and posted a condensed recap video which you can find below!

This video features a condensed version of Eryck Webb Graphics' 'Live Sketch Night' event that happend 8pmEST till 12amEST, Thursday, 9-17-15.  The original session was over 3 hours.

All works were done in Inkscape, session was recorded with OSB and the event was live streamed on Picarto.TV

Real Times Of Each Order:
1.) Anime Gal- 30 Minutes
2.) 6 Chibis - 60 Minutes
3.) Ninja - 40 Minutes
4.) Metal Gear Stan - 30 Minutes

The original microphone audio and background music has been replaced by some new music for this recap video. To experience live/ microphone chat and interactions with Eryck Webb and see the process start to finish in real time, come out to a live event!

As always, thank you so much for checking out this video, and please comment below if you have any questions or comments!

Subscribe to this channel, and check out past videos for more like this and other art.

Thank you for checking it out!

Grit - 9-17-15 Inkscape Warmup Sketch

September 17, 2015

#sketch #warmup #inkscape #inkingwarmup #brush #nib #barbarian #grit

Quick warmup in Inkscape, sometimes the most fun way to sketch in inkscape is use the splotch brush and tone it down a bit but then just get real quick and gestural with it. Makes splotches and whispy lines in all kindsa fun ways. Then did a nib brush on a seperate layer to do some black lines in a few places. I like the semi-finished look. Drawing attention to a certain area or so but leaving the rest unfinished.

Alright, onto some inky inks. Look forward to the first (maybe only) Live Sketch Night of the month! Will go till Midnight if theres enough interest. Otherwise will be from 8pmEST till 10pm. $16.00 via paypal i'll do an ink sketch of whatever you want. Will be a good deal tighter than the pic above of course.

But for now, got some comic inks, colors and pencils to work on all day.

Posemaniacs Warmup Drilling 9.15.15

September 15, 2015

#sketch #warmup #discipline #exercise #figurestudy #gesture #inkscape

A 15 minute session in Inkscape, using Posemaniacs '30 second pose' app. So each one was up about 30 seconds and I get as much down as I can till it changes. Did this for 15 minutes. Very stiff in the beginning (the center orange pieces) then gradually got more and more loose and warmed up as it went on. Working outwards from top clockwise to bottom and then ending with the purple ones on the left. Changing colors occasionally just for fun. Livestreamed it whilst, was cool another artist popped in said they had just been doing the same thing. is an amazing resource for any artist serious about improving and working hard for their craft. Onto paid work! Thought part of me really wants to tackle some of the awesome prompts Sketch Dailies has been putting up in the last week. Missed some good ones!

Speaking of daily drawing, who is planning on doing Inktober this year? I'm thinking about it.

September Live Sketch Night Set For 9-17-15

September 14, 2015

#commission #sketch #livestream #liveevent #artistalley #liveart #digitalinks #inkscape

All set for the first Live Sketch Night session of September, this Thursday at 8pm Eastern Time! Will prompt the chat when the event starts and when I've received orders and a link of reference from customers in the chat I will begin! Sketches will be completed in order of received. All pieces during event will be black and white digital ink sketches, but may be upgraded to full color, which will be done after the event. Can include the $16.00 additional with your order or upgrade it after the fact for the same price. 

One thing customers are encouraged to take advantage of is this discounted price, which is only available from 8pmEST till end of the event. So feel free to order several character arts. I will do one per customer in order of received, and additional orders per customer will be done after the fact finished by the end of the following week. Still, one week turnaround, and that price... whats not to like? 

Thanks, these have always been a blast in the past and I'm excited to fire up Live Sketch Night once again!

-Must have 16.00 paypal ready to roll by event. 
-Only accepting orders at this price and such during event, and only pay when prompted please!
-Black and white art and Color art is basicaly 16.00 cheaper respectively. So take advantage!
-This can be for marvel characters, dc characters, video game characters, animation characters or your original characters. 
-Must have one clear established image of reference. No text descriptions or add ons please. No over complicated character designs either please
-No explicit sexual or violent subject matter will be accepted.
-Pinup style sexy depictions are ok. 
-This will only be for a character and one accessiory that they're either holding or usualy seen with. No background, no other extras.
-Artwork is all 11x17 300dpi jpg when finished.
-Commissioned art is client's to do with what they please, print it, hang it, post it online, tile it as wallpaper in their bathroom, whatever they wish.

