Five is LIVE

March 29, 2021

The PreOrder for my new book, Best of Request Volume 5, was launched live on stream today!! Go grab yourself a copy! PreOrders get $5 off, and come bundled with exclusive ( Only available with this preorder ) bookmark and sticker sheet! Each is hand sketched and signed inside the front cover. Features 500+ of Erycks favorite and best drawings from the 2020 Drawing Request Show stream year.

Once the PreOrder is over and shipped, the book will be featured in the shop ongoing in print and digital form. This PreOrder is only for print copies!

Best of Request PreOrder - Till April 30th!

March 27, 2021

"Best Of Request Volume 5", collects 500+ of the best drawing requests, warmups and random doodles from the 2020 Drawing Request Show stream year! Includes notes and retrospective on drawing and streaming full time during the crazy year that was 2020. Pre Order includes exclusive bookmark and stickers, and every copy receives a random hand drawn sketch and signature by Eryck Webb inside the book!

PreOrder Ends April 30th

Be sure to PreOrder, save some money and get some extra goodies!

Best of Request Volume 5 PreOrder Announce

March 26, 2021

Proofs of my new artbook, Best of Request Volume 5 are back from the printer and looks amazing. 

Pre Order your copy starting Monday! 
We're launching live on Stream! 

#book #release #launch #drawing #collection #artbook #art #yearbook

Cat Girl N Ninja vs Zombie Hello Kitties

March 22, 2021


Thanks for hanging out crew! Good to be back! Here's something cool drawn on stream today! See u for more drawing and jawing tomorrow 10amET at  

#zombie #catgirl #ninja #hellokitty #drawing #clipstudiopaint #texture #tone #battle 

Back To Work


Gettin back to work this morning... in the living room Drawing Mill outpost. Chico runnin security while I focus on getting back into the production groove. Mainly gettin back on track to stream and do some requests tomorrow. Have a killer Monday CRew! #gettowork #dowork #mill 

Stream Schedule 32221

March 21, 2021

Curly Gurl N Chico - Practice Drawing

March 20, 2021


Thanks for peeking in on a little drawing practice stream before bed -- noit noit!
Be back soon - still healin up the ol' knee
#girl #woman #chihuahua #chico #curly #hair #lounge #chill #cuddle #draw #drawing #sketch #dailysketch #practice #clipstudio #galaxybook12 #spen 

Basket Of Eggs sketch

March 19, 2021


#Easter #bunny #chick #hamster #egg #basket #drawing #sketch

A bit of drawing practice. Took a photo of a thumb sketch in my sketchbook and drew it out more 'finished' here on my tablet. Ive been doing everything on this windows 10 pc tablet because its still difficult sitting at my desk workspace in the drawing mill with this bum knee. 

Have a good weekend all!

Clipstudio paint/ galaxy book 12/ win 10 / spen

Selfie Inkscape Practice Drawing & Crew Update

March 18, 2021


#hat #ew #selfie #selfportrait #inkscape #wacom #sketch #drawing #draw #doodle 

Putting in a little inkscape practice. Knee healing slowly. Taking my time not rushing anything. Get back on commission upgrades and requests soon as able.  Yesterday I felt safe stable enough to one leg it up to the second floor to my studio. Hadn't been in the mill since Friday. Even gave myself a haircut and shower and fresh clothes.

Today I am a bit sore and tired from all the activity I had yesterday ( may have over done it a bit ) from being able to walk around with a cane better. 

Starting babysteps getting back in the groove to drawing at my desk and soon getting back to upgrades. But still taking my time, letting myself be off for a bit. Think I was due for a vacation anyways. Just one where I could go for walks and such...

Chico seems to go back and forth between fits that make us think hes getting worse, to hours and even whole nights where he seems like hes getting better. Its two weeks later, hoping he is overall getting better as a general trend.

KWs appointment Monday was great, but still unclear if a spot is leftover scartissue or something new that just hasnt grown/ changed. We've been enjoying the health scare and worry and anxiety over this spot since after the new year. And this hasn't changed. 

The starship webb is having a rough moment in time. But I believe we'll get through this. Thank you for all the support and the kind words and the understanding.

All dates on banked minutes will be reset for another 3 months the day I come back. The Best of Request Volume 5 will launch as soon as I'm able to launch it properly and kick it off on stream. 

Much more to do and look forward to. Will get there in time.

See you soon. Stay tuned.

Happy St Patricks Day 2021

March 17, 2021

Happy St Patties Crew! Good luck catching that pot of gold! I hear theres been some upgrades this year!

#StPatricksDay #leprechaun #POTOFGOLD #DRAWING #chibi #draw #sketch #mech #robot #mecha #hitech #walker  

Out Of Commission

March 16, 2021

 #sauce #hat #drum #can #robot #drawing #knee #speain #outofcommission #draw #sketch #clipstudiopaint #galaxybook #spen #samsung 

Martian Warmup Drawing Digital Print

March 11, 2021

Martian Warmup Drawing Digital Print:

A warmup drawing done today on stream. This is my original spin on the classic 'Martian' cartoon character

Grab a copy for yourself

Best of Request Volume 5 Is OUT to the printer

March 6, 2021


Best of Request Volume 5 Cover is finished, at all files are now at the printer this morning! The order for the first proof is placed! Feels good! I feel this is my best annual drawing collection / stream retrospective book to date! Preorder launch is coming.

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