EWG Original Art: 'Spring Is Here' March Exclusive

February 28, 2021 0 Comments

#spring #robot #nature #bird #flower #mushroom #bird #clover #shamrock #inkscape #clipstudiopaint #beetle #hamster #cat #dog #puppy #pig #mouse #turtle #squirrel #artwork #merch #print 

"Spring Is In The Air", is inspired by the arriving spring weather! A robot sits on it's floating hilltop, smoking it's steam pipe and enjoying the beautiful day. It is soon joined by all manner of critters, also looking forward to the spring season!

This was drawn in Inkscape and colored in Clip Studio Paint

This artwork is available digitally and physically on many items. 
But only until March 31st!

Thank you for your support! Enjoy!!

New March Artwork In The Works

February 27, 2021 0 Comments


Stopping point in coloring stage of this original spring piece in progress! Will be available soon as prints, etc! Thanks to all who hung and new faces I met today working on this. Have a great rest of your weekend! See you Monday! 
#animals #spring #nature #fauna #flora #art 

New EW Stickers Coming Soon

February 26, 2021 0 Comments


All art from today sent! Pickup on requests and upgrades next week! If I go live this weekend it'll be personal drawing practice/ chill mode. Stay tuned if that happens. Also, how bout these stickers?! Coming Soon! Have a safe weekend see you guys Monday! #drawing #stickers #art

Sonic Fanart

February 25, 2021 0 Comments


#sonic #sega #sonicthehedgehog #fast #speed #run #CLIPSTUDIOPAINT #spen #samsung #galaxybook #drawing #sketch #fanart 

Bonus Stream Unlocked For Saturday


#announcement #dog #hat #clipstudiopaint #inkscape 

I have 3 more upgrade pieces I didn't get done this week, so it unlocks a bonus upgrade strim on Saturday where I'll make up the ones I didn't get to! See folks Saturday for some bonus streaming and coloring! Time to be determined. Will post when I'm going live! 

Thank you for a fun Drawing Request Show stream!

February 24, 2021 0 Comments

 WELL! That was fun! Thank you for all the support and all the awesome Drawing Requests! Everything sent, see folks in the morning ( 10amET ) for some Upgrade Commission ink & color work! Heres some favs from today! Nite!

#drawing #sketch #characterdesign #characterart #mod #cajundragon #caricature #portrait #avatar #chibi #girl #coffee #sword #ban

Sketchbook: What Shall I Draw Today?


See folks in 30min for some drawing show. Happy Wednesday!


#draw #drawing #requests #commissions #mascots #chibis #emotes #characterdesign #logos #portraits #drawingprompts #quicksketches #timeddrawing #truestor 

Stream Schedule this week!

February 21, 2021 0 Comments


See the Crew all week for  M, W, F Drawing Requests and T, Th Upgrades! 10amET ! only at twitch.tv/eryckwebb #drawin #inkscape #sketch #commission #stream 

Quick Drawing Of A Goggle Dude In Inkscape With A Wacom Intuos Pro

February 20, 2021 0 Comments

Quick Drawing Of A Goggle Dude In Inkscape With A Wacom Intuos Pro

Watch Eryck Webb draw like this live, weekdays on Twitch!

Music is  "Some of You" by  GrandBankss
from the  YouTube Sound Library

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#drawing #creature #process #sketch #cartoon #inkscape #wacom 

Quick Drawing Of A Gremlin In Inkscape With Wacom Intuos Pro



Happy Saturday! - Here is a quick drawing of a gremlin character this morning! Drawn in about 8 minutes in Inkscape!
View the process on my YouTube here: https://youtu.be/SOBTHs8d-Xg
Have a good weekend!
#drawing #creature #process #sketch #cartoon #inkscape #wacom 

EWG YouTube: How To Use A Pressure Sensitive Drawing Tablet With Inkscape | Tewtorial

February 18, 2021 0 Comments


#drawing #inkscape #wacom #tablet #drawingtablet #tutorial #howto #youtube

Watch the video on EWG YouTube here: https://youtu.be/D-dlExwZ8zw

How to use a pressure sensitive drawing tablet with inkscape like I do in my daily work flow! 

