January 31, 2016

#stream #donate #request #willdraw4$$$

A tease of the concept sketch for an ad I'm working on for wednesday's EWG 'DoodleStream' on the EWG Twitch channel. Will be a furious cloud of digital ink dust as I freestyle doodle all through the event. From requests to my own inspirations. Prices subject to change.  First event of this kind, looking forward to it. If successful, will make it a monthly thing if not weekly. 

15 Minute Cool Down Sketch Request Session To Cap A Great Week

January 29, 2016

#cooldown #sketch #sketchrequest #freestyle #draw #doodle #pun #cartoon

Ended this busy day and this busy but awesome week with a 15 minute timed cool down sketch session. Had 5 or 6 folks in the chatroom on twitch that called out random suggestions/ themes etc and I did whatever my brain processed it as. So for instance 'link' (of nintendo fame) i drew a mad link who is having trouble clicking a link.... 'cobra samus' which i am sure was for a sexy cobra-nized samus i turned into a cobra metroid and i could tell the room of guys wanted some cheesecake so i drew a sexy mouse. Yeah thats how the whole session went haha. From 'car pool' and i drew the octopus with 8 thumbs up randomly and tamtam dubbed it 'octolike' and wished they could use it on facebook. I was listening to beastie boys so they said i should draw a beastie boy.

Lots of fun. very similar to what i'll be doing next wednesday for the masses and taking whatever folks want to donate during the event. a certain tier will allow to request below that is appreciated. above that tier is you get a hires of it. higher you get a black and white inked finished bw drawing. above that a full color drawing. above that a video of the drawing start to finish.

looking foward to it! fun way to cap a busy day and week, will have to do these more just for fun. :)

TWrecks - Cool Down Sketch

#fenderbender #wreck #wrecks #dailycommute #tyrannosaurus #tyrannosaurusrex

Cooldown doodle - silly pun I thought up before signing off for the night.
Will be doodling random inspirations and viewer requests next Wednesday 8pmEST. Will be a new type of event I've never done before. Based on donations and chat room calling out suggestions to draw. Looking forward to it, hope you can make it :)

Wednesdays A Wrap - Heres Yo Recap

January 27, 2016

Final piece worked on today, 'Canopy' the jungle huntress and her raptor twins. Mostly inked, while listening to the soundtrack from Jurassic Park. Really made it. Get this wrapped up Friday
Got a new commission featuring Fathom and PowerStar for TamTam - this is a concept sketch while I had him live to get an idea of what he was looking for

A new offer I launched today on EWG Twitch Stream is 'On The Spot' commissions. While Im working live anytime (except a exclusive event) a customer/ viewer can send 12 for a sketch, 24 for a black and white and 36 for color and i will stop what im working on, do that for them there while they hangout and send it out. Then resume what i was working on after. If your not going to sit in live and watch it or want more than a single character art, then you have to either by slots or do a normal queue commission. Fun stuff! Shes dancin shaking her booty with some mardis gras beads and I had disco dance songs playing the whole time. Was a great time. Really enjoyed working on it. I think its visible in her face :) 

A concept prelim sketch for Kharnage Unleashed, a tshirt design w/ theme 'Kharnage: Vangaurd'. So far seems the one on the right will be the direction we go.
This is my warmup sketch this morning whilst getting ready to work on customer orders. Random... the stuff that comes out of my brain sometimes...

Streamed on Twitch all afternoon! This is my current setup. I'm still a twitch / stream noob. But people seemed to really respond to this new setup. The noteable difference is the list of what im working on, and above it the new EWG 'mill worker' mascot and 3 options for people to buy 'on the spot' commissions. Was a good success. Its one of those things that will become more popular once more people know about them. So far I only got one from good ol DACOMMISSIONER (previously CDB) - but hoping to have more in the future. Might even toss chibis on there as an exclusive way to get them without waiting for specific 'chibi sales'.

Alright, great day lots of drawing took place. Lots of randomocity and hilarity from my crazy commentary as I worked on mic/ cam. 

The vote is in for the 'live sketch request stream' preference, and it looks like wednesdays are winning out. I will here by officialy do a live sketch request stream next wedneday starting 8pmEST! So hope to see folks out, same twitch channel same twitch.. stream?

Goodnight! Pickup the comic work tomorrow. The mill will be on full tilt as the conveyers pump out flats and final colors on all remaining ungrounded pages which as of Tuesday have been fully inked. 

