Golf Cart Cartoon Couple - Commission Finished Up

February 27, 2023


Fun golf cart caricature couple inked and colored up!

#drawing #cartoon #caricature #portrait #avatar #golf #golfcart #inkscape inks #clipstudiopaint colors  #commissionsopen 

Happy Monday


Happy Monday CRew. Had a long stressful weekend IRL. Slowly getting back into commissions offline today. For fun installed the latest Inkscape thought it might be cool. 30 seconds of using it later... went back reinstalled the trusty 0.92.5 my fav version. 

 #ifitaintbrokedontfixit #stickwithwhatworks #doittoit #gettowork

Monster Tank - Cooldown Drawing

February 23, 2023


Today's 'last drawing of the stream' - prompt provided by chat! This is a Mech, Rabbit, Dragon, Tank, Blaster! Honestly never drawn anything designed like this, too fun! Must do more! Masterlist updated, art sent! Have a great weekend!  #drawing #dragon #mech #tank #rabbit 

Mechanical Doodles - 022123

February 21, 2023


Mechanical Doodles - 022123
#drawing #sketch #conceptart #thumbnails #robot #mech #vehicle #sketchbookpro #spen #galaxybook


February 20, 2023


#drawing #inkscape #sketch #tone #adventure #action #survival

Presidents Day - Abraham Lincoln Warmup Drawing

Presidents Day - Abraham Lincoln Warmup Drawing

See the original post, and additional warmup drawing, along with the full artist statement on my KoFi!

#presidentsday #abrahamlincoln #warmup #drawing #ink #pen #inkwash #brushpen #headshot

Follow my new short comic project on KoFi

February 17, 2023

Enjoy this first look at a new short gag comic i was inspired to do.  I posted the rough thumbnail storyboard, and some of the tight penciled panels on Ko-fi. More as it develops! Kofi supporters get a pdf download of the comic when its done!

#kofi #comic #pencil #sketch #kofi #comic #wip #comingsoon

Thank you sketch to Jray for supporting me on KoFi!


Thank you sketch to Jray for supporting my drawing and personal projects on KoFi! Hires is in your kofi DM! Every single or monthly tip gets a hires thx sketch for their support!

 #drawing #shark #cartoon #clipstudiopaint 

Thank you 'BlueBird' for your support on KoFi

February 13, 2023


Just drew this thank you sketch for 'Bluebird' for their support on KoFi! Thank you!! Sent you the Hires in your KoFi DMs!

Every coffee bought supports my drawing, and gets a original thank you sketch in return. Plus other exclusives when I post them. Thank you for supporting my drawing!

Follow/ Support my drawing on KoFi

#drawing #kofi #inkscape #sketch #tone #chibi #cartoon #girl #character #sword 

Heart Shaped Turtle - Inkscape Warmup Drawing


#drawing #inkscape #warmup #discord #prompt #community #jam #prompt #wacom #intuospro

A fun little warmup drawing this morning. Using the community 'Draw Jam' prompt for February over on the EWG Discord. One theme is 'create your own cupid', and an alternate theme is starting with this heart shape template and making something out of it/ or coloring it in etc etc. For some reason, this morning, as I looked at the shape, I saw a turtle head and shell, and played with that idea. I also made myself stay within the heart shape confines. But as you can see in the process video, I just wasn't able to accept the wierd tucked feet, so I deviated with feat outside the heart shape holding the turtle up on the ground. Fun stuff, got the muscle memory and rust woke up and brushed off, and got inkscape and my wacom tablet warmed up. 

What can you make with that base heart shape? If you do one feel free to link in the comments below. Also suggestions of what I might be able to turn the heart into would be helpful! I run out of ideas sometimes. 

Thanks for looking/ reading - and for watching and liking the process video on my youtube here:

See you next drawing! Have a great week!

Cupid - Cooldown Drawing

February 9, 2023


For cooldown at end of my work day today, I had the urge/ inspiration to do a fun reimagining of 'cupid' for the community draw jam theme on the EWG Discord this month. The idea came from a box of chocolates, and just ran with it. He doesnt shoot you with an arrow, he either love bites you or whips you with that tongue. Something.

