Inktober - Day 31 - Happy Halloween

October 31, 2015

#inktober #halloween #frankenstein #zombie #jackolantern #scary #spooky

And with this final Inktober piece, I wish everyone a spooky, fun and safe Halloween! We had our trick-or-treating on Thursday night cause of it apparently conflicting with highschool football, and concerns of saturday partiers messin with the kiddies or something stupid like that. But to me it just made Halloween two or three days longer and thats been fun. Been watching Evil Dead and tonight Army of Darkness. Watched Shaun of the Dead and or maybe Land of the dead tonight. Been fun! So, heres to Inktober, the challenging ink drawing-a day challenge i've been participating in. No I didnt do it all traditional, but I did do some of it traditional. In general I used every traditional or digital opportunity to try to learn, experiment and get better at either way of inking. 
Heres both my 2015 Halloween piece, and my final Inktober piece. 

Now Inktober is over, you will hear it here first. The best from this year's inktober as well as many drawings, sketches and daily doodles from the past couple years will be collected into a special volume and slated to be released for the 6th year anniversary of EWG (December 11th). You heard it here first, stay tuned for more info on that!

Happy Halloween! And hope everyone had a great Inktober! 

Inktober - Day 30 - The Artist

October 30, 2015

#artist #dewd #selfie

For day 30 just doing some EWG logo/ mascot/ self portrait. Inked digital on samsung galaxy note 10.1 

Tomorrow is the last day of inktober! Noooo

Inktober - Day 29 - TMNT

#thanksgiving #marauding #ninja #turkey #inktober #sketchbook #ink #sketch

It's that time of year again. Trade the jack o lanterns for hay, the skulls for corn husks, the candy for cranberry sauce and turtles for turkeys. 

Turtles Wraparound Cover Pencils Progress and Week Wrap Up

#utmnt #tmnt #turtles #ninjaturtles #ninja

The above pic is the latest glimpse at my work in progress on the UTMNT No1 Issue Reprint cover. This special wraparound cover is going to be epic when done. Trying to do my best pencils and inks on this piece so its going to take a bit longer than your standard sketched out deal. Still some proportion adjustments to make then will do finished pencils and then inks. Should be done in the next week or two.

This week was a challenging one. I had to unfortunately push some character art and logo graphic jobs back to next week, as priority was getting Transformers 'Another Light' final pages done and out. I'm happy to say I met my personal goal of having it wrapped up by Wednesday. There was some emotion working on final touches of the last page. I was listening to the Transformers movie soundtrack, they were doing the autobots arrive to earth/ optimus prime hero suite, and I was putting final touches on some stars and masking and panel edge touch ups. Got a little emotional I must say. Was only for a moment but was both thrilled I made it to the end of all 41 pages, thrilled that this last chapter came out so epic, happy to finaly take a break from the hardwork of the transformers pages, and sad for it to be done.

Thursday was devoted to TnC and some business stuff in the morning and eaten up by Halloween costume making and trick or treat preparing all Thursday afternoon. What can i say, the hype got me I couldnt concentrate on anything else except halloween all afternoon/ evening. Then, after the trick or treating and a short rest, i finished up TnC that evening.

Friday has been black and white sketch commissions, some website updates (namely taking down the greeting card special item, and updating the website's gallery) and then working hard for several hours on the turtles cover. 

Overall I think my lack of focus on thursday, and my sluggish pace today, was due to working on 7 transformers pages straight monday, tuesday and wednesday. Morning, Afternoon and Evening. Monday i spent finishing up pencils on some areas I wasnt happy with. Then tuesday through wednesday I inked all 7 pages. I thought Tuesday was a record with 3 pages, but Wednesday I did 4. And I really dig how they came out. Don't feel I really sacrificed anything. All the hardwork and figuring was done in the pencils for me, so I penciled all of them first, and let the inks fly without too much second guessing.

Anywho, as I said I did not get to many other commissions, just the must-do comic work this week. Hoping with transformers out of the way, I can buckle down on the backburner, finish up the character art sitting waiting to be completed, get the logos off my desk for good and get ahead on some more comics. 

Will officialy begin working on the 5 greeting card orders i got too and those will be a lot of fun. Should have those wrapped in about two weeks if I stay ontop of it. 

