Finished Streaming TnC Inks

April 30, 2014

#livestream +Livestream @livestream #stream @picarto #picarto Well thanks to those who came out to view the live streams. Cause you won't be able to see the recorded videos I attempted to make. The setting to 'save recording to desktop' also didnt work apparently so its not even on my computer. yet when I open procaster, its set to do so.
Well anyways...finished TnC inks. Part 1 video that was an hour 15 min didn't encode right on the Livestream server so when you play it just sits there blank. Thats their mess up. Part 2 featuring 2 hours i did after lunch didnt save at all even though i said save it. Good job Livestream server! - gee, wonder why i started using Picarto for my streams... lets see. No ads, crisp clarity even full screen, and though I dont see a way to record at this time, it provides unlimited streaming and straight forward interface without ads that try to trick you to download stuff or pop ups. Hmm... and Livestreams lowest tier paid plan is like 100 bucks isnt it? Why would you pay that for their crappy service? Seriously. Guess I'll wait a month till I forget how bad it is again and then use it and then get reminded. Like I did today. Good show, good show. My live streaming will stick with Picarto thank you very much. All they have to watch out for is neko and furry arts. And at least they are predictable.
Wonder if Stanley Lau has any of these issues with his streams?

TnC 40-44 Inks Livestream Video Part 1 and Part 2

Cory never gets to make it out to Livestreams when I'm working on TnC - so thought I'd do him a favor and record the inking on this week's 40-44! Enjoy the part one was done before lunch, part 2 after lunch. Previously I thought they didn't encode right or Livestream messed up. Apparently they just took forever gettin them up on the site. Enjoy!

Part 1 - Ink lines
Watch live streaming video from eryckwebbgraphicsart at

Part 2 - Black Fills and extras
Watch live streaming video from eryckwebbgraphicsart at

Fire Axe Wielder - Character Art Commission

April 29, 2014

Finished character art commission - one character w/ full background/effects
Fun stuff - bit of a monster with the various details/ effects.
But pretty happy with the result, hope the client is too! Below is some shots of the process. Enjoy! Any questions about techniques or steps used please commetn below and I'll answer as promptly as possible. Used a lot of different techniques on this one

Initial concept mockup sketch - client liked it but i wasn't satisfied with the angle

Actualy penciled this traditionaly on a marker pad outside on a nice day when i was tired ofbeing cooped up in the ol' studio. Some of the proportions are off and I didnt have reference was drawing from memory so it doesnt have everything

Went over the pencils on computer made new refined pencils. Added character design details i forgot and indicated the shades/ lighting a bit for the inking stage. This is as tight as I took the pencils before inking

Lineart inks with pencils on a layer below it. Inked in inkscape. Also a bit cleaner than the tight sketch underneith now.
Finished inks as they were exported from Inkscape and imported to Photoshop
Except for some glow effect on the fire and lava, this is the basic flats for he piece
From here added shading highlights and effects to create the finished piece at top!

Thanks for checking the process out and as I said before, got questions about the process or wondering how I did a particular part, ask in the comments below. I'm an open book, and will answer as accurately and promptly as I am able!

Speed vs Quality

April 25, 2014 post by Peter Palmiotti this morning I thought was good food for thought, for myself and for clients and for other comic creators. Reposted below. Click the link to go to his blog. Click the image to visit his podcast 'independent road'

Pulled from the Original Post at Peters blog:
Posted by peter on Tuesday, April 22, 2014

On Time Delivery.

     I don't expect to be on-time with all I'm setting out to do, which is a lot, but I do think a constant push in trying to achieve all this will result in getting there, maybe even quicker.
    This is based on experience and mostly what has worked for me. I don't recommend it to others.
    It also has a lot to do with what I'm looking to do, and also that I ultimately don't care to be 100% perfect out of the gate. A large part of what I do wish to perfect (over time.) is only accomplished by posting online. I'm a guy, I learn by making mistakes.. not reading instructions.

    What I wanted to chat about here today has to do with a conversation I recently heard. Mentioned was Speed VS Quality. In a way what I'm currently doing falls under speed. I thumb nail a page, I decide its good enough or make changes only in my head.. then pencil and ink. Not a lot of fine tuning or fuss. (though I'm spending a fare amount of time on how it looks online (on-line sizing/ DPI levels, etc. are things I'm figuring out.) Not to say I slap it together but I could clearly spend two days on a page, not one.

