Drawing Request Show: Episode 50 Recap

July 29, 2016

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Drawing Request Show Episode 50! A milestone stream featuring a special giveaway event! The current 20 follower goal was met on Tuesday, so I held the $50 dollar giveaway on the 50th episode :) It was a lotta fun, with several winners of some sweet free drawings. Enjoy this recap video and thanks for the awesome milestone episode to all who came out and made it awesome. We are already on our way to the next 20 followers goal. When that happens we'll do another giveaway! But till then, theres a normal giveaway every stream! See you at the next one!

Thanks for watching! Comment on thoughts and suggestions below! I know you have some! Have an awesome weekend, do it again next week!

Miss the stream? No problem! Check out the cut/elapsed EWG YouTube recording! 

Be sure to come out to a live show at
twitch.tv/eryckwebb weekly! Check the page for schedule changes, and twitter ( twitter.com/eryckwebb ) for live announcements and updates!

Drawing Request Show Episode 49 Recap

July 28, 2016

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A slew of awesome requests, some insane gratitude wheel spin sessions (not shown... come see the show live for those) and the big announcement! We hit our 20 follower goal so we're doing a $50 total special giveaway on episode 50 (thursday 7/28/16 - be there! Come out to twitch.tv/eryckwebb sit in enjoy and get in on the raffle!

Missed the stream? Check out the recap at EWG Youtube Channel:

Be sure to come out to the 50th episode and future live streams of EWG's Drawing Request Show:

Drawing Request Show 48 Recap

July 27, 2016

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A great way to start the work week and stream week. Had 11 requests drawn today and one inks warm up which I was able to knock out in 15 minutes! Received a bunch of new requests today that I didn't even get to yet, and am very very thankful for it. Today was the Trayde and TamTam show all these are for one or the other haha. Many are gratitude wins and giveaway wins. 

In other news, before the stream started we were 2 away from our 220 follower goal, and by the end we had two followers, so we're definitely having a $50 total drawing request giveaway on Thursday! Thursday will be the milestone 50th stream of Drawing Request Show so I'll do the giveaway then in place of the normal giveaway. Be sure to come out for that! Multiple winners, spinning a wheel to see what we're giving away and raffling off each prize to a new winner each time till we hit or go over 50 dollars! Dont miss it!

Miss the stream? Heres the recap video on YouTube. Recaps exclude most dialogue and gratitude spin moments and other aspects, so be sure to come out to a live show at twitch.tv/eryckwebb at 2pmET Tuesday-Thursday! Enjoy the vid and see you at the next stream :)

Drawing Request Show Recap Video: Eps 45-47on YouTube

July 23, 2016

@twitchcreates @twitch #twitch #twitchcreates #creative #draw #drawing #art #stream

An elapsed recap of the week's three streams. Including all the drawings and giveaways from episodes 45-47. To see additional features like giveaway wheels and other shenanigans be sure to come out to a live show at http://www.twitch.tv/eryckwebb during a weekday afternoon! Till then, enjoy this recap. Going to attempt to do these recap videos keep them around an hour or less going forward. A little nicer to watch than the 4-5 hour videos don't you think?

Go watch the 42 minute video here: https://youtu.be/-4n0Gzh7W9g

Please leave thoughts comments on this post or on the video comments. Would love to hear them good or bad. Have a great weekend and see you live at the next request show! Only on twitch at http://twitch.tv/eryckwebb

Weeks A Wrap

July 22, 2016

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Thats it for another week! Got back in the groove pretty good about half way and i'd say I've shaken off the vacation pretty good at this point. Got some work wrapped up still lots more to do. Pick it up Monday! Have an excellent weekend everybody! 

Don't forget about the July Sale going on now! Ends on the 31st! 20% off any commission invoiced :) 

Have a wonderful weekend and if you missed today's live production stream can watch the 5 hours tream on EWG YouTube here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y2fR0U94n0k

Also FunkyTurtle joined me in a special Happy Birthday to TamTam! Have a great one sir!
See the highlight here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3vs9sSLj-Ck

Hope to see you next week at a live stream! Only at twitch.tv/eryckwebb

Got a suggestion for what you want to see for an August special? Sound off below in the comments!

Drawing Request Show Episode 47 Recap

July 21, 2016

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As of this post, all art sent! Had a great final stream of the week. Had a lot of really cool requests and some crazy mass wheel spins for top D of the day TamTam. Just when I thought it was over the final gratitude wheel spin of the day landed the last drawing, a fun chibi elf character.  

Really enjoying this new batch of little round creature characters Trayde is sending me currently. One of my fav is definitey the 19Min OC gun totin' energy sword gal 'Ms Hex' for giveaway winner Lynxie! Congrats to all the winners of free drawings. One of my fav things to do is giveaway some free art and put a smile on folks faces. Really enjoyed an influx of new faces and meeting some new artists this week. Great first week back. Can't wait to do it again next week. 

Will be posting a recap video of the whole week on YouTube by/ over the weekend. 

Miss the stream? See the replay on twitch here: 

Hope to have you live on a future stream here:

Have a great weekend!

Buy Your Own EWG 'Face Logo' items!

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A quick post to announce a new item in the EWG Shop. The 2016 EWG 'Face Logo' is now available in hi quality print fashion on a variety of products. 

I grabbed myself some stickers after creating the item. But the note book, coffee mug and shirts are definitely pulling at me to get. I also think at some point a couple EWG throw pillows in the studio here on my couches might be fun. 

All purchases support me and EWG and of course wearing them/ showing them to others helps too. If you buy one, be sure to tag me w/ a pick of it when you get it on twitter or where-ever!