Will be livestreaming Tuesday night at 9PMEST a spiderman/ kid piece. Thursday do a transformers fan piece and a kylie from ghost busters piece starting at 830PMEST

Have a great rest of your Halloween's and see you in November!

Inktober - Day 28 - Hover Drift Boat

#driftboat #fishing #hoverboard #hovercraft #backtothefuture

A concept sketch for a client of a 'marty mcfly hoverboard' inspired drift boat. Boy that'd make no wake now wouldnt it? Using this ink sketch for Day 28 :) 

Inktober - Day 27 - Back To The Future Waders

#backtothefuture #future #waders #selfadjust 

A ink sketch done this morning for a client that will also serve as my Inktober Day 27 piece. The idea of waders that can self adjust etc like the high tops from back to the future. I based the design on the shoes directly.

Inktober - Day 26 - Logo Ink Sketches

#thanksgiving #indian #nativeamerican #pilgrim #turkey

Prelim sketch ideas for the November EWG logo theme. Will be caught up on my inktober ink sketches by Saturday (just in time for it to be over ;( ah well ) - which do you like best? Your opinion matters! Will be doing a final one over the weekend to have up for November

Character Art Slots Set for 11/3 and 11/5

October 29, 2015

#commission #slot #opening #characterart #illustration

All Slots Claimed!

Attention character art enthusiasts! 3 Character Art Commission slots are now open for $32 each! These feature sketched, then inked and full colored artwork! You must email to purchase by Monday Nov 2nd, which is when the slots will close! First come first serve. I will then invoice you via paypal, do not just send payment as slots may not be available. These will be done on the day and times shown and live-streamed whilst.  If for some reason something comes up, they will all be done by the 8th (next Friday).

Thanks! Check below for availability! Will update as slots are purchased!

Slot 1 $32 - Tuesday, Nov 3rd - 900pmEST Livestream -  Tambo!

Slot 2 $32 - Thursday, Nov 5th - 830pmEST Livestream -  CDB!

Slot 3 $32 - Thursday, Nov 5th - 1000pmEST Livestream -  TransFan!

Transformers Run Is A Wrap

#transformers #ultramagnus #comicart #gig

My year long run on Hasbro Transformers Collector's Club Magazine comic has wrapped! I was the primary pencils and inks on this years 41 page arc 'Another Light'. An awesome story that in many ways mirrors the 80s animated movie but in far more epic and unexpected ways. This was by far the most challenging and also the most fun comic work I've had to date. I hope fans enjoyed my simplified approach to the designs and my attempts to inject personality into each character. Will share some of my favorite pages after its all said and done, so you can see the line-art under the colors. But I must say these pages were brought to life when you see them fully colored and lettered in print. Right now only the Collectors Club folks get to enjoy the comic but I'm hoping there will be a trade paperback or some other release of the whole year in one volume so others who I know would be interested in it but aren't club members can have the chance to purchase it. Thanks again to Hasbro and Fun Publications for the chance to work on this project. Hope the readers have enjoyed it!

Pencils/Inks by Eryck Webb (Eryck Webb Graphics)
Amazing life-breathing colors by Evan Gauntt (Zero mayhem)
Written by Jesse Wittenrich and Pete Sinclair (The Masterminds)

Special Greeting Card Commission Item - LAST WEEK TO ORDER!

October 26, 2015

#greetingcard #sale #special #card #holiday #christmascard

Officialy the last week to order this first annual 'Greeting Card Commission Item' from Eryck Webb Graphics! Special item ends Friday, so that I have plenty of time to finish them intime for people to order/ send their holiday cards. Depending on its success, this item may be an annual thing!

Inktober Day 23, 24, 25 - Trippin

October 25, 2015

#inktober #newengland #sketch #maine #vermont #newyork #Pennsylvania 

Day 3, the fruitless hunt for Rhode Island and massachussetts shot glasses for Kristinas collection. Rest of the day was spent in Boston traffic

Day 4, the half way point of our trip was reached first thing. The nubble light house in Maine.  We found a great gift shop for a shot glass there. Then a scenic drive through vermont mountains on our way back home and a cute gift shop there for the final shot glass. Then made it to Scranton that night.

Day 5, a straight cruise west back home with lots of great memories.

