DRS 44 Recap

July 7, 2016

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Heres the drawings done during today's 44th episode of Drawing Request Show! Was an awesome show to end the week on. Some fun requests, lots of new faces in the chat today and just a very enjoyable stream experience all around. 
I will not be streaming rest of this week or next week as I will be off on vacation. The stream will resume the week of 7/18/16 on dates/ times to be determined! Have a wonderful week and see you then!
Highlights include a squeamish 'Mad Libs' win on the gratitude wheel, a couple awkward thank you cam moments on the wheel as well. And the piece the show ended on, an epic all-natural ocean warrior with trident versus a big great white shark. A piece that was about 40 minutes start to finish!
Congrats to Giveaway winner 'TamTam' who also deserves another round of applause for being the Top supporter of the stream! Thank you good sir!

If you missed it, can watch the replay here (and eventually on EWG YouTube):

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