Hot Out - Summer Already?

May 20, 2013

Happy Monday - boy is it hot out. Truck says '90' on the mirror thingy. Wow, and its pure saturation. I even rinsed out the bed of the truck yesterday after picking up sticks/ cleaning up the yard a bit and water is still back there even as hot as it is. That means there just ain't room for evaporation the air is saturated. Well, I'm employing a new technique to stay ahead of the weather, starting early in the morning, getting to work as the sun comes up and working till it just gets too miserable. Stopping till maybe night when it cools down. For now the afternoon is still tolerable but will be probably doing other business related things during that time when its just too hot to draw or even ink cause i'm sticking to my work surface lol. Anywyaz, thats what I'm dealing with this week. Heres to the rain on Wednesday ... come oonnn cool down. The pressure is on and the lid needs to open soon! What do others do to keep art production going in the heat for those who dont have AC

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