Was a great trip,  and fun capturing each day in sketch form. Was too pooped to post them the past two nights so posting these here. 

After a slow morning at the hotel here in Scranton,  we're heading back and I'll be getting back to work on Monday.  

Inktober - Day 22 - Connecticut Shore Line

October 22, 2015

#inktober #connecticut #sketchbook #rocky beach #new England 

Had a wonderful day two. We saw a pretty overlook in new jersey but after going through pa, NJ and NY,  i'd have to say connecticut was the highlight for sure today. Between having lunch at a pretty colorful foliage filled park, and after finding a park right on the Connecticut Shore.  Was definitely a nice day. Topped off with good food and margaritas at west warwick RI and then crashing at a la Quinta for the evening. The next couple days and future anniversaries will be a tough act to follow. Tomorrow we head to maine to see the nubble light house, then head towards Vermont on the way back home

Inktober - Day 21 - The Road Is Calling

#inktober #sketchbook #roadtrip #travel #new England

Day 21 with traditional pens in my 8.5 x 5.5 sketchbook. A fun way to mentaly center one self before a day of travel and site seeing. Started in midland PA yesterday and ended on other side of the state in Stroudsburg pa on the east border of pa. Now off to travel and see NJ,  NY,  and RI today. Thought it would be fun to in some way reflect the day of trip in each inktober piece till Monday when it will go back to being random. 

Cchibi Cthulu - OWN IT!

October 21, 2015

 #inktober #inktober2015 #sketch_dailies @Sketch_Dailies @inktober #cthulu

Inktober Day 04 - Cchibi Cthulu - combining the Sketch Dailies prompt 'Cthulu' from a few days ago with Inktober day 4 for some traditional goodness. Everyone does sort of a scary or serious take I thought I'd try to go the cute/ cartoony/ chibi route. Isn't he a cutie? Nope. Nope.... still F'n scary.

This is available to own!
  $50.00usd (+ $5.00 shipping) 
Email to claim and you will be sent a paypal invoice to purchase it.
 Please don't just send money, it might no longer be available.

Fighting Game Character FanArt Commissions Wrapped Up

October 20, 2015

#fightinggame #capcom #soulcaliber #streetfighter #tekken

A slew of tekken, soul caliber and street fighter fan art character commissions finished up for a art collector and awesome client. Got a good collection started here me thinks. These were all a blast to work on, many characters I've always wanted to portray but never had a chance before. Majority of these had color assists by my wife Kristina who is getting to be quite the Flatting pro. Lineart/ shades/ final effects me. 

Onto the next batch for another client waiting in the queue!

Alien Warrior - OWN IT!

October 19, 2015

#inktober #alien #warrior #brushpen #marker #sketch

Finished pice for Inktober Day 19, splashed a color or two on.
8.5x11 cardstock with brush pens and alcohol markers. Some prelim pencil with a mechanical pencil. Enjoy. See more on the EWG Youtube Channel, and on this website

Available for purchase!
$50.00 (+ $5.00 Shipping)
Email me at to claim and you will be invoiced via paypal to purchase through.

Enjoy the 'making of' video below! A 45 minute drawing elapsed intoa bout 4 minutes.

Song: 'Liberi Fatali - From Final Fantasy 8'

ChainSkull ( Inktober Day 18) Process Video

#inktober #day18 #cowboy #chainsaw #bountyhunter #skull

Recorded the session lastnight for those who missed the livestream. Check out this start to finish video of 'ChainSkull' on the EWG YouTube Channel! 8.5x11 cardstock with brush pen, copic and spectrum markers and some white gel pen finishes. Enjoy!
If you'd like to purchase this original Eryck Webb art, its only 30.00 (s&h included) ... just email!

Chainskull - OWN IT!

October 18, 2015

#inktober #chainsaw #skull #skeleton #bountyhunter #copic #spectrumnoir #sketch #pigmabrushpen

Finished this day 18 drawing of a skull faced bounty hunter whose' weapon o' choice is a chainsaw sword. On his back he totes a tank o' petrol to keep the sword slingin. 
8.5x11 smooth cardstock with pigma brush pen, copic marker and spectrum noir gray.

This piece is available for sale for $30.00
Just email me at if interested and if its still available, its yours!
Also click 'EWG Shop' on the right check out the slew of other original art to own.

