EW Twitch Stream Recap 83118

August 31, 2018

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As of this post, all art sent! Thank you so much for an amazing week and another unexpected amount of overwhelming support!! You guys rock. We got a lot of cool drawings done today. Even some pinup style inks and colors. And we had a lot of fun. 

Today on the last day of August, we officially retired the Gratitude Wheel. Infact the plan is to retire all the wheels in favor of a new method of rewards for viewers and subs. I also have some other new goodies planned for next months so be sure to come back out, and request a drawing when Drawing Request Show returns on Tuesday, September 4th, 2018 10amET!!!

Have a fantastic weekend everybody!

See you same drawing time, same drawing channel! 

EW Twitch Stream Recap 83018 and Month End Update

August 30, 2018

@twitch @twitchcreative #wacom #inkscape #inks #colors #drawing #sauce

As of this post, all art sent! Check those whispers! Thanks to everyone who came by and made this Thursday stream a super fun one!! We got a slew of great works done and some Upgrades this morning as well. I celebrated a crEW member's birthday and even got to draw my own Lion-O from Thundercats when the awesome mama-jamma who won Last Drawing of the Stream gave the request to me. As tomorrow is the last day of August, there are some changes coming for September starting next week ( and next month )! 

1.) Every Drawing Request will be drawn 110 % faster, and with 110% more sauce.

2.) Gratitude time will will be at end of each stream. And only supporters that are still present will get spins. The spins do not carry over.

3.) There will be new items in the merch shop. 

4.) An adjustment to the schedule! Its still 10amET M-F but Mondays and Fridays will now be dedicated Upgrade days. 

5.) The upgrades are now in chronological order. 2018 is priority, with pre 2018 upgrades and chibi special orders as secondary priority. Priority upgrade orders will be done by their respective deadlines.

6.) Best Of Request Vol 2 is slated for release this month

7.) Every 12th month subs get a spin at the Wheel Of Drawz instead of their usual drawing credit.

8.) Top 3 Supporters of the week get new prizes. Request Boss gets 5min in retainer, Request Champ gets 10min in retainer and Request King gets 15min.

I'm excited for the new changes, and the potential they open up. Thank you for everything you guys do. I am humbled to be able to get up and do what I love to do for a living everyday, and share it with you all. See you guys tomorrow for more action!

Same drawing time, same drawing channel!

Eryck Webb Twitch Stream Recap 82918

August 29, 2018

@twitch @twitchcreates @wacom @inkscape @photoshop #drawing #hamsters #worldofwarcraft #wow #portrait #batman #saitama #onepunchman #draweveryday

As of this post, all art sent and master-list updated! Check those whispers! Thanks so much for all the love today! I was a bit tired today and felt like I wasn't putting on the best stream I could, but you guys still encouraged me and help me push on. The drawings were pretty good regardless and before the power went out we got some cool drawings done. A warm-up of a mechanized hamster warrior, a batman on a horse and some sword flinging angel action. 

Then the power went out suddenly after a large donation and unlocking a couple giveaways. It was off for almost 2 hours. We had already passed the half way mark when the power went out. And I had no way to update anybody till the WiFi and power were available again. So I worked on work I had available on my mobile computer, my Samsung Galaxy Book 12. It had a full charge before the power went out and had a few pieces on it already that i could work on offline. So I did that. Then I got some lunch and walked the dog. By the time I got done doing this stuff the power was back on. It was already past when DRS would end, so I decided to stream the upgrade work I had intended for today. 

I worked on inks and colors for a World of Warcraft inspired piece showing to avatars of two friend players. I inked it and when I started to go to color it, I found a previously inked version of it. I had already inked it. So that was a few hours wasted. The art that is. The stream was another story.

We had a super cool raid by the amazing Adufresne99 and she brought over around 130 viewers ( if i remember correctly ). I was just about to do those giveaways that had been unlocked earlier, so we did them. Two of her community won drawings and I drew for them right then and there. Super fun and great meeting everyone.

Thanks for all the support today, and making it a fun day even with the power outage throwing things out of wack. 

