Gnome Drawing

September 25, 2022


#gnome #warrior #clipstudiopaint #drawing

Testing out Inkscape 1.2

September 24, 2022

 #drawing and playing with #inkscape 1.2 ( the latest ) the mirror symmetry tool is pretty fun. still wish layers had opacity, other wise the newest version is growing on me. lots of new toys to play with. been learning it on my win 10 tablet.  may make the switch on desktop soon

Still Time To Get Halloween Commissions

September 21, 2022

Have a great Wednesday all! I'm in production mode offline today. Will be back 10amET tomorrow. 

Remember, there's still time to get Halloween art done by Oct 15th thru 31st, but the window is closing! Get it started here:

#drawing #commissions #comms


An Aussie And His Mates - Finished Request Upgrade Colors

September 14, 2022

An Australian FuzzyDemon and his mates. Pull up a stool he'll tell you about his latest adventure over a pint. I enjoy the gestural quality of the poses, expression and overall design and color choices on this request-upgraded to full color commission.

A 5ish minute drawing request from my Drawing Request Show on Twitch, with commissioned colors added on the sketch. Hence the scratchy/ sketchy nature of the line art. But there's something about it compared to inks that I always really like myself.

Inkscape/ ClipStudioPaint/ Wacom Intuos Pro 

Like this? Want to commission some charactert for yourself? Hit up my request form to get started

See you next Drawing! 

#australian #outback #aussie #kangaroo #koala #beer #croc 

New Oct 1st Halloween Commissions Are Closed!


Just a general notice to clients, supporters and fans. Any new Halloween commissions ( aka not already in the queue as of this post), will not be finished by October 1st. The queue for that turnaround is maxed out. 

However, there is still time to commission Halloween art items to be completed by October 15th, if you order in the next two weeks. Commissions needing finished by October 31st have 4 weeks left to order. 

I keep about a 4 week queue at any given time. So please plan accordingly! 

DM Eryck on any EWG platform with any questions or concerns. 

Thank you in general for your support! - The Hat

#halloween #commission #turnaround #deadline #queue #update #reminder

Girl Character Sketch Practice

September 12, 2022

#drawing #character #girl #sketch #study #autodesk #sketchbook

Pinup Girl Sketch WIP Commission


#pinup #girl #bomber #woman #noseart #pinupart #inkscape #sketch

Got my todos for the day done, and ended the production day with this fun prelim/ approval sketch! This is a B17 nose-art inspired commission, requested by the winner of my inked-colored illustration donation to KingsCreations' 9/11 charity drive on 9/9. This will be eventually inked and colored down the line. Thats it for me today, see the CRew tomorrow and Thursday 10amET for some Drawing Request Show fun. Only at 

Rando Robot Thingie - Inkscape Sketch


#drawing #illustration #robot #sketch #random #doodle #inkscape #wacom #intuospro

Random doodle in Inkscape without really thinking about it. I like what I ended up with so tacking it up in the ol sketchbook section for future reference. Keep doodling guys! Never know what cool/ fun things you';ll come up with to inspire you to do a finished piece from. Off to the commission work that pays! 

Hail To The King - 15min Warmup Sketch


Inkscape. 15min warmup sketch. The rightful heir to succeed Queen Elizabeth.

#king #queen #corgi #inkscape #drawing #warmup #dog #sketch

Head Shapes Sketch 09112022

September 11, 2022


#drawing #characterdesign #headstudies #character #samsunggalaxybook #spen #clipstudiopaint 

Chico Sketch 09112022

 #drawing #sketch #chihuahua #chico #dog #digitalpencils 

Drawing caricaturizing my fav chihuahua boy just for fun n practice. 

Clip Studio Paint on Samsung Galaxy Book 12with Spen

Best of Request Volume 6 Pre Order Has Ended


#drawing #artbook #book #preorder #presale #printorder #

Thank you for supporting my new book and my drawing! The bulk order containing everyones ordered copy is off to the printer! In a few weeks will arrive here and I will get to signing and sketching in every one of them! After that they will get packed and sent out to their individual owners!

Thank you for everyone who got one! You helped make this book release as successful if not more successful than previous volumes! Thank you!

Have your book to you in a few weeks!

If you missed out, all print copies will be available again next time I do a pre order. In the meantime, you can expect the digital edition to be available in the shop after the print orders are all shipped to their happy homes!

T-3 Days Left To Pre Order Best Of Request: Volume 6!

September 9, 2022


There's only 3 days left to request your pre order copy of Best of Request Volume 6 before the bulk order gets sent to the printer! This book will only be available in digital after! Thanks for getting a copy!

Get yours here, ships worldwide!

