Photoshop Crashed Semi Fixed

May 31, 2013

Test image i was doodling to test out various photoshop run settings. Settings I began tweaking on in photoshop and on the exe as far as the compatibility mode windows runs it on. Got a few tips via googling the problem of the screen flickering as I'm working with onscreen elements like the pen tool lasso tool or just dragging objects around. A weird hiccup on the screen refresh. On newer (CS6) photoshops with similar problem seems easy fix of tweaking the openGL/ graphic accelerator settings but that does not exist on what I use which is photoshop 6.0. So anyway out of ideas. The tweaks I made did seem to have upped the overall performance but still get an annoying screen flicker. Unrelated to the crash though. I dunno what caused that but have cleaned up the computer a bit. Should help... night!

TnC - New Webcomic Launched

Promotional image of the two main characters and the series title, by Eryck Webb

Check out the new webcomic, TnC by Cory Matthews and myself, launched this morning over at . I did the promotional art/ logo and overall character design, and I draw/letter the strips. Cory writes/ colors/ posts/ manages them. The permise of the series makes for fun time drawing them and hopefully a fun time reading them for the audience!. Marital comedy with comic geekdom worked in!

Posts every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month (every two Fridays) over at:

TnC, a new webcomic all set to launch

May 30, 2013

Happy to say all materials and rough edges of designing and illustrating the new webcomic series "TnC' are complete. Will be more strips to draw but the launch materials, including look feel/ character/ brand design and the first strips are complete. Go Like the Facebook page as it'll be the main platform for this webcomic, and see you Friday (5/31) for the launch! Come back every 2nd/ and last Friday of the month for more! Written/Colored by Cory Matthews and Drawn/Designed by Eryck Webb of EryckWebbGraphics (mwa)

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse - EWG Live Wed

May 29, 2013

Heres the finished art of a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse commission I wrapped up on this week's 'EWG Live Wednesday' on Livestream. Was a LOTTA fun and I enjoyed trying out a few new things. Like the more rendered background based on the shows environments, the approach to the lineart and the overall execusion. I'm pretty satisfied with it! I am still waiting for final OK from client on this piece of her granddaughter hanging with her favorite clubhouse friends. But its pretty much a done deal. I diggin it. This ones out the door. Next!

Enjoy the Livestream of the inks/ colors on this piece below

Watch live streaming video from eryckwebbgraphicsart at

This week's Wednesday Night Livestream

May 27, 2013

Will be refining and finishing production on this illustration on this week's EWG Live Wednesday

Wed 5/29 7pmEST 
EWG Live Wednesday Featuring Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 11x17 full color piece with 4 characters and background. Come out and watch the Demo live! Starts an hour early and goes until done! Will be a good time. Also always available for questions related to what I'm doing at any Livestream broadcast and commission inquiries! Hope to see you out there!
To join in just come back to this site and click the 'EWG Livestream' button on the right or keep an eye on Twitter or Facebook for when I post the link.


Livestreaming all day Saturday

May 25, 2013

Will be working on Ungrounded page production all day today (Saturday 5/25). Will be in and out of studio at various times but mostly here working. Feel free to stop by the EWG Livestream chat, which has been newly repaired/ recoded and is working nice and smooth. Hangout a while or just peak in. Whatever you want! Will be on all day. (Click EWG Livestream on the Featured at right)

Strobe Character Art

May 23, 2013

Updating with the final version here! Final, superior to the previous! 'We're up all night to get lucky' 'We're up all night to get lucky' 'We're up all night to get lucky' 'We're up all night to get lucky' 'We're up all night to get lucky' 'We're up all night to get lucky' (this pics epic glowage and shinyness inspired by the new Daft Punk album. Retro electronica epicness. Loving it.
Original post/ version below.