If you like this, check out the timelapse process of sketching it out and finishing it on youtube! 
Support me on KoFi either once or monthly and immediately have access to the hires download to own! Here:

#inkscape #drawing #timelapse #freehand #wacom #valentinesday #heart #boxofchocolates #cupid #cherub 

Cupid - Inkscape Drawing

February 8, 2023


#cupid #valentine #valentinesday #love #heart #cherub #cartoon #overbite #inkscape

An improved  cupid character off the top of my head. Done for warmup on stream yesterday on Twitch. The theme for the Drawing Mill Discord's draw jam this month is 'your version of cupid'. So this is the first version I came up with. 
Drawn in about 15 minutes in Inkscape

EWG 1st Year Postcards

February 6, 2023


Found these in the attic... 4x6 postcards from my first year in business for myself. The blank side is a NICE drawing surface. Might toss in the shop for sketch comms soon. Have a good Monday! See you on stream tomorrow! #comms #gettowork #happymonday

New artbook 'image dumping' step is complete

February 5, 2023


Put some quality time into my new drawing collection book today. Finished 'image dumping'. Next will be final pass cutting more drawings as I finalize the layouts. Might try to reduce page amount too. But stopping point for now. Happy Sunday all. #newbook #comingsoon

Going Live Friday 02032023

February 3, 2023


Happy Friday - The Drawing Mill is back up and running, going live with a couple commissions to work on! Come awn out n check out some colors, inks, and draws!
#drawing #inking #coloring #commissions #commissionsareopen #illustration #artist #streamer

Drawing Mill Out Of Order - Feb 2nd 2023

February 2, 2023


#mill #shutdown #breakdown #outoforder #factory #production #update #technicaldifficulties

During Drawing Request Show stream today, the mill broke down. I was in the middle of a drawing request for Nglswt, when the computer just inexplicably just shut off. It was different then other times it had blue screened, or restarted without warning, or when my better half accidently turns on an appliance and flips the breaker. This turned off hard. After checking out the internet, the UPS and everything else it might be. I tried turning computer on again, and it wouldn't turn on. The power button was blinking in a pattern, that after calling my IT guy ( my computer wiz dad ), means the power supply or mother board ( or both ) has failed.

I had a second backup pc, same model, same connection ports and loaded up mirroring the current one, ready to go. It was last updated a few years ago, and sitting in storage ready to swap so maybe at most i lose one day of work. Well, much to my IT guy's dismay, whom help me set it up over the years, it wasn't functioning right either. The power supply seems fine, and I got a signal to the monitors, but it seemed to have a bad hard drive, or SOMETHING.

Needless to say, despite my best efforts ( and my IT dad's best efforts ) I will not be returning to stream today. He is on route to come up and swap hard drive and good parts from my current pc to the backup one that is running and powering up properly. So, tentatively, Friday I will be able to get back to work on my desktop no problem. All my art files, client, stream and personal related, are backed up on drop box. So is my desktop and other places. Technically, the 4 or so drawing requests I did today before the computer crashed should be backed up too, I'm curious and betting, that there's an auto save backup of the drawing I was in the middle of backed up too to a certain point. I bet I lost just a minute of progress on it if everything goes as I expect. 

So my dads coming over to swap the hardware, and hopefully ill be up and running to get commissions done tomorrow. Sorry for the technical difficulties, THANK YOU for coming out to my stream. If all goes well, at the earliest, I'll be back on stream with a few commissions and looking at jam prompts and picking a February theme tomorrow. At the latest, Ill see you guys on stream next Tuesday same drawing time same drawing channel.

See you on discord and around the interweb in the meantime.

Get the mill fired back up to 100% soon. Sorry for any delays this may cause, but your order will get knocked out soon as possible regardless.

I can do some things a lot slower and more akwardly on my EWG mobile tablet PC. Which I'm on right now. I will continue to work on commissions here in the meantime.

---3 Hours Later----

Well I didnt expect that quick to get back up and running, but a good 3 hours after my computer crashed in the middle of stream today my computer wiz IT dad had parts swapped and the computer buttoned up and running like brand new. All art from today sent. Look for a commission stream tomorrow just to get more stream time in this week! Cya then! 

Blockhead - Inkscape Sketch

February 1, 2023


#block #blockhead #personalday #chillin #defrag #ponder #relax #chill #checkerboard #checker #orange #hoodie #cynderblock #brick drawn in #inkscape with my #wacom #intuospro 

'Fetch' 3 concept thumbnails on Kofi

Read the original post I just shared, regarding my wip original illustration: ''Fetch', on KoFi  

#monster #robot #dog #concept

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