Putting Out The Candle For A Day Or Two - Personal Note Entry

April 30, 2016

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Personal Notebook Entry: 
Well mowed the lawn front and back again before this supposed 'rain' hits later. Been dry for a couple days and the grass was still damp and clumpy. WTH? Doesn't it ever dry out lol. Mowing comes out so much nicer when its dry. I guess its gotta actualy get warm out to dry up the grass by noon. *looking at you weather*

Enjoying some much needed down time today. Lookin forward to some family sunday dinner time tomorrow. But today I'm just exhausted. Had a kickass week but burnt the candle at both ends. As 'Danko Jones' said... 'better to burn out than waste away.' ... 'I'll sleep when I'm dead' ... how i roll baby. But was so worth it. Had the best week of streaming/ Drawing Request Show in the history of me streaming ever. A milestone. And a foretelling of a changing business model. The future has that sense of potential again. The carrot just out of reach. Where will it go next. Time will tell! For now I will be greatful and patient.

Puttering in the studio when I don't HAVE to work, doing some relaxing video editing. Going to probably stick to doing compilations of the week's shows into one video instead of staying up late or cutting into work time to create a video after every episode. Will see how this comes out.
Contemplating personal project ideas that I dont have time for lol. Mmmm crispity.

Update 5/1 - well it took a while but got it finished/ saved/ uploaded! Check out the videorecap of Drawing Request Show from the past week (Episodes 11-13) here:

EWG Has Been Fingered!

April 29, 2016

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EWGs been fingered! Art I did in the last year inspired by wfngr696.com - now Gary has made it into an awesome tshirt! Thanks so much for sending me one man! Also loving the saturday morning tune covers. you know me so well. haha. Was a great surprise to get today. Moments where you sort of ponder the significance of what you do, and then something like this happens. And I realize I'm definitely making a difference, even if its supporting my favorite people. Definitely some more art coming to you this year! You got a Finger fan for life buddy. Keep on rockin!

Drawing Request Show - Episode 13 - Recap

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I am blown away by the awesomeness that is Episode 13. Its been an amazing week for the Drawing Request show in general. But what a cap on the week! I didn't realize how big this episode was till I looked at the stats after. It was the biggest and most successful out of all of them so far. The most participants on the giveaway, the most viewers at one time, the most requests in a single show and the list goes on. Thank you thank you so much to everyone who came out, got some awesome art, kept the chat hilarious and entertaining and I hope you enjoy your arts! A good majority of the pieces above are upgraded to inks or colors or both and will be done over the course of the next week. 
I am going to put together a recap compilation of the whole week over the weekend. 
If you missed any of the streams though be sure to check out the broadcast replay that is avaible for the news 2-3 weeks on Twitch below, and thank you again for this amazing milestone show. And we're now only 3 followers away from a 140 follower giveaway (giving away a inked piece every 20 likes). So next week during a show there could be two giveaways instead of just one! Crazy!

Update 5/1 - well it took a while but got it finished/ saved/ uploaded! Check out the videorecap of Drawing Request Show from the past week (Episodes 11-13) here:

Drawing Request Show Eps 11 Recap

April 27, 2016

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Drawing Request Show 11 was probably one of the best ones yet. Had a lot of great requests, and I didn't even get to them all. After a 5 hour show, had to set aside a bunch to do next show. Speaking of which, the next show will be today (Wednesday 4/27/16 at 2pmEST!). Thanks so much for everyone's requests and making the 4/26 show a great one.

If Wednesday's (today's) installment goes well I might make it a regular thing. There is a definite shift in my business model currently where most of my commissions are through streaming right now. Every year, every quarter shifts in its business trends, and right now, the DRS is the main draw (no pun intended). But I'm very thankful for the regular off-stream commissions I enjoy on a regular basis. Keep them coming, I am accepting new commissions daily! Just hit the 'commissions' tab on this site to get the ball rolling.

If you missed this stream, can watch it again for the next couple weeks (till twitch removes it) here: https://www.twitch.tv/eryckwebb/v/63018543 - any questions/ comments leave them below! Thanks!

Update 5/1 - well it took a while but got it finished/ saved/ uploaded! Check out the videorecap of Drawing Request Show from the past week (Episodes 11-13) here:

Drawing Request Show - Updates and New Schedule this Week

April 26, 2016

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Just a quick release post about some change ups to the EWG twitch stream show 'Drawing Request Show' this week. First about a special addition to the schedule, and then second some tweaks to the rules/ format.

First, EWG will be doing the normal 7pmET Tuesday and Thursday shows. But this week will also see the premier of a special Wednesday 2pmET show! If it goes well it may become a regular installment, if not, will try again some time down the line. Anytime I say 'ET' that accounts for EST and EDT at same time. 