Finished up this Character Art Commission of 'Strobe', a customers original character from city of heroes or champions online (something like that). Played with some diff stuff with this one that I don't normaly do. Check it out on Deviant Art as well. Alright, much more to do today! - 

EWG Live Wed Q&A / Tutorial Session Tonight

May 22, 2013

Tonight's 'EWG Live Wednesday' will feature 8pm-10pm ET Q&A / Tutorial Session in photoshop. Come out, ask questions about layer setups and how to reset palettes you've messed up, tool settings and any other things that you want to know. I'll tell you what I use, show you how and you can figure out what works for you on your end. Tonights session will be 8pm-10pm and I will be doing an original drawing to demonstrate with tonight. Hope to see you out there. If you want to follow along with your program whilst interacting make sure to have a wacom tablet or something of that sort. Mouse will work too though for learning purposes.

See you tonight.

Hot Out - Summer Already?

May 20, 2013

Happy Monday - boy is it hot out. Truck says '90' on the mirror thingy. Wow, and its pure saturation. I even rinsed out the bed of the truck yesterday after picking up sticks/ cleaning up the yard a bit and water is still back there even as hot as it is. That means there just ain't room for evaporation the air is saturated. Well, I'm employing a new technique to stay ahead of the weather, starting early in the morning, getting to work as the sun comes up and working till it just gets too miserable. Stopping till maybe night when it cools down. For now the afternoon is still tolerable but will be probably doing other business related things during that time when its just too hot to draw or even ink cause i'm sticking to my work surface lol. Anywyaz, thats what I'm dealing with this week. Heres to the rain on Wednesday ... come oonnn cool down. The pressure is on and the lid needs to open soon! What do others do to keep art production going in the heat for those who dont have AC

Voltage - EWG Live Wednesday

May 16, 2013

Just tossing up the results of tonight's EWG Live Wednesday, featuring one of the three slot specials I'm doing this week. Below is the approval sketch sent this morning, giving the customer all day to approve or make changes. 

 Next was at the 8pmEST-12amEST session, starting with refining the character above and rendering out final pencils. A few changes like width of the legs and so forth were made upon request. Client got the finished digital pencils below in 11x17 300dpi goodness.

Then came the finished inks, I utilized a new technique or two that I've done in small parts before but never for an entire rendering. That is, stroking pen tool lines for the lineart. Resulting in super crisp smooth lines but not 'brush' style line variation. I like it though. I think if the rendering etc is dynamic enough you don't risk the flat effect uniform lines can create. And also black fills and accenting the mass with black fills and the shape the lines go in helps a lot too. I ink/rendered the background based on the original sketch but completely on the fly in this inking stage. Then inked the character overtop on a seperate group.

Heres the finished colors, with the background, the character and the electricity effects on 3 different groups of layers. 

Fun stuff! Thanks to sir EZ of the voltage for his commission! Was fun and I appreciate the support. Will be doing another one on Friday in this style, with approval sketch in morning, and finishing pencils, inks colors at night. See people then on another livestream!

Nose To The Grind Stone

May 14, 2013

Good morning, just a quick notebook entry that I am working everyday and I thank all the customers out there for their patience. I'm morbidly behind right now but if I can keep my nose to the grind stone and maintain my current work schedule/ pace I will be contemporary by end of next week. Heres shooting for that goal like Mario pouncing on a Koopa and if customers can just hangout another week I will be all caught up for you soon! Medical stuff or care-taking duties with the wife come along and other things you just can't control and sometimes you end up losing a few days. Then, long story short, in an effort to keep the business churning and the income steady you take on more work than your able to get out quickly enough and where we're at right now happens. But its nothing that can't be dug out from under and customers WILL get their work. Just might take an extra week or two. Thank you in advance for your patience. One man show grindin the ol' stone fast as possible and as quality as possible.

Monday Night Livestream Wrapped!

Was fond of the gray shaded version of the finished inks, so included a snippet of that for now. Will post the final piece and process later on. 

Great Livestream tonight! Thanks to the (average) dozen people who stopped in or hungout during the duration. Great having you. Hope people also appreciated me having all the palettes on the screen and what not as if anybody gets any inspiration or new techniques for their art from anything I'm doing thats always really cool. Hey works for me, I watch youtube videos and what not of other artists and pick up things all the time. 

