Drawing Request Show - Episode 5 - Recap!

April 6, 2016

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Holy crap, thanks so much to everyone who came out and made the 5th episode of Drawing Request show an absolute blast! I was a little rusty with the first three but around the time of the BAM chibi I was all warmed up, hit my stride and carried it through the rest of the night. 

There was a strawpoll on whether I should do future DRShows in Sketchbook Pro or Inkscape. The consensus was generally Inkscape. And I have to agree. These are lightweight, done in vector and basically come out like more-finished ink sketches instead of smudgy pencil drawings. So look for Inkscape to remain a staple of Drawing Request Shows!

Congratulations to Preventerice/ Lynxie who won the VIP giveaway for Thursday's show! That is a free drawing request with $10 tier perks included! No cutting, move to front of the line and all that implies. A giveaway is held towards the end of every show. So come out every Tuesday and Thursday for a chance to be the next winner!

I thought it was going to wrap pretty simply about 3 hours in but then got some more awesome requests and ended up going about 5 hours! Hope everyone enjoys their art. Any of these can be finished in inks for $19, or full color and inks for $32! Just let me know if you want that. 

For anybody that missed the show, check out the replay on the EWG Twitch Channel here and come out next stream! See you then!

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