Wednesdays A Wrap - Heres Yo Recap

January 27, 2016

Final piece worked on today, 'Canopy' the jungle huntress and her raptor twins. Mostly inked, while listening to the soundtrack from Jurassic Park. Really made it. Get this wrapped up Friday
Got a new commission featuring Fathom and PowerStar for TamTam - this is a concept sketch while I had him live to get an idea of what he was looking for

A new offer I launched today on EWG Twitch Stream is 'On The Spot' commissions. While Im working live anytime (except a exclusive event) a customer/ viewer can send 12 for a sketch, 24 for a black and white and 36 for color and i will stop what im working on, do that for them there while they hangout and send it out. Then resume what i was working on after. If your not going to sit in live and watch it or want more than a single character art, then you have to either by slots or do a normal queue commission. Fun stuff! Shes dancin shaking her booty with some mardis gras beads and I had disco dance songs playing the whole time. Was a great time. Really enjoyed working on it. I think its visible in her face :) 

A concept prelim sketch for Kharnage Unleashed, a tshirt design w/ theme 'Kharnage: Vangaurd'. So far seems the one on the right will be the direction we go.
This is my warmup sketch this morning whilst getting ready to work on customer orders. Random... the stuff that comes out of my brain sometimes...

Streamed on Twitch all afternoon! This is my current setup. I'm still a twitch / stream noob. But people seemed to really respond to this new setup. The noteable difference is the list of what im working on, and above it the new EWG 'mill worker' mascot and 3 options for people to buy 'on the spot' commissions. Was a good success. Its one of those things that will become more popular once more people know about them. So far I only got one from good ol DACOMMISSIONER (previously CDB) - but hoping to have more in the future. Might even toss chibis on there as an exclusive way to get them without waiting for specific 'chibi sales'.

Alright, great day lots of drawing took place. Lots of randomocity and hilarity from my crazy commentary as I worked on mic/ cam. 

The vote is in for the 'live sketch request stream' preference, and it looks like wednesdays are winning out. I will here by officialy do a live sketch request stream next wedneday starting 8pmEST! So hope to see folks out, same twitch channel same twitch.. stream?

Goodnight! Pickup the comic work tomorrow. The mill will be on full tilt as the conveyers pump out flats and final colors on all remaining ungrounded pages which as of Tuesday have been fully inked. 

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