Void - The Final Chapter - Art by Eryck Webb

April 16, 2014

 Void in a bout of fisticuffs with an enemy

Saw this: ( http://billcainonline.com/void/?webcomic_post=1212-if-stars-be-lovers-the-epic-conclusion-to-the-saga-of-void ) on the ol facebook feed this morning. A webcomic by Bill Cain, called Void. This cover marks the beginning of its final chapter! And whats that name on the bottom left with the other two? Yep! This is a full comic episode I was commissioned to draw/letter back in 2012! And its now going up! Talking about getting your queue in early!

I invite you to bookmark/ subscribe to the site stay tuned in coming weeks. This is definitely some old work and i've learned so much and grown so much since then but I think its pretty cool regardless! Go check it out as it is revealed in coming weeks!


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