Well, thanks again for coming out. Hope you'll come back Wed and Fri for more! Will be doing simlar style (full figure, full color, full background) pieces each night again. This special offer has been fun but is a monster! But people I hope feel they are getting a lot for their money, as I (my little secret) sneak in a 300dpi of the original approval sketch the customer gets in the morning, and they get a fully rendered 300dpi of the character art pencils, and then a 300dpi of the finished inks and a 300dpi of the finished full color art. Whats not to like? Customers are easily saving 15-30 bucks in the end. And its 11x17 which is double the size I usualy work at. SO, anyways hope the 3 customers who got in on this weekly special are loving it. 

Thanks again for the purchases! Will post up the finished piece later on. Maybe with the various steps (sketch, pencils, inks) as well. But for now, its bed time. Lots to do tomorrow! Goodnight!

This Week's Slot Commissions on Livestream

May 13, 2013

Heres an 11x17 approval sketch sent to client this morning. They have all day to make corrections/ approve it. Then its finished tonight regardless. If they sit in on the Livestream session they have the opportunity to make changes in real time.

Theres a change in this week's Slot Commissions. The work schedule has been adjusted to allow the most jobs to get done this week, but one plus to that is each night, the slot commish will be fully penciled/ inked and colored on livestream! Monday, Wednesday and Friday this week at 8pmEST! See you then (Click EWG Livestream on the right side of this site) or click this link.

See you then!

Notes For The Weekend

May 10, 2013

Will be finishing colors on all current Ungrounded pages in production tomorrow. Will be finishing an album art job tonight.
All other jobs have been pushed back to next week and so forth. I'm a one man show, and have taken on way more work than I responsibly should have, but am whittling away at it a day at a time. Thanks to those patient souls waiting for their art, will get it to you soon.
Also let me remind you that my wife and I are in a constant battle with our living situation and her cancer situation. Some days its just too much of a toll on emotions and energy to get anything done. But I gotta keep this locomotive chugging along so everyday I make sure to keep shoveling the coal into that boiler. Will get everything done, I just unfortunately can say that none of my previously intended deadlines are possible at this point. But I am working to take care of all customer's orders as soon as possible. Thanks again for your patience and for your continued support.
Every day's a new challenge. Anybody not okay with the wait, contact me via email and I'll return your order to you right away, otherwise I thank you for sticking with me and hope you look forward to your art. Even if it takes me longer to get it to you. It WILL get done.
Just state of things right now.
Really hard to get going on work sometimes, much-less chuck this whole business into the river. Other days its the greatest thing in the world.
But thems the the way it is I guess. Well guess this is a pretty depressing note to go out on but thats what this notebook is. A daily log of this self-employed journey called EryckWebbGraphics. Some days your cruising like a magic wizard riding a wilder-beast through the sky and other days your just the doormat of the world.
What can ya do? What doesn't kill you makes you stronger...

Have a good weekend.

Morning Warmup - Happy Friday

Well, its Friday again. Got lots of commissions to get done per usual but wanted to take a quick second to do a warmup sketch today before getting to work. Thanks to all pending orders for your business, I will get them to you as soon as possible. Will be working extra on the weekend to try and catch up a bit. But today I am doing Ungrounded page production all day. Thanks for everyones patience as this one man show chugs on.

The warmup was an attempt at taking a chevy colorado and rat rodding it out. the grill has been altered/ fenders/ hood removed, everything lowered roof chopped mirrors replaced and bed changed out and etc etc. Fun stuff. I like the way the front looks like that actualy but 1, the drawing is poor and 2, the back needs a little more work/ thought.
Ah well works for a warmup. Onto coloring a stack of pages all day/evening.

Have a great Friday and even better weekend. Things will probably start changing in the coming weeks in EWG land.

X Files Mulder and Scully Process Video

May 9, 2013

The finished piece

Check out this Livestream video recorded from last-night's EWG Livestream Wednesday. Was fun and I tried a couple things outside my usual work flow which made it take twice as long but I had fun working on it. Brought back lots of memories from back in the days of Xfiles and the awesomeness that it was.