    This is my first time attempting the regular production of comic pages, any ones done in the past where mostly sporadic. But it is understood that comic art is a language not an illustration. Although most comic artists of today are some of the finest illustrators of our time! I approach each page as individual camera shots. Linked together they (hopefully) tell us a story. I ultimately wish to be the best of both worlds. As an inker for most of my career my penciling isn't so tight, I'm going with the flow. I thumb nail to grab hold of an image and then pencil it out knowing as an inker I usually tighten images up.. but I find myself wanting tighter pencils to work off of. I'm sure after  few more weeks I may find myself doing just that. If I'm to keep up with my crazy schedule I have to shoot for speed.. part of me realizes a certain looseness is helpful in expressing action and fluidity. Most of my penciling is stiff and I try to breakout of that.

    One of my penciling heroes is John Romita JR, who is renowned for being a bit of a speed demon. Jack Kirby who's work I also love is the same... this is not to say I'll ever reach their status but one reaches.

    So I'm not about to spend too much time penciling, or total time on each page.. I'm focused on completion! Deadlines have always been a sickening, looming, dreadful end to each individual illustration or project over all and its time to give it an overall left hook in the face.

    What's your preference? Speed or Quality?

    I know in the end each page (from a business stand point) represents X dollars, and if you need to make Y amount each month then you need to produce Z amount of pages to survive. But I don't wish to only survive anymore, I wish to Thrive!!!

Here's to making it big,
Thanks Peter for this ensightful commentary. Very good topic that many creators and commissioners need to consider.

Tonights Thursday Night Stream

April 24, 2014

Thursday Night Livestream tonight! Will be working on Orders for:


Kicks off 830pmEST over at the EWG Livestream Page ( ) by clicking 'Livestream' on the Featured Pages menu.

Video is based off Picarto stream, chat is based off - can watch at Picarto, can chat at Livestream, but only one place to see and say - right here at the EWG website!

Throw Back - SuperFriends 2004

#throwbackthursday #tbt Todays Throwback Thursday post - Heres an oldy from 2004! This is a 11x17 illustration I did in pencil, then inked with sharpie/micron pens of me and the group of friends I hungout the last year or two of college. Each one in different super hero/ fighter designs/outfits depending on personality/ preferences and some just random. Random only if there was nothin really to come up with for them. I am in the middle with the blue face/hair and robot arm. My creativity was pretty fertile around then I guess! Just drawin all kindsa crazy crap from my brainnzzzz. colored on the computer, still wasn't relaly great at coloring in photoshop but had to start somewhere! This ended up being a big ol' 4 foot by whatever foot mural on the dude with the orange trenchcoats wall. Looked sweeeet. Wonder if he still has it. 
Sad to say am out of contact with all these folks now. After college seems everyone goes back to where they live or move to somewhere new in pursuit of lives and careers. But this time was a great time I will always remember!

Still Working Even If A Little Quieter This Week

April 23, 2014

Working on a lot of comic and graphic projects I have to keep the lid on but when i'm workin on spring special orders or other not-so-senstiive materials i'll be sure and toss up WIPs and such. After a quick lunch break I'm switching over to spring Special Orders, trying to wittle away at that queue rest of the day. Stay tuned for more WIPs, maybe i'll even turn cam on. I do believe I will be doing a Thursday Night Livestream with Spring Special Orders and some tunes for a few hours tomorrow night. So stay tuned for that, usualy the best way to come out, ask about commissions, or about process and interact with me in in real time. ~E

Vote on new EWG web address - 5 choices

April 22, 2014

While we wrestle with reclaiming url, we're thinking about the possibility of not getting it back anytime soon. If the time comes to consider other options, help us decide what it should be! Narrowed it down to five choices, weigh in on the one you like best!

The DeviantArt poll:

Can also place your 2 cents in the comments below!

