Drawing Request Show 35: FGS Complete!

June 17, 2016

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Dude! What an amazing 35th episode of Drawing Request Show - there was so much happening time seemed to slow down, at least from my perspective. Drew tons of drawings, spun a lot of wheels, made a lotta people squeemish with full cam thank yous and poems and even had a thank you note stuck to my head the whole time! 
Not to mention we had a $50 total giveaway event today! There ended up being 5 winners, each with varying prizes won and lots of awesome drawings to come! 
We're now on the road for the next 20 followers and hitting the 200th follower, which will unlock a $100 dollar giveaway like today's $50 dollar giveaway. 
If you missed it heres the replay which is available on twitch for a couple weeks. I will eventualy upload it to youtube so if the link does not work, go hit up my youtube at the link on this site.

Twitch screens some areas of music that it deemds 'copyrighted' even though... i own the mp3s... ah well. So enjoy dont mind the audio gaps.

The full episode start to finish!

Watch live video from EryckWebb on www.twitch.tv

The Follower Giveaway event!

Watch live video from EryckWebb on Twitch

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