Gunslinger Commission Finished and Process

February 12, 2013

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So here is one of the 'to do's scheduled to work on today. I think it came out pretty spiffy! This original character of the commissioner is leaping from a building window guns blazing, cocky not afraid of being a sitting duck for any opponents below / across the way on the next roof top. Had fun with the visual of the building floors, windows, the bystander ontop and the lighting. There is a lot going on technicaly here but I think it came out well enough! Check out the process below, starting with the layout sketch, the pencils as 'finished' as i took them and the finished inks before adding the above colors.

Fun stuff, well! That does it for today... on to more tomorrow!

The layout/composition sketch

Approval pencils sent to client (with background generalized and to be articulated in inking stage)

Finished inks, with background rendered and all that

And the livestream videos of the ink and then the colors:

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