Streaming And Drawing In April Is A Wrap

April 30, 2021


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Thanks for a great April of drawing, streaming and releasing my new book! We ended the month on a solid note, drawing free 5 minute sketch requests for viewers via random raffle. 

My latest art book, Best of Request Volume 5 is all done with its pre order sale. Its now ongoing at its normal price along with the rest of my books, and pre orders are starting to arrive to the happy hands of their purchasers.

All the EWG branding has been reset to normal and the book promotion material taken down. The stream put back to normal and the main promotion of the book has ended. All the books continue to be available and generally kept in stock ongoing for anybody that wants one. The shipping has been increased as international rates in the last couple of months have nearly doubled. This will be lowered on the store items as soon as the shipping rates go down.

The first Covid 19 vaccine of 2, has been kicking my ass since I got it on Tuesday. Wierd pains and fatique and messing with my sense of taste and smell. Despite that I got the book orders all done and the second shipment of them is going out by Monday. 

I almost took today off due to post-sale burnout and the vaccine issues but I streamed anyways. I took my time, did 5 min requests all day and just had fun kept it chill. Just what I needed.

All art from Wednesday and today has been sent out. Masterlist has been updated. We'll get back to requests proper next week. Till then I look forward to resting up and regrouping after the big book sale and figuring out whats next. More books? More personal works for prints? Who knows. Have a great weekend and see you in May!

Volume 5 Pre-Order Sale Has Ended! Final Batch Has Shipped!

April 29, 2021


#sale #book #order #shipment

The pre-order sale of 'Best of Request Volume 5' has ended! The final shipment of books is ready to drop off at the post office and send to their forever homes! Thank you to everyone who got in on the sale! The books are now at their normal prices once again. The shipping for outside of the U.S. unfortunately has gone up. While I kept it the same for the pre-order sale, it has been increased to cover the average cost going forward. I hope as we get beyond the pandemic the prices will go down and so will my shipping charge. 

Thank you to every single supporter who helped make this my biggest and best book release/ book order yet! Was a new EWG best! These books are on their way and will start arriving in the next couple of days!

If you missed out, all my books are generally kept in stock and available ongoing in the EWshop! The exclusives that go with each release are only available during pre-orders, or until any extras run out. 
There are a half dozen Volume 5 exclusive bookmarks left over, but that's about it!

After pre orders begin arriving at their destinations the digital edition will be released! 

Check out all the print and digital items available in the ewSHOP, and look for new merch and products throughout the year!

Thank you for helping make Volume 5 a success!

First Shipment Of Books Is On Its Way

April 27, 2021


Got my 1st vaccine shot done! Piece of cake! Also got the first shipment of books out! Get more out soon! Get your copy on sale till Friday! 

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Final Days To Preorder

April 25, 2021


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Wildcat - Fan Art Warmup Sketch

April 20, 2021


A warmup sketch in #inkscape I might finish sometime. Always loved Wild Cat since I saw him on the animated Justice League series - no powers, no gadgets, just a strong/ skilled fighter - crazy enough to take on villains more super powered than him.  #fanart #wildcat #dccomics 

Under two weeks left to pre order my new artbook!


Look good together, don't they?

Each pre order includes these items

Lots to look at, lots of sauce to study, and a little bit of reading along the way.

Get your copy of, 'Best of Request Vol. 5', and any other of my art books, on sale when you order by April 30th! Orders of 2 or more of any book receive an additional random 'Thank You Drawing That Is Perfect For You' in their shipment! 

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Dingo + Gorilla Mashup Drawing + YouTube Video

April 15, 2021


Warmup from Wednesday. I randomly generated the prompt words 'Dingo' and 'Gorilla' and this is what I ended up with! Fun stuff designing this creature. 

Drawn in Inkscape with Wacom Intuos Pro

Check out the process of this drawing start to finish on my YouTube Channel here:

#drawing #dingo #gorilla #characterart #creature #design #sketch #inkscape #digitalart #mashup 

No Stream Today. Get My New Book!

April 13, 2021


No stream today. True story. Go grab my new drawing collection book. So when this happens again, you have something to snuggle up with and not be lonely.

See folks tomorrow for the draws! 

#book #merch #snuggles #truestory

Happy Easter!

April 4, 2021


Happy Easter!

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