'Meeting The Stars' - a EW Original Clip Studio Contest Entry

July 14, 2020

#draw #balloon #sky #stars #clouds #space #dreams #inkscape #photoshop #wacom

Here's my finished piece for the Clip Studio contest ending tomorrow! Getting it in under the wire! I had a lot of fun drawing it during an impromptu stream on Twitch with the CRew this afternoon! The theme is 'sky, space, stars' and this is where my brain went. Cue your favorite Ghibli soundtrack and away the balloon goes! It was a lot of fun and really lit the creative fire for me. I questioned whether I should be spending time on this contest piece but as Kiwi said, 'but you seem excited to work on it, and I think thats what you need right now, to WANT to draw'. Speaking of having fun drawing, see the Crew tomorrow for some 'Redraw Wednesday', where I will take your childhood or current character and creature creations and redraw them/ reimagine them in my styles/ skills! That's gonna be fun never really done it before. And how fitting for 'retry july'? Goodnight, see you then!

Check out my entry on the official page, as well as the other entries ( there's a lot! ) here: https://www.facebook.com/celsys.clipstudiopaint/photos/a.1506528189553891/1526381330901910

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