Danni Dash Commission Process Case Study

November 14, 2012

Got this wrapped up, my main goal in approaching this was showing this 'speedster' type super heroine kinda building up that kinetic energy and ready to burst into action, like maybe shes in mid direction change or something getting ready to pounce. I was really feeling the need to do some solid pencil work before doing any other production to it, so I took the pencils to near finish, concentrating on the over all pose proportions, and hands and face/head. Also articulating the costume design so everything was lined up right.    
Anywho, here is the work in progress from the pencil sketch, with the face in finished pencils,
then the finished pencil piece as far as i took it,
after that the lineart inked over everything at about 500% zoom to get nice crisp smooth lines, with larger brush to outline everything and smaller brush for the details,

and after that, i set the fill blacks/shades layer opacity down so i can see the lineart underneith, and added the all important black fills.

Then after that went back in and hatched here and there, used white to add in more detail on the black areas and black to add some feathering here and there. And this is where the piece finished up being a BW piece not full color piece. I like doing these, sometimes the coloring gets so tedious. Its nice to just lay down a nice solid black and white drawing. 
Heres JPGs of the WIP and 2 part livestream recordings below. First features the warmup, and then initial sketch and pencils of the head and then part two sees the finishing of the rest of the pencils, and the inks to completion. Enjoy! Feedback, questions etc are always welcome, I'll answer any best I can! 
See you at my next Livestream session, try to do at least one a week. 

Watch live streaming video from eryckwebbgraphicsart at livestream.com

Watch live streaming video from eryckwebbgraphicsart at livestream.com

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