Secondly, some things have changed in the donation tiers and follower milestones departments. I turned up the incentive a bit on the 20 Followers and 100 Followers milestone perks. There's a lot more reward for the milestone! Finished inked art DONE ENTIRELY ON STREAM is given away every 20 follows. Every 100 follows is a two character full color giveaway (or character and a vehicle, or a character and an animal) done entirely on stream during a show as well. Other tweaks include evening out everyone's experience with requests in general. Now any 30+ level will be drawn live but inked/ colored during my day time work like a normal slot commission or similar item. That way everyone gets time has more of a chance to get their requests in, and there's no more than 20 minutes or so spent on even the finished sketch requests. After re-watching some recaps of past broadcasts I realize its a bit unfair to take up a whole show with one finished piece. 

So, to clarify. Everyone even if they donate to the 40 dollar level, will get their piece done live in the initial sketch/drawing phase. But inks/ colors will be done after the fact within the next week! This week will feature a third broadcast date. And there's a lot more incentive to follow this channel and be in the running for those follower giveaways!

A final note is VIPs still get priority and optional 1 color tone treatments, and the top 3 VIPs can change weekly depending on total donations in a given month. The unlocking of custom brushes has been removed for now.

Special shout outs go to the current 3 VIPs, and to Oboeshoes101 who holds the position of all time top supporter aka 'Request King'. 

And big shout out to Stephen HnH for encouraging me to start on twitch. Its been a revolutionary change in my streaming experience.

Thanks for everyone's support! Be sure to follow at twitch.tv/eryckwebb and see you there!

Drawing Request Show 10 Recap

April 22, 2016

#kaiju #fathom #twitch #drs #request #inkscape #oboeshoes

Had a great episode 10 of Drawing Request Show heres one of my fav pieces from it. This one for dwald aka Oboeshoes! The recap video is uploading to youtube now will be available in probably the next hour or so.

Check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSwaFkmmKJoCim-M8d-QZ7A

Also congrats to the 3 $10 giveaway winners! There was two announced and a third surprise one at the end. Stay tuned every episode for at least one giveaway.

Now a bit of a sad update. Didn't get to do what I wanted to do on the ol' commission queue Friday. Some family stuff has come up. We've had to make the tough call of saying goodbye to a our 12 year furry black lab family member. So that will be happening early afternoon tomorrow. So for now, me, my wife and my sister are spending some time with him while we can. Not to mention making our peace with it. Will be a tough weekend. Keep him/ us all in your prayers. Have a good weekend, Its supposed to be a beautiful day tomorrow.

Don't forget next week, DRShow is Tuesday/ Thursday 7pmET and Wednesday at 2pmET will be trial running a special third DRShow. Thats right, three in one week. If Wednesday goes well it may become a regular thing. Will be an interesting experiment anyways!

See you on the other side. Thanks again to everyone for an awesome stream last-night. Heres to next week's installments!

Thor and Invincibelle - Slot Commissions 42016

April 20, 2016

Draenei Thor for Oboe

Invincibelle 'StreetWear' style - for TamTam

The digital inks

#thor #heroine #characterart #slot #commission #inks #colors #digital #twitchcreative

Finished up today's two slots. Happy to say slot commissions are all caught up and on a regular schedule finaly. These two were a lot of fun. Looking forward to the works the rest of the week has to offer. New slots will open up and be available starting Friday and through the weekend. Then close on Monday. Stay tuned for when they become available by checking the DeviantArt Journal at eryckwebbgraphics.deviantart.com

Drawing Request Show - Episode 09 Recap

#whale #swim #ocean #simmer #dive #inkscape #photoshop #twitch #drs

Unusually plagued by mishaps left and right, it finally settled into a groove and enjoyed the requests.
Tonight was the subject of what can happen sometimes. The potential for a large request is there. When it comes down to it a full color two character piece can be equivalent to 6 black and whites. So I only did one black and white for Oboe and then a second two character (complicated object/ animal or vehicle piece) till end of the show. I don't do nudity very often but when I do I try to keep it classy and artsy. Then at the end was a giveaway won by Lynxie! Congrats lynxie! See folks Thursday 730pmEST for another show!

Enjoy the video on the EWG You Tube Channel: And the real time recap on Twitch

Drawing Request Show - Episode 8 - Recap

April 18, 2016

#commission #request #drawing #art #recap

Returned with the same format as Episode 7 to try it out one more time and I'd say it is a pretty nice format. This time though added the VIP setting. Top 3 supporters in a givin week get ahead of all other requests and also unlock special options while they are VIP like one color tones, special brushes and more. They can be knocked out at any given time though if somebody suddenly donates enough to be in the top 3 bumping out another. Just a small way to say thanks for the above and beyond support.

Enjoy the video below

60 Inspiring Home Workspaces

April 13, 2016

#drawing #studio #office #homeoffice #workspace #windows

Some cool inspirational 'work from home' workspaces that give me a few ideas of how to improve mine. Maybe you'll see something that makes you want to quit the rat race and start working for yourself as well!

