Workin On Eet

November 15, 2012

Two points to keep customers updated real quick

1. Working more regularly now, at least a couple hours every day. Not nearly the time per-day that I should be compared to other artists pulling 12 hour days every day or more, but i'm chipping away. My basic setup is if you ordered a full color piece, I pencil one week, ink the next, finish colors the next, so there's a 3-4 week turnaround. This however, can be set back by a day or two depending on unforeseen care-taking responsibilities I must attend to, and changes in schedule which can happen at anytime. But please be sure to know that I am knocking them out one by one. I officially am not promising deadlines right now for anything because I can not seem to keep them worth a darn. So, I AM working on it quick as I can while juggling many customers and many orders, and I WILL get it to you as quick as I possibly can.

2. I also want to assure, that at the end of the day, when I've gotten as much work as I can fit into the day done, and care taking is pretty much good to go, and I have some free time that if I'm not completely wiped out by that point, I devote to my own sanity 'whatever I want' sketching time, or most importantly... my web comics  art jam groups or personal art works. Or even extra-curricular in-house work that supports my business outside of the client work. So this in no way is taking up client/ customer work time. I am using my own free time which I have a tiny bit of every day, and over the weekends as I do not (except for unusual circumstances) work on weekends. Gotta have sanity time for going to parks, polishing my truck, doing my own web comics, chasing the dog around the house What have you.

So in summary, working as fast as I can, and its only fair to work on the oldest orders first and work my way up to the latest, and in addition, don't worry about my personal time projects being done 'when i could have been working on yours' ... doesn't work that way.

Bare with me, if you are concerned though, or one of the handful of people who never seem to see these site-wide updates, email me or note me, and i know you will... and I'll be happy to tell you to 'hold your horses plz mmkthx!'

Grinding away at the ol' stone slab...

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