ewYOUTUBE: Eryck Webb Draws In 2nd Sketchbook of The Year With Traditional Ink Pens

February 29, 2020

#drawing #youtube #video #inkbrush #brushpen #ink #drawings #sketchbook

I got started, in my 2nd new sketchbook of 2020, live on Twitch today! Check out this edited recap of the bonus traditional drawing stream, now live on my YouTube channel!


See you next drawing, and next post! 

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ewYOUTUBE: Real-Time 15min Punk Zombie Drawing

February 22, 2020

#zombie #punk #drawing #youtube #video #process'

Enjoy this real-time video of me drawing a punk zombie. I drew this in about 15 minutes at the end of my twitch.tv/eryckwebb stream on February 14th, 2020! 

See you next drawing, and next post! 

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Sketchbook: Automatic Drawing and Doodling With Friends

February 20, 2020

To warmup before starting drawing requests on Wednesday I just cleared my mind, and let my imagination and muscle memory take me where it wanted to go. I did whats called 'automatic drawing and hashed together a bunch of shapes and lines to make this fun jumble. Then for further effect I added some color tone. 

Later FooRay stopped by and he and I swapped Original Characters to draw just for fun/ something different to draw. Then I got to meet his friend MerriBerri and we jammed on a few randomly generated themes! It was really fun drawing with FooRay as always and MerriBerri as well. Shes very cool and fun and I look forward to more art jams with her.

The first randomly generated theme was a ' Royal Zombie Killing A Guy Named Bill'. So naturally, I have my royal zombie smiting Bill Nye the science guy... natural result right? I'm a big fan of Bill Nye don't get me wrong. I just thought it was funny....
The second prompt involved a Stoat, which I didn't even know what that was till I looked it up. As soon as I saw what a cute little critter a Stoat is, I had to draw it! I even forgot what the rest of the description was I just wanted to draw a cute little Stoat!!

I wanted to post up these 'just for fun' sketches. Feel free to share some of yours in the comments below! Or if any of these things inspire or motivate you to try them I'd love to see those too! 

Thanks for checking out this post and I'll see you next post!!

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ewYOUTUBE: Eryck Webb Inks and Tones Epic Battle Scene In Inkscape With Wacom Intuos Pro

#video #wacom #inkscape #battle #characterart #digitalart #drawing

This weeks upload to ewYOUTUBE features the inks and gray tones of this epic battle scene upgrade/ commission done for Trayde! His characters are fun to draw and their personalities sort of dictate their actions in every drawing I do of them. Here's a giant one of lots of baddies which were made up on the spot and one big bad leader and the heroic characters trying to fend them off! 

Inked over a period of about 4 hours condensed to about 15 minutes in this video. It was inked in Inkscape with Wacom Intuos Pro Medium!

Thanks for watching! Out of all the different types of videos I've added to the inventory on my YouTube channel over time, which ones are your favorites or do you look forward to more installments of in the future? Leave your comment below or on the video page! Thank you! 

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Sketchbook: Coffee Doodles

#sketch #scribble #draw #coffee #morning #samsung #galaxy #book #doodles

Lately I've enjoyed starting my days with scribbling, writing and drawing in my sketchbook or on my tablet while sipping on my morning coffee. It gets my brain fired in the creative direction first thing in the morning and wakes up the muscle memory. It gets my day of creating and producing client work and in house projects started on the right foot!

This time I did one of my favorite mindless doodle practice exercises. This one involves starting with a new canvas or page of paper and filling the page with head or characters of different shapes that all fit snug around each other without overlapping.

I cant recommend a Samsung Android or Windows 10 tablet with Spen for digital drawing enough. This is the 3rd one I've enjoyed ( a Samsung Galaxy Book 12 inch with Spen ) and its always a satisfying drawing experience! They're not a sponsor, I'm just a fan.

Do you have a morning habit that's just for you? How do you like to get your occupation and day's to dos off to a strong start? Leave your reply below in the comments!

Thanks for looking and reading, if I don't see you at my next Twitch stream, I'll see you next post! Have a great day!

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ewYOUTUBE: 2019 5 Sketchbooks Tour

February 13, 2020

#youtube #video #sketchbook #walkthrough #flipthrough #tour #drawings #sketches

Well, despite YouTube having issues and taking around 6 hours to slowly upload my one hour video today, it is finaly live! It was a bit of a task to record and edit and upload but its there! I wanted to get the video under 1 hour but its 5 sketchbooks, spending about 20 minutes on each after being edited! Dive in, enjoy, here thoughts and stories behind the drawings. These are my training grounds, my playgrounds, my journals my bank for ideas and my proving grounds. Enjoy this rare look into an entire years worth of sketchbookness!!! 

Comments/ Questions be sure to leave them in the comments here or on the YouTube page!

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