Tonight I streamed and worked late after an evening dinner break. Got that WoW piece all colored up, as challenging as it was. Had some really cool lighting, color tones and textures workout on the final piece.

Also super big thanks to CocoKickz for the amazing fanart of my stream's 3 Insta Tokens as fully realized, almost elemental looking, characters! I truely love the direction she went with them and the design aesthetics are so cool. I never would have gone that way but I am super glad she did. I want to draw these designs too sometime for sure. Thanks for letting me request some art Coco!! And she did this with a mouse! I keep saying... when she gets a drawing tablet... she will be unstoppable!

The golden Insta Token for priority above normal requests, the green Ultra Token for twice the priority and the cosmic blue Quantum Token, which gives ultimate priority over the request list and is known to bend space and time to break stream rules. 

All in all, we all got over that hump! I'm off to bed. All art sent, master-list updated and I'll be back at it bright and early to do more. 

Same drawing time, same drawing channel!
( twitch.tv/eryckwebb 10amET M-F )

EW Twitch Stream Recap 82818

August 28, 2018

@twitchcreative @twitch #creative #drawing @wacom @inkscape #hotrod #ratrod #superheroes #bombs #anime #spill

As of this post, all art above is sent to their forever homes! Thank you so much for a fun Tuesday Drawing Request Show! We even started the day off with some pre-show production streaming where i colored the Fullmetal Alchemist and Afro Samurai pieces that were due today. Did some tracing for some graphic stickers. Did a bad-ass desert cruising rat rod, some bombing' mascot action and a whole lot of other stuff. Super fun.

Big thanks for the gift subs today and the bits and the crazy number of hosts. By the end of the stream we had piled up a bunch of gratitude spins. Most folks weren't there for them. And thats fine, I have things in place so they can watch them on the VOD and such if anybody missed them. As the stream goes on, and grows and evolves, I begin more and more to question the need for the gratitude spins, and the wheels all together. This week, and last week I am feeling more than ever that, for the sake of doing the drawing requests, and giving the show more focus, that I may eventually phase out the wheels. I already thank Subscribers and Donators with drawing requests. I'm starting to feel the gratitude spins are this tacked on extra that is not as necessary as it used to be. If I got rid of it i'd probably change the way I do giveaways in general to not use wheels. I've got some other ideas of ways to do things that will accommodate the growing number of viewers and supporters, and streamline teh stream a bit for the future.

So while none of this will change this week. It could be something I implement for next month for sure.

Thank you for all the encouragement, and support. I would not be doing this without any of you folks in the crEW, and all the fans that are new!

See you tomorrow 10amET for another Drawing Request Show! Same drawing time. Same drawing channel. And keep an eye out for a pre-show production stream. Only on twitch.tv/eryckwebb

And also, go check out the new Merch store! Links on the right side of this site and at top. Fun EW stream merch and more. New items monthly!!


EW Twitch Stream Recap 82718

August 27, 2018

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As of this post, all art from today sent! Well thats one way to start a week! Amazing support during Drawing Request Show unlocking 8 free drawing giveaways. Unbelievable! Apparently whatever I did right on Friday carried over to Monday? Hahaha. Well we got that squared away and also got some super fun drawings done. Today also saw the start of two new additions!

The main thing we were celebrating on stream today was the launch of the Eryck Webb Stream Merch store. People can buy EW brand-related items to support me and the stream. When they do it causes an alert on screen! Thank you so much for a great launch! Hope everyone enjoys their mugs, tees and posters! For the launch, I posted items with my hat logo, my Eryck Webb Graphics logo, and the Drawing Request Show title logo. A special item was the first in what I plan on doing a series of, and that's monthly emote items. Each month will feature a different emote item. Collect them all! For the launch, the item was ewDRAW emote with the word DRAW! in bold letters below. This was provided as a mug, a tee and a 8x10 print as well as I thought it'd be fun for folks to have in their office or creative space to help motivate them. There will be a new item of some kind monthly, and seasonally as time goes on. Coming soon, I will also be doing some sub-themed stuff for those trEW believing crEW members. Thank you! I'm excited about the possibilities of the new store.

