Bonus Content 62116 Recap

June 21, 2016

Centurions Fanart for Trayde

Eternity Champions Online OC for Lynxie

Jangala (Champions Online Jungle hero) Overwatch Redesign (On The Fly) for Oboe

Grown up Powerpuff Girls Fanart for Trayde

Champions Online OC lingerie style for TamTam

Got the above pieces inked up tonight. As of this post, all art sent! Still have a good half dozen to wrap up. Will get them done in coming week or two me hopes. If you missed tonights ink-tastic show you can watch it below. 

See folks out for Drawing Request Show live 2pmET Wednesday (tomorrow) and Friday where I'll be drawing and taking new requests and ones I didnt get to Monday. Giveaways, Gratitude shinnanigans and more. Always a good time. Hope you can come out to it live on!

I'm happy to report we had our 20 follower goal giveaway last friday and so far we're already 8 away from the $100 dollar next follower giveaway of 200 followers! Gonna happen this month for sure. Stay tuned for that! Gonna be a blast. And if your not following, get following!

Heres the past broadcast:

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And a highlight of my lil' buddie stevie joining in on the stream to tell me about lord of the rings and what he thinks of my drawings hehe.

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