Moonless Rain Speedy Speed Demons

February 26, 2013

Driving back from the hospital tonight was a friggin nightmare. I was holding the steer wheel so tight and concentrating on staying in the lane so hard my thumb is asleep still LOL. But moonless sky and wind and rain and speedy speed demons did not thwart my pursuit of a ceasers on the way back. tally ho! (loading up on pizza and getting to work!). Very much enjoyed spending the day with my bubsie-lou! And the ma-in-law's Impala is a beast!

Doing an impromptu Livestream session all night and rockin out. Keep me company, help me through the pizza coma... and listen to some jams.

Warmup 2/25/13 - Afro Samurai

February 25, 2013

Warmup this afternoon, the Afro Samurai himself. Been enjoying the 6 episode series on Netflix over the past couple weeks. I could see how a lot of people would find it that 'hard to stomach anime' with the exaggerated blood spurts and the intense-ness of it. But I am definitly feeling it right now. My favorite so far is the one where he fights the cyborg copy that memorizes all his moves, so he remembers an old lesson about using no moves, no form and just making it up on the spot by using reflexes, and then how it turns into this epic sky battle when the cyborgs disguise is ripped away and it becomes a battle between a robot with massive lasers and hightech targeting versus a samurai way up in the sky. Really imaginative for sure. 
Spoiler alert!: Was sad to see his white haired buddy go though. And was surprised because I always assumed he was a figment of his imagination. Perhaps he still is though, maybe theres some underlying metaphor. All I know, is I'm really enjoying the over-the-top balls-to-the wall badassery that is Afro Samurai right now. Cant wait to finish this so I can watch 'Resurrection'. 
Man, I need to find me some Lemonade. Alright getting some work done.
Will be livestreaming all sortsa random art goodness ALL evening starting at 8pm. See you then!

Crazy how quickly things shift

February 24, 2013

[ Originaly posted on Facebook this morning ]
An hour after this SuperBoy piece (finished it up, posted it and went to bed about 2am) I'm finding myself at the emergency room waiting for the docs to figure out their heads from their asses. In other news I am hoping they figure out what she needs and soon. Nothing critical but she not doing great either. In other news... I might just stay up till bed time tonight. Went to bed 2 am got woken up 3am lol. It's 6am now. Woo.

Blink Statue Trophy Commission

February 23, 2013

This is tonight's Livestream commission all finished up. Done a couple 'trophy-inized' superhero renditions for this customer but its been a while. So when he came to me for this one I wanted to really throw down with my current skills and techniques and make it the best one yet. Everything from embedding the stone texture into the highlight areas and the shadow areas, to the chiseled effect and the dramatic lighing casing shadow on the statue.
Very pleased with it, and do believe the goal of making it best one i've done for him yet is achieved!

Enjoy sir Argo!

Making-of video to be added when it gets posted to the livestream site. In the mean time here's some work in progress shots (click to enlarge any pic in this post)

Alright... great end to a great week of commissions. Have a great weekend!

AppleJack plus more to come

February 22, 2013

Click to enlarge this detail shot of her shoulders-up

Hey, heres the final art and making-of video recordings from lastnights Livestream Commission Slot session featuring an elf-human version of my little pony character 'applejack'. Had fun workin on the country cowgirl themed piece, and look forward to otehr elf-human renditions of ponies.

Click to enlarge

At 6pmEST will be Livestream broadcasting several commissions including fatal fury, secret saturdays and masters of the universe all evening till 9pmEST.

Come 9pm EST, I will switch over to this weeks last LS slot, for ArgoForg featuring a statue-version of blink from xmen. (aka post-turned to stone). Always a fun experimentation with light texture and stuff.

See you then. And see those who wanna hangout for it all at 6pmEST. Or just stop in say hi! I'll be here.

Watch live streaming video from eryckwebbgraphicsart at

The plan for rest of the week

February 20, 2013

(Lastnights Livestream slot session artwork)

Sup, hope everyones having a good middle o the week. Will be working on comic commissions for the rest of the week with some logo design sprinkled throughout.

