Season's Greetings - Snapshot

November 29, 2012

Something I was sort of bursting at the seems to show off tonight. Really just cut loose had a lot of fun with this whilst working on it this evening. This is just a snapshot of a part of it, mainly wanted to focus on the awesome background paints and the overall painted style which I havent done in forever. Was really fun. Obviously gettin into the seasonal spirit a bit. Anywho, all I can show for now but wanted to show it a bit before callin it quits for the night. Pickup work tomorrow.

Look whos now part of CGHub

Yep, just dropping a quick post to update the masses (or one or two folks) that Eryck Webb Graphics now has a home on . Sure EWG might be the new guy, but already the ranks of talented folks are jaw dropping to behold. Excited to enter this new community and see what can happen!

Check out EWG at its new CGHub page -

Who else is over there? Friend up!

Planned Livestream Commission Events?

November 28, 2012

Brainstorming, looking for feedback...
Brewing on the idea of once a month or so doing a planned Livestream Commission Event where people watching can purchase commissions on the spot and I draw them up, as if getting one from me at a table at a convention. Prices would be lower, art would be more quickly done but still as good as possible, and I'd spend a couple hours taking requests and knock out 3 or 4. Then outside of the event customer would pay via paypal and I'd send the finished artwork. Does this sound like something fans/ commissioners might be interested in?

New banner designs across the board

November 27, 2012

Took a few minutes today, and came up with a fresh design for the banners seen across Facebook  deviant art and this blog site. The format for twitter and the icons on Facebook and deviant art of course all stay the same, but some fresh use of the 3 brand colors and showing the full name of the business for once looks nice on it for now. Freshens it up a bit. I think I've said fresh a few times too often. But did I mention a fresh banner appearance across the board? Let me know what you think. Like it? Hate it? Miss the EWG dood?

10 WWE Tagteams - Finished and Process

November 24, 2012

11/24 - Enjoying a blizzardy saturday afternoon, and finaly got the momentum flowing on a large wrestling tag team order. They'll be pretty cool when they done, but right now its one by one. Using some techniques to save time here and there but basicaly trying not to sacrifice quality. Each one though reflects the personality of each team and I think it'll be a pretty cool lot when it gets wrapped up. So, in about six hours I'll be feeling better LOL. But... got some SMOKE ON THE WATER crankin, netflix handy and lots of coffee. Getting this shizmo done.

11/25 - Got them finished up tonight, posting the final version along with these process versions

Playing Catchup 11232012

November 23, 2012

Sure, I could sit back, take it easy for this long holiday and what not, but I also saw another opportunity to work on whatever orders I have that I have had to push to the backburner for far too long. Without demanding client deadlines and being hurried along on new orders, I can just churn the mill for 3 straight days on orders that have been patiently waiting their turn. Well, today was such a day... and I'm proud to say I got  an entire month's backlog wrapped up, and 10 commission orders wrapped up. Hooh Hah! And I think they all came out pretty spiffy if I do say so myself. All 10 completed on one canvas via photoshop over the course of today, starting around 3pm and ending around 9pm. BOOM shakalaka ....
Will attempt to do the same tomorrow lol. But for now, GOODNIGHT!

TMNT 2012

The Thanksgiving Marauding Ninja Turkeys are back! A day late cause well, lets face it, the pilgrims got delayed... but the smoke has cleared and the deed is done! The turkey captured in the previous EWG Thanksgiving piece has been avenged! 10 Pilgrims for every 1 Turkey! Hooh Hah!
Hope you enjoy this installment of the annual TMNT, a very loving and purposeful spoof of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, my heroes for life. Here is my Thanksgiving-spirited parody! 
Check out and search around, theres an installment from almost every year, some better than others... but always a good mile-marker year to year on my artistic progress. I think this one is a large improvement over years past. What do you think? 
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, the TMNT will see you next year!

Daily Sketch - Ninja Turkey

November 21, 2012

Had a blast drawing this with FaberCastell pens and ballpoint pen on printer paper tonight... lots of fun. And of course, being the day before Thanksgiving/ and november in general... heres some ninja turkey action ... still need to name these foos hmm... the turtles are named after renessaince masters, perhaps the turkeys are named after plymouth rock thanksgiving founders? no idea. 

Thoughts on this 2012 latest design of the turkeys? I'm diggin it, think I really pushed their look in a good direction and got them nailed down cool... turkey lookin, but ninja goodness as well as fun cartoony goodness. Anywho... this sketch was a warmup of sorts for something bigger... stay tuned.

Happy Thanksgiving from EWG! New Theme!

November 18, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving from EWG! Heres the new EWG 'Dood' finished art for 2012, which can be seen applied to the website themes of the EWG network of sites. EWG Dood hunting some turkey for the thanksgiving festivities, but some approaching marauders might have a beef with that. 
Check out the process below! And have a great thanskgiving!