The second thing we started today was in response to the incredible support I've been getting lately. To offset the support a bit and try to get more drawing in, I changed to a 3 tier system. When we do gratitude time, the more somebody donated the bigger the wheel and prizes they get. So instead of 4+ gratitude spins they get one for their support to try and win them something good.

Thank you for all the drawing and support today. See you all tomorrow same Drawing Time, same Drawing Channel

10amET every Monday through Friday on http://www.twitch.tv/eryckwebb

EW is LIVE on Twitch with New Merch Monday!

@twitch @twitchcreates #creative #drawing #merch #branding #store #gear #streamer

Eryck Webb is back with the draws for a new week! We're also celebrating the launch of a new Merch Store for the stream! New items added monthly! There are already very cool items added for the launch. Including, the first in a series of items called ' ewEMOTE merch'. This month's is ewDRAW related items. Every month will see the addition of new emote related item for fans of the show to collect!! Go to the stream and use !merch in the chat to check it all out

EW Twitch Stream Recap 82418

August 26, 2018

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As of this post, all art sent! Thank you for the overwhelming love during today's stream! You guys are amazing. We broke all kinds of records on this stream. The trEW believers were in full effect! Your support encourages me to work even harder to return the kindness, and continue to put on the best drawing request stream I can! See you Monday with some new stuff! 

Big shout out to the top 3 supporters of the week:
The request king ( top donator of the week ) Hamiltoons! Your quantum token is in your retainer!
The request champion ( 2nd largest donator ) KingKoningTiger! Your ultra token  is in your retainer!
The request boss ( largest bit cheerer ) TheDorkKnightz! Your insta token  is in your retainer!

We also hit a new record for the record book of Most Donated In One Week!

Thank you so much everyone who contributed to that!

Same drawing time (10amET), same drawing channel (twitch.tv/eryckwebb)!

EW is LIVE on Twitch with Freehand Friday!!!

August 24, 2018

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Eryck Webb Graphics is going LIVE @ 10pm Eastern Time on Twitch with a fresh bucket of sauce and lots of Drawing Requests Waiting! Lets get Drawing!! 

EW Twitch Stream Recap 82318

August 23, 2018

@twitch @twitchcreates #twitch #creative #stream @wacom @inkscape

As of this post, all art sent! We had a bundle of awesome requests and some fun Drawing That Is Perfect 4 U surprises. All in all a fun day. Look forward to rocking it again tomorrow 10amET only on Twitch!!

Drawing Request Show is a live micro-commission stream run by Eryck Webb. Come out watch the drawing action and put down a request anytime, Monday through Friday 10am Eastern to 2pm Eastern!!!

EW is LIVE on Twitch with Throwing Sauce Thursday!!

@twitchcreates #twitchcreative #twitch #drawing #stream #live #requests

Eryck Webb Graphics is going LIVE @ 10pm Eastern Time on Twitch with a fresh bucket of sauce and lots of Drawing Requests Waiting! Lets get Drawing!! 

EW Twitch Stream Recap 82218

August 22, 2018

@twitchcreative @twitch #creative #drawing #farm #gandolf @inkscape @wacom

As of this post, all art sent! Check your whispers! Today was Wacky Wednesday. The request list was flipped as well as the order of the priority requests. It was fun tackling the back of the list and working up for once. Today I also streamed for 6 hours instead of 4. There were 4 giveaways and many gratitude spins for supporters. Super fun requests all around. 

See you 10am M-F for more live Drawing Request Show action!

EW is LIVE on Twitch With Wacky Wednesday!!

@twitchcreates #twitchcreative #twitch #drawing #stream #live #requests

Eryck Webb Graphics is going LIVE @ 10pm Eastern Time on Twitch with a fresh bucket of sauce and lots of Drawing Requests Waiting! Lets get Drawing!! 

EW Twitch Stream Recap 82118

August 21, 2018

@twitch @twitchcreates #twitch #creative #drawing @inkscape @wacom

As of this post, all art above has been sent! Check your whispers!!! Today we rebounded from an off day on Monday and knocked all the drawz out of the park. Thank you so much to everyone who came out and made this stream a memorable one. The supporters were in full effect and it was very humbling. We had 4 giveaways today and 3 people almost got the Game Of Fate. Will we hit it this week? Tune in rest of the week to find out!! This is all the 'go live' art, drawing requests and upgrade work I got done today. 

