Thank You For Deviant Art Core Membership!

December 30, 2022

THANK YOU to whoever anonymously gifted me Core Membership on DeviantArt! Your kindness is very appreciated! Been enjoying revisiting my roots on dA in the early days of EWG!

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Warmup Drawing - My OC Bia


Warmup drawing of my OC 'Bia' this morning.

Get your character of choice in this inked, gray shaded style during the End Of Year Sale going on now! ( 'Commissions' on Menu )

YouTube Timelapse process:

#drawing #oc #gloves #gauntlets #badguy #inkcape #characterart

Thank You For A Great 2022 Drawing Requests

December 29, 2022


#drawing #inkscape #newyear #2022 #chibi #gamergirl #rocker #battle #centipede #hammer 

Thank you for a great final Drawing Request Show stream for 2022! We drew around 17 drawing requests, and streamed for 7.5 hours! The last Sauce Boss of 2022 was Hairfoot, and the final request of the year was for CocoKicks, of her OC avatar emerging from a GameBoy - wicked!

Thank you to everyone who came out, watched and took interest in my drawing, and my Twitch stream in 2022. I'm always very thankful to be an independent artist for a living, and I could not do it without the enthusiasm, encouragement and support of the crEW!

All art sent, masterlist updated and 2022 is officially a wrap. See you next year!!! Same drawing time, and same drawing channel!

Thank you! Sincerely,  Eryck, Kiwii, Chico, MooBot and the Hat. 

Bomber Man cooldown sketch

December 28, 2022


After working all day I was ready to shut things down but had an itch for some Bomberman fan art - so did a little cool down sketch. Stopping place for now, might come back to it later finish it off properly. Thats it for me, see folks tomorrow for some Drawing Request Stream - and dont forget to checkout the End Of Year Sale going on now on this site!

#bomberman #nintendo #videogame #bomb #bomber #inkscape #drawing #sketch #fanart

The Jackelope's Wrath - Emote Commission


Watch out for the Jackelope hordes! One of a set of jackelope-themed emotes I got wrapped up today. Get them cut out/ sized and to their forever homes soon. 

Thats all for today! See folks tomorrow for the last Drawing Request Show of the year! 10amET! 

#drawing #raid #slaughter #horde #jackelope #emote #fury #rage 

Sheriff Tex Pepper - Upgrade Commission Wrapped Up

Best be gittin' when Sheriff Tex Pepper comes to town..

A drawing request sketch upgraded to commission colors all finished up and on its way to its forever home.

#commission #finishedup #ontothenextone #inkscape #clipstudiopaint 

Pikachu - Warmup Drawing & Process Video

Warmup drawing of Pikachu to start my day!

Also to announce the launch of the End Of Year Sale! Save $15+ on inked w/ gray tone character art of your OC now through the new year! 

View the Process video on YouTube here 

Have a productive Wednesday all!

#pikachu #drawing #pokemon #commissions


Announcing The End Of 2022 Sale!


#drawing #characterart #commission #sale #graytones #sauce #cartoon

Its the End Of Year Sale! What would normaly be $45-60 is available as a $30 commission for a limited time! Use the Commissions Quote Request Form and order a few character arts for yourself!
Thanks for a great 2022, and heres a little savings going into 2023!
Sale/ Offer ends January 6th!

-Must pay full $30 invoice before commission will be drawn
-Must provide 1 solid reference for your character if not a mainstream one easily googled
-These get one sketch proof and then are finished with bw inks/ shades
-No combining more than one character on a single canvas for this sale offer
-All pieces still generally have a 3-4 week turnaround
-Purchase as many individual pieces as you want. Can all be invoiced at once.
-No background included/ available
-All drawn in Inkscape
-Customer gets 11x14 / 11x17 300dpi artwork depending on drawing proportions

Chico's Night Before Christmas - Happy Holidays from EWG!

December 23, 2022

 'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, 
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse;

The Webbs were nestled all snug in their beds, 
Visions of ham, biscuits and eggnog danced in their heads;

When from somewhere outside, there arose such a clatter,
Chico sprang from his bed to see what was the matter.

From atop the arm chair, what to his surprise should appear,
But a flying sleigh, pulled by eight mighty reindeer;

Before he could bark, a sound came from the roof
The prancing and pawing of each powerful hoof.

He hopped down to the floor and began to sniff all around,
Just as St. Nicholas came down from the chimney, with a hefty bound.

He was dressed all in fur, from his head to his foot,
His clothes were sparkling, despite any ash and soot;

A bundle of gifts he had flung on his back,
And with a heave and a thud, he opened his sack.

He spoke not a word, and got right to distributing gifts,
Filling every stocking, and beneath the tree where it sits,

When he completed task, he turned and gave Chico a good boy pat,
Then with a wink and nod, flew back up the chimney just like that;

Chico woofed once, as he heard him jump into his sleigh,
And off they flew, continuing on their way;

Chico settled back in his bed , as the old man flew out of sight:
Shouting "Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!"