From hongkiat.com: 

"We spend most of the day in front of our computers. This is where all the works get done, e-mails get taken care of, and social relationship be made. The truth is that computer has become a staple for nearly every aspect of modern lifestyle, and now people are even adopting multiple devices for higher work proficiencies.

... today we bring in 60 more up-to-date and neat examples on how professionals setup their cyber workstation. From them you can draw inspiration on how to dress your workstation in a clean and elegant way, ultimately the key is about comfort, relaxation and focus."


Drawing Request Show 07 Recap

#request #drawing #stream #art #digitalart #sketchbookpro #inkscape

Drawing Request Show - Episode 7!
This was the first in a modified format, based on pro/con notes from previous weeks. And I think it was a winning formula. The participants really seemed to like it and got some awesome art for it. There is something for the folks who want some sketchy sketches, there is stuff for folks who want some finished art. And everything in between. Also the return of freebie requests with a 5 minute limit per allowed per stream (donations have priority though). Also the competative 'bidding' system has been removed and its just first come first serve. If you missed it, you can now find each episode edited and uploaded to YouTube in a shorter format! But for the live experience, be sure to come out to twitch.tv/eryckwebb every tuesday and thursday!

Enjoy the YouTube video of Episode 7!

Fridays To Dos! And Releases

April 8, 2016

#todos #production #playlist #nowplaying #commission #queue

Heres the short list of my todos today! Will probably be streaming around 1pmEST! Hope to see ya then! Get notified when I'm going live by following EWG on Twitter or follow the Twitch stream here: twitch.tv/eryckwebb

Also released after yesterdays Drawing Request Show was 10 new slot openings for next week! Two a day, and less than a week turnaround for all who claim one! Claim more than one! They tend to go fast. Only available till Monday 4/11 when production on them begins!

Drawing Request Show - Episode 6 - Recap!

April 7, 2016

#request #draw #art #digitalart #sketch #inkscape #digitalart

Tonight was a more concise and on the mark Drawing Request Show! Episode 6 began riddled with unexpected issues, but then it rallied and had some awesome requests and wrapped it up in a little over 3 hours!
Congrats to this show's giveaway winner, Lynxie, for winning a free Slot Commission spot in next week's openings! 
If you missed it, here is a link to the broadcast replays on EWG Twitch channel! An internet drop out 15 minutes in caused it to split into two parts. 
Part 1 (15 min)
and Part 2 (3 hrs)

Drawing Request Show - Episode 5 - Recap!

April 6, 2016

#inkscape #draw #request #twitch #twitchcreative

Holy crap, thanks so much to everyone who came out and made the 5th episode of Drawing Request show an absolute blast! I was a little rusty with the first three but around the time of the BAM chibi I was all warmed up, hit my stride and carried it through the rest of the night. 

There was a strawpoll on whether I should do future DRShows in Sketchbook Pro or Inkscape. The consensus was generally Inkscape. And I have to agree. These are lightweight, done in vector and basically come out like more-finished ink sketches instead of smudgy pencil drawings. So look for Inkscape to remain a staple of Drawing Request Shows!

Congratulations to Preventerice/ Lynxie who won the VIP giveaway for Thursday's show! That is a free drawing request with $10 tier perks included! No cutting, move to front of the line and all that implies. A giveaway is held towards the end of every show. So come out every Tuesday and Thursday for a chance to be the next winner!

I thought it was going to wrap pretty simply about 3 hours in but then got some more awesome requests and ended up going about 5 hours! Hope everyone enjoys their art. Any of these can be finished in inks for $19, or full color and inks for $32! Just let me know if you want that. 

For anybody that missed the show, check out the replay on the EWG Twitch Channel here and come out next stream! See you then!

EWG Drawing Request Show - Episode 04 - Recap

April 1, 2016

#drawing #pencils #characterart #twitch #twitchcreative #art

Above is the slew of awesome art requests I got. The only ones I did freestyle for myself was the megaman warmup (probably worst out of all of them lol) and I did the Funky Turtle as a thank for a donation-only contribution by the ever supportive FunkyTurtle13 - he just started streaming and I recommend following him on twitch! 

Found a format I really like, and I really enjoyed drawing in +SketchBookPro all night. Gave these drawings a little something special. Thanks so much to everyone who came out, and put in a request. There was a couple VIPs but mostly everyone got along, it didn't get competitive (always hilarious when it does though... gets insane fast haha) and everyone got their drawings. I think only once there was a line-cut train haha. 

Well fueled on Jolly Rancher Jelly Beans I jammed all night, had fun and people left with some great drawing requests. Congrats to Preventerice who won a 2 VIP giveaway towards the end of the show. He generously gave one to Lynxie, so each of them get one free drawing request on Tuesday's show next week, with no chance of being cut infront of etc. 

If you missed the stream, you can view it on EWG Twitch channel here:

And on the EWG YouTube channel soon! 

Goodnight and see folks out 7pmEST next Tuesday and Thursday for more!

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