March 30, 2012

Rockabilly Zombie Queen Completed - - Have a great weekend all!

Rockabilly Zombie Queen WIP inks -

And Count Dooku Inks - colors to come

Psylocke - inks - colors to come

Quick refill on the ol' mug, maybe a snack .... then rockabilly zombie artinz

Bloodsport Penciled Commission -

Whos jumping on the 540 million lottery bandwagon and getting some tickets for the drawing tonight? I too lazy myself. But probably should...

TGIF! - shower, shave, and SHINNANIGANS!
Then busting out the finishing on that Rockabilly Zombie Queen piece this morning!

March 29, 2012

Yeah. Food time, with some netflix. Then back to work!

Dude, the pieces I'm working on today are coming out so damn good. Blowing my own mind. Cyberforce/ Starwars and more.

Working late tonight, but after a quick din din. If your not listening to We're Alive podcast, you should be. Great stuff!

@DeviantArt admins need to worry less about duplicate forum posts, and more about the porn that passes for art on the site

Always appreciate DevArt admin authoritarianism 'oh we'll go ahead and lock out your forum thread since you have two' ... commies.

Getting this 8 piece order out the door today! No more delay. 8 pieces on one canvas baby

Lunch/Bank - then back to the factory for more assembly line work

Jet Girl soars through the skies -

Refilling the ol' coffee supply and getting on some digital pencils this AM. Then doing a bit of scheduling/ job coordination

4 Discounted full color commission slots available till 5pm Friday! Grab them up. First come first serve!

Fixed the setup this morning. Much better. Thank god, alrighty... time to get to work! MTWT: musictoworkto

March 28, 2012

Ever rearrange your office and completely find it retarded afterward but you already hooked everything back up. *sigh* usable for a while...

New EBAY items available till end of the week -

Is really nice today, got all the windows open, but the bursts of wind are getting scary! Like howling by every other minute or so

Took a moment to draw one of the chimneys i can see out my window here at my work area. Squab and all!

Dr Mantis is on the prowl -

Lunch break-ination. Really nice out, think I'll go out. Got a couple dollars in me wallet.

Disney Princess topic over at - came up with this:

Good Morning! This week only - 4 full color commish slots available for only $26.00 -

March 27, 2012

Psychobilly / Rockabilly Zombie Queen freak out!

Working on a piece that i've been putting off long enough, time to get it started, wrapped up by end of the week for a zombie art anthology

You will become a DeadMau5 fan. Listen, be assimilated. You can not resist.

EWG mascot dEWd! - quick warmup after lunch about 15 min -

Some music for this sunny afternoon - - go Deadmau5 go!

Had quick lunch, watced some American Pickers on netflix, fun show. Ice coffee loaded, pink floyd launched... more art is go

Ghostbuster Pencil commission -

Rockabilly Zombie Queen Inhouse project concept -

After a quick shower to get the feng shui back on track ... Rock, ON - Wacom, POWERED UP, Photoshop LAUNCHED - epic is GO - do WERK

Good morning vietnam! Getting up and running this morning. Maybe the coffee needs to be stronger... hmm..

March 26, 2012

Grimoire soaring above the city, finished inks - colored version to come

Mangog - Thor Villain - Finished Full Color Commission

Ayame from Tenshu - Finished Pencils Commission

Good Morning! Another week, another chance at awesomeness! EWG Journal Update:

EWG Update 3/26/12 - New and Busy Week!

Start of another week is here. Had a very tiring weekend but it was a lot of fun with good friends and family. Its a full pot of coffee kind of day today definitly. Thanks to everyone who jumped on the 11.00 pencils Friday/Over the weekend. That offering (shown below) is now closed. Will do one a day and will be done by Friday! Well, have got about a day-worth of backlog, a bunch of pending jobs which all have process deadlines all week and want to get a inhouse piece done for a zombie anthology whos deadline is april 1st but right now i dont see how with the pile of scheduled work. But hey, being booked is a VERY good thing. Thank you all very much for that

Have a wonderful week!
3/23's 11.00 Pencils Special 
Underway and Closed
Thanks to the 4 awesome customers who jumped on the special, happy to whip out some awesome draws for you folks!

$11-Slot 1-= - thanks! - will be done on Monday

$11-Slot 2-= - thanks! - will be done on Tuesday

$11-Slot 3-= - thanks! - will be done on Wed

$11-Slot 4-= - thanks! - will be done on Thurs

$11-Slot 5-= closed - will be done on Fri

March 23, 2012

Nah didnt get them done, but got them hammered out good. But I'm off for the night. Time for some pizzaaaa, cya!

Trying to nail a unique look for a clients comic strip universe, then finish up two comic strips today

Lookin at the live doppler on weatherbug we're bout to get tail whipped by that big rain system comin north in about 30 min! Byebye heat!

Fin Digital Inks, a little brush tool, a little heavy metal, a whole lotta rock solid.

2 Slots Left on Pencil Commissions, all 5 will be completed next week!

Finishing a two char inked piece. Then some comic strips, dont miss out on the $11 finished pencil slots, 3 left! On my deviant art!