Tomrrow we are doing Wacky Wednesday, where the list is flipped and everything except Quantums is reverse priority.  See you guys for whats sure to be a crazy Wednesday Drawing Request Show.

Same Drawing Time (10amET), Same Drawing Channel (twitch.tv/eryckwebb )!!

EW is Live On Twitch with Too Much Sauce Tuesday!!!

@twitchcreates #twitchcreative #twitch #drawing #stream #live #requests

Eryck Webb Graphics is going LIVE @ 10pm Eastern Time on Twitch with a fresh bucket of sauce and lots of Drawing Requests Waiting! Lets get Drawing!! 

EW Twitch Stream Recap 82018

August 20, 2018

@twitch @twitchcreative #twitch #drawing #stream #mazinger #z #superhero #comicart #welcomematts #inkscape #photoshop 

As of this post, all art sent! We didn't get a LOT done but we got some pretty cool ones done. From the inks and colors on that robot character to the last drawing of the stream drawn for Epelesker using a rarely used brush the 'dip pen' brush. The welcome mats were a Drawing That's Perfect For You win for M4ts ( hence why i drew a couple of mats).

I was personally a bit off my game today mentally/ energy wise. But the encouragement and support was completely contradicting of that. Thanks so much for all the love today, the re-subs, the donations and more. I will push to continue to make it worth it! We also broke a Record Book best today for Most Individual Gratitude Spins In One Stream. The previous record was 20 today we got 23!! Crazy!!! Thank you so much guys.

I had spent most of the weekend working on the book. Then became overwhelmed and a bit defeated when Kiwii and I found probably a good 150+ typos and corrections to make. So the book will be a little longer, but I am determined and pushing for a Fall release!!! Thanks so much for all the encouragement and eagerness for the new book. Really appreciated.

Last week and today also sort of brought to light that I gotta rework a thing or two on this stream. I think most items are going to get retained for future use so the active list is a little smaller. I will be working on upgrades more off stream cause I don't get that many done on stream. The Drawing Request Show will continue. I am also going to probably shave things off the Gratitude Wheel that take too long. This stream is a ever evolving thing. As support and participation rises so some things may need to be dialed back to meet the demand. Thank you so much for all the support and encouragement! Every single one of you!

See you guys tomorrow for more. 
Same Drawing Time. Same Drawing Channel.
10amET - 2pmET only at twitch.tv/eryckwebb 

Getting Best Of Request Vol. 2 Ready For Print This Weekend!

August 18, 2018

#twitch #drawing #book #design #production #selfpublishing

Main objective this weekend is final proofreading and corrections and bundling before sending Best of Request Volume 2 off to the printer!!! Kiwii and I are going over everything with a fine toothed comb! Have it to the printer by Monday or bust!  There's also some cool releases coming over the next few weeks while we wait for the book to become available for sale! Excited to reveal them to you guys! Stay tuned.

What you working on this weekend?

EW Twitch Stream Recap 81718 and Week Recap

August 17, 2018

@twitch @twitchcreates #creative #drawing #stream #inkscape #wacom

As of this post, all art sent! Check your whispers! Thanks for a fantastic week and fantastic friday stream! It's been a super fu whirl wind and I can't wait to do it again come Monday 

Big shout outs to the top supporters of the week Request King Hamiltoons, Request Champion Epelesker, and Request Boss Cpt_Halvar - your tokens are in your retainers!!

Funny moment today, I went to start a drawing request and the pen was unresponsive. I look at the pen it had no nib in it. I had just done an epic request with lots of fire effects. I must have incinerated it! But I put in a backup nib, that had a spring on it that I've never really used before, and oh my god was that fun. It had such a cool feel and line control was amazing. I might have to get more of that kind.