This video was the 3rd or 4th attempt after some router/ connection issues and misplacing my wacom pen and then when i sat down with it realized it didn't have its button on it so had to go find that. All is well now and the video worked and the session was great.

What you'll see is the initial sketch, trying for a ground up angle, somehow I lost that in the actual pencils and ended up with a straight on view which was boring to me, so I hashed out some details and then re-penciled a final version over-top from a top down angle which became the version that got finished. Was a lot of fun, and from the time I got it I had planned to do some 'x' alien spot light lighting in the background.

The masking tape references the show, and scully is the one with the gun cause she was always the serious cautious one while mulder was more curious than careful.

For those who don't know, Mulder used masking tape to make an X on his apartment window when he needed to speak to Mr. X.

Good stuff, I think it came out good. Pulled off my best mulder and scully impersonations while not getting caught up in toooo much realism.

See you next Wednesday night for another EWG Livestream Wednesday

EWG Status Notice Update

May 8, 2013

A quick note to say I am not accepting any new comic page/ strip commissions at this time. Was entertaining the idea but I have enough on my plate in this area as it is. EWG is of course, as always, available for character art/ design and shirt graphics.

Also my turnaround has significantly decreased (except for Ungrounded which is priority one) on any and all commissions. Playing catch-up rest of the month. Please be patient. As a result I'm closing any remaining slots that I originally posted as open. 

Life comes first, and stuff comes up. As much as I try to schedule concisely and accurately, things arise that thwart my attempts. But all projects are in progress, and all will get out the door as soon as possible. I apologize to anybody that is still waiting for theirs, and yes there's a good few of you!

My goal is to get caught up, and have stuff on a more contemporary basis: take a job, get it out by the next week if not sooner. Not quite there yet. But my commitment to getting it done and doing great art for you has never changed.

Pricelist and Order tracking are down at the moment as I eventualy get those re-designed etc. Just email me if you have any questions or need quotes.

Thanks for stickin with me :) 


This Week's Special Offer

May 6, 2013

This Week's Special Offer:

Announcing 5 Slots - $60 each - available for Next Week!
Email me at to grab them up!

Each item includes:
- One character of your choice, full figure (head to toe showing)
- One background of your choice (fully rendered environment/backdrop, includes character's weapons abilities all that)
- Client gets 11x17 300dpi file of digitally inked, colored artwork
- Client gets 11x17 300dpi file of hires of finished tight digital pencils
- Client gets physical mp4 file of live-stream video recording of commission's creation, emailed to them and it will also as always be available to view online.
- THIS OFFER availability ends Friday May 10

All guaranteed to be done on the dates of the slots below:
+ Mon - May 13
+ Tues - May 14
+ Wed - May 15
+ Thurs - May 16
+ Fri - May 17

Their status of availability will be updated at the EWG deviantart page:

Harley Quinn - A Process Study + Video

May 2, 2013

Took about 45 minutes of playing with poses and placement to really nail a composition I liked

Heres the near-finished pencils

This allows a look at the process of inking i used, with lineart in places, and in some places completely rendering with black shapes. The only big change was the boot on the pogo stick was removed in favor of a boxing glove

The finished inks, I threw in the surprise along the way ( a little showman ship ) by adding a batman/ batgirl cape lastminute

I know there 2 or 3 steps from the inks to the finished colored piece, but this is all I got for now, heres the finished piece. I really enjoyed working on it, and feel like I hit some new marks with this piece that I hope to carry into pieces I do after this one. Fun stuff. Hope Ashley loves it and thanks to her and Steve for their commission :) 

The Livestream Video: After an abrupt and unexplainable power skip out, my UPS unit kept my computer and livestream running but the router/internet connection in the other room went out. So a bit of the initial process got lost but the video picked right back up recording from that point on. 
Enjoy :) 

Also available to view on Deviant Art 

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