Pre Order ends 9/12

1st Copy Of Best of Request Volume 6 has arrived!

September 6, 2022

Thank you crEW for unboxing the first copy of my new book with me on stream today!

Get your copy by end of this coming weekend! 

Get it here:

Art sent! See you Thursday 10amET for more! 

#drawing #book #selfpublishing #artbook #drawingcollection 

Drawing with a stick in my sketchbook take 2

September 5, 2022


#sketchbook #ink #quill

After experimenting and drawing with a sharpened stick from my backyard, in my latest YouTube video, I kept drawing and indulging in the inky fun off camera. Its been fun dipping the whittled tool into a bottle of ink and scratching away. It required dipping pretty often, and sometimes was messy or unpredictable... but fun and satisfying. 

Somebody made a joke referring to 'EryckQuillz' on my YouTube video. I had forgotten about quills! Shortly after a Google search I came across a site called 'History of Pencils'. It had articles talking about the history of different drawing and writing tools.

I read up on quills which replaced reeds and even styli. Apparently, as I understand it, a 'stylus was a word for dry simple instruments carving out words on clay and wax tablets. Once you start dipping and using an applied medium the term becomes pen.  This is my understanding from only one site at this time mind you. I could be mistaken. But I found that interesting. Mostly because, these days, I use a dry stylus to make marks on my plastic electronic tablet on my computer and on my mobile touch screen. 

Any who, back to my point. I learned the main functionality of the reed pen or quill pen originates in its design. No matter the quality of the pens make, they all function best with a two prong tip. Each is split at the end of the pointy nib, creating a channel to hold ink, with what I gather, seems to be largely reliant on the ink's surface tension to hold it and gravity as well as use to feed more ink to the tip.

With this in mind, I took one of my previous stick pens and carefully split the tip in half like a snake tongue. Immediately, when dipping and drawing, it held ink in the split and fed the tip as I marked with it.  It lasted much longer before using up the ink, which meant dipping far less frequently. 

So here is a couple pages in my sketchbook where I scratched away with my stick pen and even played with some potential Halloween sticker/ tee/ merch designs.  Fun stuff. 

Thanks for looking! The learning and messing about continues!

Can I Draw With A Stick? || Sauce Labs 01

September 4, 2022


Welcome to my channel centered around drawing, diy sketchbooks and other drawing related content!

This is the first video in a series where I experiment with drawing in ways I have never tried!

Thank you for watching! See you next drawing!

#drawing #ink #stick #stylus #experiment #creative #art #traditional 

See the video experiment here:

Maaz 3 Year Twitchaversary Party Poster ARt

September 2, 2022


I'll be making an appearance and hanging long as I can at Maaz's 3 Year Anniversary Party tonight!
Usually goes live about 930pm!
This is some epic poster art I did for his special celebration!

🍷🍾Bring your beverage & chill awhile🍷🍾
🎁Giveaways🎁Chatting & Wine & Music
Live Sharks🦈Stream Raiders🎮Games #music #chillvibes #prizes
Artwork by 

4000 Follows Commemorative Piece


Thank you for a great day! We did a bonus stream for hitting 4000k follows! I really had a blast just working on original art, in the cartoony/ chibi-esque style I prefer, and being instructed and suggested by the chat the entire way. They picked from a few layout ideas for the 4000 blocks and then we slowly added objects and characters person by person via raffle. LOTS of fun! Look for this to get inked and colored in coming streams! We then raided @tnl001! Go show him some love! Have a great weekend, be back Tuesday!

We hit 4000 followers on Twitch

August 30, 2022


This is a highlight of the 4000 Followers milestone moment on my Twitch stream over at

Music 'Some Of You' by Text Me Records'

Thank you for getting me to 4000 followers on Twitch in only 6 years ( lul ) 

Come out Friday 10amET for a bonus stream, I'll be drawing what the chat tells me for a special 4000 followers commemorative illustration piece in collaboration with the community!

Thanks and see you next drawing!

6 Chibi Commission Slots Done This Week

August 26, 2022


#chibi #carrot #princess #sailor #stomp #davidbowie #mandolorian #babyyoda #grogu #military #valyrie #chihuahua

Heres a finished batch of 6 chibi commissions I finished today. I opened the slots Tuesday night and started working on them a little each day on Wednesday. It was really refreshing to have a 3 day turnaround on orders as well as the built in free reign I had on these fun character requests. Onto more commission work, and then the weekend. Stay tuned for future slot openings on the EryckWebbGraphics, 'Drawing Mill' Discord! If you enjoy my work, and want to follow my availability and overall updates, thats the place to lurk. Thanks for looking! 