I want to take this moment, to thank everyone for all their requests, whether it be won, by sub, or by donation. You guys are amazing! A long list means it's something folks are excited about, and looking forward to. I really appreciate the enthusiasm, and the eagerness. I will continue to work hard to make my way down the list! Having said that, even bigger thanks go to those who either wait patiently for their turn to come up and/or feel my art is worth paying extra to get faster priority. I really really appreciate those that do that. I will always make sure you get more for your money, for donating more. All the drawing requests are important to me and I look forward to drawing for everyone as soon as possible! 

I'll be working hard this weekend working on the stream, and getting the book to the printer! It's done being designed but I want to make sure its 100% perfect before sending it off. Best Of Request Vol 2, coming soon!

Have a fantastic weekend, and see you Monday, same Drawing Time, same Drawing channel!!!!
Only on twitch.tv/eryckwebb

Until Monday, enjoy more EW content over on EW YouTube!!! 

Best Of Request Volume 1 still available as a digital book and theres still a few physical copies available! Only in the EWG Store 

EW is LIVE on Twitch for Funktastic Friday!

@twitch @twitchcreates @inkscape @wacom #drawing #creative #twitch

EW is going live on Twitch in 30 minutes, with Drawing Request Show! See folks out for all the Funktastic Friday toons, chibis, comic-style art and more! Drawn live for supporters, and finished for you in 15minutes or less!

Lets do it to it!!!! What will YOU request? 

EW Twitch Stream Recap 81618

August 16, 2018

@twitch @twitchcreative #drawing #illustration #creative #request #streamer #twitch #inkscape #wacom #intuos #penguin #beaver #fire #rock #reliantrobin 

As of this post, all art sent! Thanks so much for the fun Thursday stream. We cranked the production mill to full tilt and did some ink and color action. We also did a quantum request of rocking proportions, and a last drawing of the stream of a cool three wheeled car. 

Thanks so much for all the support and love today. The crEW is trEW! See you guys tomorrow 10amET for Drawing Request Action!!!! 

Also, don't miss French Stallion's 24 hour stream kicking off tonight 6pmET!!!! He's pushing for new emotes and 1000 subs in one 24 hour stream!!! One for the baguette record books. Maybe even Twitch record books? Help make it happen... or just rock out over at twitch.tv/frenchstallion

See the crew, both longtime, and NEW, for some more drawing request fury! Same drawing time, same drawing channel!

Heres a fun highlight from today's stream, the Last Drawing Of The Stream!

Watch Highlight: Reliant Robin - Last Drawing Of STream 81618 from EryckWebb on www.twitch.tv

EW Twitch Stream Recap 81518

August 15, 2018

@twitchcreative @twitch #creative #drawing #hotrod #girl #ghostrider #avatar #streamer #devilmaycry @inkscape @wacom

As of this post, all art sent! Check your whispers! Thank you for a super fun day of Drawing Requests for everyone. Had a super fun 4 hour stream and got 7 badass pieces of art done. We had two giveaways and a ton of gratitude because there were a ton of people who were awesome with a ton of support! You guys are amazing. the crEW was in full effect today. Two major highlights: 1.) Drawing a Punisher - Ghost Rider request piece that I went way over board with. And even with Inkscape crashing in the middle we continued on and rocked the awesome piece. Everyone was really enjoying it, the music fit well, the piece was epic, the sauce was slinging, I was in the zone, and my favorite part... the chat spamming ewONFIRE emotes ( drawing a ghost rider piece with flaming hats being spammed... amazing... ). 2.) I got my first of the new 'multi-giftsub' support features that have come out recently. Thanks so much Merc Raider for dropping that!!

Below is a clip of a female version of a bad-ass Devil May Cry character. With epic music, everyone in it with me and also captures the Multi-Gift-Sub moment. Thanks so much everyone!!! I could not keep up with thanking all the new followers and bit cheerers and so forth today!

After some consideration I am going to stick to the plan and do upgrades tomorrow 10amET-2pmET! I will be inking and coloring as many upgrade pieces for one person each for as many people as I can. Then Friday we finish off with another epic Drawing Request Show,

See you same drawing time ( 10amET ) same drawing channel ( twitch.tv/eryckwebb ) for the next live show!!! 

