Sketchbook: Coffee Doodles

February 20, 2020 0 Comments

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Lately I've enjoyed starting my days with scribbling, writing and drawing in my sketchbook or on my tablet while sipping on my morning coffee. It gets my brain fired in the creative direction first thing in the morning and wakes up the muscle memory. It gets my day of creating and producing client work and in house projects started on the right foot!

This time I did one of my favorite mindless doodle practice exercises. This one involves starting with a new canvas or page of paper and filling the page with head or characters of different shapes that all fit snug around each other without overlapping.

I cant recommend a Samsung Android or Windows 10 tablet with Spen for digital drawing enough. This is the 3rd one I've enjoyed ( a Samsung Galaxy Book 12 inch with Spen ) and its always a satisfying drawing experience! They're not a sponsor, I'm just a fan.

Do you have a morning habit that's just for you? How do you like to get your occupation and day's to dos off to a strong start? Leave your reply below in the comments!

Thanks for looking and reading, if I don't see you at my next Twitch stream, I'll see you next post! Have a great day!

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ewYOUTUBE: 2019 5 Sketchbooks Tour

February 13, 2020 0 Comments

#youtube #video #sketchbook #walkthrough #flipthrough #tour #drawings #sketches

Well, despite YouTube having issues and taking around 6 hours to slowly upload my one hour video today, it is finaly live! It was a bit of a task to record and edit and upload but its there! I wanted to get the video under 1 hour but its 5 sketchbooks, spending about 20 minutes on each after being edited! Dive in, enjoy, here thoughts and stories behind the drawings. These are my training grounds, my playgrounds, my journals my bank for ideas and my proving grounds. Enjoy this rare look into an entire years worth of sketchbookness!!! 

Comments/ Questions be sure to leave them in the comments here or on the YouTube page!

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Sketchbook: Inkscape Warmup - Automatic Drawing Machine Sketch


#drawing #warmup #sketch #automaticdrawing #clearmind #creativeflow

A way I like to warmup/ practice/ doodle. Just clear your mind and start drawing shapes, in relatively accurate perspective/ angles that all connect together, but in the spirit of mindless doodle/ drawing, just draw whatever comes to mind, even if it turns into a robot face, a factory, tubes squares whatever. For fun if you want apply a little shading. Everytime I doodle this way something different comes out. I call them 'mechanical heads' cause they always center around some sort of abstract head or face. This one looks like some kinda of strange alien powerplant or something. Perhaps '
The Mill' in another dimension? Who knows. Some warmup action before working on emotes today.

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Sketchbook: EW Robot Sketch


#robot #sketch #samsunggalaxybook #spen #digitalart 

A quick sketch on the Samsung Galaxy Book 12 during lunch. My massive 5 sketchbook tour video took a while to render the mp4 file, and now its taking its sweet time to upload to the channel. So I took advantage to work on my tablet a bit, get some lunch and fix some problems that arose on my website via broken image links and such. They're fixed now and I'm switching over now this afternoon to working on upgrade orders for stream supporters and updating the masterlist for drawing request show tomorrow. Its cold out, and snowing. A nice day to stay cozy, stay in warm cozy clothes and grind away in the mill. #happyplace

Thanks for looking! Keep Drawing! 

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Best Of Request Volume 4 Production Begins! Coming Soon!

February 10, 2020 0 Comments

Officially setup the layout file and changed the volume and year numbers.... it begins!

But before I can get any work done placing art on the pages, I have to sort through 1,600+ images and weed out the 'not as much of a fan' ones and the random silly sketches and the stray other files that dont apply and whittle it down to a nice, quality number of the best drawings from the year that will fit into the book! 

I'm already considering making this volume 300 pages total. Theres just so many good drawings from 2019!! And I want as many as possible to be full page or double spread huge so all the sauce is visible!!

We'll see how it ends up though! LOL. But I'm excited to be able to say the file processing and the preliminaries are almost complete and the book is officially in production!!! Slated for a 2nd Quarter release!!! Stay tuned to this website for updates along the way!!! Regardless of how well it sells, I'm determind to make this the best, and most sauciest drawing collection I've created yet!!! 

As production begins on the collection from year 4 ( 2019 ) of my request stream, be sure to check out year 5, drawing right now live over at weekdays!!! 

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Upgrading to Inkscape 1.0 Beta for First Time

February 9, 2020 0 Comments

First impressions of Inkscape 1.0 beta ... loving it. 

Stopping point on some thorough play, experiment and trying some of the new toys. Too great. 

I'm thrilled to get Inkscape 1.0 Beta and have been having a lot of fun trying all the new bells and whistles, enjoying the polished interface, and even toying around with the new aesthetic abilities of the icon and interface themes. I am still getting use to some of the changes.
 My initial pros are, I love the canvas rotation, and I love the customizable interface. The standard interface looks polished and improved to look extra shiney in Windows 10. I dont know if things like the 3D object or the fill patterns are new but this new version has gotten me to stop what I'm doing, dive in to this new version to try and find and play with all the new features, and I think I'm discovering previously existing ones too. If you look closely, I made a hat symbol and turned it into the pattern. Some definite potential new features opening up for shading on future requests. 
My immediate cons are, I miss the slider for the brush size instead of pressing the up and down arrows or typing in the size that i want. It was nice just to quickly slide it. So that will actualy slow me down a bit mid drawing. I also have a problem with this new verison where as I draw and throw down strokes I'll get a random circle drawn that I was able to recreate on the right side. This isnt a huge thing but I dont know how to NOT make it do that. A final con is I have the brush size and the mass almost to beyond minimum settings and the brush still feels laggy/ muddy like I have the mass turned up. 
These could all be things I am doing wrong... I'm excited to figure it out! I truely had trouble with the extreme inverted high contrast theme, but I love the simpler icons and things like that. 
Lots to love, tons more for me to figure out. Heres a video demo I put on YouTube of my first fiddling with some of the settings I'm most excited about ( UI themes and canvas rotating ) 
More as it develops! Watch me mess with this and figure it out all week on twitch over at 

1/12/2020 Update

I found the changes they made to the calligraphy pen, namely its mass and size controls, to be frustrating. The way the pressure sensitivity responds now feels laggy, heavy, and the mass changing doesnt have much effect. Not like it used to. Why would they even change this it worked fine before? Also after about two or three strokes of my drawing the program will drop a random circle shape. All these items made drawing in it effectively like I expect to do impossible, so for work purposes I removed the program and installed 0.92.4 back. In my opinion, and in my experience, drawing in and using Inkscape every day, this version is the most stable, responsive and functional version I've used since beginning to use Inkscape. I think 1.0 ruins a lot of what worked while offering new and exciting bells and whistles to enhance the experience. But I'm willing currently to sacrifice those new features in the interest of functionality. I cant wait for them to get it all right though! I definitely look forward to that!

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