Warmup 15-30 min - Geoff Munn's Chuck from Kiosk: Life In Neutral

July 29, 2014

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This morning's warmup continues the 'FanArt of Other's OCs' theme - picked a character this morning from Geoff Munn's 'Kiosk: Life In Neutral' - something about the character Chuck just said 'ddood.... draw me.' So I did. Pulled out my Jay/Silent Bob and my Big Lebowski vibe for this one!
Fun stuff - stay tuned will be doing this probably through next week as theres too many friend's characters I want to do to narrow down to one week.
And if Geoff likes this sketch wants a copy, just email me at eryckwebb3@yahoo.com I'll toss it over bud!
Check out Kiosk here! http://www.kioskcomic.com

July Live Commission Night

July 28, 2014

#commission #live #chibi #comicart #comics
This event is actualy a micro special. Spread the word, only available during those 4 hours, come order some chibis or normal character art. All full color. Will be working on some whilst, ordering starts July 31st 8pmEST ends by 12amEST!

Event has ended! The Paypal cart that was below has been removed!
Thank you to everyone who came out made this the best live commission night yet!

Warmup - Plastic Robot

#warmup #sketch #comics #drawing
This week, I'm using the theme 'other's OCs' for my warmups. Each morning, my 15-30 min warmup sketches will be focused on other folks I have the pleasure of meeting across these interwebs. But more specificly, their original characters. This will allow me to do some fanart of other folks' creations when i otherwise might not have time or a chance. Today kicking it off is along overdue art of 'Plastic Robot', created/owned by David Mcdonald over at - http://plastic-robot-comic.deviantart.com/ - very cool character hope I did him some justice! David, email me at eryckwebb3@yahoo.com and I'll toss you a copy of this - no charge!
Onto the work day! Stay tuned to this site and the sketchbook section of the art gallery page for more installments. Who will I do fan arts of next? Stay tuned!

New EWG Business Cards by Vista Print

July 26, 2014

@vistaprint +Vistaprint #vistaprint #businesscards #smallbusiness #smb #branding #logo #contacts
Vistaprint did an amazing job printing these matte finish cards front and back, they're trimmed exactly how I wanted them and the colors are rich and true. 
This is a new batch of Business cards with branding to match the current design of the websites, my t-shirt I'm going to be wearing to Steel City Con and more. The four colors of EWG - Orange, White, Gray, Black - displaying the brand and what it does on the front including how to get in-touch, and on the back a full bleed example of my work borrowing a cropping from my 25 character commission from last year. 
These will be great to toss in with mailings, hand to potential customers in public and share with folks who want to know what I do. Thanks Vistaprint!

EWG Pricelist Is Once Again Live

July 25, 2014

Thanks for your patience as the pricelist on the EWG website has been down and in the process of being redesigned for a couple months. With the upcoming Steel City Con attendance and many inquiries from customers who had trouble finding the price list page, I decided it was time to get that finished up and posted. Well the page has gone live again and I believe its easier to read, understand and find just what your wanting to commission EWG for than ever.
So check it out, email for custom quotes and questions and remember, EWG is always available to help with your creative needs! Updates and modifications will surely be revised later but for now - its live and ready to use!


TnC Turns 1 Year Old

TnC celebrates 1 year of web-comic awesomeness! This week's anniversary edition of TnC is a special double sized strip! This week's episode continues the tradition of the same TnC humor readers know and love and also takes time to bow to influences both in other comic series and in pop culture.

Thank you to the fans and readers who have responded to the series with such positive support. For the last year it has been very well received, and the support continues to grow! Your support leads to greater inspiration and motivation in Cory's scripts and encourages me to push the art to be the best it can be week after week. Every week, your likes and shares help the exposure of the webcomic and shows us that you like what we're doing! Please continue to share, like and read the strip and let us know you are enjoying it for the weeks to come!

Thanks to Cory for having me on the series, its a lot of fun to work on and I'm very glad to continue being part of TnC. 

Go like the TnC Facebook page, and read the 1 year anniversary strip here:

And on the TnC webcomic page
Tnc #52 1 Year Anniversary Strip

EWG Steel City Con Tee - Good To Go

July 23, 2014

#zazzlemade #zazzle #tshirt #shirtgraphic #logo #ewg #steelcitycon #comiccon
Got new shirt in the mail today - Zazzle.com did an amazing job. The colors are exactly what I wanted, the orange is bright and rich the grays nice and solid. The whites bright white. The shirt fits great too and I will be wearing this bad boy both days I'm going to Steel City Con. Toting business cards and a portfolio of EWG's best works! Eryck gives the ol' thumbs up to this fine shirt printing!
Thank you Zazzle - very quick delivery too! (About one week from ordering)

Though other vendors may be cheaper, I needed a larger size than most places and Zazzle is very accommodating! Can't recommend enough.