Look forward to Drawing For You! If you have any questions please leave them in the contents below before the event and I will answer them as thoroughly as possible!

Back At It Dag Nabbit

Coffee reloaded, all set to start on the next commission, but can't find my wacom stylus?

Back at it after being sick for several days, still feelin some effects but got work to get done.

Accepting commissions daily! Please check out my pricelist at and let me know if you have any questions, email for info and quotes.

Also happy to say July Sale orders are done. One or two clients allowed me to do their orders as normal commissions. And I got the rest done, so thanks for everyone's patience, but the July Sale is a wrap! :)

Thanks, look forward to doodling for you!

Sketching 9-13-15 on tablet

September 13, 2015

#sketch #sketchbook #doodle #Samsunggalaxynote 

Sketching in the virtual sketchbook. Ready to hit the ground running monday.

Mill Is At Minimum

September 10, 2015

#sickday #cold #flu #work

So, a cold started coming on on Tuesday, the morning of my birthday. Then I was able to sorta medicate/ take some coffee/ some vitamins and being out and about I delayed it all day. Then that night I started getting very tired very early. As I had been doing for a day or two before that. I thought it was allergies or something. Then the morning after my birthday I woke up with a full on cold. And that was fine, I thought it had peaked or what not. Then it got worse lastnight and way worse by the time i woke up this morning. So... yeah. I'm barely functioning right now. I am going to try to keep working on my tablet from the couch or bed or what not but I just can't sit at my desk very long. Very sorry to customers waiting on orders, and comic jobs with deadlines. But I'm hoping to be better and hit it hard Monday but will get what I can done between now and then. Guess this is what I get for unchaining myself from my art mill and go out around other people. I either got it from the Canfield fair friday or from family or friends on saturday. Eitherway, its a wonderful wonderful birthday present. I will enjoy it thoroughly for the next few days. Thanks! I mean as I type I'm barely able to hit the keyboard right, you dont know how many times i've gone back retyped these sentences as I go lol.

All must-completes for the week were taken care of yesterday, everything else will just have its progress delayed a couple days. Sorry for the inconvenience. Back atcha soon!

Ipad Pro and Pencil First Reaction

#ipad #pencil #apple #ipadpro

So, my first thoughts on the iPad Pro/ and Pencil - Overpriced and late to the game! They say 'it could replace a wacom tablet' but they don't say anything about Samsung galaxy note tablets and S Pens.  It probably expects you to use apple-only software and stuff too (don't know didnt read up on it, this is just my initial thoughts so shhh) The only way its better than what i've got is if it allows you to work on hi resolution files. Highest I can get mine, and it has to be in the pixel equivalent, not dpi is 200. Which is 1600 x 2560 pixels which is 22x35inches at 72dpi. I then transfer it to my desktop and set it to 300dpi and 11x17. And keep going from there with virtually little noticeable quality loss.
But $99 for a pen and then what probably $600 for the ipad pro? Ridicerous lol. The samsung galaxy note 10.1 2014 is around $300 and the 12 inch is around $4-500. The wacom i believe is like $1000 for their tablet. I have YouTube videos showing serious production work being done on a regular basis on my tablet. In-fact I'm sick as a dog right now and plan on spending the day doing character art on my tablet from my couch or bed all day. There is no reason to get an apple, especialy when they come into it so late in the game. Now if it vastly outperforms wacom and samsung and everything else, then I think its awesome, but this remains to be seen. Ah well, even if it doesn't... people will buy it though. 'Apple People' I guess. Welcome to the party apple, all be it late.

Labor Day Vacay, Birthday Boy and Studio

September 9, 2015

#birthday #graphicnovels #tpb #cake #tmnt #officesupplies #bdayboy

Hello on this post-labor day hump day. Hope everyone's week is going well. Monday was as we all know labor day, and though I tried to work for it I ended up taking off after the first half of the day. Low and behold I was coming down with some kinda random headcold. Guess thats what I get for spending Friday and Saturday out of the studio and around other people. Well then yesterday, was my 34th birthday. So I basically took off Friday through Tuesday for a much needed 5 day vacation. Even if it was more of a stay-cation. And man I needed that.

For my birthday, my wife gave me the best present of all, a cash budget and the keys to the truck and all day to do what I wanted. So we stopped at parks took in the nice weather, walked around outside at some new places we haven't been to before, and ate out all day and went shopping. I enveloped myself in art supplies, office supplies, toys and comics though I'm sure it occasionally bored my wife to tears, she hung out with me the whole day. Then we came home, watched the original ninja turtles and had cake and ice cream. 