Nerdgasms Interviews TnC Creator Cory Matthews

April 21, 2014

#webcomic #comic #interview #tnc #geek just posted their really cool interview with Cory Matthews, EWG Client, TnC Creator and Writer - and collaborator! Check it out, learn more about the comic and the mind behind it and share/ like etc! Thanks Nerdgasms for the great interview, for the shoutouts and to cory for the shoutouts as well. Look forward to more TnC comic strips to come!
Original Post:

The Interview; did an interview with our friend and comic creator Cory Matthews about his creation: T n C Comics.
TnCTogether_PromoCover_byEWG_530-cols copy
Nerdgasms: So you do TnC comics which is based on you, Cory, and your wife, Tia. Do you want to tell us a little about the comic itself?
Cory: Sure it’s basically started out with just a single strip of me teasing my wife about packing her bags for vacation and just going way overboard and packing like thirteen bags for a one week vacation … I knew an artist, Eryck Webb of Eryck Webb Graphics who I had commissioned artwork from before and I asked him if he would be interested in doing the strip. He took it on and made fun of Tia with it and I showed around to a bunch of family and friends everybody enjoyed it. They all thought it was funny and so they all asked me when is the next one? When is the next one. I hadn’t really thought that far ahead, so when it seemed like enough people liked it I decided I’m gonna try to do more and TnC comics was made.
Since you started, what has been the response you’ve gotten?
Pretty much every everybody likes it. The best part is when people are like “oh. That sounds like me my wife” or friends that go that totally sounds like something you would do to Tia. Yo everyone likes it. It seems like the fan favorite is Colby everybody likes it when Colby makes a guest appearance … overall for all everyone really likes it a lot like
What was Tia’s first reaction when you showed her the first strip that Eryck drew?
When she first saw it, she was like “that’s cute”  That was pretty much the end of it.  She didn’t like the fact that she was the butt of the joke in the first comic.  But when once I did some more and hammered out some scripts and Eryck did the artwork, she saw I was the bumbling goofball of the comic strip, she liked it a lot more.
What about your kids?  They are starting to make appearances.  Were they hesitant to be in it at first?
I’m the adult.  So I didn’t really give them a choice.  I just did it. Ciara thought it was cute and she really liked it when I started including her bearded dragon, Steve. She asked me to print out a copy of the strip to hang up on her wall. She’s pretty proud of Steve being in it.  My son just turned 20 and he moved back home. So he’s being included in the strip and he’s included in the latest issue.  Slowly we’re getting everyone back in it.  Basically it’s going to focus on the 4 of us and our nephew Colby.
How long does it take you to write a script?  Do you bank a bunch of them?
It’s hard because I always feel like I have these great ideas.  But the great ideas always seem to hit at like 11:30 at night when you’re laying in bed trying to go to sleep. They never hit you at like 4 in the afternoon. Last week, I think I did eleven scripts and this week I’ve been sorta flabbergasted and I haven’t done anything. The good thing is I sorta just type them up and save them and ship 4 scripts a month to Eryck.  He does 4 strips at a time so that gives me enough time to figure out some more.  Plus they kinda write themselves.  Yesterday, everyone was gone from the house except for me.  I thought that’s what I wanted until I was alone then I was bored.  Something like that translates pretty easy to a 3 or 4 panel comic strip.
In one of the latest editions, your character complains about “based on a true story”.  Is that a nod to your comic strip?
No.  It’s actually something that really really irks me. At the beginning of every television show or movie, they say “based on a true story” but they never really tell you what it means.  How much of it is a true story?  All of it but they changed the name of the character for privacy issues? Or is it that the story happened in a small town in Pennsylvania and that’s the only part that’s true and everything else is made up.  It just drives me nuts.  It’s one of those things that makes me scratch my head sometimes.
It’s like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  It says based on a true story, but the only true part was there was a killer that wore people’s faces.  It wasn’t with a chainsaw, there wasn’t a whole family of crazies.  It wasn’t even in Texas. 
Exactly.  But it’s “based on a true story”.  Haha.  Then you have “loosely based on a true story”, that’s just making things up.  Why even bother saying it’s based on a true story?  People give me weird looks when I go off on those tangents.  But it’s one of the things I think about.
I feel your pain.  I have a strong physics background, so movies like Mission Impossible drive me nuts.  I’ll yell “GRRRR THAT CAN’T HAPPEN!” and everyone thinks I’m nuts.