Hope to have people come out 9pmEST each night for full color comic commission sessions Wed, Thurs and Friday. Click 'EWG Livestream' button on the right of this site to join in the chat and exhibition of my work. Invite your friends, come ask questions I'll answer when I can. As always theres a 10pm-1020pm intermission as I have caretaking duties at that time. But then I get back to it and get the piece hammered out no problem. Can always count on a lot of energy specialy when a song gets my pumped up or if i find that ever elusive 'zone'. Will try to make a regular weekly thing of extra 'live' slot commissions.

Also officialy announcing that as chemo treatments and the billz that ensue continue for my wife and i I will be trying to offset that each time she has to go in for chemo with a monthly fundraiser. This will continue to at least may if not june/july. Each time will be different as I try to fine tune it each time, learning from the previous events. So thanks in advance for those who are interested in that. Means a LOT to my wife and I.

Here are the currently scheduled livestream slots to come:

9pmEST Wed - Ares12 Seraphina original character depiction (always badass)
9pmEST Thurs - SariaLinde - new humanized my little pony elf (always cute and fun)
9pmEST Friday - ArgoForg - xmen's Blink petrafied statue (always a cool exercise in execution)

See you all then. And thanks in advance for coming out!

The dark side...

Sometimes I accidently stumble into WIERD WIERD stuff on DeviantArt and YouTube and I think.. "oops, took a wrong turn in my clicking again"

Petrol Bot No 19 - Warmup Sketch

February 19, 2013

This morning's 15-20 min warmup! Working on various client stuff all day, and will be doing a livestream session of a client's slot commish tonight at 9pmEST

Final Post-Fundraiser Session for Feb

The three remaining orders from the Feb Livestream Fundraiser! All three were a lot of fun, thanks so much to all who came out. 

I will be doing one non-related commission slot per night at 9pmEST each night this week. The only relation is its the same $30 full figure full color style as this fundraiser was using. The slots were filled within an hour of putting them up, and I went ahead and plugged in a Rugby Rhino order for tonight. 

Hope to see some folks out for tonights 9pmEST session! 

Will be a lotta fun to rock out and only do one per night for a while. Perhaps it'll be a weekly thing. I appreciate everyones business and help in raising some extra funds. Its REALLY made a difference. Thank you. And as always I'm available for premium orders off my normal pricelist. Benefits of these include more finish/ polish, clean inking, proofs and other extras I throw in where I can. 

Thanks, see you tonight.

Post Fundraiser Session 2 Complete

February 18, 2013

Tonights second 'Post Fundraiser' session saw the creation of these three works. Lotta fun here to be sure! Thanks for their commissioners for coming out and hanging and jammin along with me. 

Will do it agian tomorrow evening, and then possibly one last time Tuesday. Monday will be Strangeside and Micro and possibly Rugby, but if anything Rugby and any other that come through before I get these all wrapped up.

Post Fundraiser session one

February 17, 2013


Alrighty! Post fundraiser session one is complete. All three of these were a blast. Loved listening to some sword/viking metal and cranking out that giant/ barbarian piece, and listening to epic musical scores from the Final Fantasy Advent Children movie soundtrack for the ninja dude, and then just chillin it up for the super dog chibi!

So heres the plan to those who missed tonight and have orders. Generaly planning Swix and Witty getting theres tomorrow (sunday) sometime, probably eveningish, and Strangeside and Micro getting yours on Monday evening 8-9pmESTish

EWG Site Update

February 16, 2013

One of the bigger feedback items that came back from the recent Fundraiser Livestream event was the size of the window. I enjoyed very much everyone's hilarious antic in playing with the type and color formatting. I didnt know that was even an option. But now The EWG site here has been reformatted a bit to allow for larger content window. Which means bigger live-stream window as well as other posts.

Getting on tonight to get an order or two done of the 8 or so I did not get to during the 3 day event. Hope to see those who ordered them there! Will be stopping around midnight instead of 3 or 4 am. Will do small sessions like this over the next couple of days to get these done. Again, thanks so much for everyone who made the event great.

