Daily Practice: Atom Ant Combined With Two Face - Randomly Generated Mashup and Process Video

August 30, 2020 0 Comments


#twoface #atomant #dccomics #hannabarbera #mashup #amalgam #drawing #inkscape #randomprompt #dailysketch 

Using my list of 140 animation, video game and comic characters I randomly chose two to mash together! Was a fun prompt/ and way to practice drawing!

This one was using Two Face and Atom Ant! They became Atom The Two Faced Ant or The Split Atom Ant! ( Its fun making the amalgam names )

This is a 20 minute drawing condensed into a few minutes! I didn't do any preliminary just took the mashup and ran with it, making it up as I went! Drawn in Inkscape with Wacom Intuos Pro

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Music by Fascinating Earthbound Objects

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Watch the video by clicking the image on this post or this link https://youtu.be/dE2XgM8UA7c

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RIP Chadwich Boseman

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MaXx Gon - Daily Drawing Practice 8292020


Click to enlarge! 'The Maxx' and 'Gon' studies and brainstorming and final drawing

Click to enlarge! 'The Maxx' and 'Gon' finished amalgam character! 8.5x11 piece

Click to enlarge! 'The Maxx' and 'Gon' references, sketchbook brainstorming and WIP piece!

#sketchtember #drawing #practice #dailysketch #traditionalart #ink #brush #drawingboard

Enjoying some quality Saturday time at the traditional drawing table. I used my new character picking generator method and picked two characters to combine for today's daily drawing practice. To my surprise it picked 'The Maxx' a character popular in the 90s that I was generally aware of, but not super familiar with, and one of my all time favorite characters 'Gon'. After some brainstorming in the sketchbook I penciled it out on 8.5x11 marker card stock and then finished it with a pentel fude brush pen i have filled with speedball ink and then inkwashed it with a watered down pen of the same kind. Really dig the mash up and hope you do too! The piece is safely stored away and generaly available for purchase world wide, just DM on any of my sites or in the comments below if interested! 

I'm looking forward to more traditional drawing practice and daily character mashups ( and even maybe some solo ones ) all #sketchtember long! Come out to twitch.tv/eryckwebb to catch me drawing them live each weekday, and make sure to follow me on @eryckwebb on twitter and @eryckwebbgraphics on instagram/ facebook to see when I post the finished works!

Running Robot Rider Process Video

August 27, 2020 0 Comments


New EWG YouTube Video! - Sputnik's sporting fresh new gear for going back to school!


#robot #mech #backtoschool #school #backpack #student #alien #inkscape #wacom 

Thanks For A Great Wednesday Stream!

August 26, 2020 0 Comments


Thanks for a killer Wednesday stream! The sauce was flowing good and the hype was real. Thanks to all who supported today and congrats to all the giveaway winners! Heres a few favs from today! All art sent! See folks in the morning! #goodnight #cat #mech #superhero #demon #creature #characterart #drawing #inkscape

Squirrely New Short Comic Story WIP

August 24, 2020 0 Comments


Pgs 1 & 2 spread - I need to add a 4th finger to the squirrels hands but these are mainly done

Pgs 3 & 4 in progress - need to rework the 'burying' panel on top left. But really happy with Pg 4's sequence of tree running action

#comic #squirrel #shortstory #digitalart #drawing #inkscape #wacom

100% drawn in Inkscape with Wacom Intuos Pro. Finished comic will be around a dozen pages.

New Sketchbook 2020 #7 Finished!

August 23, 2020 0 Comments

2020 Sketchbook Volume 7 ready to draw! 8.5x7 160 pgs. Every spread opens flat for a nice drawing surface. All thats left is starting to draw! #diy #sketchbook #book #journal

YouTube Video: Cyberpunk 2077 inspired warrior girl

August 22, 2020 0 Comments


#drawing #cyberpunk #inkscape #wacom #warriorgirl #gun #cannon #tone #digitalart #scifi

A new video has been posted on EWG YouTube! In anticipation of the release of CyberPunk 2077 I was requested to do some free-reign Cyber Punk girl. I cleared my mind and made it up as I went and came out with a pretty badass character! Drawn in about 40 minutes during Drawing Request Show on Twitch! Condensed into about 3 minutes!

Check it out here by clicking the image on this post or this link:

Thank you to DigitalCandyStudio for the awesome request!

Sketchbook #7 In Progress


2020 Sketchbook #7 in progress on a nice relaxing Sat. I've taken an interest in book binding and making my own DIY sketch journals lately. Its very satisfying. I'm finally understanding Copic stitch binding this time around. #happysaturday

Thank Yew Crew, For A Great Week!

August 21, 2020 0 Comments

 Works from Friday's Drawing Request Show stream:

Works from the rest of the week:

#drawing #inking #sketching #coloring #saucing #inkscape #wacom #cyberpunk #horror #monster #creature #hero #adventurer #cute #cartoon #machine #robot #art

We capped off an epic Drawing Request week with more epic drawings. Some chronic angelic monster colors, some cartoons and a cool texture toned cyberpunk girl original. 

As I said on stream today, thank you to everyone who supports the stream, Eryck Webb Graphics and me. But mostly the hat. The hat craves drawings. You support not only all that, but my wife, our life and her ability to help others without having to worry about an income. Shes the other half of this brand, and of this life your encouraging and supporting. So thank you very much from me, her and all the people we support as well. 

That being said, I'm really enjoying the drawing groove lately. This 5 days a week schedule is manageable and its fun to see you guys ever day. I also like the evolution and growth the new format allows me, and I hope you guys see it too. My style continues to change, evolve and the timerlessness allows me the time to experiment and try new things for new looks never before see on the stream. I'm also very much enjoying the opportunity to work in other content, like personal works and traditional art and other projects. 