Check out the whole creation in this video from the Livestream session - 

Workin On Eet

November 15, 2012

Two points to keep customers updated real quick

1. Working more regularly now, at least a couple hours every day. Not nearly the time per-day that I should be compared to other artists pulling 12 hour days every day or more, but i'm chipping away. My basic setup is if you ordered a full color piece, I pencil one week, ink the next, finish colors the next, so there's a 3-4 week turnaround. This however, can be set back by a day or two depending on unforeseen care-taking responsibilities I must attend to, and changes in schedule which can happen at anytime. But please be sure to know that I am knocking them out one by one. I officially am not promising deadlines right now for anything because I can not seem to keep them worth a darn. So, I AM working on it quick as I can while juggling many customers and many orders, and I WILL get it to you as quick as I possibly can.

2. I also want to assure, that at the end of the day, when I've gotten as much work as I can fit into the day done, and care taking is pretty much good to go, and I have some free time that if I'm not completely wiped out by that point, I devote to my own sanity 'whatever I want' sketching time, or most importantly... my web comics  art jam groups or personal art works. Or even extra-curricular in-house work that supports my business outside of the client work. So this in no way is taking up client/ customer work time. I am using my own free time which I have a tiny bit of every day, and over the weekends as I do not (except for unusual circumstances) work on weekends. Gotta have sanity time for going to parks, polishing my truck, doing my own web comics, chasing the dog around the house What have you.

So in summary, working as fast as I can, and its only fair to work on the oldest orders first and work my way up to the latest, and in addition, don't worry about my personal time projects being done 'when i could have been working on yours' ... doesn't work that way.

Bare with me, if you are concerned though, or one of the handful of people who never seem to see these site-wide updates, email me or note me, and i know you will... and I'll be happy to tell you to 'hold your horses plz mmkthx!'

Grinding away at the ol' stone slab...

Danni Dash Commission Process Case Study

November 14, 2012

Got this wrapped up, my main goal in approaching this was showing this 'speedster' type super heroine kinda building up that kinetic energy and ready to burst into action, like maybe shes in mid direction change or something getting ready to pounce. I was really feeling the need to do some solid pencil work before doing any other production to it, so I took the pencils to near finish, concentrating on the over all pose proportions, and hands and face/head. Also articulating the costume design so everything was lined up right.    
Anywho, here is the work in progress from the pencil sketch, with the face in finished pencils,
then the finished pencil piece as far as i took it,
after that the lineart inked over everything at about 500% zoom to get nice crisp smooth lines, with larger brush to outline everything and smaller brush for the details,

and after that, i set the fill blacks/shades layer opacity down so i can see the lineart underneith, and added the all important black fills.

Then after that went back in and hatched here and there, used white to add in more detail on the black areas and black to add some feathering here and there. And this is where the piece finished up being a BW piece not full color piece. I like doing these, sometimes the coloring gets so tedious. Its nice to just lay down a nice solid black and white drawing. 
Heres JPGs of the WIP and 2 part livestream recordings below. First features the warmup, and then initial sketch and pencils of the head and then part two sees the finishing of the rest of the pencils, and the inks to completion. Enjoy! Feedback, questions etc are always welcome, I'll answer any best I can! 
See you at my next Livestream session, try to do at least one a week. 

Watch live streaming video from eryckwebbgraphicsart at

Watch live streaming video from eryckwebbgraphicsart at

Warmup Sketches - 1114 - TURKEYS

This mornings warmup to get me in the groove. Just wasn't feelin work today so turned on some Groove Salad and let my hand tell me what it wanted to draw. Came up with some great character studies of the ninja turkeys, which shall see a return this month... you have so been warned! Alright, refreshing the ol' coffee cup and getting work done. Got some must do's and some need dones, so time to get crack-a-lackin. 

Indigo vs Black Hand

November 9, 2012

Finished up this two piece commission of Indigo-1 vs Black Hand, with the two characters seemingly squaring off. Perhaps the last in this series of green lantern commissions, perhaps not. But others in this series were green lantern vs sinestro, kilawog vs atrocitus, etc. Indigo is pretty cool design wise enjoyed rendering her especially with the staff and all that. Fun stuff! They are broken into two separate commissions but also gave the customer a version with them combined like this. Heres a look at the pencils, I didn't take them very far in 'finishing' them, and then the finished inks that these colors are layed upon.

