Drawing Request Show: Episode 40 Recap

June 30, 2016

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Had a wide assortment of requests today ranging from a DeviantArt ID to some steampunk ships to a friendly educational tiger and a savage warrior lizardman. 

Fun stuff and some gratitude wheel shenanigans all around! 
If you missed the stream, can watch it on 'past broadcasts' page of the EWG Twitch channel here:

And be sure to come out every Monday, Wednesday and Friday 2pmET for live broadcasts!

Drawing Request Show 39: 200 Follows Giveaway Special

June 27, 2016

@twitchcreates @twitch #stream #draw #digitalart #inkscape #wacomintuos2 #drs #drawingrequestshow

Had a great Episode 39 of Drawing Request Show today on twitch! Started off as normal but kicked off the Giveaway a half hour early or so and it was a blast. Had 8 winners and totaled 120 dollars worth of free requests to winners. Thanks to all who participated and made it a very fun event! Got some drawings done too of course, and had a lot of fun.

If you missed the show can watch the replay here:

Watch live video from EryckWebb on www.twitch.tv

Hope to see you at a live one, check schedule for days and times at twitch.tv/eryckwebb and watch shows live there as well.

See you next time! Heres to the next 200!

DRS 200 Follower Goal Giveaway Special on Monday

June 25, 2016

#giveaway #twitch #follower #goal #draw #art #wheel

It took a month or more to get the last 20 follower goal. One week later we got 20 more, and have hit 200 followers! That means its time for a $100 total drawing request giveaway!

Come out to twitch.tv/eryckwebb 2pmET on Monday 6/27/16 to get in on the giveaway. As per usual, the Follower Goal Giveaway Specials are normal episodes but when it comes Giveaway time or we hit at least 10 viewers (whichever comes first) in the chat, the Follower Goal Giveaway event will commence!

All winners will receive a 11x17 300dpi jpg of their art when it is completed.

See you there!
And heres to the next 20 Follows!

DRS Bonus Content 62316 Recap

June 24, 2016

@twitchcreates @twitch @twitchcreative #twitch #creative #draw #art

Got 6 upgrade requests colored up and sent out tonight! They were all (except the bottom left) pre flatted by my lovely and awesome assitant Kristina. All I had to do was open them up slap shades and highlights and effects on them and call them done! So will be the format going forward, anytime I get inks, I'll do them on tuesdays and colors on thursdays during the Drawing Request Show 'BONUS CONTENT streams. A less structured art fest where its just like the day time shows but dont work on requests and the giveaway is always decided by a silly web game of some sort via the Game Of Fate wheel.  These were all a lot of fun in their own rights. 

Missed the stream? Watch it on twitch here:

Watch live video from EryckWebb on www.twitch.tv

Be sure to come out every M, W, F 2pmET and T, TH 8pmET to the live shows at twitch.tv/eryckwebb!

Drawing Request Show 37 Recap

June 23, 2016

Click To Enlarge!

#twitch @twitch @twitchcreates #drawing #request #stream

This mid week show featured a slew of wheel spins, a massive Game Of Fate session and a 20Min drawing giveaway! Also a slew of new faces hanging out and a couple new follows getting us ever closer to that 200 Follower Goal! When that happens we'll be giving away $100 dollars total worth of free drawing requests! See you next time!
Watch live on Friday at twitch.tv/eryckwebb

Missed Wednesdays? Watch it below:

Watch live video from EryckWebb on www.twitch.tv

Bonus Content 62116 Recap

June 21, 2016

Centurions Fanart for Trayde

Eternity Champions Online OC for Lynxie

Jangala (Champions Online Jungle hero) Overwatch Redesign (On The Fly) for Oboe

Grown up Powerpuff Girls Fanart for Trayde

Champions Online OC lingerie style for TamTam

Got the above pieces inked up tonight. As of this post, all art sent! Still have a good half dozen to wrap up. Will get them done in coming week or two me hopes. If you missed tonights ink-tastic show you can watch it below. 

See folks out for Drawing Request Show live 2pmET Wednesday (tomorrow) and Friday where I'll be drawing and taking new requests and ones I didnt get to Monday. Giveaways, Gratitude shinnanigans and more. Always a good time. Hope you can come out to it live on twitch.tv/eryckwebb!

I'm happy to report we had our 20 follower goal giveaway last friday and so far we're already 8 away from the $100 dollar next follower giveaway of 200 followers! Gonna happen this month for sure. Stay tuned for that! Gonna be a blast. And if your not following, get following!