Alright, will try out this bigger livestream window ... feedback welcome! (Comment below or on livestream page that you can get to by clicking EWG LIVESTREAM button on the right featured buttons)

Livestream Fundraiser Ends

Heres tonights body of work! (In no particular order)
Also the event can be seen recorded in several video parts on Livestream at

Well that title says it all. WOW, it was a very interesting experience and I'm very proud to say it was quite a success. Thank you to the 10-15 regulars who came by each night and tonight hit a record of 20 before evening out for the remainder of the session. Thank you thank you SO much to everyone who came, watched, shared links and especialy bought commissions. Needless to say, the response was so good I'm sitting on a list of about 10 orders that I did not get to! And I have stayed up till 3am each night starting at 7pm. Love love LOVED doing the chibi's, my god they're a blast. Thank you very much to Corey for getting me started on those. I believe they shall be a regular item :) This whole vent was also a great experiment in 'simplifying' my process. Coloring and finishing straight from my digital pencils rather than the additional step of going over everything again with digital brush and doing smoother lines. In many ways, I enjoy the final aesthetic of the sketchier lines varying in tone to be a little more energetic and interseting to look at. This style was used on chibis in the past but it was fun to go hog wild with it on regular character art as well.
Thank you so much to all who came out, thats a couple hundred bucks that is going straight to those damn hospital bills. I can't express my appreciation enough.

Actualy I can, since it was made clear to me one of the biggest points of this event people enjoyed was seeeing their orders come to life in realtime, I realize it'd be cheap of me to finish the left over orders off camera and all that. So I will, when I get the opportunity over the course of the next 2 or 3 evenings, broadcast live and finish the remaining orders. I will not take anymore orders, as the fundraising special is now closed for a while, but I will be finishing them up for those who ordered them to have the same experience that they would otherwise be robbed of since i didnt get to theirs.

And by a panel of at least a dozen individuals who came out every single night of this three night event, it has been made clear that this is a much prefered method of doing commissions and meeting and greeting with customers. In light of this events success, I will definitly make sure to do it again! But not for a while, my eyes, hands and rear is worn out. Its a bit of an endurance test, and I made it. But I done! I learned a hell of alot, and think I grew as an artist for sure. A great experience it seems, for customers, and myself.

From my wife, family and I, thanks for coming out, and makin it happen :)


Update: 2/16 - Lengthy, typo-filled blurbs like above happen when I write them 4:00am in the morning HAHA... just saying.

Calm before the fundraising storm

February 15, 2013

Took wally to SB park for a half hour did a couple laps. Then the powers that be told me I'm not to do anymore because several people showed up with their horse-sized dogs and wally started having a cow so I was like 'theres my sign' that i shouldnt do any more laps LOL. Felt good though and started flurrying as we left. So I'm glad i took my bubsies advice got out early before the snow came. We're supposed to get some snow. Sounds good to me.. I got a live-commish fundraiser to rock tonight. Let it snow snow snow.... just not enough to knock out the power LOL. Anywayz, this is just a lil' blog-moment in my journal. Can't stress enough how much it helps to get out and work up a sweat between massive draw sessions!

Hope to see the regular supporters I've enjoyed having the past two nights come out tonight, and new faces. All your contributions are amazing, and very much appreciated. Makes me very happy to know I'm bringin peoples creations to life, and I'm doing well enough at it that people wanna toss their continued support my way. Means a lot. Thank you!

Session is tonight, broadcasting at 7pm and event starts at 8pm (Eastern Time) - at (or by clicking 'EWG Livestream' on right of this site)

Livestream Fundraiser Event Day 2 of 3 Fin

Well what can I say except... I'm blown away by the support and response on this second night of this three night fundraiser event. I learned a lot from the first night, mostly about pacing and getting stuck on things that make the works take longer. Also streamlined the ordering process. So where the first night it took me 2 hours to complete each of the three works I did that night, tonight I completed at least one an hour. Including breaks, chatting, coordinating purchases and coffee refills. I think I was in a zone? Anywayz I am VERY VERY appreciative and speechless (obvious by my book here right?) by the generosity of fans and customers tonight, at one time there was 15 people hangin gout and supporting the cause. Well tonight is a personal best with the six pieces above, which I'm very happy with all of them and got them all done this evening. Theres still 3 more ordered tonight I didnt get to. One or two will be done 7pm tomorrow and i might do one of them for a warmup in the morning tomorrow before doing day work. 