Also don't forget to grab YOUR copy of my new drawing collection book 'Best of Request Volume 6' during the preorder going on NOW! Print edition will not be available after the preorder ends. Thanks for your support! 

Book Monster Warmup Timelapse

August 24, 2022


Get my new drawing-collecting book 'Best Of Request' Volume 6! It won't bite! Preorder going on here:

A wicked book creature for warmup today!

Thank you for watching see you next drawing!

Get more Eryck Webb drawing videos on my YouTube 

#drawing #book #artbook #creature #short #shorts #clipstudiopaint #monster #graffiti #hotrod #teeth #spooky 

Bus Cartoon Timelapse And Walkthrough

August 22, 2022


Watch the walkthrough timelapse process video here:

School Bus Hot Rod Chibi Cartoon || Timelapse Drawing In Inkscape & Clipstudio

A fun cartoon bus drawn as part of the August prompt over on the Eryck Webb Graphics discord draw jam! 
Thanks for drawing!

Get more Eryck Webb drawing content here:

See me draw live on Twitch weekdays:

See you next drawing!

Music: Pixelated Autumn Leaves - Jeremy Blake

#drawing #inkscape #clipstudiopaint #timelapse #schoolbus #school #backtoschool #bus #cartoon #hotrod #stylizedart

Watch the walkthrough timelapse process video here:

Request Your Copy Of My New Book!

Drawing Request Show is live Tuesday & Thursday 10amET this week! Till then, go request your copy of my new book 'Best Of Request: Volume 6' during its pre-order, going on now! It will only be available in digital after! Thanks for your support! 


Dexter's Laboratory

August 21, 2022


Dexters laboratory cartoon in my style drawing in clipstudiopaint

#dexterslaboratory #cartoon #draw #timelapse 

Check out the timelapse process video here

Bus Head

August 20, 2022

 #drawing #bus #school #head #clipstudiopaint

Some bus action for the monhly prompt on the Drawing Mill Discord right now,

Submarine head

#drawin #submarine #navy #paddle #clipstudiopaint #samsung #tablet 

Just a fun little underwater character drawing on the samsung galaxybook while chilling, resting up and staying in the AC during this sudden 90 degree weather day. 

Zombie Wants His Coffee || Warmup Drawing In Inkscape

August 19, 2022


#zombie #coffee #warmup #drawing #inkscape

Zombie Wants His Coffee || Warmup Drawing In Inkscape 

New timelapse video from my warmup today before getting to work on commissions 

Thanks for watching

Happy National Potato Day


A potato battleship via Captn' Honour

Bill Spudburg via iamlarcyn

My Neighbor Potatoro via iamlarcyn

The spud life via iamlarcyn

Happy National Potato day, heres a few favorite potatoes I've drawn over the last year or two! Fry them, bake them, mash them, can't go wrong! Heres to that tasty tasty vegetable!

#potato #potatoe #fries #mashedpotatoes #starch #frenchfries #bakedpotatoe #grits #hashbrowns #tatertots #drawing #inkscape #clipstudiopro

Now Part Of 'The Creative Kingdom' Twitch Stream Team


#twitch #stream #team #club #group #community

My Twitch channel 'EryckDrawz' is now a member of  The Creative Kingdom, stream team on Twitch!
I've been streaming on Twitch for 6 years and have enjoyed meeting all sorts of creative entertainers, artists and gamers out there. Its been really good getting to know KingsCreations and the awesome community he is building. I'm proud to be a part of it!

Thx for having me!

Ronin Guinea Pig says - thanks for the great streams!

August 18, 2022


Thanks for some great requests and streams this week, and for making my book launch on Tuesday a success! All art sent, masterlist updated - see you next stream!! 

One of my favs from today: Ronin Guinea Pig! With my splotchy ink brush in inkscape!

#drawing #request #commission

Best of Request Volume 6 is now available for pre order!

August 16, 2022


Very thankful for a great live book release / pre-order launch! Thank you crew!

My new book: 'Best of Request Volume 6' is available now:

#drawing #book #memoir #autobiography #yearbook #retrospective #bestof #artbook #art #book

Original Book: Best Of Request Volume 6

August 15, 2022

Best of Request Volume 6



- Released 2022
- Retrospective memoir of my drawing and streaming experiences in 2021
- Collects drawings from the 2021 stream year on Twitch!
- 240pgs
- 500+ drawings
- Color Cover
- Black and White Interior
- Includes sketch and signature!
- Ships world wide
Print Edition Sold Out
- Digital Edition Coming Soon

Best Of Request Volume 6 Pre Order Launch

August 12, 2022


Launching after the weekend! Live on stream! Have a good one! 

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