Heres the past broadcast:

Watch live video from EryckWebb on www.twitch.tv
And a highlight of my lil' buddie stevie joining in on the stream to tell me about lord of the rings and what he thinks of my drawings hehe.

Watch live video from EryckWebb on Twitch

Drawing Request Show 35: FGS Complete!

June 17, 2016

#twitch #draw #stream #request #tekken #spacefighter #ostrich #vinyl #lingerie #rocketgirl

Dude! What an amazing 35th episode of Drawing Request Show - there was so much happening time seemed to slow down, at least from my perspective. Drew tons of drawings, spun a lot of wheels, made a lotta people squeemish with full cam thank yous and poems and even had a thank you note stuck to my head the whole time! 
Not to mention we had a $50 total giveaway event today! There ended up being 5 winners, each with varying prizes won and lots of awesome drawings to come! 
We're now on the road for the next 20 followers and hitting the 200th follower, which will unlock a $100 dollar giveaway like today's $50 dollar giveaway. 
If you missed it heres the replay which is available on twitch for a couple weeks. I will eventualy upload it to youtube so if the link does not work, go hit up my youtube at the link on this site.

Twitch screens some areas of music that it deemds 'copyrighted' even though... i own the mp3s... ah well. So enjoy dont mind the audio gaps.

The full episode start to finish!

Watch live video from EryckWebb on www.twitch.tv

The Follower Giveaway event!

Watch live video from EryckWebb on Twitch

Follower Giveaway Friday 6/17/16 At 2pmET! Be There!

June 16, 2016

#twitch #stream #creative #drawing

Holy Crap Batman! We just hit the current Follower Goal! Friday's show will feature a $50 total giveaway event! It will be happening in place of the normal giveaway around second half of the show! See you then! And thank you for everyones interest in the stream and followers. Wouldn't be doing this without you!

Happening here: (Make sure to follow to participate)

Thank you again for helping me get this far!

Throwback Thursday: 2006 - From Oz And Back

#throwbackthursday #tbt #wizardofoz #oz 

I thought it would be fun to dive back as far as I could in my deviant art gallery for this week's piece. There was a TMNTurkeys piece from 2005, but I felt like this was the defining piece in my digital evolution at the time. This was drawn with pencil on a 11x17 (tabloid) sheet of paper, and inked with micron pens and sharpie. Then I scanned the two halfs as I had done back then to get the 11x17 on my computer using my 8.5x11 scanner. Then I colored it in photoshop, having no real clue what I was doing. I mean I basically knew how to color on one layer w/ lineart on multiply above it. But beyond that, it was trial and error and experimentation the entire time. I'm pretty sure it probably took me forever to finish. Also it looks like it was more of a painted style than a select and fill cellshade/ comic type style like i use now.
Despite its issues, it was one of the occasional types of works where it was absolutely inspired by a moment where i just became busting to do artwork of it. I remember I was watching Wizard Of Oz around thanksgiving time in 2006 and got inspired to do my own interpretation. Scarecrow would be sort of a shepard-ish, wobbly-kungfu master guy wit ha wooden stick as his weapon, the tinman would be a big logging machine that ran on a wood furnace/ steam or something and the cowardly lion would truly be intimidating and be over compensating for his cowardice by maintaining a fearsome look and portrayal of himself. Dororthy would be Dorothy of course but I made her younger, and big anime influenced bow/ hair. I realize I completely forgot to draw Toto and I decided this was them getting together to go rescue Toto from the evil witch... or something.
Its still one of my favorite pieces over all. Was #1 in my deviant art gallery for the longest time... who knows may still be. And I have a 24x36 print of it framed and hanging in my studio. 
I may not have really known what I was doing, but this was a landmark moment when I realized I really wanted to keep pursuing the digital medium ... get better at coloring. Eventually leading me to drawing/ inking digitally as well and overall improving every aspect of my 'comic style' aspirations.
Is funny, back then I thought everything looked cooler when you brought highlights out of blacks. But I had no idea what I was doing so everything at that time often had way too much black in it haha.
Alright, well hope you enjoy this look back at this 2006 artwork. This would have been a year after graduating college, and a year into my job at the time at an advertising agency. Still devoting much of my energy to graphic design and layout at my job, I did art like this for fun and it eventually turned into a career. Who-da-thunk-it?