Tia says the same thing.  She says I ruin movies when I say things like “ya know, I don’t know why the right side of that car is all mashed up.  He was getting rammed on the left hand side.  The left hand side should have been messed up.”  And she’ll just tell me to shut up and enjoy the movie. One of the funnier ones is the movie Troy with Brad Pitt.  I guess there’s a plane flying by in a shot.  Good job editing that.
With TnC comics, what’s your ultimate goal with the strip? 
Ideally, I’d like to get it printed.  The whole idea of it was to pass something down to the grandkids when Tia and I got old.  “look!  Grandma and grandpa were in the comics!”  But the positivity I’ve gotten from it has been so overwhelming, so I’ll take it as far along as I can.  I’m not looking to make any money on it. I’m not going to be Bill Watterson [creator of Calvin & Hobbes] or Jim Davis [creator of Garfield] or anything.  If I can get some books made and people actually want them, I’d be willing to do any of that.  I’m working on a kickstarter to hopefully cover some of the financials of getting a book made.
With Eryck Webb doing the artwork for the strips, how long does it take him to do the 4 stories for the month and get them to you?
It takes him about a week.  He’s got other projects going on as well. It basically comes down to me sending him the 4 scripts and he sends me back a rough draft.  I ask him for any changes I need, which is pretty seldom.  He and I are on the same page for the most part. So it goes really smoothly.  He sends me the rough draft. I’ll OK them.  And a few days later, he sends me the final copy.  Then I have the hardest job of all.  I have to hang on to them for a month without showing people.  Then hand them out every Friday like candy.
Since you’ve started doing the strip, have you noticed the audience growing and growing?
Ya know.  I do it for me.  But at the same time its nice to know that people enjoy it. They say not to worry about it and just do it because you like to do it. But everyone wants to be accepted and everyone wants to be known for being good at something. So every week I get a few new likes on Facebook. And just this month, my friend Scott has helped me set up  We’ve got those two venues going, we have twitter, deviantart, and I also post on different forums.  So I try to get it out there. I like it and everyone else seems to like it.  So I want as many people as possible to see it.
I like it because it keeps the G-rating and unlike a lot of comics in the newspaper, it’s still funny. Having a wife that is not part of geek culture, I read it and say “this could be my wife and me”
The G-rating, I do that because I want everyone to be able to enjoy it and read it.  I don’t want to alienate anyone. I wish I could go more than a G-rating because I have a whole lot of material I could talk about. But I think it might ruin the innocence of the comic strip. You can’t get into serious topics or adult conversation and then come back with Colby playing with a bearded dragon.  That’s two different things and two different areas. I try to keep it fun and innocent and go from there.
What does your family think about the comic?  Do they find it funny?
Yeah. My brother is usually the first one I hear from every week. He always says “I can totally see you doing that”. And my sister-in-law will tell me “I’d me mad if I was Tia.  There’s no way Clayton would get away with that.”  Everybody seems to like it.  The only complaints I’ve heard was in the beginning when I was doing the coloring.  Some people said the coloring looked a little plain.  Then Eryck took over the coloring chore with TnC #10. So I guess I fixed the only complaint.
For this years San Diego Comic Con, they gave you a professional badge.
Ha. How did that make you feel when you got that notice?
Actually I was proud.  It was almost like having another baby.  Like I said, I was doing it for fun.  And my friend Walden Wong, who inks for Marvel right now, was like “you can go, you’re a professional now”.  I just make comic strips on the internet, that shouldn’t matter.  But he said it does, and he believed in me enough to file all my paperwork and make me flyers to pass out at San Diego Comic Con. He did all that.  And I got the thing that said congratulations you’ve been accepted as a professional at SDCC, I thought it was pretty cool.  I can’t wait to get the badge that says “Cory Matthews” and has TnC Comics underneath. I’ll probably frame it because I’m a goofball like that.  I figure if I can get into comic con, I can get in everywhere now.
With newspapers dying off and the comic strips moving online, has that been helpful because of more outlets or harder because of competition?