Thursday Night Livestream set for 7/22

July 22, 2014

Chinook Girl - Semi-Fin Pencils

#pinup #noseart #worldwar2 #chinook #pilot #army
Semi-Finished pencils of 'Chinook Girl' - inspired by classic WW2 pinup / nose art. She loves her job, she loves those CH-47s and is enjoying a nice fly over while cooling off after a long flight.
Incoporated as many elements that seem to be part of a chinook pilot's garb and also most importantly, chinooks throughout! 

For one of the two 400 Likes winners over on EWG Facebook! Get the second one penciled tomorrow nad if this one is approved finish it up next week!

Tutorial Tuesday: Mark Brooks comic page digital pencils and inks

Always inspired by watching Mark Brooks work digitaly on his art. From his awesome detailed pencil work to his dynamic figures and then his inks. Takes him about 9 hours to do a page like this below. The video is only about 6 minutes. The results are awesome, and goes to show what quality you can get out of a page that takes 8-9 hours. I try to keep mine under a much tighter timeframe for budget/ deadline purposes but many of my best pages took a good 4 hours to completely fininshed pencil and then 2-3 to ink and another 2 or 3 for full colors so I can understand what goes into this stuff. Anyways, I generaly have a theme to post one thing each week. Mondays are for Ultimate Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles webcomic updates, Tuesdays are 'tutorial tuesdays' wednesdays are my Webcomic Wednesdays, thursdays are throw backs, and glances at where I was in the past or case studies from jobs past, and friday is devoted to posting TnC comics promotions! Enjoy today's 'tutorial tuesday' installment, and enjoy many more over in the 'Reference' section of this website!

Enjoy studying this page that essentialy uses my exact same process of layouts, pencils as tight as I want to go then inks overtop for a finished piece. Under the hands of another pro on a whole 'nother level!

Original video over at: http://youtu.be/B0-wFGm-HG0

EWG is GO For Steel City Con!

July 17, 2014

Its official, Eryck Webb Graphics will be in attendance to this summer's Steel City Con! The 3 day passes have been bought, confirmed and framed and hung. Look forward to checking it out. Will have new EWG biz cards, and a portfolio of my best work should there be opportunities to share it with folks.  Just walking around not getting a table or anything this year. Scoping it out as it were.

Will serve as research and creative fuel consuming all day Friday and go back to meet some of the celebrity guests on Sat. Taking the wife and her momma Sat to meet Dean Cain - I'd like to meet Levar Burton and Mini Me myself.

Supposed to be an insane amount of toys and collectibles at this show so looking forward to it.
Getting my feet wet, maybe next year setup a table do commissions.

See you soon Steel City Con!


Nova - Fanart Slot Commission

July 11, 2014

#nova #marvel #comics #commissions The last slot commission for this week. Had a lot of fun working with him. Generaly familiar with him, the work I've seen on Deviant Art of Ed McGuinness's and from ultimate spiderman but never drawn him before, hope I did him justice!

Drawn completely in inkscape and then colored in photoshop. About 2 hours start to finish or less.

Colby The Air Ace - 30-40 Min Morning Warmup

July 10, 2014

This morning's warmup, ran about 30-40 minutes. Featuring Colby from TNCcomics for no real reason. Though will be working on new TnC strips today. Felt like drawin a cute kid doin a little RATATAT in a stubby airplane. If boeing or any other airplane manufacturer wants to put sideview mirrors on their aircraft we can talk royalties...

Onto client work rest of the day. Can see the video from this warmup for a couple weeks before its taken down by Livestream (they only keep them up for about a month) over at:

Winner of 400 Likes Give Away ReDraw!

July 7, 2014

Congratulations C. Cook! You are the winner over of the 400 Likes Giveaway re-draw held exclusively for Facebook fans! Email eryckwebb3@yahoo.com by end of the week to claim your full color, inked, one character commission for free! Any fan art character or original character of choice. Have it done in about one week from receipt of request! Congratulations!

The Science of Improving Your Performance at Almost Anything

July 1, 2014

Reposted from: http://www.farnamstreetblog.com/2014/05/improving-your-performance/?utm_content=buffer24aaf&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer

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