Adobe Twists My Arm

December 2, 2020


Batching 2000+ drawings is an important feature that Adobe Photoshop is exclusively best at. Been hunting trying all kinds of diff art apps. Nothing. Exhausted all searching/ trying alternatives.

Tried getting my old Adobe Photoshop 6.0 to limp along to do what I need it to do but always crashes

Tried Krita

Tried Clip Studio Paint and EX both seperately

Looked into 3rdparty conversion software


Hello Adobe CC, nice to see you again. Ooo Photoshop CC is shiny.

Go away Lightroom!

-------- 2 Days Later -------

The new version of Clip Studio improved my issue I had with the 'continuous curve tool'. As well as some face-lifting here and there. Its use smoother and more natural to use than Photoshop. Got my PS auto batching done. Might stick with Clip Studio. Until my next book LOL

Plus ClipStudio still only cost me $50 a year ago compared to the ongoing $10 for PS. Plus I got used to the fluid intuitive use of ClipStudio I am having trouble using Photoshop now ... having trouble justifying keeping it.

---- Later that day after a work day ---- 

So ya. Sticking with Clip Studio having tried to use Photoshop again after all this time while working on Upgrades today. Except for the monopoly they have on automated batching files I really enjoy working in Clipstudio more. Especially with its new version.

Will be hunting for an alternative program/ open source program to batch automate  edit/ color convert/ size and save 100s of files in the meantime. Or just buy resintall PS for batching every 6 months then get my money back and reuninstall LOL.

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