I couldn't talk myself into buying a new TMNT toy several times while we were out. One being a half shell heroes Leonardo figure that I liked a lot. Well upon the cake/ and icecream devouring when we got home, my wife presented me with a present that our doggies picked out. And low and behold it was a Leonardo half shell heroes figure. Score!

I ended up with some great new graphic novel reading/ study material and a new 8.5x5.5 sketchbook, some notebooks and whiteboard markers. Lame gifts? Naw I love that stuff... any kinda paper and things to mark on it with im golden. I also got two frames to safely frame and hang two original john buscema 11x17 pencil rough pages from his Conan days that i've had on safe lock down probably 3 or 4 years. Now they are on display on the wall in my studio. I also enjoyed straightening up my studio before bedtime last night, getting ready to return to work after my 5 days off. (Friday through Tuesday) and really feeling the creative mojo in here again. 

I got lots of wonderful birthday cards, wishes and gifts from others but I really think I needed to get out of the studio for a few days and just get out there, go shopping which i never let myself do, and even just take in everything in the stores even if i didn't buy anything. But I did :) Bought just the right amount of stuff me thinks. I even got my EWG page to hit 500 likes right in time for my birthday. How sweet is that. The winner has been declared and they already have contacted me about their requested depiction. I'm all set to get started on it asap as well as get back to the work week as normal!

Heres a couple pictures of the studio and the john buscema pages below, and thanks again for everyone helping making my 34th birthday a really really nice one :) 

Facebook 500 Likes Giveaway Winner

September 8, 2015

Congratulations Brad Ashworth! Will message you on Facebook that you won. Email me at and I will get working on your original 8.5x11 cardstock ink and marker commission!

Knight Sketch - Settings Tweaking

September 7, 2015

#knight #sketchbook #autodesk #sketch #settings #wacom

Just another toss up into the Sketchbook, fine tuning some settings on the ol' Wacom pen in Sketchbook and trying out the new surface for the wacom I put on. The base got scratched or something and was catching when i went across it. Must be smooooth. So I mounted a sheet of marker-paper ontop-- smooth and clean baby.

Hope everyones having a good Labor Day. I'm taking to do some arranging and stuff on the site/ in the studio and setup then tomorrow is off and wednesday its back to normal.

Mech Knight - Portrait Monitor Sketch

#sketchbook #warmup #discipline #practice #sketch

Sometimes for fun I'll switch my main monitor to Portrait mode in an attempt to make it more like a full view 11x17 canvas and draw character art/ work on pages that way. It always help if I'm in a creative/ motivational slump to increase the fun factor drawing nice and big that way on the whole canvas at once. But its not really practical for my workflow over all. So, heres a warmup sketch for fun and getting the flow going this afternoon and then I set the monitor back. Brush tool in Autodesk Sketchbook. Makes nice big whisp and fat globby lines. Me likey. Can't decide which I like better though, this globby ink-loaded looking brush or the splotchy brush in Inkscape. Hmm.

General Advice For Beating Art Block

#artblock #creativity #wall #hittingthewall #faq #ask

This morning a follower on Twitter brought to my attention a dilemma a lot of artists have on a regular basis. Thought my response would make for a good Reference post.

"I haven't drawn something of relevance in about 5 months--art block & whatnot--any advice for those slumping w/ their creativity?"

And my response given over a couple tweets.

"Happens to me all the time. I've got a couple methods for powering through the sludge. 1. Watch movies/ anime that inspires you

2. Face it we're all spawned from our love for comics or manga or anime or something. Go just envelope in it till inspired!

3. Every chance you get, don't worry about its relevance, but sit down and digitaly or traditionaly doodle off top of your head.

4. Lots of coffee and B vitamins help. You'll be itchin to draw so much you'll run out of paper and have to start on the walls

5. The books and youtube vids and shows and movies you love to watch. Draw what you love. Then grow from there. It'll come back.

Basicly the 5 things I do when I'm stumped. I put my fav music in my headphones, sit on the couch and devour artbooks and comics..."

We all go through it, whether a hobbiest or a professional, these are the general ways I deal with it. I would love to hear about other artist friend's approaches to dealing with art block or not being in the creative mood, leave your ideas in the comments below!