EWG Poll: Do Customers Want a Live Commission Stream This Week?

January 26, 2016

#poll #survey #commission #customerchoice

Weigh in! What do customers want for a Live Commission Stream this week? If any? The winning vote will happen!

Vote here:

WIP Ungrounded Page Art

#ungrounded #digitalinks #comicinks #comicart

Work in progress panels of some last pages under production for the latest installment of Ungrounded First Revolution

Diggin the hicontrast shades of this firey scene. Thanks to all who came out watched me working on this on Twitch stream for a bit. Thats it for today, have a great evening all. 

Going to launch a survey see when / if people want a live commission stream this week.

Meanwhile, In Australia

#madmaxfuryroad #furyroad #madmax #australiaday2016 #aussieday #australiaday #koala #australia #bloodbag

Couldn't resist. Had this idea occur to me this morning. Love the Fury Road movie and after I drew my koala piece for australia day during coffee this morning I thought of this. Thought 'well I already did one' then couldnt shake it. Haha, very glad I did. LOL. I feel like any show or movie could cut scene to Australia at any time and mad max movies are whats going on down there all the time. Lol. 'Meanwhile in Australia' road warriors are fighting over gas and fuel and breeders. Lol. Ah, I amuse myself if nobody else. Hang on Koala! Hope Australia enjoys its day :)

Commission Slots Open! For 2/1 to 2/5 - ends 1/29!

#commission #sale #special #slot #characterart #oc #limited

Commission spots are open! Head over to the Weekly Commission Slots page to see the openings and get more information! Ends Friday! Don't miss out!

Check slot availability and full info here:

Australia Day warmup

#aussieday #Australiaday #koala #downunder #samsungalaxynote #autodesksketchbook #sketchbook

This mornings warmup is centered around Australia day, inspired by Dwald.

Thought about incorporating the flag, or even mad max homage or crocodile dundee but a cute little koala study before the work day will do just fine. Have a great tuesday.

EWG Slots: OPEN - Now Accepting Order for 2/1-2/5

January 25, 2016

#slot #commission #limited #characterart

The people have voted, and you have been heard! Slot commissions are now open for 2/1 -2/5! Grab them while they last! These slots will close end of this week! Many will be live streamed for your viewing pleasure! List of availability is on the new Weekly Slot page!

Super Bowl 50 Actuality - Warmup 1-25-15

@panthers @broncos #superbowl50 #afcchampionship #nfcchampionship

Gonna be a good one! Guess I was wrong on my prediction yesterday. The teams that most deserved to get in are the ones that made it. Congrats to both, can't wait for this matchup.


January 24, 2016

#broncos #cardinals #superbowl

Drawn while watching  final playoffs. Broncos currently winning.

Canopy And Hunter Twins WIP Commission - Pencils

January 22, 2016

#raptor #raptors #jurassicworld #jurassicpark #junglegirl #canopy #inkscape

Working on this commission in Inkscape to cap the day today. Dwald's OC 'Canopy' and her two pet raptors / hunting companions. Was a fun piece to work on. Streamed the progress and also recorded it might upload the pencils to youtube sometime soon. Had Jurassic World soundtrack on youtube playing in background. Really helped set the mood. Alright, this will be inked/ colored but for now its a stopping point. Special thanks to my wife Kristina for flatting 5 character arts this week which I was able to then shade/highlight and send finished to the clients in one hour. Saved me hours of work while I worked on other jobs. Look for me to start booking slots starting next week but till then, have a great weekend! Beware the coming snow storm!

Fathom - Ink and Color - LSN End Cap

#fathom #trident #championsonline #arc #superhero #inkscape #photoshop #digitalart #characterart

Awesome customer, Dwald's OC 'Fathom', shown here in finished inks and final colors. This was one of two commissions received during tonight's open table event 'EWG Live Sketch Night'. Always enjoy drawing DWald's characters. Also did a wicked Salty Roo black and white.

Tonights event was a nice changeup from the comic work I've been doing all day. But did not reach the goal of at least 4 orders that I was going for. But a couple new commissions have come in this week seperate from this event that helped even it out. And starting next week I'll be launching weekly slots to fill in the gaps between larger jobs this winter.

Time for bed. Lots more character art to work on tomorrow. Goodnight!

Break Time, Live Sketch Night Tonight!