Watch Highlight: [ 635 ] First Multi Sub Gifting and Female Devil May Cry Character || #drawing from EryckWebb on www.twitch.tv

EW Twitch Stream Recap 81418

August 14, 2018

@twitchcreates @twitch #creative #drawing #illustration #stream #twitch #inkscape #wacom

As of this post, all art above sent! Thanks so much for the fun day of coloring and chatting and hanging. I spent the day working on colors for these three illustrations. As I went along I did my best to explain or at least externalize what I was doing and why. Folks seemed to enjoy learning more about the process and how EW colors everything. I learned that it seems like the key is: 95% pen-tool, 5% airbrush. And a whole lot of adjustment layer fiddling. Well it was fun, but I'll be back tomorrow with all the sauce to draw some crazy requests for you guys, 10amET, only on Twitch!!!!

If anybody has further questions about the stream today or the images above, I will answer every single one! ( I don't get out much. ) Just leave you're question or comment in the comments section at the bottom of this page! 

Make sure to follow twitch.tv/eryckwebb to be notified when the next live stream starts! I also announce live updates and stream starts and delays on Twitter!

Till then, peace out!

EW Twitch Stream Recap 81318

August 13, 2018

@twitchcreates @twitch #drawing #creative #twitch #stream @Inkscape #recap @wacom 

As of this post, all art sent! drew some things today Ive never drawn before. I feel like the monster hotrod camaro is pretty original, and tried some interesting perspective on the female soldier character. Big fun doing the spider-man chibi and the mine-craft dragon. And after telling folks the story about being dive bombed by the fly I had to do a funny illustration of a giant fly attacking me. Fun stuff all around. Thank you for the incredible amount of subs, resubs, bits, hosts and donations. you guys make this dream job possible. 

All week we're doing 10am-2pmET streaming Drawing Requests Monday, Wednesday and Friday and doing Ink and Color upgrades Tuesdays and Thursdays.

See folks at the next stream, same drawing ( and inking and coloring ) time, same drawing channel!

Best Of Request Volume 2 Completed

August 12, 2018

#book #collection #drawing #production #publishing #self-publishing 

Best of Request Volume Two's final draft is done! Beginning to end is designed, copy inserted, everything proof-read and refined and all the files are just about ready to go. I'm going to look it over a few dozen more times to make sure but its completely done being designed, built and written. At this point its anything I missed, double checking for duplicate images, and making sure all the comas and periods are in there. Then its off to the printer by the end of the week! So excited to get this done and in folks hands. I'll look at it with fresh eyes early this week and then get it over to the printer!!! Thank you so much to all the folks showing interest and excitement for this new book. It's been a super challenging road to get here, but book two is basically done. There's always that nagging feeling of not being as good as the first, or being redundant. But I can tell you, this book has so much more saturation of drawings, and written content and even some awesome new stream content the first one never had. I'm really excited for people to see it. 

Next steps: 
Get the files to the printer.
Hope they don't red flag anything.
Get the proof copy a couple weeks later.
Inspect it with a fine toothed comb.
If all is good to go, launch the Pre-Sale!

 Stay tuned! 

Final Touches on Best Of Request Vol 2 Underway

August 11, 2018

#working #book #project #design #production #comingsoon #streamer #drawing #collection #portfolio #artbook #sketchbook #collected #twitch #twitchcreates

Final Touches on Best Of Request Vol 2 are underway!! Happy Saturday all! I'm hard at work on wrapping up Best Of Request today! So close! Can you smell it? I really wish I could stream it so you could see it too, but I dont want to give anything away!  Im going through tweaking layout, correcting copy, and fine tuning. I want it to be perfect! Its coming soon! Very soon! Have a great day!