Using Inkscape with my Wacom Intuos Pro Medium Tablet

If you enjoyed this how-to, or found it helpful, please let me know in the comments. Also, let me know if there's anything you are particularly interested in learning more about from what you've seen me do in my art. I'll consider making a video about it!

Come out, ask questions live and talk shop anytime! Weekdays on Twitch!

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Title : Some of You
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Watch the video on EWG YouTube here: https://youtu.be/D-dlExwZ8zw

Sketchbook: Coffee Mug Bot Drawing

February 16, 2021 0 Comments


Watch the process for this drawing on EWG YouTube: https://youtu.be/DBMYtZQk164

#drawing #robot #coffee #mug #warmup #dailysketch #practicedrawing 

DRS Request Rewind: Coffee Mug Bot Drawing & Story Time



Watch / Listen to the video here: 

A highlight looking back at one of my favorite drawings and moments on Drawing Request Show recently!

Drawn In Inkscape with a Wacom Intuos Pro Medium Tablet

Watch more requests like this, and request one for yourself, on Drawing Request Show! Weekdays LIVE on Twitch!

Stream Music provided by Pretzel Rocks 
Intro/ Outro is
Title : Some of You
Artist : Text Me Records / GrandBankss
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Watch / Listen to the video here: 

Happy Valentines Day!

February 14, 2021 0 Comments

Happy Valentines Day Crew! 

#ValentinesDay  #draw #sketch #heart #roses 

DRS Request Rewind: Aggro Scribbles Rage

February 9, 2021 0 Comments

Thank you for an awesome Inks & Color stream! All art sent! We finished it off with a 5min drawing for EclecticScribbles, now featured in the latest Request Rewind on my YouTube!! See you tomorrow!


#drawing #chibi #rage #aggro #triggered #cartoon #cute 

DRS Rewind: King Reaper 5min Drawing Request

February 8, 2021 0 Comments


Thanks for a killer stream today! Here's a DRS Rewind from today up on the EWG YouTube!! See folks tomorrow for Ink & Color goodness  

#drawing #reaper #grim #death #skull #cartoon #sketch #request #inkscape #prompt #timed 

Watch the process of this drawing on EWG YouTube

Sketchbook: Super bowl 55

February 7, 2021 0 Comments


#SuperBowl #dothedishes #takeoutthegarbage #drawing #robot #football 

Stream Schedule Week of 2/8/21



#stream #schedule #live #drawing #sauce 

Practice Drawing: Hat Robot



#drawing #robot #mech #hat #clipstudiopaint #sketch 

Personal Work: Elemental Dinosaurs

February 6, 2021 0 Comments


Click to view larger!

#owlfoxsociety #element #elemental #dino #dinosaur #fire #water #air #earth #triceratops #brontosaurus #stegosaurus #mosasaurus

Had fun drawing 4 elemental dinos for the OwlFox Society prompt put together by @TheMightyMae and @SarahB_Studio for February. This is as far as I'm taking them, were a lot of fun to play with! It was nice to get that itch to play with this prompt and get creative with it. 

I did a Brontosaurus for the 'air' dinosaur. Cause its the biggest and its head is always up in the clouds! So I enjoyed the contradiction and also the fact that they're 'above' all other dinos. 

I did a Triceratops for earth, cause they are the heavy low to the ground tanks of the dinosaur world. I could see him very chunky rock and earth like, growing moss, algae and vegetation on him. Causing earthquakes everywhere he runs to. 

I did the Mosasaur for water, cause its a literal whale ancestor that still looks like a wicked prehistoric alligator. I thought it would be fun to take this ridged toothy predator and turn him into a slick water drop splashy creature.

I did a Stegosaurus because the plates on its back made me think of flames and I had already thought about a T-Rex with a ghost-rider flaming head but took that and used it on the Stegosaurus. Then the scales and body became charcoal-style and the whole thing became on fire. Wicked!

Thanks for the inspiration MightyMae and SarahBurns ! 

