On Fire - Cool Down Sketch

September 18, 2015

#cooldown #sketch #practice #warmup #sketchbookpro #autodesk

Alright, thats it for today/ this week. Its been a good one, good to be back be mostly over being sick and feel like the mojo is back. Had some trouble getting back in the groove this afternoon on the final pages of my Transformers gig. Been away from it too long. But I got the thumbnails for the last 6 pages squared away and let me tell ya... people are in for some awesome. But overall, due in a large part to lastnight's Live Sketch Night, I'm finaly feeling like the fire is burning. Have a great weekend. More ass to kick on Monday. Did this cool down sketch while listening to Warlock - one of the most kickin woman-led bands o' the 80s for sure! Have a good one. Play me off Doro!

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