Miss out on Volume One? Theres still a few physical copies left and a digital download version in the EWG Shop! Go grab one! Click to visit the EWG Shop

EW Twitch Stream Recap 81018

August 10, 2018

@twitchcreates @twitch #drawing #creative #twitch #mario #tractor #sexy #lingerie #dinosaur @skull #kangaroo #penguin #wacom #inkscape

As of this post, all art sent, and masterlist updated!! Check your whispers!! Thanks for an amazing Friday stream! It was full of awesome supporters, eager requesters and I got to meet a lot of new people. 
We hit the Giveaway goal and gave away a sweet Drawing Request to the lucky winner HystericallyMe, good get!! The bits were flying, I lost count on the follows and I was happy to welcome some new subs as well as welcome back a few returning subs. All in all very generous and awesome of all of you. 
I cut back the Gratitude Wheel to one in the middle and one at the end so I could get more drawing requests in. It worked out well. We had a 666min request ( untimed item ) of a sexy OC, we did some sub badge designs, an epic Mario fanart request and many improved originals. Thank you for the new requests I got today as well, will get to them soon!
Thank you very much too all the new followers and subs I met today via MadeleineInk's epic raid. When I ended my stream I still had around 80 folks watching and lurking. That never happens haha. Thanks for all the support and was really fun showing off and getting to draw for Madeleine and her community. 
Thanks as always to my buddy Hamiltoons for being king of the Sub Gifts. You rock man.
The master list is updated for Monday, and all the art sent. Thank you so much! I'll be hard at work at a few new items for the stream over the weekend, and finishing that darn book! I want it done!

See you guys next week for more Drawing Action. Same Drawing Time, same Drawing Channel!!

Till then dont forget to checkout highlights and past streams on EWG youtube

EW Twitch Stream Recap 8918

August 9, 2018

@twitch @twitchcreates #creative #drawing #digitalart #inking #coloring

As of this post, all art sent! Thank you so much for all the love during the Drawing Request Show this morning and all the discussion and hanging during the afternoon production stream. I got two fantasy-style pieces inked and flats started but ran out of time. 

BIG UPS to CarriveJonny2 and the community that came over with his raid. Great meeting you all and hope to draw for you soon!!!

On a side note, I didn't get as much drawing done today as I normally strive for. There's two factors to this. 1.) I always will put the stream before the amount of work i get done. 2. ) I want to be able to do more drawing, so I might have to dial back and cut some things.

On another note, I feel like I stream two different streams. Its all fun, its all creative but two very different experiences. I'd like to unify the brand and make it all more cohesive. So this will be a goal going forward. Maybe just all day doing drawing, inking and coloring requests together. In general I strive to make it all one unified stream experience.

In other news, I'm VERY happy for the latest StreamLabsOBS update that came through lastnight. It completely fixed the broken window capture functions that occurred from the update last week. Thank you for working hard to get that StreamLabs!. I love the power, and the features of SLOBS and believe it'll continue to be essential to my stream and business reaching its full potential. 

Thank you so much to all the lurkers, viewers, subscribers, hosters, donators and bit cheerers who make this possible. 

Be back tomorrow 10amET with more Drawing Request Action and some Friday Fun. 

Same Drawing Time, Same Drawing Channel. Only at twitch.tv/eryckwebb

EW Twitch Stream Recap 8818

August 8, 2018

@twitchcreates @twitch #creative #drawing #stream #sketch #inks #colors @inkscape @photoshop

As of this post, all art sent! Check your whispers! Thanks for a fun day of drawing, inking and coloring! I'll be back 10am Eastern Time for MORE!!

EW Twitch Stream Recap 8718

August 7, 2018

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As of this post, all art sent! Hit the ground running today with some fun request action, and some challenging ones as well. Lots of noteables today. Time flew by having so much fun and before I knew it Drawing Request Show 629 was over! Fun episode though. Flew by! Crazy. You guys are awesome.

After a brief lunch break the streaming continued with some 'Bonus Content' Ink and Colors. These are production streams where I basically just grind away at the orders I have. When they are more simple pieces I can do 3-4 in  a session but when they're more epic and complicated like that epic vine wielding lady pictured above i only get about two done. Sometimes one. I finished that up in all its chronic glory for RhaineNovel, then to get a second one done I inked and colored a single character for Epelesker. Of course I made more work for myself experimenting with a line-less version to surprise him with. Its a look and style I want to experiment with more, and saw an opportunity to do so. Enjoy!! And I hope those lines on the inks are black enough. I always make sure of that now lol.

Thanks for all the fun and all the art. Be back tomorrow with more!