It works both ways.  In one way its easier because there’s a lot of people that have submitted to have their comic syndicated and be told they’re not good enough.  There’s a lot of talented people out there.  So they have a bigger outlet to get their comics seen. And with all of these print-on-demand outlets, it makes it easier for people to get their stories out there. And there’s a lot of great stories that I’ve found that I would never have found if I was just looking in the newspapers. It’s really sad because I enjoy getting the Sunday paper and reading my comics. That’s something I grew up with, getting the Sunday paper and reading the comics.  Now that newspapers are slowly dying out, that’s sad. But now there’s more options out there. Where before you could only find a comic you like in the paper, now you can find a comic you like anywhere on the internet.
What’s been the best moment of doing the comic so far?
This.  This is pretty cool.  This, getting my comic con badge.  Just knowing there’s other people out there that are doing it and are willing to help.  Its been like a brotherhood.  There’s websites I’ve gone to like and and they’re there to help people.  It’s not cutthroat. They’re not trying to shove you out of the way to get their comic more out there.  There’s so much room that they get their comics out there, then scoot over a little bit and let you put your ideas on the table too. So finding out you’re not alone is pretty cool.  Finding out you don’t have to be super successful to be successful. If that makes sense.
It’s kind of cool with the geek culture.  Most people help each other out.  I see that with my site.  Bigger sites helping me out and giving me suggestions.
That’s what’s nice. People make it seem that if you’re a geek or a nerd, you’re a shut in.  You live in your mom’s basement and play on the internet and play video games and have all of this seclusion.  Except it’s almost totally the opposite.  Through the internet, I’ve been able to branch out and made friends with people all the way to Virginia [editor note: Cory lives in the Northwest US] who do web comics.  Chris Flick [] is one of them.  He’s 3 time zones away and he still doesn’t care that I bother him for ideas or tips or to pick his brain.  So I’ve been able to make friends that I would never have been able to make before if I hadn’t been nerdy enough to spend time on the internet.
Is there anything you want to add?
I wouldn’t change anything.  I got a great artist in Eryck Webb.  I’ve got terrific people willing to help in Byron Wilkins, Chris Flick, Dawn from webcomicsalliance.  I’m just having a blast.  I can’t believe that a one-strip comic that I was going to use to just tease my wife with is something that I’m being interviewed about and considered a professional at San Diego Comic Con for. It’s the Superbowl of Comic Conventions.
Through you, I got to work with Eryck Webb.  If you’re on the site, he did the logo and the little character that he dubbed Nerdgasmo. That was all done by Eryck.  For me, he was fantastic to work with.  Through a couple emails, he had an amazing grasp of what I was looking for.  He send over 8 samples and through a composite of them all, he knew exactly what I wanted and did a fantastic job.
That’s what I love about Eryck.  It’s not like “here’s your work now go away”.  He makes himself available through email and he web streams artwork.  So some nights I sit back and watch the live stream.  It’s awesome to be able to watch the artwork being done from a blank piece of paper, to a sketch to pencil lines to color to lettering.  And you see it all come together.  To me at least, that’s really entertaining.  That’s part of the reason I went with him. It wasn’t just a job, but something he really enjoys doing.  That’s what I was looking for, somebody that would enjoy doing it too. So I enjoy working with him.
He doesn’t make it a black box.  It’s not like “here’s your work”.  He involves you through the whole process.
He has been so helpful because he has his own comic. He does a web comic he puts out called Jumping Boy.  Me being new at it, I get emails from him saying “are you sure you want to do it like this?  It might be better this way” and he’s right.  So we go that way.  It goes back to what I was saying.  In web comics, everybody helps everybody. It makes it fun.  It’s not stressful. It’s fun.
Being friends aside, it’s a really good comic that I look forward to.
Yeah.  Every Friday.  I haven’t missed one yet.  In May, I think, it will be one year and we haven’t missed one Friday.
You even took the comic version of you on vacation with you.
Sometimes you have to do what you have to do.  Eryck was nice enough to draw Tia and I in vacation clothes and I printed it out and did a little cut out and brought it with us to the Caribbean.  So we got TnC in Honduras in some Mayan ruins. I thought it was something fun to do.  No matter where we go, TnC is coming with us.
Any final words?
Thank you for the interview.  Thank you to Eryck Webb for being a great artist.  Thank you to all the people who have helped me so far.  Thank you to all the people who will help me when my Kickstarter project goes up.  I figure after that 30 days of the kickstarter project everyone is going to hate me for bombarding them.