Original first sketch concepts

DRS Request Rewind: Run Beardling Run Video On YouTube

February 5, 2021 0 Comments


#drawing #beard #gnome #creature #characterart #characterdesign #inkscape #timed #drawingprompt #sketch #process #twitch #stream #highlight 

DRS Rewind - Run Beardling Run

Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/spVDlCHrHRI

A highlight looking back at one of my favorite requests on Drawing Request Show recently!

TheGrumpyBeard requested a creature that was a squirrely runaway living  beard! The 'Beardling'.

In Inkscape with a Wacom Intuos Pro Medium Tablet

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Music provided by Pretzel Rocks and
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Notebook: Not streaming today


#pressure #sinus #migraine #headache #allergies #something #alloftheabove #whoknows #drawing #clamp #vicegrip #headcrusher #selfportrait #sketch #drawing #inkscape

I've been battling a headache, the last day or two. I had it trying to come on all week but yesterday over night it finaly caught up with me. I've been trying everything, hot, cold, allergy medicine, hydration more potassium. I even burnt the bridge of my nose again on a heatpad yesterday accidently, guess it was too hot for the thin skin on my nose.

I very much wanted to come back get on stream and draw and chat with the CREW today, but I am going to opt to not stream today. I am going to continue to rest, medicate this headache and get 100% so I can come back Monday 100% ready to go. Thank you for everyones patience and understanding. I will be working on upgrades and keeping up my drawing practice off stream. Even just started a brand new sketchbook yesterday to keep practice/ playing in. I will be working to be 100% by Monday and rid of this headache. Its nothing new, I get them all the time. I go through a period of time where I have it managed then a period comes up where I did one thing wrong or all the conditions were right or something and I have to battle it back again. 

I plan on getting lots of upgrade work done today off stream, I just would not be any fun to be on stream today. That way too if I need to stop take a nap or do something I can. 

Have a great Friday and weekend, be safe and I'll catch you guys Monday and I'll draw your faces off then. See you soon!

Sketchbook: Some Morning Jumping Boy Jacks



#drawing #jumpingboy #superhero #kid #goggles #backpack #jump #super #jump #human #sketch #warmup #dailysketch #inkscape

Warmed up this morning with a few Jumping jacks. Still dealing with a massive sinus / migraine headache thingy thats been hitting me since Thursday. Plus I feel like my head in general still isn't on straight. I might take today off of streaming too and do a long weekend, come back Monday 100%. Still undecided. But getting some off stream work done this morning after warmup with this drawing.

Stay tuned

Sketchbook: Aggretsuko Fan Art Sketch



#aggretsuko #rage #redpanda #cartoon #netflix #sketch #inkscape

Enjoying the crap out of season 3 - excited for the 4th thats on its way. Practiced drawing with a little fanart of her

Sketchbook: MightyMae Artin Away Chibi



#drawing #artist #hat #beanie #horns #unicorn #drawing #painting #chibi

Enjoyed hangin with @TheMightyMae and her community today on my 'day off' - drew dis! Keep rockin that creativity MightyMae! https://www.twitch.tv/mightymae #draw #cartoon #chibi #streamer

Sketchbook: Jumping Boy Traditional Warmup

February 4, 2021 0 Comments


#drawing #sketch #sketchbook #brushpen #ink #ballpoint #pen #ballpointpen #originalcharacter #oc #jumpingboy #jump 

Thankful for a good end to about two weeks of stress and worry and anxiousness over some test results for KW. She's good to go! Thank god for that. Had it gone the other way, we were ready, but we are so relieved that it turned out good. 

Took some time this AM to take Chico on a long walk around the neighborhood on this beautiful sunny snow kissed Thursday. I warmed up this a.m. with this ink & ballpoint on cardstock Jumping Boy drawing. I've really been circling a continuation and even proper wrap up to this character and his story.

 Also played with the new sketchbook some. I finished my 1st new sketchbook of the year Tuesday night, and have already made my second one. I just decorated the cover and am letting it dry. Then I'll be off to the races practicing, playing, experimenting and brainstorming in the new sketchbook!