Have a warm safe Christmas!
Thank you for all the support you give us,
Eryck, Kiwii and Chico

God's DIY SnowGlobe


#WinterStorm #WinterStormElliott #WinterSolstice #snowglobe #ice #freeze #windy #inkscape #drawing 

Santa Kitty and Elf Chihuhua Drawing Reqeusts - Twitch Highlight On YouTube

December 22, 2022


New on EWG YouTube - Santa Kitty and a Elf Chihuahua live drawing improv! 

Drawing Request Show returns Tues 12/27 10amET - be safe and have a Merry Christmas! 

#cat #christmas #dog #inkscape #drawing #elf #santa 

New full stream replays of Drawing Request Show 12-16 / 12-20 on YouTube!

December 21, 2022

Watch Drawing Request Show 12-16-22 | Unedited | Now on my YouTube

Watch Drawing Request Show 12-20-22 | Holiday Wheel edition! Now on my YouTube

#drawing #request #live #improv #prompts #stream #episode

8th Sketchbook of 2022 Ready To Draw

December 20, 2022


#diy #sketchbook #journaling #sketchbooking #drawing #practice #art #study #sketch 

Got two pages left in my current sketchbook, so spent some time tonight getting my next one ready. Its ready.

Follow my personal work: 'Fetch', on KoFi


Follow the progress of my new personal illustration: Fetch - original thumbnail' on Ko-fi. Get access to the hires digital print when its done. 

Thanks for a fun Tuesday DRS stream 122022

Thanks for a fun Tuesday drawing requests!

Enjoy this highlight from todays stream on YouTube

Support me on KoFi to DL today's stream warmup drawing!

See you Thursday 10amET for more at 

#emote #pog #art 

Wheeling Out The Holiday Gifts On Drawing Request Show!

December 19, 2022


Now through the New Year, viewers and supporters can unlock the 'Holiday Gift Wheel'... now live on Drawing Request Show through the end of the year! Thank you for a great 2022, and supporting my draws! Time to give a little back! See you Tues & Thursday 10amET till at least 1pmET for the drawing gift giving! 

Only at 

Ho ho hoooo!!

Rabbit Creature Warmup Drawing 121922

View the proccess video on my YouTube

Warmup before getting to work offline today - do it to it! Happy Monday! all things EW live drawing give EW coffee

See you live on stream Tues/Thurs this week! 

#drawing #bunny #rabbit #creature #pokemon #clipstudio

Streaming through the New Year

December 18, 2022


Drawing Request Show is live through the New Year, this week and next, Tuesday & Thursday, 1000amET! Come request what I draw and I'll draw your requests! See you there! Happy holidays!

#drawing #commission #request #prompts

Warmup Jeans Girl Toon Drawing - Hires KoFi exclusive

December 15, 2022

 Coffee me on Kofi and get todays original warmup sketch: Toon Jeans Girl, as a hires download! #kofi #toon #sketch #personalart

Drifting Christmas Delivery Truck Drawn Live || Twitch Drawing Request


Thanks for a great Thursday drawing requests, crew! All art sent, masterlist updated, highlight posted to my YouTube (  ). See you tomorrow by 10amET for some upgrade colors! We're doing two priority pieces and as many others as possible! C ya then!

Best Of Request Volume 6 - Print & Digital Publication

December 12, 2022

Best of Request Volume 6


- Print Edition Released Summer 2022
- Digital Edition Released Fall 2022
- Retrospective memoir of my drawing and streaming experiences in 2021
- Collects drawings from the 2021 stream year on Twitch!
- 240pgs
- 500+ drawings
- Color Cover
- Black and White Interior
- Includes sketch and signature!
- Ships world wide

Santa dash sketch

December 11, 2022


#santa #santaclause #gnome #elf #drawing #digitalart #pen #christmas #sketch

Dashing through the snowwww...

Alien Xmas Fanart Drawing


Enjoyed the Christmas cartoon, 'Alien Xmas' on Netflix - fun sci fi spin on the holiday with a lot of heart. Had to draw some fanart. #netflix #alien #xmas #christmas #drawing  

Sketchbook 2022 04 Flipthrough Tour

December 10, 2022

This is my 4th completed sketchbook of the year! This sketchbook is the biggest I've ever made, at 8.5x7 and 212 pages! I bound and decorated this sketchbook myself with cardboard, paper and string and glue from scrap materials around my studio. 

The idea behind these videos, is instead of yammering on about each page, you can flip through as if holding it and looking at it yourself. Pause when you want, and speed up or slow down the video to your preference! If you have questions or comments about specific parts, let me know the timestamp and your comment/ question in the comments below! And I will tell you about it.