Some george foreman burgers and southern icetea at my desk while doin a thing or two

3 slots left for $11 pencil commissions, get em while they're there

Today only, 5 11.00 slots available, they close at 5pmEST or when filled. Finished by end of next week

Totaly tripped and fell on my productivity. Will see if I can't piece it together, get it working again before lunch!

Good morning! Encase you missed it, heres an awesome work for myself I finished up last night for the CAA

Stoner Rockin - CAA piece finished up lastnight

Digging this piece from my fav genre of rock, Stoner Rock (and meant to represent Stoner Rock/ Desert Rock/ Fuzz Rock end of the spectrum more than Sludge, Doom, Psychadelic). Listen to the music below while viewing, and get absorbed in the moment and feeling of this piece :)

This week's topic at ComicArtAlliance art jam club/group/thingy

March 22, 2012

Stoner Rockin - - listen to with the music provided for maximum effect!

Gotta pause where I'm at for now, will probably work late tonight after a break and some dindin. Looking forward to HnH!

Ballistic - Digital Inks WIP -

Much needed step-away from the desk, now listening to 'We'reAlive' podcast and getting back at it! Finishing pencils and inking

Darth maul fin pencils (finished as they gonna get!)

Be sure to securely Locke your Psy's!

Demonic Vangaurd! In your M$#%^# F#@%in Backyard! Kinda funny this song is on chronixradio while I'm working on Darth Maul

Hes gonna Maul you - WIP screenshot

EWG, Your Virtual Creative Department - creative design studio

EWG, Your Virtual Creative Department

Does your boss want you to handle the usual spreadsheets AND design all the corporate marketing materials after dropping the creative department from the company budget? Don't resort to bawlin like a baby, just concentrate on those TPS reports and leave the creative to the pros!
What can EWG create for you?

Todays To DO List: after a quick lunch! Hungry!

Must be zombie season. Wife and I working on S1 of Walking Dead, will be in a zombie anthology, contacted about a zombie short comic lol

Got some fresh coffee from Aldi, mmm, man their 'house blend' is great. With some french vanilla creamer in a big mug... first up, inks!

Up and running, taking care of chores/ bidness all morning. Now see if I can't get a piece done before lunch! Gonna be a hot one today!

March 21, 2012

Thats it for me today, dindin and chillinz times with the wifeyz and wallyz. Goodnight!

Ghostbusting mission gone wrong - - finished this up this afternoon

The ol records are good to go. Rest of this week will focus on orders I'm about a week behind on, time to knock em out! ...Awesomely...

Record-keeping always cuts into creative time, but it needs done. Otherwise orders slip through the cracks! Can't have that...

StarBolt finished pencils - - inks/colors to come

LOVE the visuals in this video. Stoner rock personitified, rockin through the desert.

Alright, gettin fired up and rolling. More sketches and hopefuly a couple finished orders today! Get it.

March 20, 2012

A hot roddin work in progress for this weeks CAA theme:

You know you are probably in the right field, if you do money earning stuff all day. Then, in your free time, do your own :)

Things To Come! - - Goodnight All!

lol officially at a place where i can't draw for the life of me anymore today. out for the night!

The 2012 edition of the iWorkWithKids learning services logo - - polished up for their new site at

The new Podcastination banner I designed recently is looking sharp its its roost!

Mangog, Thor Villiain Sketch - whew its warm out. fan goin

Quick 15 minute warmup this morning

Getting the ol' awesome factory greased and warmed up! Had a great walk with Wally and ready to kick arse today.

March 19, 2012

Pretty warm today. Luckily I've got a nice little tower fan in the office. Wrapping this up today. Hit it again tomorrow!

Lake Michigan Blues Graphic Novel Out Now

March 16, 2012

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I want to encourage people to take the 2 seconds to register with Graphicly and get the plug in to read all the comics available on their site. But the first one I want you to read is the 125 page graphic novel written by Ryu Miyaki and illustrated by Eryck Webb (me). Character design, lettering and production design and illustration all done by EryckWebbGraphics over the last year or so has finaly been completed and as of early March 2012 the graphic novel is published digitally via which hosts a whole slew of mainstream publishers books and independent publishers books. Its exciting to have ours in the mix as well.

The price is 1.99, the easiest way to register an account, either first at the top of the page or by clicking to buy the comic, login via your facebook account you already have make a password for graphicly and then do a quick registration with google wallet, which allows for safe secure credit card payment, and once you do that, return to the page of the comic and you'll see the preview is unlocked if you signed up by clicking the 'buy it now' for that comic, or if you preregistered, now you can click 'buy it now' accept the charge to your card and immeditly begin reading right on the website, full screen or small with it zooming in panel by panel! Really a great way to read digital comics! I purchased it myself this morning, and also a great comic called 'Owly' that just oozes cuteness.

Thank you for purchasing our comic, we put a lot of love and hard work into it so we appreciate the support!

Site Description: "In this fast-paced crime thriller, FBI Special Agent John Randolph's life spirals out of control as he pursues mob boss Joseph Napoli. Meanwhile, undercover agent Billy Valentine's loyalty is challenged when he becomes romantically involved with Napoli's daughter Stephanie. "

Read this crime thriller today at Graphicly!

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