I know you guys will come out, support me and be interested in pretty much whatever I'm up to each day on stream, and thats when you know you are connecting with the community and doing something special.

Keep drawing, stay inspired, whatever it is do it to it and I'll see you guys next week for more!  

The Week Is A Wrap! + Monkey Punch 10min Sketch

August 14, 2020 0 Comments


#goodnight #monkey #punch #inkscape #gauntlets #robot #arms 
All art sent. A very challenging week mentally, emotionally and professionally. But made it to the end. Thanks to all those who stuck it out with me. Weekend time! 

EWG Comics: Millview 005

August 13, 2020 0 Comments

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#webcomic #strip #funnypages #sunday #comics

Click comic to enlarge! Thanks for reading! New comic semi-weekly!

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Life Drawing Figure Practice 8132020


click to enlarge

#drawing #sketching #figuredrawing #figures #lifedrawing #studies #practice #drawfu

Its a blessing these days to be able to google image reference, and study from endless examples in any category or subject matter you want. I really enjoy googling 'sports action photography' and 'martial arts photography' and drawing the dynamic poses and depictions found in those searches.

I've been feeling a bit stiff in my drawing and uptight. So when that happens its always good to get back to basics and work on the fundamentals. Ground up practice, study and drilling till you work out the kinks or start flowing well. Each of these was untimed and done over the course of about an hour and a half. 

Thanks for looking! Keep practicing! 

Draw Guy Fall Guys Style + Process Video



#fallguys #draw #drawing #sketch #cartoon #character #inkscape #wacom

Highlight from my Twitch stream this week - decided to draw myself as a Fall Guyz character! Fun stuff!

Check out the process video! Its about 20 minutes of drawing condensed into 5 minutes!

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'Red', a new short comic project this summer

August 11, 2020 0 Comments

#comic #pages #roughs #shortstory 

Began the process on a new comic short this morning. Doing something fun during the end of summer here. Will do the more 'horror' based 'Stalker' closer to October. Squeezing in time to work on these personal/ passion projects between stream and sleep and other IRL moments.  

DrawBot character design

August 9, 2020 0 Comments


Might use this guy on inktober prompts this year. He'll have a stylus too and draw things in some of the promps. ill make his hat more bucket hatish or steam lined. 

#drawing #bot #character #design #study #sketch

Using A Thumbnail Javascript To Create Galleries? And The New Blogger Revamp Broke Them? Heres My Solution...

August 8, 2020 0 Comments

I use a javascript to archive/ collect thumbnail images of all my artwork in one portfolio page. I also use it to archive/ collect all my web comic thumbnail images for a specific web comic on one page. This javascript has worked flawlessly until the recent blogger user interface revamp. I played with different code, and different issues to see what was causing it. To much frustration it was not obvious and is still a little mysterious. In this post I want to explain how I fixed this problem. Keep in mind, I'm talking about a javascript to batch thumbnail images. If your using blogger the way blogger probably intends you to use it, then you should be fine and please disregard this entire post!

In the end the problem is the changes to how the code behaves when you add images to your blog post. So heres what I was seeing in my art gallery to new posts. The thumb on the top left I corrected already, and I took a picture of the thumb on the top right before fixing it. My new post uploads were appearing as a crossed out camera icon.

Blogger made the thumbnails not recognizable by the java script

The problem came from the new automatic code blogger inserts when you add a picture. The image inexplicably becomes corrupted when you use these 'user friendly' image aligning/ sizing controls. DON'T USE THESE. 
With the image I added to this post selected, these controls appear. Do not use them!

Even if I tried to take the existing image I had already added to the post and change the html back to bloggers preferred format, it didn't work. The moment I resized or used those controls on the image it corrupted the images ability to be recognized by the java script. So the solution was to delete the image and re upload/ post fresh. When you look at the HTML after adding the image fresh, you can see blogger generates its own html for it. Where it becomes corrupted versus the version that works is a mystery. I find it works, if you take the automatically generated code, and just change the width to a percentage or pixels width that fits the image on your blog design the way you want, and call it done. I recommend changing the images left, right or center alignment in the code as well so as not to corrupt the image. However I find the auto controls that pop up on selecting an image won't even work when you try to hit the left, center or right alignment. If you use the main toolbar at top it seems to work ok without breaking the image.

Just use the auto generated code which doesn't corrupt the image and keeps it visible by javascript. Add an alignment to the image and only change the width.

noticed that the width=640 is automatically generated for more landscape-oriented images, while blogger generates height=640 instead for portrait-oriented images. Be aware of this as it may throw you off initially. I want all my widths to be the same so I remove the height=640 and make it a width=640 at the end of the .jpg" line just like the wide images. This seems to work without corrupting the image. Thankfully.

So by adding the image and just changing the width in the code and leaving the rest alone the javascript can sniff it out again. I find this strange, unnecessary and a little inexplicable. But whatever, I can live with it. Heres the thumbnails all fixed. So now my artgallery isn't broken anymore like it has for the last couple weeks. 

In the end, sometimes change can be bad. Its worse if your using custom code and creating functions on a platform that they don't intend or support directly. The moment they begin to change things, your modifications may be at risk of becoming broken. But a little time and patience, and lots of trial and error can get you where you need to go. I've never had a great relationship with automatically generated code, whether it be in Microsoft apps, Macromedia apps, adobe apps or website-building sites like blogger. It would be cool if there was an option for raw coding for advanced users. 

Regardless, hope this helps anybody suffering from similar issues!

Update 12/15:
They actually fixed this problem and it works correctly and normal now, ah well was fun to find a work around while it lasted LOL.

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