Getting to work offline today just to sorta unpack from the stressful day yesterday. But looking forward to hitting the drawing requests hard tomorrow on stream! See the CREW tomorrow 10am for all the Drawing Request action! 

TEWTORIAL 01: How Eryck Webb Colors Light And Shadow |

January 21, 2021 0 Comments


#twitch #youtube #color #shading #rendering #lighting #clipstudiopaint #inkscape #wacom #drawingrequestshow #truestory 

Watch the video on EWG YouTube 

How to color light and shadow like I do in my daily work flow! 
Using Clip Studio Paint with a Wacom Intuos Pro Medium Tablet

If you enjoyed this how-to, or found it helpful, please let me know in the comments. Also, let me know if there's anything you are particularly interested in learning more about from what you've seen me do in my art. I'll consider making a video about it!

Keep learning fellow creative students!

Come out, ask questions live and talk shop anytime! Weekdays on Twitch!

Main Music provided by Pretzel Rocks, artists shown on screen

Intro and Outro Music is:
Text Me Records - Some Of You
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Watch the video on EWG YouTube 

DRS Rewind: Kitty Parade Request by Eryck Webb on YouTube!

January 19, 2021 0 Comments

DRS Rewind - Kitty Parade Drawing Request

Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/GhS12mK3q7o

A highlight looking back at one of my favorite requests on Drawing Request Show this week!
In Inkscape with a Wacom Intuos Pro Medium Tablet

This request was for the streamer YecatsMailbox riding a large kitty and commanding the cats marching and following her with her kazoo!

Super fun. Super CEWT!!

About a 15 minute drawing overall.

Watch more requests get drawn like this, and request one for yourself, on Drawing Request Show! Weekdays!

Follow all things Eryck Webb by visiting

Music provided by Pretzel Rocks and
The YouTube Sound Library

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See you next drawing!

My 10th Sketchbook of 2020 Is A Wrap!

January 10, 2021 0 Comments

The covers of the 10 sketchbooks I finished in 2020. Sort of in order, from right to left ( for some reason ) starting at bottom right.

The stack of 10 sketchbooks I finished in 2020. The first one ontop, the last one is the large one on the bottom. The ones in the middle are not in order.

#sketchbook #sketchjournal #journal #journaling #art #drawing #notebook #collection

I finished my 10th and final sketchbook of 2020 this weekend! I wanted to share this crazy collection of drawing practice / personal journaling books with you guys. I've never finished this many sketchbooks ( or sketch journals ) in one year before. There was a time when I only completed one or less a year. Then as drawing became my main occupation and focus in life I started completing around 2 a year. As I grow artistically, and try to keep up and even progress my drawing skills while streaming and drawing live for people, I start filling sketchbooks pretty rapidly. I have also been using them as personal journals, to organize my thoughts, my daily to-dos and to clear my mind during stressful times. Journaling is also a great way to record and stow away random ideas and brainstorms for future projects and drawings. 

I used pre-made sketchbooks until the 6th sketchbook. I was inspired to make my own by watching channels on YouTube like SeaLemon and others. I made a simple saddle stitched sketchbook with materials I had sitting around. The 7th sketchbook I made with coptic stitch binding completely from materials I had around. The 8th and 9th were the same way. It was gratifying to create a usable sketchbook for no cost with materials I already had around the house. These were all variations of 8.5 x 5.5 or 8.5x6 sized books. The 10th sketchbook was an 8.5x11 sketchbook I had used sporadically in the background between finishing and starting other sketchbooks all year. I decided to finish it off for my last sketch journal of the year. I put the challenge upon myself to finish it before the new year, but it took me an extra week. 