Loose but clean pencils
Finished inks, with many elements added in at this stage

Also posted on deviant art here

I wanted to do more of it on live-stream but was not able to, but did get some flatting done on live-stream  Heres the video:

Watch live streaming video from eryckwebbgraphicsart at

Indigo-1 vs BlackHand WIP

November 8, 2012

One of today's slot commissions I'm working on. Beauty of a slot commission, they're simple and whimsicle for me, serve as nice 'inbetweens' of larger jobs, and often as morning warmups or evening cool downs. And clients get it, maybe a little cheaper... but on a definitive date that even if that gets pushed back, they can see when to expect it updated regularly on EWG DeviantArt. I may eventualy make a system where they can check on a static page on the EWG website, but for now, it still works pretty well. Have this and the other of this two-part job wrapped up today! And a little somethin extra for that awesome client who ordered it. 

Bump On A Log s2 Strip 02 Preview

November 7, 2012

Just a quick preview of Bump On A Log which is due to come out today but may be delayed by a day. We'll see! Depends if I fall asleep at the desk or not :) But gives you a taste of what this week's installment will be about... stay tuned for election day hijinx in riverbottom! Soon as I get it finished up it'll be up! Only at

Major Maxim

Just wrapped up this character art commission of 'Major Maxim' of DangerGirl fame. Hes always a striking character visualy and I don't know if hes a robot or like a darth vader type human on mostly-robotic-lifesupport but hes def a big mean looking guy. Wanted to portray him big intimidating and with fiery background colors. Fun stuff

Commissions Currently Available

Get em

Watch those late night productions...

November 3, 2012

Love this poster design, just funny how one typo can completely change the context... or completely make it not even make sense at all. I choose to blame this one on the American English language and how there's words that sound exactly the same and are spelled/mean different. Who does that? Silly language...

While working on 'The Hen Den' poster design, I was reminded of an important point. If you know your rushed, or tired, or something like that, do yourself a favor if you can remember to. Second, and TRIPLE guess your spelling / grammar. A simple thing like the tag line on the Hen Den poster of 'No Cocks Allowed' I was tired wanted to step up the service a bit and get them the correction same day so put together the tag line on the design without really paying attention (unintentionally..half asleep probably) to the grammar. I typed 'No Cocks Aloud' .... see how one simple mistake, can change the complete meaning? I have no idea what the heck that would mean, but the same word spelled different can basically flat-line the design LOL. One of those things if it had moved forward before anybody catching it, everybody would have seen it been like 'sweeeet poster... but... aw... wish that wasn't spelled wrong... or is it? what does that mean? it doesn't fit? huh? *head explode*' so yeah. any-who  just a funny note here... more to myself than anything to pay the frack attention to the damn grammar/ spellings.

FrankenFly - Process Case Study

November 2, 2012

Started off with a pretty clear idea of what the customer wanted, so tried 3 ideas initially with different aesthetics for each one, but dancing around the same idea. 

The finished pencils shown here combine what the client approved of the top left idea for the head of the creature and then the tail/hook of the bottom one the best. 
I traced the pencil art out articulating everything for a finished black and white art. All vector, and added typography similar to the type in the proof of ideas, including the customers tagline.

Added vector colors and shades for a color option. The previous is pretty much finished for the black and white version but if the opportunity comes up for color which I believe it'll be used for most of the time I wanted to embellish it with shades/ highlights/ drop shadows, the works.

A very brief walk through but shows the basic process of most projects. Some involve a lot more proofing on various ideas and concepts, but its always nice to get one like this where the vision of the client really translates right away to the main idea I try to nail down. And was just a matter of the aesthetic treatment and even that materialized pretty quickly from proof-to-finish.

Finaly the type and mascot were used in a banner for the masthead of the related website.

Fun one. Clever idea for a fly tying website too!

EWG's Status

November 1, 2012

New jobs will take about a month to complete as I am finally able to tackle back log and catch up since my better half's medical issues began in early June  Daily care and day-trips to the hospital in the city will cause delays. I can not control this. That being said as I work hard to finish jobs and complete orders, the order at which items were received becomes the order they are sent out, no exceptions including no more rush orders. This is only fair. Constantly emailing me or insisting i put you ahead of others or alter my roster to accommodate you as a 'sign of good faith' ..or, a.k.a. 'im more important right so do mine first' will not happen. I will return your order money and move on before allowing a customer to think for one minute they have control over how my business runs. And it IS running, and will continue to do so. All be it ridiculously slow and inefficiently right now (and i don't like it anymore than my customers... even more so.). But the best I can do now is offer a 4 week turnaround. And that's an estimate. Unforeseen hospital visits and other items out of my control that require attention will cause delays as well. I apologize if I get pissy when your trying to pressure me into putting you ahead of everybody else. No hard feelings in general. But you are welcome to take your business elsewhere, and thank you so VERY VERY much to those awesome customers out there, and you know who you are... who are sticking with me and not giving me a hard time about how long its taking. Know NOTHING has fallen through the cracks (ArgoForg, DannyMi, SariaLinde, Del) and ALL orders will be completed ASAP and the time will be taken to do them right. Thank you very much, and look forward to continuing with you onto future projects.

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