Thank you for watching, and I hope this video makes you want to go and draw!

#sketchbooktour #flipthrough #drawing #sketchbook #graffiti #characterart #cartoon #sketch #character #art #creature #design

Holiday Season Emotes Are Live 2022

December 5, 2022


New emote content for the holidays! Now live on EWG Discord and Twitch channels! Enjoy CRew! Ho Ho Hooo
#emotes #new #live #twitch #discord #snowman #mitten #nog #snow #poop

Hang Me Awns - Sketchbook Traditional Sketch

December 3, 2022


A bit of ink splashing in the sketchbook on a rainy Saturday. Thanks for looking. #ink #drawing #sketchbook Support my art on KoFi 

Moto Snowman Xmas - Art Product


#snowman #merch #art #drawing #moto #christmas #santa 

Santa called in some help on deliveries this year... so this snowman is motorbiking all the saucey drawing gifts to the good boys and girls... order now to get by xmas! Thanks for your support! 

My new KoFi page - a way to support my personal art

November 30, 2022


Introducing my new Ko-Fi page! I intend this page to help me towards doing more personal works. It will feature hires access to practice drawing, character designs, concepts and finished works. Hope you'll tag along!

#kofi #drawing

Black Friday Weekend Sale

November 25, 2022

Save 30% on any new character art commission order requested between Thursday 11/24 and Monday 11/28 that lead to an order! Look forward to drawing for you!

#BlackFriday #CyberMonday #thankgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 23, 2022


Happy Thanksgiving from Eryck, Kiwii, and Chico!

Hope you will join us in being thankful to make it through the past year, through the challenges, and the memorable moments and be here now looking towards the end of the year and the new year to come. Thank you for being part of, and thinking of EryckWebbGraphics, EryckDrawz and the family it all supports. We couldn't do it without you. 

We are thankful for you!

Work resumes Monday 11/28 offline and on stream. 

Be safe and have a wonderful rest of your week and weekend!

November 2022 Twitch Stream Schedule

November 13, 2022


#drawing #commission #request #improv #sketch #stream #twitch

Come out put down a request! Now streaming 10amEDT till 1pm 5 days a week until Thanksgiving! See you at the next Drawing Request Show - an extension of Eryck Webb Graphics!

Make sure to stay tuned to the EWG discord, or any other EWG social website for day to day postponements and bonus production/ personal art streams outside this schedule above!

Look forward to drawing for you!

Call Of Duty Sunflower Process Video on YouTube

November 12, 2022



Check out the process of coloring this badass sunflower getting mad dubs in Call Of Duty Warzone and see you next drawing!

#drawing #callofduty #sunflower #warzone #fps #br

Gobble Gobble Turkey Warmup 110822

November 9, 2022

#turkey #gobblegobble #gobble #inkscape #drawing #warmup 

Warmup and practice, getting used to a new nib and tweaking wacom tablet settings to make it feel right for me. Still got plenty of rust and etc to get through after the time off. But overall still pleased with how little I lost during that time. Still, got some repetition and flow and control to get back.

Have a good Wednesday!

First Drawing in Inkscape in 4 weeks + Update

November 7, 2022

My middle monitor is a dedicated canvas space. I put my palletes on a seperate screen on the side.

First time sitting at my desktop workspace in 4 weeks. Had to search for my Wacom tablet's USB cable for some reason it was in a drawer. I also did some tweaks to my main canvas and reduced the amount of things on the screen for maximum canvas space. Didn't feel too bad drawing on the Wacom Intuos again with hands on the tablet, eyes on the screen. Like riding a bike. Only thing really different was, apparently I carted my Wacom Intuos pen all over the country on our 3.5 week road trip we just got back from. And somewhere along that trek, I remember the button coming off, but I put it back on and zipped it up in a pocket to keep it safe till we got home, as its almost 100 bucks for a new stylus. But when it came off, I apparently lost a spring. So the button on the side doesn't work anymore. So I took it off completely and stuck it in a drawer for now, and i wrapped the whole pen in Gaffer Tape for a nice grip and to keep it all from moving and getting crud in the pen. The hole where the button was even makes a nice indent in the tape to put a finger on while drawing. I dig it. 

Slowly getting my feet under me to get back on those commissions on the masterlist today, and going to attempt to stream tomorrow. Maybe start with free raffles till I get the hang of things, or not. I'll decide come time. So remember, even with daylight savings time. I'll be starting 10am Eastern Time! Whatever that is for where you are!

Girl 110622

November 6, 2022


#girl #cartoon #woman #sketch

Back Home From Vacation

November 2, 2022


In no particular ordrr, a few highlights from our trip. Click to enlarge

Back home in the tropics of Pennsylvania after almost a month on the road. Had an amazing vacation, adventure and trip. Now to rest, acclimate to being home, and figure out what's next. #goodtobehome

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