See you next stream, same Drawing Time ( 10amET ) same Drawing Channel ( twitch.tv/eryckwebb )

EW Twitch Stream Recap 8618

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As of this post, all art sent! Had a slow start as I attempted to shake off the weekend rust, but the sauce started flowin and the drawing requests started going. Thanks to all who came out made it awesome!!! Couldnt live this dream without you! 

See you next stream, same Drawing Time ( 10amET ) same Drawing Channel ( twitch.tv/eryckwebb )

EW Twitch Stream Recap 8318

August 4, 2018

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As of this post, all art sent! Thanks for a super fun friday Drawing Request Show and hope everyones having a great weekend. Big ups to the top supporters: Request King Trayde, Request Champion Kingkoningtiger and Request Boss Th3D0rkKnightz ... your tokens are in your retainers!!!

Super happy to meet all the new folks and draw for some new faces. Look forward to more next week as we ramp up the creative and the streaming. All next week I'm streaming 10am-5pm. First half will be drawing requests then the second half will be upgrades. 

Also sub badges are officially live! The longer you subscribe to the stream the further along the request drawing process your hat badge develops. Fun stuff!

See you for more Drawing Request Show action!!!

I'll bring the sauce, you bring the ctrl alt z. 

Same Drawing time, same drawing channel!

The Eryck Webb Twitch Channel Has Sub Badges | And Next Week's Schedule

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EW Sub badges are live for Monday! Now every subscriber to the stream gets their own hat. Each level also represents a step on Eryck's request process. Base gets a quick sketch, 3 Month gets a finished drawing with sauce, the 6 month gets an inked version and the 1 year gets a full color version just like Eryck wears! Come out to the stream to check em out on Monday!

Speaking of which, after discussing it with my Supervisor Wally and CFO Kiwi, this week's stream schedule will be:

Monday thru Friday
Drawing Request Show

Upgrade Production

See you at the next stream!
Only on Twitch!


Drawing Request Show e626 Recap 8218

August 2, 2018

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As of this post, all art sent! Big ups to the awesome requests today and all the amazing support from the viewers. We ended up with 10 fun drawings during today's stream and unlocked two giveaways.

Big ups to MinecraftArchitect90 who won the largest giveaway we've done on this stream to date. Let me know if you need a drawing anytime :) You've definitely got the credit for it now. You also are getting a spot in the record book for that giveaway amount. Good get!

Thanks to everyone for coming out! All the bits, tips, subs, gifted subs and hosts! Also big shout out to all the lurkers who help that view count. Hope your studying closely :) 

School is back in session tomorrow 10amET, same Drawing Time, same Drawing Channel ( twitch.tv/eryckwebb )

Drawing Request Show e625 Recap 8118

August 1, 2018

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As of this post, all art sent! Check your whispers! 

I want to take this moment, to remind folks of an important fact to keep in mind. Two actualy. 

Its important to remember two things trew believers... 

1.) download your art from the drop box link and save to your hard drive and/or prefered location and ALWAYS ALWAYS have it backed up. I will periodicaly clean out drop box folders of art that I send to clients. I am not providing a storage service. I am simply transfering them to you. The files will be removed after a week anytime without notice.  

2.) When downloading your art be sure to click the 'download' button not just right click and save the thumb. The thumbnail is low resolution. The download will give you the high resolution 300dpi jpg file that Eryck Webb Graphics has provided you. Thanks so much and enjoy your art!!!

On the side note, thank you for several inquiries lately about commissions and hiring me for work. Please read all the info at twitch.tv/eryckwebb in the profile / info boxes to see what options I currently provide. Right now I have all the work I can handle via the stream, and am not taking outside commissions. But come out, get yourself ahead of the line, or just added to the queue and I'll be happy to help you in real-time on stream! Monday-Friday 10amET on twitch!!!!

Thanks for a fun Wednesday stream. Did a lot of memorable drawings, had a lot of memorable moments. Met a lot of new followers. Great to meet you guys. 

In other news, still currently in the proofreading/ final stages of the new book, stay tuned for more updates. Eventually after everything checks out with the printer we'll have a launch stream to celebrate the release.

Will be back with fresh sauce tomorrow morning 10am Eastern Time for all the drawing action.
Same drawing time, same drawing channel.

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