Thanks so much to people comin out, helpin out me and my wife. Means a whole lot. Every dollar earned drawin these is a dollar more breathing room with the hospital bills. These were all a blast, and everyone who was in the chat was hilarious and just really kept this goin strong. But time for bed! I friggin loved drawin so hard but time for sleep, and my hand/ butt hurts. LOL. Aight, resting up, takin dog to the park in the morning and then getting back to work. 9-5 playas keep makin that money. Its Friday!

EWG Dewd Midnight Arting

February 14, 2013

Bit of a self portrait, but mostly depicting the EWG mascot 'dEWd tearin up a late night art session.
This is a warmup for tonight's live commission session. $15 Bust or Chibi style full colors and $30 full body full colors
Come out, purchase commissions live, watch them drawn in real time, get them by end of the night.
Come watch and chat here:

Your support is very appreciated!

Hope to see you there.  The event runs from 8pmEST to 12pm - and goes as long as needed to finish orders.

EWG Fundraiser Event Part Deuce

(Some $30 orders from lastnight)

Come out, put $15 or $30 in the can, and help me earn some extra $$$ for the crushing wait of hospital bills. You shall be rewarded with epic arts. My wife and I are very appreciative to all who came to the first event on 2/13 and I hope to keep the laughs and rockin art goin tonight ( 2/14 ) in part 2 of this 3 night event. 

Come out 8pmEST tonight and friday and order a commish, and feel free to hang till at least 12pmEST. Buy Art, Help Out! Please spread the word. Thank you!

Will happen at: [link] and [link]
Begins broadcasting at 7pm, event announces/kicks off at 8pm. Tonight featuring an extensive electronica playlist theme. Come, listen, LOL, and livestream.

Fundraiser LS Commission Event Part 1 of 3

Again thank you for everyones support so far!
The first night is complete, it was a massive success, more than I could have anticipated. Thank you to the awesome boys and girls who came out and just geeked out with me into the wee hours of the night. I really enjoyed working on each customer's character and seeing all the conversation about it and the love that they have for their character.

Heres the three I got tonight. I didn't get to two chibi orders and an xmen fan art. But will tomorrow for sure! Hoping also to get more orders keep the extra hospital-bill battling funds going. Thanks to all who are helping with this I hope it shows I'm willing to work for it a bit But beyond all that, it was a blast. Ah... geeks... my people... hehe.

Will be continuing the event Thursday and Friday nights 8pm-12pm EST at - you can place order after the event begins by talking to me in the chat room.

Tonight made over $100 that will go STRAIGHT to those pesky hospital bills! My wife, family and I thank you very much. Heres hoping to keep it going till 12pm friday :) This is all ofcourse extra that I'm raising specificaly for the hospital bills. I'm still doing my normal day time work that is our income for everything else. I'm pleased with the results of this fundraiser attempt so far.

February Livestream Fundraiser events

February 13, 2013

Click to Enlarge

This recording of the creation of the flyer also serves to demonstrate the unique artstyle that'll be used during the fundraiser. Will be done like any other EWG art except I will be coloring over the tight pencils isntead of inking it. Creates a neat aesthetic I think people will enjoy!

Well this 'flyer' i created says it all. Come out to or and hang out in the chat and watch art get created live on either 2/13, 2/14 or 2/15 starting at 8pm Eastern Time and you can place orders then and there for $15 bust of a normal character of your choice or of a full figure chibi of whatever character you want. Or opt for the $30 full figure of a normal non chibi character.