I had a second 8.5x11 sketchbook I hadn't used yet, that I decided to cut down to make an 5 x 8 sketchbook. This is what I'm using for my first sketchbook of 2021. It was previously cut down to size and cover wrapped with blank paper for decorating making it ready to use. Today I drew and decorated the cover with an image that came to mind amongst current events.  It was sort of a way to emote my own thoughts and feelings on the current state of the world. Basically me/ my hat and headphones, with a gasmask. A syringe and rifle crossbones in the back. Between vaccine distributing, white supremacist riots at the capital, the continued onslaught of the Covid virus, and the effect its all having on all our lives, jobs and sanity... its comforting to have the safe space of my sketch journals to write, emote and express myself with drawing, and find some kind of stable ground. It gives me somewhere to stay focus on now, (not the present or past) and to relax, and escape for a while. Maybe this escape and realm to lean on is why I ended up with 10 of them last year. It was certainly a year with a lot of reasons to keep my head down and escape into my sketch journals. 

Now, the first one of 2021 is ready to use once it finishes drying. Happy drawing and journaling girls and boys! Thanks for looking and here's to a new year of drawing, journaling and exploration in a paper-filled place where you can do no wrong!

My first sketchbook of 2021 I decorated / drew on the cover, colored the whole thing with orange ink, went over it with white paint pen and sealed it all with modge podge and let it dry.

Great First DRS Of 2021 - Putting Some Sauce On It!

January 4, 2021 0 Comments


Thanks for a great first Drawing Request Show of 2021! See you tomorrow and each day this week 10am - 2pmET, for more Drawing Request Action!! Lets bring in the new year babyyyy!


This is a cropping of a 'warrior ravioli' upgrade I finished this afternoon after stream. Drawn and inked in Inkscape and colored in Clip Studio Paint

#drawing #action #ravioli #warrior #knight #sauce #cannon #clipstudio #inkscape 

Bye Bye 2020, Hello 2021

January 3, 2021 0 Comments


Bye #2020 hello #2021 ... Lets get back to it! 

See folks in the morning! 10amET 

#drawing #rip #welcome #bugle 

Practice Sketches Random Girl 01032020



#drawing #sketch #female #girl #character #art #practice

Some sketching for practice of a random female character. Getting back to some Drawing Request action tomorrow! 

New DRS Intro/ Trailer - DRS Returns Jan 4th 2021!

January 2, 2021 0 Comments


What will you request?
Drawing Request Show returns Monday Jan 4th 10amET!

Check out the new trailer/ intro -- and see you Monday on stream!

EWG in 2021 - New Year, New Logo

January 1, 2021 0 Comments


#logo #brand #design #identity

New year, new possibilities, new drawings to be had! 

Introducing the new logo/ look for Eryck Webb Graphics in 2021! Being self employed allows me to enjoy many different things. From graphic design, to video editing to creating branding for others to growing my skills and exploring my own inspirations as an artist. But the number one thing I'm known for, is my drawing. I wanted to jump into this new year, with a logo focused on my drawing. The drawing is where any other aspect of what I do for a living starts. Whether it be concept sketches, thumbnails or a quick mapping out of a plan. What better way then a mostly hand drawn logo, in Inkscape with my trusty Wacom Intuos Pro. Thats how I've drawn requests and commissions for folks every week for the last 11 years after all! I used my handwriting to create the 'ink brush style' type for 'eryck webb'. The word 'graphics' uses a uniform font that I've used in my branding for years. I like how the font and the hand written type play off each other. The hat now has a stylus in the middle of the white stripes to emphasize my digital drawing. The hat and the ink stroke swoosh are drawn mostly freehand as well! 

I look forward to seeing the CRew and all of yew soon, for some Drawing Request Show action. The stream will return 10am Eastern Time starting January 4th, for some drawing action! Mon, Wed and Fri come out, put down a $1 to $15 USD donation for equal minute 1 character sketch in return! As always, get your request faster by attaching a $15 INSTA token, a $30 ULTRA token or a $45 QUANTUM token to any minute-amount request. Tues and Thurs will be offline workdays, cranking on Upgrade ink and color orders,  along side producing my new book, Best of Request Volume Five to be released early this year!

If you've ready my retrospective book, 'Ten', you know how every year has brought its own changes, challenges, and surprises. I can't wait to find out what 2021 has instore!

Time to break open a fresh barrel of sauce... time to get back to drawing!

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