May 18, 2012

Getting going this morning on a Friday workday.
Lots to do. Gorgeous day. Might have to go out and enjoy that later!

May 17, 2012

Another work in progress shot of the Biker Sunday shirt. Sketching the bike

For those who showed interest in the process of the Biker Sunday Tshirt, heres the next bit o' study material -

Deviant Art has finaly allowed the editing of usernames, but any use of the old name will still go to this. EWGraphics on deviantart is now

May 16, 2012

Adding the black fills... next up! The finished colored pieces

Inking up the commissions

WIP - pencils, ready to ink

All slots are now full! Thank you to everyone who has grabbed this offer! Check back next week for new openings! More on ebay!

Ranger - featuring push-button, gunslinging action!

$20 Slot Commissions Also Available On eBay

Good Morning! Remember, only 3 Discounted Slots left! One on Thurs and two on Friday! - Get art this week!

May 15, 2012

The villainess, Purple Vixen - one of todays 20 dollar commissions -

10 Weekly Slots $20 each

10 Weekly Slots $20 each

Available Slots Can Be Found At My Journal

New from EWG - ongoing. 

10 available slots a week. Same week turnaround.

Like my specials previous, you paypal $20.00 to (most appreciated if you accept the paypal fees yourself) and link to character reference you want portrayed and I will illustrate the character, pencil/ink/color pose of my choosing with no background/ or single color and have it to you within one week!

I can also invoice you if desired. If all current week slots are filled you will be moved to the next week. Limit 10 per week.

Thanks in advance and I look forward to providing this service to all the awesome comic art fans out there!

May 14, 2012

Daz a wrap. Night folks. Will look for your orders in the morning, till then have a good one

Check out the recently finished $20 Full Color Commissions! - And if a slot is Open, feel free to grab it up!

8 $20 Slots still available this week, snatch them up! -

May 13, 2012

New and ONGOING from EWG!
10 Slots A Week Available At Discount Price!
Click For Details:

May 10, 2012

The use of the baseball visuals and diamond designs created a pattern that will stripe a 'clubbing shirt' much like argyle.

There's no good way to display a 2 x 25 stripe in my gallery, but i'm proud of the stylish baseball-style embroidery design i just sent out.

May 4, 2012

Was boggin down, but some fresh strong Master Chef and desert rock streamin from youtube playlist and churning on!

Penciling comic pages on the drawing board. Comin out pretty schweet if i do say so myself.

Time for lunchhh on this low-key Friday. Just cleaning/ organizing computer files, coordinating jobs and record keeping. Bidniss stuff

The End Of April Special has been received with great response. Thanks! Will end the special (5pmEST) today. Order while you can!

Good Morning! Its Friday - Time for a gift to the masses, a behind the scenes walkthrough!

May 3, 2012

Took a drive with the sunroof and windows open out into the country. Enjoyed stopping at this beautiful park for a few minutes with Wally after work. Lifes little rewards.

Thats a wrap for today. Meds and Allergies and humidity knockin me for a loop. Pick it up tomorrow.

Full Color Commish Special - This week only! Ends sooN!

Awesome artwork of the Avengers movie characters - need to see that movie!

Ran out of coffee this morning, so just microwaved some teabags in a mug, added splenda, poured over ice. Good to go! Nice change!

Production in full swing for, The Good The Bad The Geeky podcast. Developing an event / promotional poster for their coming live event.

Cool Article About Finding Your 'Productive' Time

Good Morning - Up and at em to take orders and crank out graphics to the masses - What can EWG create for you today?

May 2, 2012

Allergies are still fighting me pretty good. Keeping the house closed up today and the air circulating, got some pills down. Draw is go.

Good morning, up and atem today with more penciling of commissions on the ol' desktop drawin board! And I'm off!

May 1, 2012

Spent all day on the drawin board. Feels good. Might make a regular thing. Alright, I'm out.

Time for dindin and chillchill. Night!~

Spent all day penciling 6 massively packed commissions traditional on the drawin board. Feels good. Might make a regular thing

Tree pollen is in full effect. Forecast today is 8.0, by this weekend gonna be 11.0. No wonder I keep sneezing and nose running. Med Time.

Traditional is go. All day baby.

DoN #2 Out Now -

Sometimes a client is just not a good fit for your business model. When you realize this, you should move on quickly or get stuck with spinning tires.

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