January 21, 2016

#twitch #comicpanel #comicbook #digitalink #inkscape

Alright, well that was a GREAT EWG Twitch streamin afternoon! Thanks so much to @MoltenInk and whoever else was responsible for spreadin the words and helping 52 art stream fans find their ways to my stream! Gotta be a record! I think the most I've ever had before was like 15? It thinned out to about a dozen by the end but they hung out long hall. Really enjoyed havin everyone in the chat. Got two more Ungrounded pages inked. I was slated to color two other ones too but this spread was deceivingly chock full of stuff to illustrate. Very happy with how it came out. Hope Patrick will be too. Goin for broke on these pages baby! Alright, but much needed break after wrestling this Goliath all day. Looking forward to the change of pace for some black and white character art sketching tonight. Will be turning on some tunes and just opening up a can of kick-ass in Inkscape all evening. Look forward to having folks out. Will be setting up/ warming up 830ish (after a new Big Bang Theory) and then rockin the socks as long as I can tonight. See everyone then!

And I originally intended to do Picarto stream tonight but Twitch was so amazing today that I may just launch on there for tonight! I'm fairly new to Twitch, but I never had that kind of audience on Picarto or YouTube or much less - so yeah, growing to dig it.

Get your paypals ready! Its gonna be a digital ink whirlwind!

$24 Live Sketch Night - TONIGHT

#live #sketch #comicart #characterart #livestream #event #convention #artistalley

The tradition of EWG Live Sketch Nights continues. Come out tonight slap down $24 get some awesome 11x17 300dpi black and white comic-style character art the same evening! Upgrades available to add color for $24 more but will be done after the event by the weekend. 
Skip the conventions and the lines, come to EWG's 'virtual table' and get some original art!

See you tonight! Will start setting up 830, taking orders 9-11!

Paypal only! No overtly sexual, violent or offensive requests will be accepted.

See you then!

Justice! Batman v Superman

January 20, 2016

#batmanvsuperman @batmanvsuperman @zacksnyder 

Based on a conversation w/ a friend over at . Steve said something along the lines of:

"...Batman is supposed to be the world's greatest detective... he doesn't just stomp peoples faces and yell justice all the time". 

Superman's poor face. Lol. But he deserved it, cause in the current trailers hes very jerky.
All things considered, I'm only squeamish about the portrayal of lex and hes kinda fruit-loopy in the trailers, but all in all holding out opinions and very much looking forward to seeing this. 

What Slot Commissions Do You Want In Coming Weeks?

#poll #survey #commission #customerchoice

In about two weeks I'll be launching limited positions for weekly slots again and would like to give customers the opportunity to tell me what they want the most? This of course is not a permanent thing and we can change it up for future slots but for now, for the re-opening of daily slots, tell EWG what you want the most on the following Straw Poll survey!

Other requests? Leave them in the comments below and they'll be considered!

Vote here:

Or At The site

Ulysses Mech Concept - Warmup 1-19-16

January 19, 2016

#ulysses #polarbear #mech #robot #zord #transformer #robot #ungrounded

A Ungrounded themed warmup this morning. Something Patrick and I talked about very very briefly once upon a time way back I don't remember when. But had the notion to play with the idea of a polar bear mech modeled after Ulysses, the flying polar bear from Ungrounded. And heres what I came up with lol. Fun warmup. May have to play with concept stuff in warmups more in the future.
Off to work on pages!

Good Morning! Have a great Tuesday!

Ah yes, slept better last-night now that the heat is working. And the studio is not an icebox anymore. I thought it was just THAT COLD yesterday. Turns out the furnace had some condensate backup and was not firing. No wonder it was so cold. But did not find this out until after I had already pushed through and met yesterdays itinerary of commission work. Had an awesome family member come over help us with the furnace. And this morning its complete contrast! Excelsior. Its sunny and not a cloud in the sky and the house is comfy again! Got coffee in hand, warming up the conveyor belts and starting up the etching robots. Time to get to work! Wally's cracking the whip!

4 Inked Commissions WIP

January 18, 2016

#saltyroo #sting #taki #tekken #pugglys #inkscape #digitalink #digitalart #drawing

Today's 4 commissions slated to get finished in black and white today. Off to the flatter to get all colored up by Friday while I move onto tomorrow's to-dos. Ungrounded and TnC!