Buy some EWG face logo merchandise and other EWG art at the RedBubble shop here:


DRS Episode 46 Recap

July 20, 2016

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For this second stream after nearly a week off, viewers / donors saw the reinitialization of the VIP system and a killer giveaway. Cranked on requests all afternoon. The chrome giveaway plugin was broken so did the giveaway manually through moobot! Had some familiar faces come back and some fun wheel spins. Looking forward to Thursday's stream!

Missed the stream? See the recap here: 

Hope to see you at the next live show at:

Drawing Request Show 45 Recap

July 19, 2016

@twitchcreates #twitch #creative #draw #stream

Good to be back! After over a week on vacation back and streamin! Feel like I got the groove back drawing these quick and whimsical requests. But the 'endurance' isnt there. WIll take another day or two to get back fully. So tonights stream isnt as long as some others. Highlights include a beginning of stream giveaway a big game of fate giveaway to celebrate being back and some thank you poem antics. 
 Also recorded this stream and it will be compiled with the other streams from this week for a edited/ cut youtube video which will be my plan going forward!

Incase you missed the stream you can see it here: 

And hope to have you out at the next live on at twitch.tv/eryckwebb!

Back At The Mill

July 18, 2016

#smb #mill #back #return #business #production

After a little more than a week off on vacation, I'm back and the graphic art mill that is Eryck Webb Graphics is fired and cranking once again. While I drew in my sketchbook at least once each day while I was away, it will take a little while to get back to fully in the groove I was in digital-art-wise before I left for the vacation. That being said theres a general plan o' attack for the week. Stay tuned to this site/ twitter/ facebook for the updates as they get figured out.

On a final note dont forget to take advantage of the July Sale going on for the next week or two. 20% can be a big help on your digital creative needs.

Had a great vacation, didn't think about work at all. Now I'm going to take the day, get back to customers get some proofs out and figure out the game plan for here on.

Talk to you soon!


Mill Closed Till The 18Th

July 7, 2016

#vacation #beach #timeoff #summer

Eryck Webb Graphics is out till the 18th! All emails, quote requests and order updates will be post poned till then. That being said there are some things to keep in mind during this week away.

Drawing Request Show is also on hiatus till the 18th, all requests are still in queue and will be resumed in order of received when the stream resumes. 

The July Sale is going on now! Till the end of the month, all emails/ quote inquiries leading to an invoice will receive 20% off the normal price. Just because EWG is shut down for a week doesn't mean you can't leave some emails sitting in the inbox ready to snatch up that deal when work resumes. 
Any questions/ concerns please leave an email or comment on any one of the sites and EWG will get back to you on the 18th at the earliest. 

See you in a little over a week! 

DRS 44 Recap

@twitchcreates #twitch #stream #draw #steampunk #shark

Heres the drawings done during today's 44th episode of Drawing Request Show! Was an awesome show to end the week on. Some fun requests, lots of new faces in the chat today and just a very enjoyable stream experience all around. 
I will not be streaming rest of this week or next week as I will be off on vacation. The stream will resume the week of 7/18/16 on dates/ times to be determined! Have a wonderful week and see you then!
Highlights include a squeamish 'Mad Libs' win on the gratitude wheel, a couple awkward thank you cam moments on the wheel as well. And the piece the show ended on, an epic all-natural ocean warrior with trident versus a big great white shark. A piece that was about 40 minutes start to finish!
Congrats to Giveaway winner 'TamTam' who also deserves another round of applause for being the Top supporter of the stream! Thank you good sir!

If you missed it, can watch the replay here (and eventually on EWG YouTube):

DRS 43 Recap

July 6, 2016

@twitchcreates @twitch #drawing #art #stream 

Today's stream was a rare one. The drawings were on point and the variety was high! I was having so much fun I went an extra 2 hours! Whoa! Congrats to Top Donator of stream Trayde for his spin and free drawing win at the end. And to FunkyTurtle for winning the giveaway raffle for a 16 minute Battle cat! 
Was an awesome stream with some furious drawing, and some of my favorite requests to date! Missed it? See it here (and eventualy on EWG YouTube) https://www.twitch.tv/eryckwebb/v/76577889

EWG Presents: The July Sale!

July 5, 2016

#sale #commissions #digitalart #summer #july #special

After an amazing Independence Day weekend, EWG presents the July Sale! The weather is hot so take advantage of this cool deal with 20% off all orders received between now and July 31st that leads to an invoice!

Browse the pricelist of commission services Eryck Webb Graphics offers:

Use the Request A Quote form or email eryck@eryckwebbgraphics.com to get started!

A few rules to be aware of:

- Do NOT send a PayPal payment before receiving an invoice.
- This offer does NOT apply to Drawing Request Show commissions
- This offer can NOT be used with other specials or discount offers.
- All orders have a 3-4 week turnaround.
- The invoice must be paid by August 5th 2016 or the discount will be removed.

Thank you, and any further comments or questions please email eryck@eryckwebbgraphics.com

Hope this cool deal will help your creative budget during this hot summer season!

Flying High On 4th of July

July 2, 2016

#4th of July #independenceday #sketch #drawing

Just a drawing in Autodesk Sketchbook Mobile this morning. Love drawing on this tablet hehe. Me Wally and Kristina celebrating 4th of July all weekend. WEATHER IS PERFECT! Have a good one too!

Happy 4th Of July aka Independence Day

July 1, 2016

Have an outstanding 4th of July Weekend you crazy Americans out there! Be safe, See you Tuesday!

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