First Week of New Drawing Request Format Under The Belt!

July 24, 2020

#chicken #halflife #viking #zombie #gamer #drawing #inkscape #wacom 

Thank you for a great first week returning to, as well as reinventing the Drawing Request format after a several week hiatus! Thank you for all the great Drawing Requests and conversations, CREW! It took till about Wednesday to refine/ revise and adjust the new Request list, the new format and the new rules. But once it got about where I wanted it, it was smooth, simple and straight forward. I'm very happy with the new drawing request model and hope the CRew is too! Any thoughts/ suggestions are welcome here or on the Discord or wherevever. Otherwise, thats it for me for this week and this Friday! Have a great weekend! See you Monday through Friday next week for more Drawing Request Show!

Monkey Punch Drawing and Process Video

July 22, 2020

Monkey Punch Drawing by Eryck Webb Drawn in about 15 minutes in Inkscape with Wacom Intuos Pro

Check out the process video condensed into about 3 minutes! 

Redrawing A 1996 Character Sketch In 2020

July 16, 2020

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#draw #drawing #redraw #oldart #kidart #newart #growth #learning #art #practice #inkscape #wacom 

I re drew a 1996 character I scanned from an old sketchbook, with my 2020 skills/ experience/ workflow! About 20 minutes of drawing condensed into under 5 minutes! Keep practicing new artists and kids! All it takes is time and practice! I'm STILL learning and practicing!

Heres the process video for this drawing on ewYOUTUBE:

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Happy Thursday! Coming Content and Streams

Happy Thurday CRew!

I'm going to dig back into middleschool/ highschool sketchbooks for my practice drawing today. And redraw it for today's youtube video. So please look forward to that.

I'm also loving the new submissions ( as well as the previous submissions ) in the ReDraw section. We'll be doing one more ReDraw Your Drawings stream on Friday since it went so well on Wednesday!

We're going to officially be getting back to Drawing Requests next week! The masterlist is all polished up and ready to roll. I've been itching to get back to the character art and emotes the CRew wants! Woot woot!

Have a great day, stay safe see you tomorrow morning 10amEDT!!

'Meeting The Stars' - a EW Original Clip Studio Contest Entry

July 14, 2020

#draw #balloon #sky #stars #clouds #space #dreams #inkscape #photoshop #wacom

Here's my finished piece for the Clip Studio contest ending tomorrow! Getting it in under the wire! I had a lot of fun drawing it during an impromptu stream on Twitch with the CRew this afternoon! The theme is 'sky, space, stars' and this is where my brain went. Cue your favorite Ghibli soundtrack and away the balloon goes! It was a lot of fun and really lit the creative fire for me. I questioned whether I should be spending time on this contest piece but as Kiwi said, 'but you seem excited to work on it, and I think thats what you need right now, to WANT to draw'. Speaking of having fun drawing, see the Crew tomorrow for some 'Redraw Wednesday', where I will take your childhood or current character and creature creations and redraw them/ reimagine them in my styles/ skills! That's gonna be fun never really done it before. And how fitting for 'retry july'? Goodnight, see you then!

Check out my entry on the official page, as well as the other entries ( there's a lot! ) here:

We're doing a ReDraw Ur Art theme on Wednesday!

July 13, 2020

CRew! We're doing a 'redraw your art' stream on Wednesday! Make sure to hit up the ewDISCORD and get in on the action! Heres a traditional example by my 9yr buddy Steven, and then my redraw version. We'll be using Inkscape on Wednesday of course! See you then!

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ewYOUTUBE: Draw Powered Flight - Process Video

July 11, 2020

#drawing #chibi #cartoon #inkscape #wacom #digitalart #process #video

A time elapsed video of me doing a final pass with some line-art, some shades and color tones in Inkscape with Wacom Intuos Pro.

I started doing the clean pass with a thicker line but decided to try out a thinner line for this one. This is a chibi of me flying free after finishing all the backlog of Upgrade orders that have been weighing me down for years. We also ended the week by hitting 3000k.

A 20 minute drawing condensed into about 2 minutes

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Chill Start To A Post-Upgrades Stream!

July 10, 2020

#drawing #chibi #cartoon #selfportrait #ew #eryckwebb #wacom #draw #sauce

Thank you to everyone who hung-out today as we enjoyed a change of pace. We had some chill tunes, chill vibes, I doodled in my sketchbook, got messy with traditional mediums and just chatted with the chat for a few hours today! I called it 'Social Doodling'. Was a lot of fun and must do again!

Right now in the post-upgrade era I am taking my time before jumping back to any routine or previous type of stream. I want to reevaluate what I want out of streaming, how I want to spend the time I spend while doing it and what I want for the channel going forward. I know I want it to always be centered around what I love to do: drawing. Other than that, I'm trying to consider possibilities and evolution that I had never been able to before. Right now I have feelers out and am trying to be open to some new direction/ new approaches. 

Thank you all who make this drawing dream possible, and support me and my family. I will be back Monday next week with more streaming and drawing of one kind or another! In the meantime, future streams while I have requests on hiatus could be personal practice/ study streams, art challenge streams, a few personal artworks I've been wanting to work on, etc. If nothing else it will be a summer of exploration and experimentation. Hope the CRew will stay aboard! Have a safe weekend everyone! See you soon! 

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Eryck Webb Twitch Channel Hits 3000 Followers!

Holy crap I just noticed after I went off the air that we hit 3000 Followers today! It was under that yesterday! Thank you to every donator, subscriber, viewer, lurker, and troll that made this possible! Great way to end the week!

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DrawBot J7920 - EWCO Robotics

July 9, 2020

#drawing #robot #characterdesign #inkscape 

I did this cute little robot design for fun. Hmm, can't decide which color scheme I like better... I am not sure what we're doing tomorrow yet, but I'll be live 10amEDT tomorrow! See you then! 

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