Have a great night all and thanks to those who came out to EWG Twitter stream. Going to make an effort to stream more whilst working cause it helps show people what i do when they hire me, and maybe teaches aspiring folks a thing or two. Also its one of the only ways to interact with me in real time and is a good way to inquire about your commission needs and such before ordering from EWG.

Get these shaded/ highlighted on Friday when they come back from flatting.

Very happy with these despite spending the whole day freezing in 10 degree weather with a -5 degree wind chill. My feet and fingers are popsicles. But I got it done. :) 

Chilly MLK Day - Warmup Sketch 11816

#MLK #MLKday2016 #MLKDay #MartinLutherKingDay #freezing #warmup #sketch

Temperatures dropped big time heading into the evening yesterday. A cold snap from up north I presume. Its 8 degrees out this morning but real feel of -8degrees. So, needless to say, furnace working over time, I've got multiple socks and shirts and my drawing gloves on both hands and I've got shoes on too but for the life of me can NOT get my feed and shoulders to stop freezing. Its really enough to make me work from the tablet downstairs on the couch wrapped in blankets all day.

But I always enjoy homaging the king, he was a hero. A normal mortal super hero of his day and age and was striving for amazing things. We should all strive for the same. But I had to do the mash up this morning of the fact that its MLK day, AND the coldest day of the year so far. Probably at all. My parents in law's water pipes out in the country tend to freeze when weather gets into the teens. They have heaters and stuff setup to compensate but... nope. They gonna just be plain frozen today me thinks. Very happy ours is not. Water is running, heat is operating all though not keeping up well at all with how cold it is. Insulation is not a massive plus in our house here. Things to work on. But still... must remember to be thankful for roof over our heads, walls to keep out the wind and water electricity and heat in general. Could be a LOT worse, and for that I'm thankful. Now if I can just get my darn feed and shoulders to warm up.

Impromtpu Saturday Stream Spinout

January 16, 2016

#camaro #kungfu #master #oldman #musclecar #sportscar #sketch #warmup

Attempted a saturday 'flash' livestream commission session. It didn't really go off as well as I'd hoped. But learned some stuff. Will be ready to try it again some time in the future. Got these fun warmup sketches done while waiting for orders. All I got was one or two folks who wanted to commission some Adult themed material and I just don't do that. I guess they've never seen my gallery. I do some fantasy art/ etc but nothing explicit and overtly sexual or violent. I try to keep it all ages, so that anything I can do I can in most cases show it to aspiring young graphic designers and my grandma and everyone in between. There are definitely exceptions. I enjoy some 'nose art' style pinup stuff and the like. But I really try to keep it tasteful. And I continue to keep it that way. I might loose some likes, views and money, but you know what, I can be proud of that. Taking money to draw that kind of stuff would not be something I'd be proud of. 

Original Art For Sale: Chibi Cyclops

January 15, 2016

Chibi Cyclops

Fan art chibi of Cyclops barely able to contain the force of his optic blast!
Ink, Marker, Acid Free Cardstock 8.5x11

$75.00 USD
Shipped in stiff cardboard envelope. Cost of Shipping/Handling included in price. Please allow up to one week to get it in the mail.

You will have the opportunity to review your order before purchasing! Add another EWG item before checkout!
Your Cart looks a bit empty! 

Not Sure About That Donut

January 14, 2016

#donut #doughnut #cafe #baddonut #comicpanel #art #wip

Work in progress panel of Ungrounded pages in the works. Fun sequence of Major Freakshow enjoying a donut with friends. Unfortunately thats where I have to stop for this afternoon. Making headway on this current Ungrounded chapter I'm working on. My best yet me thinks. Can't wait for people to check it out. But for now, gotta go take a nap/ have dinner. etc. 

Can't wait for Live Sketch Night tonight! Will do as many orders as I can live but feel free to order more than one and I'll get them done within the next week. If I run over I will do bonus streams to keep it fair. See all then! And will post the finished page after the book is out later on!

UTMNT IndieGoGo Supporter Sketches Complete

January 13, 2016

#tmnt #utmnt #indiegogo #supporters #rewards #ninjaturtles

Happy to say the batch of original sketches for the UTMNT IndieGoGO supporters for the 2nd printing of Issue 1 are complete! Sending them off to nick very soon and they shall be sent to their appropriate supporters even sooner! Thanks to everyone who helps keep the comic running and me affording to work on it :)

Streamed working on the last 8-10 tonight and recorded a bunch of it as well. If the recording came out decent i'll add it to EWG YouTube eventually. But will wait till the supporters all have their sketches before revealing them all. Theres some goodies in there for sure. Enjoy!

