Eryck Webb Twitch Stream Recap 82918

August 29, 2018

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As of this post, all art sent and master-list updated! Check those whispers! Thanks so much for all the love today! I was a bit tired today and felt like I wasn't putting on the best stream I could, but you guys still encouraged me and help me push on. The drawings were pretty good regardless and before the power went out we got some cool drawings done. A warm-up of a mechanized hamster warrior, a batman on a horse and some sword flinging angel action. 

Then the power went out suddenly after a large donation and unlocking a couple giveaways. It was off for almost 2 hours. We had already passed the half way mark when the power went out. And I had no way to update anybody till the WiFi and power were available again. So I worked on work I had available on my mobile computer, my Samsung Galaxy Book 12. It had a full charge before the power went out and had a few pieces on it already that i could work on offline. So I did that. Then I got some lunch and walked the dog. By the time I got done doing this stuff the power was back on. It was already past when DRS would end, so I decided to stream the upgrade work I had intended for today. 

I worked on inks and colors for a World of Warcraft inspired piece showing to avatars of two friend players. I inked it and when I started to go to color it, I found a previously inked version of it. I had already inked it. So that was a few hours wasted. The art that is. The stream was another story.

We had a super cool raid by the amazing Adufresne99 and she brought over around 130 viewers ( if i remember correctly ). I was just about to do those giveaways that had been unlocked earlier, so we did them. Two of her community won drawings and I drew for them right then and there. Super fun and great meeting everyone.

Thanks for all the support today, and making it a fun day even with the power outage throwing things out of wack. 

Tonight I streamed and worked late after an evening dinner break. Got that WoW piece all colored up, as challenging as it was. Had some really cool lighting, color tones and textures workout on the final piece.

Also super big thanks to CocoKickz for the amazing fanart of my stream's 3 Insta Tokens as fully realized, almost elemental looking, characters! I truely love the direction she went with them and the design aesthetics are so cool. I never would have gone that way but I am super glad she did. I want to draw these designs too sometime for sure. Thanks for letting me request some art Coco!! And she did this with a mouse! I keep saying... when she gets a drawing tablet... she will be unstoppable!

The golden Insta Token for priority above normal requests, the green Ultra Token for twice the priority and the cosmic blue Quantum Token, which gives ultimate priority over the request list and is known to bend space and time to break stream rules. 

All in all, we all got over that hump! I'm off to bed. All art sent, master-list updated and I'll be back at it bright and early to do more. 

Same drawing time, same drawing channel!
( 10amET M-F )

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