Interview with T n C Comics creator: Cory Mathews

Easter Egg Hunt Over!

April 20, 2014

The first EWG website easter egg hunt has ended! Thanks to those who participated, and snagged a real good deal by hunting down the egg. Location shown above! Easiest way to get to this post was via the EWG Gallery Of Work page. The egg on this pic showed in the thumbnail large and clear. Or if you happened to navigate to this page. But the gallery was more likely.

So those folks shall enjoy the discount on their next orders. Thanks so much to those who tried to participate but faced nothing but frustration and confusion because apparently (with no pre-warning) the domain name expired lastnight. I tried my best to setup the site as (the domain cloaked that true url) - and hoped people would try to come back and do the hunt but alas I'm sure it killed a lot of the interest. Those who came and snagged the discount came in the first couple hours before the domain went down.

Was a fun event to have and will do it again next year with NO domain problems!

Hope everyone had a Happy Easter - back to biz as usual this week! Will be out of office majority of Monday, so any pending invoices or emails I will get back to Tuesday!

EWG Easter Egg Hunt! Easter Sunday Only!

April 19, 2014

This event has ended! Come back Easter 2015 for the next Easter Egg Hunt!

Happy Easter! Starting 11:59pmEST Saturday 4/19 and ending 11:59pmEST 4/20, the EWG Easter Egg shown here is hidden somewhere on the EWG website! Where oh where did that EWG Dewd Bunny hide the shiny EWG egg?

Find it and you will receive $15.00 off of your next invoiced order.

MUST Take a clear screenshot of the easter egg above and part or all of the page its hidden on and send it to EWG at as soon as you find it so we can put you down as having found it ( so you can be applicable for the discount when your ready to use it)!

Once you have sent the screenshot you are LOCKED IN name and the discount. And can choose WHEN to use it at any point in the future! DO NOT have to use it right away! But can!

1. Does not include sales, specials or slots.
2. Must be used within 2014 year.
3. Non transferable.
4. Can Only be applied to one invoice. Whether it contains multiple items or just one.
5. Customer still pays paypal fee on total of order.

Thanks for participating in this year's Easter Egg Hunt!

Hint: I promise its not ridiculously far back in the archive of posts - its within current posts or pages.

Happy Easter from EWG

April 18, 2014

Heres something I've been waiting to post up - and thought it'd be fitting to do on Good Friday before Easter Sunday! I thought about going in a heart warming cutesy easter bunny n basket and eggs n flowers direction and maybe some blue birds n sunny blue skies n happy happy. But then I decided - where do I really wanna go. I wanna go balls to the wall Easter Bunny evil bustin anime style! Annnd this came out. Lol - been workin on it the past couple days. The header design was actualy a test for the style etc I had in mind and will actualy be used in a similar way but with diff title setup for my Jumping Boy one shot coming out for Free Comic Book day. But this was designed first and I darn tootin like it. The comics code and 10cents is just a funny homage to the comics o' old. They really mean nothing haha. Enjoy, Happy Easter however you celebrate or why-ever you celebrate it. We'll be havin a nice church service and big ass ham when we get home. What will you be doing for easter?
Penciled/ Designed/ Colored in Adobe Photoshop 6.0, inked in Inkscape.

Throw Back - Corvette girls 1999

April 17, 2014

#throwbackthursday #tbt #art #comics #sketchbook
Every Thursday I enjoy seeing other pages posting 'Throwback Thursday' nostalgia - well I thought 'hey i can do that' - as I have all the art i've ever had on my computer all the way back to like 2005 or earlier. Infact the earliest FOLDER is marked 'Pre 2007' so theres like 10 years just in that one folder. Then after that I made a new folder every year. Well heres an OLDIE!
Was colored with prisma color markers I used to own (i really dont know where they went....) and ol' micron pen probably. This is a sketch from an 11x14 sketchbook and looks like was done in 1999! Holy archives batman! Not too shabby. Haha - this was back when whether something came out well or not was completely hit or miss. I was drawing all the time back then, and in my highshool's 'Anime Club' where basicaly me and buncha other anime fans and comic geeks got together every Wednesday and just drew, talked about comics and sometimes had anime playing on a vcr in the bg. This was a very creatively fertile year for me i remember drawing and coloring and filling at least two sketchbooks that year.
I remember I was so proud of this corvette drawing i drew using a pic from a corvette magazine for reference. And then had to sorta guess at the size compared to the service guy and the two girls.
Its cool to stop look back, and even my signature was different then. I always used EH instead of EW cause I liked the japenese looking symbol i could make. Why does the service guy look like Steve from Horseshoes and Handgrenades. I suppose the other two are thelma and louise? i have no idea.


Bruce the Brooder - Warmup Sketch

Warmup this morning featuring everyones favorite anti-social know it all Batman! Or as I have renamed him from hence forth - Bruce The Brooder - I enjoy me some batman but perhaps from my own fandom or other sources I always have issues drawing him. As hes already been protrayed so well so many times. Anywho, this was about 30 minutes in photoshop with wacom intuos 2 and brush tool for lines and bigger one on set back opacity layer for the grays. Onto work! Have a great Thursday. There will be no Thursdsay Night Livestream tonight me thinks.