Power Pony N Sidekick - WIP Commission

#mlp #mylittlepony #ponygirls #sidekick #fairies

Work in progress commission for SpyderGurl of her Pony-turned-human OC and the OC's sidekick. Got a steampunk/ gear theme going was fun to work with.This my own humanized take on the pony OC and using elements throughout from the original pony design. The sidekick is the same per the normal look of that OC. Drawn in Sketchbook, Inked in Inkscape and Colors started in Photoshop. One of a few things I worked on today. 

EWG Live Sketch Night Set For 1-14-16

#sketch #livestream #opentable #livestreamcommission #sale #demo #art #characterart #special

Normal Economy-tier price but with a one night turnaround. Order it during the event, get it during the event. Will only be taking a limited number of orders and one at a time, so arrive early. First come first serve. See everyone then! Need examples of my black and white artwork or color artwork please browse the art gallery on this site! Will be happening on EWG Picarto stream! Looking forward to it. Doing a guarantee of at least 4 orders during the event at the minimum!

No Chibis accepted during this event.

Read more about Live Sketch Nights here:

Ungrounded Chapter 6 - Released today on Comixology!

#comixology #release #comic #ungrounded

Ungrounded #6
Hard Time
Treasure hunter Vivian Von Valiant is called to the Cedar Lake Correctional Institute where she seeks answers about something that has gone wrong with time and space. Featuring guest writer Brian Augustyn (THE FLASH, GOTHAM BY GASLIGHT) and artist John Derrick West (IMAGINARY DRUGS). Cover by Eryck Webb
Read it here

Snow Man Process Video on YouTube

January 12, 2016

#snowman #winter #youtube #video #process #starttofinish

The EWG YouTube channel has a new video. The time elapsed version of this morning's 30 minute warmup session. Thirty minutes reduced to about 4 minutes. Enjoy and if you have any questions please feel free to ask them here or on the youtube channel I will answer them as well and fully as I can. Watch the video here:

And be sure to check out the many other videos on the EWG You Tube channel!

Wandering Snow Man - Warmup 1-12-16

#snow #mountain #winter #snowman #scarf #pipe #tophat #hobo

30 Minute Warmup this morning inspired by the 3rd time this season we've had snow around here and the fact that its a full on blizzard. Living in a white winter wonderland, but it looks more like a snow globe. Anywho, wanted to draw something wintery so here it is. Also recorded it which will be in a different Process section post. This is going into the sketchbook or inhouse work section. Thanks for checking it out :) 
Tool used:
Wacom Intuos 2
Autodesk Sketchbook pro

Practice Sketch - 1.11.16 - Optimus Prime

January 11, 2016

#optimusprime #transformers #truck #robot #characterdesign #sketch #warmup

Post lunch warmup sketch of Optimus Prime. Just playing with thoughts on proportions and size. I keep thinking I should do some David Bowie homage or something but I really did not follow his work at all. And when I go to find like one defining picture, he changed his look so many times theres no iconic look that stands out. He had a bunch. Plus I'm like a lot of folks who only know his song from Gaurdians of the galaxy or what not. Never saw labyrinth. Lol. I do know that he was a creative fellow and losing one such as he is never a good thing. So heres to David Bowie, may I know you better in years to come.

Warmup Graffiti - 1-11-16

#warmup #inkscape #graffiti #sketch #practice #creative #sketchbook

Just getting in the creative mode with some free sketching whatever comes to mind/ or to paper via random doodles. Always a fun exercise. Onto the work that pays.

EWG Live: Streaming Production All Afternoon

January 8, 2016

#startrek #sparta #spartans #patch #logo #insignia

A work in progress patch design is out to the client who commissioned it. Onto some comic work and character art rest of the day. Stop in to the EWG Picarto chat and checkout real-time commission production and chat with Eryck Webb in real time. Will be live streaming till about 5-6pmEST. So come on out say hi, ask questions, chat amongst the chatroom folks. 