DRS 33 Recap And DRS Notes

June 14, 2016

Click to enlarge

#twitch #stream #creative #twitchcreates #pokemon #ffxiv #injustice2 #

Good to be back after technical issues last week. Got a new modem, even sported some new headphones and held a good first show back! Internets running maximum and steady and I couldn't be happier with it.  Above are all the drawings done during the show. Highlights include a fun landscape-related free request, a special wheel spin for FunkyTurtle's birthday and he won a 5 min drawing of Squirtle so I had him busting out a birthday cake!

The schedule starting Monday is Drawing Request Show 2pmET Monday, Wednesday and Friday and 'DRS Bonus Content' Tuesday and Thursday at 8pmET. The M, W, F will progress per the usual art hype and fun. The evening 'Bonus Content' will be time set aside to work on the back log of inks and colors upgrades. Folks are invnvited to come out/ chat/ chill and enjoy the inks and color splashing goodness.

See folks next stream!

Missed Episode 33? Can watch the recap on twitch past broadcasts here:

Hope to have you at the next live show!

DRS 32 Died - Have A Great Weekend All!

June 10, 2016

#twitch #comcast #stream #technicaldifficulties #fail #trytryagain

One bar popped up right as i took the screen shot. But when I saw 3 bars down after my third attempt of refreshing the interwebs and saving the stream today, I knew it was time... DRS 32 died 3:10pmET on 6/10/16 - Will always remember you... as the most #%@!$#% stream comcast has ever provided me. 

Will be taking the weekend to get it all straight and contact comcast/ etc etc. Next show will be Monday 6/13/16 at 2pmET! See everyone then to pickup where I left off. That little picture of bars is my actual display I took a screenshot of. Like I said one popped up desperately when I was taking a picture of my two bars. Yeah... can't run a stream with that at all. Have a good weekend everyone. Will work diligently to have it back by Monday so I can crank the arts. 

I want to thank 2Dorks for your hosting, TamTam for his generous donation shortly before the stream died and Trayde for the awesome Superboy vs Superboy pic which is half drawn. I'll finish it come Monday buddy.

Thanks all! 


Drawing Request Show Episode 31 Recap

June 9, 2016

#draw #twitch #creative #request #stream

Tonights stream had a lot of awesome drawings, kicked off with an Optimus Prime 5 min warmup. All were a lotta fun. Everything from sexy ladies to Gundams and OCs and everything in between. Noteables was very tame Gratitude Wheel and hitting myself in the eye with my headphones right before starting a piece. Giveaway was a little odd cause it was a new item where its a 13min piece that the winner has to pick for somebody else to have. I may get rid of that one. Thats fun and all for cheapie gratitude spins but giveaway should be for the person who wins. Anywho, an attempt to mix it up that i think wasnt a massive hit. It got some laughs and stuff but.... led to drama more than anything. 
See you one more time this week, for a Friday episode 2pmET tomorrow! 
If you missed the episode and want to see the replay can always view it here: 

Mint Condtion TnCs Comin Atcha

 @tnccomics #webcomic #comic #new

Happy to report I just slapped the shipping lables on two new strips and they're off to Cory for some posting in coming days! Heres the finished panel that I teased earlier this week. Enjoy the new strips!
Onto the next ones :) 
Be sure to bookmark/ follow/ like TnC Comics on Facebook for new strips every Friday!

Drawing Request Show Episode 30 - Drawing Dump

June 8, 2016

click to enlarge

#stream #twitchcreative #creative #twitch #draw #request #inkscape #digitalart

Thanks so much to all who came out made today's show a fun one! Was definitely an interesting one! Accidently timed out a Mod, had fun with some new gratitude items and lots of awesome drawings! Lets do it again tomorrow! 
If you missed it, you can always watch a past broadcast on my Twitch channel here:
Thanks and see you the next live show ( at twitch.tv/eryckwebb m-f at 2pmET!)

Drawing Request Show - Episode 29 Drawing Dump

June 7, 2016

Click To Enlarge

#tmnt #fairytale #drawing #twitch #carebear #chewbacca

Finished getting all the drawings from today saved out and sent heres the collection I did today! You can tell my current setup is working better when theres a lot more drawings. If theres only 3 or 4 Im not doing it right haha. 