X-Sketches - random doodling

April 16, 2014

Doodling some xmen characters in some freetime just for no reason - the best kinda sketching - clockwise from top left - xavier, jubilee, cyclops, beast, juggernaut, wolverine, psylocke, colossus, sentinel

Spirit Within

An illustration I did this morning as a warmup but ended up bein a completed piece - a firey burning aura surrounds a wicked spirit. But is it a spirit of good or evil!? Time will tell! Just playing with design something wicked glowing firey powerful willed spirit kinda thingy. Onto work I actualy been paid to do haha
Photoshop about 30 min

Void - The Final Chapter - Art by Eryck Webb

 Void in a bout of fisticuffs with an enemy

Saw this: ( ) on the ol facebook feed this morning. A webcomic by Bill Cain, called Void. This cover marks the beginning of its final chapter! And whats that name on the bottom left with the other two? Yep! This is a full comic episode I was commissioned to draw/letter back in 2012! And its now going up! Talking about getting your queue in early!

I invite you to bookmark/ subscribe to the site stay tuned in coming weeks. This is definitely some old work and i've learned so much and grown so much since then but I think its pretty cool regardless! Go check it out as it is revealed in coming weeks!

Mikey - Warmup Sketch

April 15, 2014

30 min warmup this morning - got some turtle page commissions to work on today so wanted to draw something sorta in the direction to get me warmed up/ primed to draw pages - well as warmups go, this has a lot of problems and i'm not totaly happy with it but feel like its good enough to post/ show. some mikey comin atcha in the design style of the comics i currently working on with the sport wrappings and relaly long bandana and makeshift belt and the shell style i use in my version of the TMNT currently. 
Alright, on to those pages and other commissions today. Flippin snowin today - what the flip?

Kill La Kill and Fire Emblem - Spring Special Orders Continue

April 14, 2014

 Finished one character min/no background of Kill La Kills' Ryuko. Wasn't previously familiar with the series but while gettin inspiration for the piece looked at a bunch of clips from several battles from the series - its pretty awesome stuff. My fav though is the soundtrack. its flipping awesome! So had it going during majority of this illustration!

Below is sort of a look at the steps in the process of creating this piece. Starting with the pencils as far as I took them, with just loose information put down enough for me to finish out in inks. I usualy just make sure I'm happy with the proportions, and i articulate the face and fingers abit, other than that, finish out rest in inks! Admittadly theres an energy/ attitude in the pencils that got a bit lost in the inks. But I'm happy with the inks in their own respect as well. In this case as I've started doing more and more lately since the Thursday Night Live sketch request which was all done in Inkscape, I've started penciling and inking straight in inkscape. Its just got a bit more fluidity to it that I can't explain.

So on another layer inked over the sketch and produced the finished ink art below, note areas thare are more finished than above.

Then I exported the lineart to photoshop where I flatted and shaded the colored art. A bit brighter tones than i was going for but all around happy with it! This is one of those works where I like the black and white inks almost better than the full color version. Ah well, it happens!

Enjoy the livestream video below of the hour and half Livestream recording. Finaly figured out what was going on with Livestream. I was broadcasting too much and reaching my limit of bandwidth/ recording time and it'd deny me logging back on the next day or a few days later. Refreshes each month. Also learned how much overall time/ and data i have so I will be able to use it to record sessions again more! So depending on the event will be using livestream or picarto. Livestream for recorded session and gaming and Picarto for all general art streams where I intend to be on lots/ long time.

Enjoy the stream, starting with colors finished up on a piece I was working on earlier today!

All done with Inkscape and Photoshop 6.0 (not to be confused with CS6 - but yes, 6.0)

If you wish to watch it here, just close the window it pops up when you hit play, and hit play again.

Watch live streaming video from eryckwebbgraphicsart at

TGIF - Back At IT

April 11, 2014

Lastnight's Live Commission Request event went very well. Was up till about 2am - now some tasty omelette/ toast and some strong coffee back at it 1030am! ‪#‎ewgkungfu‬

Turning on Picarto and finishing the two remaining orders from lastnight right now! (As of 1045amEST) - starting with a pencil sketch proof and then after that inking a turtles page and THEN hopefuly spring special orders. 
Daz my friday - whats goin on with you?