All will use a slightly sketchier style just like the art of EWG Dewd in the flyer above, and will feature normal full color. The only difference is the pencil/ink style.

All money made from these three sessions goes exclusively to ongoing ridiculously high hospital bills. Thank you to everyone for your support. If you aren't able to buy I encourage you to come out and provide morale support by hanging out and chatting during the sessions. I also appreciate any spreading to your friends of the word of these sessions as my wife who is going through chemo treatments till June and I are beyond greatful for any help we can get in getting through these hurdles!

Thank you in advance! We can use the financial help, but I'm definitly willing to do some work for it :)
Hope to see all the regulars out there and lots of new faces :) This will be setup like a virtual convention table, I'll be hanging out from 8pm-12pm each night taking either kind of commission and will instruct on how to place your order during the session. I dont know what kind of attendance or demand there will be but I will do my best to get them all filled each night! I will finish up the following day if I get overflowed a bit. But I'm not expecting that.

Any purchases made on these three events is that much more help we didn't have before (in addition to my regular day-time workings) Thanks in advance!

Transporter, Chemo Work-a-thon

Playin transporter for the wife and her mom for my wife's next chemo treatment. 2 out of 6, knockin em out one at a time. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers! Will be workin up a storm whilst waiting to go get her Sat. Expect lots of livestreaming LOL. Thanks in advance for the good vibes you all send out for her :) Also thanks for the patience on any delayed orders. Life happens :) Everyday its something different!

Gunslinger Commission Finished and Process

February 12, 2013

Click To Enlarge any of the pics on this post

So here is one of the 'to do's scheduled to work on today. I think it came out pretty spiffy! This original character of the commissioner is leaping from a building window guns blazing, cocky not afraid of being a sitting duck for any opponents below / across the way on the next roof top. Had fun with the visual of the building floors, windows, the bystander ontop and the lighting. There is a lot going on technicaly here but I think it came out well enough! Check out the process below, starting with the layout sketch, the pencils as 'finished' as i took them and the finished inks before adding the above colors.

Fun stuff, well! That does it for today... on to more tomorrow!

The layout/composition sketch

Approval pencils sent to client (with background generalized and to be articulated in inking stage)

Finished inks, with background rendered and all that

And the livestream videos of the ink and then the colors:

Next Livestream Session set for Wed

As posted on the EWG livestream page here: , there will be a Livestream session starting 8pm on Wed 2/13 EST that will most likely focus on a current Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic commission I'll be working on. Your invited to come study, scrutinize, socialize and troll the chat or whatever you like to do. See ya then.

New Poll on an upcoming EWG release

February 8, 2013

New Poll on EWG Deviant Art - What Theme would you like to see in EWG's first artbook titled, 'EWG Does _____'

Tonights special Livestream session featuring HNH

February 7, 2013

Tonight will be doing a special chibi-style livestream commission with audio by Horseshoes and Handgrenades podcast - come hangout, listen to the live show, or go to click 'live' to enjoy their podcast directly. Firing up the proton cannons and ready to crank some chibi Justice League tonight - will be a nice break from the normal work! -

UTMNT Commission Character Designs

Click To Enlarge

Lots of real-world practicality and also distinct differences in each character based on their unique personality went into the designs here, also some structural design on how I tink the turtles generaly should look. Even going as far as avoiding 'racial blindness' in the turtle avenue with each turtle having a different silhouette a nd facial design. Not to mention how each chooses to present themselves. The result of some great back and forth collaboration between myself and the client on this take on the turtles.

Crocodile study for 'Leatherhead' and some cropped close ups of the turtles:
Studies of crocodile photos for 'leatherhead' inspiration

The process of notes and design between myself and client

Close up of the current leo design
Isolated shot of raph, who is almost identical/ twin to leo except their personalities and temperaments in this new take!

So, this could turn into more, it could just be one rockin comic, who knows. But really digging into the meat on this and coming out with a great reimagining. Would love to hear your thoughts on the designs.
Probably the only preview you'll get for a while :) But stay tuned!

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