Stream Schedule The Week of 6/1

May 31, 2020

Stream Schedule The Week of 6/1

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Monday - BoR4 Cover & Requests
Tuesday - Off
Wednesday - Requests
Thursday - Off
Friday - Book Release & Requests

EWG Twitch: Week End and May 2020 End Recap

May 29, 2020

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As of this post, all art sent! Huge huge thank you to all the CRew for subbing this month and rocking my world with the sub requests you got in return. I've also been enjoying the variety and type of requests I've been getting latley! I posted a few of my favorites from today above! May has been a crazy month. Pandemic quarantine, Upgrades closed and a lot of days off from allergies ( or whatever caused my issues ). 

On the plus side I've cleared out almost the whole Upgrade list, launched a new web comic, took a nice long Memorial Day weekend off and came back drawing better than ever, and got a new book about to launch heading into June! 

This week was a solid grind on ink and color commission upgrades off stream while whipping out lots of fun drawing requests on stream. My goal was to get 10 upgrades done on Tuesday and I did. My goal was to do it again Thursday and I didn't. But then I got the remaining 4 done this morning before stream! BIG BIG thank yous once again to ewGREMLIN ( you know who you are ) for the massive lurk support on Wednesday. I am not worthy, but I will do my best to keep the faith! I also gave away a dozen giveaways that were unlocked by that support. The winners enabled me to draw for new people today, and for some long time subs. Those who got skipped can have it back any time just pull it from your bank.

I got the interior of Best of Request Volume 4 all completely built and fine tuned. I'm going to go over it 2 or 3 more times for any errors/ mistakes but its basically good to go. The CRew voted and we'll be working on the cover from start to finish on Monday and drawing requests after that. Potentially I want to have an official launch of the digital edition of the book on Friday (6/5)! Fate permitting.

Next week I'll be working to get the final 20 Upgrade orders done, and when that happens, we are definitely celebrating! So not this coming Friday ( 6/5 ) but the Friday after that ( 6/12 ) I'm hoping to do a 12 hour draw-a-thon to celebrate. We'll be starting early, and spending the whole day drawing for randomly raffled viewers in chat, and having a good hangout stream day. I'll be mixing in random other things as well to mix it up/ keep it interesting. But this will only happen if I can get all the upgrades done this coming week!!

Look for a new Millview comic to post over the weekend and a couple ewYOUTUBE uploads to drop. Again, all art sent. I'll get the Masterlist updated by stream on Monday. Time to relax/ reset for a new month and a new week. See you guys Monday for more Drawing action!!

Be safe see!

Mill Grinding At Full Tilt - Didn't Hit My Goal

May 28, 2020

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Oof... been a hard grind in the mill today! I did not get my 10 piece goal done. I inked 3 pieces, and got 6 pieces done and colored today. I recorded inking the 3 pieces. Will toss up on YouTube over the weekend. Break time! C U on Stream tomorrow!

First stream back after the long weekend!!

May 27, 2020

Zombie raccoon color request for MissRoMayo

Tee Graphic color request for SoulBoundLeather

BeardedBullet request of him lookin sexy 

Drawing request of some summer coffee sippin OC for Nessy

Last Drawing Of The Stream of a fox holding an egg in its mouth 10min for Maxadrums

Work in progress black and whites of Pizza Vibes tee graphic drawing request

Color request for AdventurousApril of her and the mogwai fam hotdoggin

A thank you drawing to thank EWGremlin for all the support!

#drawing #zombie #raccoon #quad #atv #guitar #rocksmith #tee #tshirtgraphic #tshirtdesign #inkscape #wacom #overwhelmed

Well THAT was an amazing and unexpected stream back from a long weekend! BIG BIG Thank you to the Top D of the day, of the week and probably the month, ewGREMLIN for all your support and encouragement!! You unlocked 12 raffles to allow 12 people to get in front of the list and get drawing requests immediately, many whom have never had one or had the opportunity currently. THANK YOU! When this happens I'm more than happy to load up a dozen Next Drawings Of The Stream for the chat in-front of the regular list. Its always a lot of fun! Especially when I get to draw for people I haven't drawn for before. That's what keeps the variety going man!

Thank you for all the color requests and the drawing requests. Its been really fun knocking out these requests from start to finish so quickly for you! I think its definitely a new era with the utilization of Ink requests and Color requests, and so far has been working great.

Announced today on stream, I'm officially at 33 Upgrade requests left, and the goal tomorrow is to make it down to 23 requests by end of the day. Potentially, the goal is to be 100% done with the upgrade list by the end of next week! Also announced, was that I officially finished all the interior of Best of Request Volume 4 this morning before stream. I'm going to go over it one or two more times to check for stray errors, but its 100% done. We took a vote today and we're going to work on the cover art and design next week on stream!! Can't wait to release BOR Vol4 digitally in June!!

Look for a new Millview strip to post tomorrow, and I can't wait to see you guys Friday for more Drawing Request action!!!

10amEDT only on


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10 Upgrades completed in one day!

May 26, 2020

#drawing #coloring #inking #commissions #stream #bam 

BAM! 10 Upgrades completed today - only 33 total left! There was around just over 90 orders ( due to demand that I was NOT able to keep up with ) when I closed commission ink/ color upgrades! That was about 2-3 months ago! I'm excited and we'll do something special on stream or something for sure when the Upgrade list is 100% finished! Which could be as early as the end of next week!

Food n chill time see the CRew for some Drawing Request Show tomorrow 10amEDT!! 

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Good Morning ewCAMPERS! Happy Tuesday!

#mill #backtowork #work #goals

Good morning ewCAMPERS! I'm firing up the mill today and attempting to get 10 upgrades done! I'll see you guys on the otherside, on stream for Drawing Request Show tomorrow @10amEDT!!!! Have a great Tuesday!!

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EWG Twitch: Stream Schedule week of 05/25/2020

May 25, 2020

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Stream Schedule week of 05/25/2020

Tuesday - OFF
Wednesday - 10amEDT - Drawing Request Show
Thurday - OFF
Friday - 10amEDT - Drawing Request Show

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