FrankenDewd Final

This is the final design for 'FrankenDewd', the logo variation on the Eryck Webb Graphics 'Face Logo', made special for Halloween/ October. This was pencil designed amongst several variations in my sketchbook then a final digitaly inked design was done on samsung galaxy note in sketchbook mobile, then once it was where i liked it i translated it to a finished vector design on the desktop and applied it to logos/ mastheads around the network of EWG sites. 

This will begin a new category I thought it'd be fun to do, which will steadily grow as I do a new logo variation depending on the month/ holiday. This will be called the 'Logo Face' gallery and feature mainly all the variations on this EWG Face logo as time goes by. Should make a neat collection. I have lots of ideas of ways to do a new one each month. October is halloween, November thanksgiving, December christmas, January new year, february valentines day, april easter, so on so on. This will be a new ongoing addition in the EWG Gallery on this site. Click that link and checkout the variations already in the gallery.

Enjoy and Happy Halloween from EWG!

Inktober - 17 - FrankenDewd

#inktober #halloween #sketch #sketchbookmobile #digitalsketch

This is a design I inked in Sketchbook on Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. This is a final design to be used for a halloween themed logo for the rest of October. Fun stuff.

Inktober - 16 - Drawing Dead

October 16, 2015

#dead #zombie #halloween #inktober #drawingdead #voodoo #corpse

Inktober 16, working on a special logo variation for rest of October/ Halloween. Heres the inks so far. Might leave it like this or go in do some more details/ refinement. Then do a color version for logos around my sites. Enjoy, heres to rest of Friday's work - lets knock it out people!

100% Inkscape about 30 minutes.

8 Chibis 1 Week Recap Video

#chibi #inktober #commissions #digitalart #inkscape #photoshop #sketch 

This video features a mashup of the 8 chibis I worked on all this week since the end of the 2 Day Chibi Sale which happened October 10th 12am till October 12th 12 am. Each canvas depicted whether it have one character or 4 was done per day. The production of the 8 orders received during the special was completed 10/15/2015. This is roughly 6 hours of work trimmed and elapsed to 15 minutes.

The green long haired chibi shown in a horizontal format was penciled on samsung galaxy note 10.1 in sketchbook then moved to desktop for completion later on. The others were recorded from the pencil stage on in Inkscape.

Inkscape for pencils inks 
Photoshop for the colors

1.) Lazerhawk - King of the streets
2.) S.A.D. feat. Kyara - Warriors Of Love
3.) Sonic CD (Saturn) - Panic Puppet Zone Act 1 Theme

See commission pricelist and more art at

Thanks for watching! Feedback always appreciated!

Inktober Day 15 - Day of Inking

October 15, 2015

#inktober #inkscape #digitalink #inking #digitalart #wwe #transformers #fanart

I've been inking all day on commission orders shown above. I think I'm going to call Inktober Day 15 a gimme. Sure it was work/ for clients. But it counts. Here at the end of my day, I'm too pooped to do an additional Ink drawing, digital, traditional or otherwise. So above is my inking practice for today. And thats what I'm focusing on for this challenge anyways. Practicing my ink techniques, traditional and digital 31 days in a row. So here it is for today.

Tekken Sisters - Finished Colors

#tekken #fightinggame #sisters #inkscape #photoshop

Finished art of these two tekken sisters Nina and Anna. Done as a fan art commission for an awesome client. Penciled/Inked in Inkscape, flat colors by Kristina in photoshop and final shades/effects by me in Photoshop.

Undertaker and Kane WWE - Inks

#wwe #undertaker #kane #raw #smackdown

The two wrestling brothers Undertaker and Kane, all inked up this morning. Get these colored up in the next day or so! ALl sketched and inked in Inkscape while jamming to!

Follow Eryck Webb around the web!

Skully - OWN IT!

October 14, 2015

#inktober #skull #noose #graveyard #halloween

Forgot to post up the one from yesterday, just callin it 'Skully' - got a orange marker treatment ontop of the traditional inks. Fun piece.

You can own this 8.5x11 cardstock pen and marker piece for $50.00! Shipped in a stiff cardboard envelope. Price includes shipping/ handling. Email me at to inquire on purchasing. Please don't just send payment, as item may not be available anymore.

Thanks for checking this out!

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