EWG Update - Current Queue At A Glance

#production #orders #schedule #roster #work

So, incase the Order Tracking system on this site doesn't paint a clear enough picture, here is what I walk in and look at first thing every day and when I leave the studio every day. My production basically breaks down into two lists. The needs penciled/ prelim approval list. And the needs finished list. When I tell a client I'm behind/ a bit backed up but that I will get to their order. This is why. And usually their order gets delayed because ones in-front of them, and comics which have priority have taken much longer to create than expected. 
I try to work on comics every day so they get out at a more reasonable schedule, they also take 2-3 times longer to create, while all other commissions are one at a time in order of received. And I work to book new commissions at the end of the line so that I can keep income flowing a little more consistently. Sometimes this works, sometimes it does not. 
I appreciate everyone's orders very much, and though the list is a bit daunting, I am also very very grateful for having this much work. I've honestly not had a day in years where there isn't SOMETHING I should be working on for a customer. The day I have no orders waiting to be started or finished is going to be a very dark day indeed. But till then, I just want to say thank you to everyone who is on this list, or has been on it in the past. 
I'm going to continue chipping away at this list every day, see if I can get it short enough to fit on the white board at least, and I look forward to new commissions to come.
If anybody needs me, you know exactly where to find me. In my studio, with the door closed, chipping away! 

Bonus Practice Sketch - From 12.30.15 - Santas Robo Ninjitsu Helper

January 7, 2016

#samsunggalaxynote #autodesksketchbook #wacombamboosmart #robot #ninja #santa #holiday #christmas #sketch #warmup #drawing #digitalart

Okay, so I suck at the whole hashtag thing. What I did there is probably not how your supposed to do it. Just chock full of all the hashtags that seem to apply right? Anyways this is a sketch from after christmas of a santa-clad ninja fighter elf. Why not? I had fun with the furry textures throughout and the wrinkles in the fabric. I don't believe I had posted this so wanted to get it on the sketchbook section of the site. Here he be!

Practice Sketch - 1.6.16 - Mean Muggin

#samsunggalaxynote #wacombamboosmart #autodesksketchbook #warmup #sketch #doodle #drawing #digitalart

Yesterday's daily practice sketch, done on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 with Wacom Bamboo Smart. Just free drew, played with some 'why not' proportions and this mean muggin fellow came out. Love the stroke control and precision of the Bamboo Smart. Great upgrade from the Spen. Glides nicer on the screen too, not as slippery. Didnt post it lastnight. Here it be! Adding it to the sketchbook section. Sketch/ Draw even if just a quick rough thing, EVERY DAY.

Ungrounded Chapter 5 - Released Today!

January 6, 2016

#ungrounded #superhero #comic #story #comixology #spotlight

Brand New, never before released, Ungrounded #5 hits ComiXology TODAY!

Now + Then
Mister Solenoid battles a new threat in Florida. Then, we visit the past and get a glimpse of the shape of things to come. Featuring artwork by James Ritchey III (GREEN LAMA, TOTAL ECLIPSE) and Armand Villavert (GLADSTONE'S SCHOOL FOR WORLD CONQUERORS, MUPPET ROBIN HOOD). Cover by Eryck Webb

EWG YouTube -Salty Roo Chibi Process

#youtube #process #digitalart #inkscape #photoshop #chibi #characterart #drawing

From lastnight's 'Chibi Salty Roo' session, the elapsed video is up on EWG YouTube for your enjoyment! Any questions about steps or the process or anything else, leave them on YouTube or this post and I'll answer best I can as soon as I can. The session was about an hour and a half, and the video condenses the process into about 5 minutes. If only I could draw that fast :) 

Watch it here:

Salty Roo Chibi - Dont Call Him cute

January 5, 2016

#chibi #saltyroo #kangaroo #gunslinger #aussie #inkscape 

The last lingering left over of the chibi sale i held before christmas. Salty Roo, a human-esque kangaroo ass kicker. Fun stuff. I'm getting a lot more bold and deliberate this week in my inking and think I'll continue to try to embrace its roughness and energy. But for now, goodnight!

Practice Sketch - 1.5.16 - Bat Out Of Hell

click to enlarge

Detail Shot - click to enlarge

#drawing #inkscape #practice #sketch #art #warmup
Today's warmup/ practice sketch. Digitaly drawn in Inkscape. Did an underlying rough sketch and then finished it out ontop with black and white color with the dip pen on default settings but set to 45 size.
Cory from @tnccomics coming down like a bat out of hell to lay the smack down!
Fueled by strong colombian coffee and kickin tunes by

Onto work that people have paid for now :) 

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