If you missed today's stream can watch it here for about the next two weeks and eventualy on youtube:

Hope to see you for a live show every M-F 2pmET at twitch.tv/eryckwebb

Drawing Request Show Art Sent From 6316-6616

June 6, 2016

Drawing Requests from 6/3/16

Drawing Request Inks/Colors from 6/4/16
Drawing Requests from 6/6/16

All the above pieces which I had not previously sent out are now out! Thanks so much for everyones requests its always a great time with lots of challenging fun new art to draw. Can't wait to do it again each day this week! Tally Ho!

French Stallion FanArt: Heavy Metal Baguette

June 3, 2016

#twitch #stream @frenchstallion #french #stallion #metal #rocknroll #baguette #nutella #rose #sexy #cringe

twitch.tv/lefrenchstallion - M-F 6pmET!

Thought I'd cap off the week with posting that French Stallion tribute art I did a few weeks ago. Was first time in many months I had been inspired to do some art of my own in my freetime and I thank the stallion for that. His stream is awesome on two levels. 1. Its great to go out there and be around so many fans of metal/ rock which I do not have a lot of that in my life. The fact that he can rock so many different types of music and still make it epic is awesome enough. But 2. he is also entertaining as hell. Hes out there, every night entertaining and making people laugh, cry (with laughter) and cringe. The metal is awesome, but honestly I get most excited when somebody subs cause that means a wheel spin is coming. If I could have figured out a way to put the sexy cringe wheel in this piece too I would have. But I wanted it more of a rocking salute, to a very original and very awesome twitch streamer. I've seen a few 'copy cats' pop up recently similar to his format. But nobody else comes close. Rock on, you crazy baguette! Thanks for tearin' up my thrash requests and entertaining all of us M-F. A twitch legend in the making.

Also enjoy the inks and pencil stages of this piece below. Any thoughts/ comments be sure to share them below! Heres a link to the youtube session where I was working on this piece for those who dig that kinda thing! See you round the interwebs.

DRS 26 Recap and Bonus Disc

June 2, 2016

One of my favorite pieces from today's Drawing Request Show - was fully colored later in the show

Bonus disc exercise/ cool off before heading out for the night

Today's stream was a lot of fun. Got caught up on orders that I got behind on yesterday, and even spun the wheel a few times. The Gratitude wheel hit an all time record in one sitting for being re-spun 5 times! Also had photosohop crash towards the end of finishing a full color piece so redid it tonight. Thats the lesson kids, save save save (even pros gotta be reminded on occassion). All art files sent, let me know if anybody did not ge tone. Otherwise, goodnight and lets do it again tomorrow 2pmET!
Missed it? Watch it here:
And be sure to come out to a live stream sometime!

Smoke Break - Warmup 6216

#imp #dwarf #troll #gremlin #smokebreak #marlinspike 

Warmup this morning about 15-20 minutes in +SketchBookPro getting in the creative mode to tackle some commissions today. Time to get to it! Like this? Check out the many entries in this website's 'digital sketchbook' over in the gallery page. Practice every day!

Return to DRS went great

June 1, 2016

Warmup sketch I did on my samsung tablet before the show

#twitch #stream #return #back #rocknroll

Very excited to be back. Man it feels good to be drawing again. Like I've been away for it for basicly a week. Tried sketching a couple times but heart wasn't in it. Now its like so good. Like a drug, like zen. Purpose in life kinda thing. 
Thanks to all who came out and made it a great return to the Drawing Request Show! Still hammering out the kinks, this is its first year and all. But onto something special I can feel it. You all are a riot and I'm actualy thrilled for the variety offered by bringing back the inks and colors. Feels damn good. Look forward to doing it again tomorrow. All files sent from today's. Have a great Wedneday night!
If you missed the show, see the recap here:

Mill Is Fired - Studio Is Go

#studio #homeoffice #workspace #smb #selfemployed

First official day back at it, with a spiffy new studio made possible by my awesome partner in crime and wife Kristina. I (against doctors orders) moved a few things around, spent yesterday getting my equipment all setup in the new setup and kristina took it upon herself (and lets face it i needed the help) to organize and clean up the studio. She got rid of teh clutter, organized the closet and even Wally's perch by the window. Looks great and its so nice to walk into in the morning and feel inspired already. Wanted to share. 
As I stated in yesterday's post, will be streaming Drawing Request Show 2pmET today and each day this week. Look forward to gettin back at it. 
In the mornings I will be picking up production on commission/ EWG orders starting from the oldest working to newest. If your a fairly recent order (In the last month) I will appreciate your patience while I take care of a few loose ends and work my way up the queue in order of received.
Thank you very much! Heres to a fresh start for the summer!

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