First Live Sketch Request Night A Wrap

Hulk gave the command to start the commissions! This was done while waiting for folks to grab seats and get ready for the event to kick off etc!

Pleased to say tonights first 'BW Live Sketch Request Night' was a success! Thanks to the folks who came out, slapped down $20 bucks and saw 20-30 min drawz of their requests! They were all fun and excited to say ALMOST got them all in under the time frame. But two were  done outside the event the next day. Started with warming up before the event kicked off with the hulk pic above! Then was on to the requests in order of received!
A creepy carnival type character kicked off the event.

Next was a anime heroine - I enjoy mixing anime looks with my own style and usualy something kinda neat comes out
Fun one the client called 'Cobras JoeBusters' is a ghost buster OC defected to Cobra! So free reign on this one with some specific requests on the hair and dress but other than that a free reign design for me.

With about an hour left in the event I was out of requests so doodled for a bit while sippin on some coffee. A TNC homage with an attempt at emulating calvin and hobbes came out! Shot this one over to cory since I had it.
A second order since there was no other ones, breaking my 'one per person tonight' rule but rather draw than waste viewers time :) So another anime character I tried infusing with my own style and agian, interesing what comes out.

Maybe inspired by the What The FarF goof, Cory tossed a request at me for a 'my style' non TnC style of TnC's 'Colby' - hes lookin like a G!

Final order of the night, a rendition of Witty's 'Victory' lookin strong and capable but o' so elegant as well. Fun one to finish out on!
The first order I did after the fact, Ghostbusting 50s house wife
And the final order in this live sketch event - Pison for gijoespouse! Thx so much!

The event went real well and theres little things here and there i'd change for next time but all in all, no stream problems from picarto and the internet connectionz, had some good trip hop playin and was overall a very nice evening of casual 'next up!' and just loose drawing. Some look like they were tight and a couple I got too ' perfection' oriented but all of them are loose sketchy and except for some underlying guides are almost completely drawn in what i use as 'inks'. Fun stuff! Will definitely do another live request event again! Maybe next month? Who knows!

Emby Junior - Kid Werewolf Mascot Design

April 10, 2014

Finished suite of poses for this mascot design for Emby Press. A chibi/ cutsie version of their logo character a medieval looking werewolf symbol. The bottom two with variations in the ear stance is a direct play off the parent logo. This will be for their kids imprint 'Emby Junior'. The client chose the bottom left but liked them all so much ordered them all to be finished.

The original six were illustrated in raster format in photoshop. These are traced and refined in vector via Inkscape and seperated into seperate PDFs as final file. Was a fun project to work on, love designing these little creatures for clients. Right up there with Monster Pets property and the Nerdgasm branding. Fun fun!

Artemis - B/W SKetch Live Request Night

This morning's warmup with my OC 'Artemis' wielding the gauntlets of a fiery warrior heart! Wanted to do it in the style/ workflow I'll be using for tonights FIRST black white sketch request night. Live here on the EWG LIVESTREAM PAGE ! You can watch it on Picarto, but to interact, order and etc you want to be on the page here on the site which shows picarto video and utilizes the superior chat. Event starts at 9pmEST and will be black and white sketches only quick drawings. Going to try to keep each one to about 15 minutes. Orders will be accepted between 9pmEST and 12amEST only! $20 per sketch, have your paypal and picture reference of established design / depiction ready to link! Orders received before the event will not be done during the event. Not fair to other customers. Orders will be completed in order of received. So be there and grab a seat early! Look forward to drawing for ya tonight!

Sword Art Online - Fantastic Random Discovery

April 9, 2014

Was shuffling through the anime series on Netflix this evening and randomly decided to checkout the series Sword Art Online. I was blown away by the highquality animation/CG mix and the music, and the time it took to really explore the wonder of their world. Then the awesomeness of this game world took a dark and scary twist. But I love the attitude of the main character in taking it on.
Really hiquality series, the first episode was amazing. MMORPG players who can wholey be in the game like the matrix are stuck and if they die in the game they die in real life. Only way out is to get through 100 ever increasingly difficult levels. But the execution of the animation and story telling and artwork and even the soundtrack is amaaazing. Right up there with .Hack Quantum - really look forward to watching more of this series on Netflix. As soon as the rockin end real and little epilogue bit was over I was quick to give it 5 stars. Thats rare for me.

Actual stills from the show:

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