Thanks for reading, hope my ideas help!

Koala Palm - Recreation Sketch

September 3, 2015

#autodesk #sketchbook #sketch #concept #layout

A quick sketch in early process of recreating that Koala and Palm throwback post I previously posted today. Thought it might be fun to approach it with my current skill level but basically approaching the drawing in the same general angle/ depiction just updating it with modern skills, knowledge and ability. But also very sleepy so stopped here. Will be off tomorrow at the Canfield Ohio fair - will probably be hot but should also be a lotta fun with the wife and fam. 
Have a great weekend

Throwback: Koala and Palm - Buddy Movie

#throwbackthursday #tbt #koala #palm #palmtree #buckethat #action #blockbuster 

A throwback Thursday post! This is from way back in the summer of 2006. Did a art prompt/ jam thing with a couple friends on Deviant Art around that time. Where I'd pick three random objects and have to put them together into a picture, whatever comes to mind when you think about those three objects in a piece together. This one was 'Koala, 'Palm Tree, Bucket hat'. There's  probably a lot of other ways to go with that, but this is where I went haha. Perhaps it could have been the summer blockbuster buddy action movie epic of the year!

Looking back at the piece almost 10 years later, I realize the koala has no midsection (oops) and it was traditionally drawn and scanned from a sketchbook because of the line art texture. The shading is really rough probably done by hand with a lasso tool free handing it, and there's absolutely no highlighting. But I can also see the beginnings of a lot of preferences I do to this day, like the signature (then it was EH06) worked into the cracks in the concrete, and big toothy mouths as well as smoke/ bullet cartridges adding flow and movement to it. I tend to do shadows pretty much the same way now a day too if not a little more refined.

Well hope you enjoyed this look back at 2006, and a personal piece that was all play. Several years before even beginning my journey down the self employed path.

Heres the piece in its original nesting place, on the EWG Deviant Art page:

Taryn The Smuggler - Chibi July Sale Commish

September 2, 2015

@EctoMaster #starwars #swtor #starwarsrebels #chib #characterart #digitalart #inkscape #photoshop

Finished chibi commission for EctoMaster of his OC Taryn. In chibi form she is also representative of the mascot of his youtube channel Containment Gaming where she enthusiasticly cosplays whatever game shes being featured with on his channel. In this case, its Star Wars The Old Republic in the form of a smuggler (han solo-ish). Fun stuff!

About 1 hour 30 minutes on this one. Demo'd the work on this piece start to finish live on Picarto. Was happy to have about 10 viewers at any given time though only about 5 were in the chat. The other 5 were shy I guess, or stalkers. To each their own. Enjoy the new chibi art ecto! Transparent bg version and normal version coming your way now!

Drawn/Inked in inkscape and colored in photoshop ... drawn with wacom intuos 2.

Gettin those July Sale orders squared away. At this point working to get them done. Way past the intended deadline. But getting there! The important thing is the work will get done. Working on it daily so its just a matter of time! Thanks to all for your patience!

Livestreaming tonight at 8pmEST

#livestream #picarto #stream #demo #digitalart #colors #photoshop #webcomic #comic #inkscape #comicstrip

Edit : Taking care of those comic strip colors this afternoon (now) tonights stream will feature chibis and character art! 8pmEST! Cya then

Lots of work to get done this afternoon. But will be Livestreaming on Picarto tonight 8pmEST on some comic strip colors (possibly more) - hope folks can come observe! Grab some popcorn, enjoy the tunes and digital art wizardry!

Right here at the EWG Picarto Channel:

Comic Strip Demo on Picarto

September 1, 2015

#livestreaming @tnccomics #comics #webcomic #strip #digitalart #drawing #workflow

Working on Picarto all afternoon till about 5pmEST - come check out the EWG Picarto channel on the newly designed Picarto website. Definitely a fan. Sit in, enjoy, say hi!

Stream complete, thanks for those who came out, had 4-5 folks at any given time. Though it wouldnt hurt you to log in the chat, I appreciate the watch!

Super Scientists - July Sale Chibi Order

#scientists #science #scienceguy #sagan #neil #billnye #powerpuffgirls #heroes #earth #outerspace

Finished chibi july sale commission of 4 chibi super scientists. Went a little overboard with this one but was a fun one. Go science guys goooo.
Drawn in photoshop, inked in inkscape, colored in photoshop

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