Friar Grumpy Cat - DRS Request

January 28, 2022


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So thankful for all the fun and hype this week. Thank you for enjoying the draws, the stream... and making it possible to do what I do! All art sent! Masterlist updated. Have a great weekend see you back Monday 9amET!!! #goodnight #cat #friar #monk #grumpycat #inkscape #sketch

First Sketchbook of 2022

January 20, 2022


#sketchbook #notebook #bookbinding #coverdesign #diycovers #diysketchbooks 
The cover that I decorated this week live on stream. This sketchbook is 8.5x5.5 and I made it with unused printer paper sitting around my office, and with pizza box cardboard, then I added actual chip board outside of that to make a nice thick cover. I used a tan construction paper to wrap the outside of the cover and then painted and drew on it. Then the whole thing was covered in modge podge for a smooth and protective clear coat.

A couple pages already doodled on since finishing my 9th sketchbook of 2021. Even though this book's cover wasn't done - which I don't like to start using a sketchbook till the cover is decorated/ personalized -  I needed somewhere else to draw, and had this crisp new book bound and covered ready to roll. So I did things a bit out of order. But ah well! In sketchbooks there really are no rules.

Requests and Commissions are what pays, but a sketchbook is where the artist plays.

How many sketchbooks will I fill this year? I'm going to take my time, enjoy the sketch booking and we'll see what I end up with!

What size sketchbook do you like to use? What type?  Show off yours or tell me about your sketchbooks by posting in the comments below!

Happy drawing in 2022! 

Clip Studio Paint 30th Contest Piece

January 10, 2022


Thanks for a fun Monday - started off with pushing my craft on a contest piece for Clip Studio. Then ended with an hour or so of drawing requests! See folks 12pmET tomorrow for all the Drawing Request action you can handle! This contest entry piece is officially submitted on Twitter here -- be sure to go like it and retweet it help my chances of winning!

#girl #sky #art #drawing #chicken #wizard #cat #cthulu 

Best of Request Volume 6 Production has begun!


Production on the next book in the series officialy begins when the title page is updated!

The first step, after making new page files for the new book, is to collect all the drawings from that year and start formatting them, then selectively eliminating ones that won't be in the book till only the best and favorite remain.

As of this morning, production has begun on Best of Request Volume 6. There's a lot of fore thought and brainstorming that has been going on since the end of 2021, but today the actual creation begins. This will be a collection of the 2021 stream year's best drawings, and feature retrospective notes on year highlights and top moments. I want to build on what worked best in previous volumes, and continue to improve. Best of Request Volume 6 is slated for a spring release!

YouTube Post Views Milestone

January 9, 2022


Thank you for making 'robot 010822' time lapse video the first video I've ever posted on @YouTube to receive over 1000 views in the first 24 hours. That's never happened to me before! 
#thankful #shocked #robot #drawing 

First Work/ Stream Week of 2022 Is A Wrap!

January 7, 2022


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#drawing #inkscape #girl #blob #dog 

Thank you crEW for a really fun Free Request Friday, and a great start to 2022! The first week is a wrap! See you next week for more!! Same drawing channel, same drawing time. All art sent. Heres a few highlights. Have a good weekend! Be safe! 

Thanks for a great start to 2022 streaming

January 5, 2022


#drawing #owl #hat #streamer #streaming #inkscape #inks #sketch

Thank you to the crEW and the rest of you who came out and helped make my first stream back in the New Year a good one! We got lots of drawing requests done, theres always more waiting. Heres a fun one I did for 36 month subscriber MightyMae. Thank you for the tips, the subs, the bits and throwing down for upgrades. I'm getting back to work on them tomorrow. Drawing Request Show will be back Friday 12pmET till around 3pm to draw more drawings for you all! 

Announced today, during Kiwi's daily treatments during the day for about three weeks, I'll be streaming Drawing Requests M, W, F either late afternoon or evenings! Stay tuned for the official schedule!


Updated to latest Clip Studio Paint

January 4, 2022


#csp #clipstudiopaint #update #artsoftware #newtoys

Went to figure out how to do my first drawing time-lapse in Clip Studio and didn't have the option. So went to update to 1.10.005, and apparently I was more behind than that. Excited to have the latest and greatest version, and to try out all the new tools n features. 
Feels like a belated Christmas gift!

Hat Guy - Practice Drawing

January 3, 2022


#drawing #hat #pencil #sketch #wacom #stylus #tablet

Chico Chihuahua - Practice Drawing Poses

 Chico Chihuahua - Practice Drawing Poses

#drawing #chihuahua #chico #dog #doge #doggo #characterstudy #posee 

Puppy Dawg - Drawing Practice

 #drawing #dog #wolf #werewolf #drool #clipstudiopaint #samsung #galaxybook #spen

KW has some appointments today, so drawing on my tablet in the waiting room. Random dawgie drawing.

First Drawing of 2022

January 1, 2022

#drawing #2022 #newyear #sketch #inkscape #practice #drawing #sketchbook

First drawing of 2022! Nothing fancy, just practicing and playing with line weight in Inkscape with the Wacom Intuos Pro. Started out an idea for a one off one panel comic strip gag and then I just sort of got lazy and just drew the characters together non-comic-style lol. I suppose the holiday break will have to end soon and I will have to get back to reality and work. Soon. But not now. 

Happy 2022 all! Don't go crazy with changing things and stressing and worrying. Just try to make good decisions. Be kind. Do your best. Be present. Have a great New Year!

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